103 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-3-20

  1. Good morning! The flower is ageratum and at this time of the year we have them growing randomly on the edge of the yard where the mower does not get to them. They are a pretty color, a deeper purplish blue than my camera captured.

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  2. I forgot to tell of my latest mishap related to poor vision. I like to make a simple smoothie of pineapple juice, plain yogurt, and ground ginger. Somehow instead of the ginger I picked up and sprinkled in dry mustard powder. Lesson learned. It was one of the worst things I have ever tasted! I felt sick after one good drink of that. Ground ginger and dry mustard power are both yellowish but can not be used as substitutes for each other. I am wondering now about gingered potato salad. Not!

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  3. Janice found one of my own favorites to photograph. If you look really closely at the flower at the right stage (which shows up right in the center of this shot), the part of the flower from which the filament comes out looks like a little tiny star. The flower has a lot of names, among them floss flower and mist flower.

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  4. We’re now at a warning. The college student went to the house last night and my husband just drove off to check damage.

    Oldest manager I’ve group, er, son’s family returns home today with the dog. Second son and quieter group stay through tomorrow.

    Depending on what the engineer sees, I anticipate staying until Monday. Someone has to clean and right now I crave peace and quiet more than anything. Oh, except for sleep. The ocean will help.

    Thank you for all your prayers.

    Life is peculiar. Yesterday, an old friend tracked me down, in part because of the fires.

    She just got a Master’s degree from Wheaton on humanitarian and disaster aid and relief.

    One of her colleagues is from Uganda and looking for a spot to do volunteer disaster aid assistance u til January when she star working for Samaritan’s Purse.

    Our mutual friend asked if I knew of a place out here where this woman could volunteer— in part to keep her paperwork legal.

    I said she could stay with us, and today or Monday will start making phone calls. I’m sure Samaritan’s Purse will be here sifting soon. 😦

    So, life will continue interesting and we’ll add another country’s citizen to our list of international friends!

    Or not. We’ll see what God will do.

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  5. I don’t understand all of that Michelle. I presume you still have a house?
    Janice, be glad that your mishap was trivial. It’s training for when you get older and more forgetful..
    As for me? You would be amazed at how busy a person can be doing nothing.
    But it has to be done. When you get there. you will understand what I just said.

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  6. At least you didn’t confuse a jalapeño with a bell pepper. A friend gave us some peppers from her garden. They looked like small bell or other mild pepper. So I chopped one up seeds and all into whatever I was making (a salad, I think). Boy was I surprised. I like jalapeños in some foods, but not a salad. And I usually take out the seeds since that is where a lot of the spiciness comes from.

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  7. No doubt, Chas, we will understand when we get there. For now, I appreciate hearing things from you perspective. We just lost another aunt of my husband’s. She was 92 and had been legally blind for years. A wonderful person. We are just at that stage of life.

    The fire was stopped just 8 houses from Michelle’s from what I read earlier. I will be praying for her, too. I cannot imagine the heartbreak and PTSD ramifications alone, let alone all the other things that must be dealt with.

    I have only seen ageratums in greenhouses and gardens here. That is a beautiful photo of them. Simply amazing design in this world. Simply amazing, glorious Designer.

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  8. Janice, I just made a similar mistake. I noticed before I had mixed the dry ingredients and was able to fish most of it out. Don’t you just hate the waste of ingredients and work when you do that?

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  9. I love this photo. I also like the textures in yesterday’s photo (not the fire one!)

    I’m busy staining floor boards for the basement. I don’t believe any board will be the same colour as any other one. I’m mixing a water based stain as I go for each board – it’s fun! Our goal is to get the boards running right across the basement to help hold the dri-core in place until we can afford to purchase more dri-core and more wood for the floor boards. This batch should finish the laundry area as well as at least one row across the room.

    Oh, and I had taken a bunch of old church pews from camp (camp received newer, nicer ones) and have used a few in our entrance for sitting on and storage. We’ve dismantled several and their wood is going to be perfect for replacing the stair treads to the basement. I’m excited about that – saves us about $35/tread!! Right now the treads are just old 2X10s – very ugly (they had been covered by very ugly carpet).

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  10. Our house stands, Chas. As KI said, the fire stopped 8 houses away. The issue is whether or not we have smoke damage. I’m being advised that even light smoke damage needs to be properly addressed.

    My husband is skeptical, but I think it needs to be examined. So, he’s humoring me. “I’m not calling the insurance company before I can assess.”

    I just wanted to get a place in line. We look at things like this differently.


    I have been in a seething glorious caldron of active children for a week. I love them, but they are noisy and consuming. I just want to be quiet for awhile.

    They eat constantly.

    Breakfast done! On to the next activity!

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  11. While I was having lunch. (fixed by someone else.) It occurred to me that my cryptic discussion abut being busy doing nothing needs explaining. I am not being wise, I am serious: i.e.

    I don’t remember exactly, but as I recall, she had fallen five times since we have been here. Three of those times resulted in a hospital visit/ Twp overnight stays and one of those a three week nursing home stay.
    So? One of my objectives is to keep her from falling. That isn’t easy because she can, and will, get up and walk about at any time. She has a walker, but doesn’t use it until I give it to her. So? I usually try to keep her in sight.
    She is sitting beside me now.

    We have help. A lady comes for four hours to help on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat. The lady just left.

    Phos can explain this better than I can. But she gets “sundowner”.. That is, she has personality change almost every evening. Usually, she wants to go home. I have tried to get an idea of where “home” is to her but I think it is a place from before I knew her. OTOH, She once said it was “at the driveway just off the Beltway” Beltway is in Va. But we never lived that close to it.

    I am very thankful She retains her sweet personality. I hear that many in her condition have personality changes. I don’t think she knows how to be mean.

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  12. My dad also is very busy and says people don’t understand but I do. He is busy with keeping up with bills and newspapers, his exercises for his back, other household tasks, while always being aware of her and where she is and what she is doing. She often sleeps until noon, sometimes only ten. He sits on the couch and waits, but his back is to the stairs, up them is their bedroom. He is deaf. He always has been there when she gets up. He loves her. She loves him. She does not have dementia but has no short term memory so may ask the same question fifty times in an hour. She also is a lovely woman and they are a wonder to watch. I pray for him as he does not know the Lord. She does. They have decided not to move to Good Sam. They are happy. We all are happy for them.

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  13. My dad was “sundowning” last Saturday, starting around dusk, as I’d reported earlier. My sister was with him at home while Mom was attending my niece’s wedding. Dad asked about every 5 minutes where Mom was, and his agitation grew as it got dark out.

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  14. Jalapeno peppers: A number of years ago when 2nd Arrow still lived at home, she was cutting up jalapenos and decided they’d look kind of pretty cut into rings and placed on her fingers.

    It wasn’t so fun later, though, when her fingers and hands swelled up big time, itching and burning like crazy.

    Lesson learned. 😉

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  15. Older animals also can get the “sundowner” symptoms, Cowboy has some of that I think, but fairly mild. I think the resumption of our evening walks has helped.

    So I finally have a car update:

    * Heard from State Farm, they will give me (for my old Jeep) $6,400 (and some change, forget the exact amount, but that’s after they take their $500 deductible out of it). That’s quite a bit more than I was anticipating.

    * I’ve been car hunting online but really had to wait also to see what the insurance amount would be. I found a very good deal on a 2011 Jeep Liberty (red) last night, but it was sold by this morning.

    * I’m not ruling out a used Toyota or Honda SUV, or even maybe a Subaru but those appear to be more expensive. But I think I’ll have more of a “comfort level” with getting the same car I’m used to — considering how rushed this task will be. Rental deal runs out next Saturday.

    * I’ll need to go back to the repair center Monday to get a few remaining things from my R.I.P. Jeep, sounds like they wind up selling those at auction after they fix them.

    * I have plenty of unused vacation time I can call on to use; I’ll probably need at least a couple days this week.

    Continued prayers appreciated.

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  16. Whoever gets it will get my nice bluetooth radio I put in a couple years ago when the factory one finally gave out.


    I hope this isn’t my imagination or wishful thinking, but perhaps the latest turn of events w/President Trump becoming ill has led to a kinder, gentler political “tone” in the past 24 hours? I see that Biden pulled all “negative” ads. Good for him.

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  17. God is working.

    Perhaps Biden’s people noticed how much Boris went up in the polls when he got it so decided to tap into the “we care” factor.

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  18. Kare, several of my children have enjoyed reading encyclopedias but only a few opt for the dictionary. Not so much a problem as I fear she will soon be able to outspeak me.

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  19. Mumsee, you provide much more than an endless vocabulary. No need to worry, but instead appreciate it. God gifts such ability. While reading, my brother still calls Wesley to ask him the meaning of unfamiliar words. I would look words up in the dictionary, but my brother, the talker, will use any excuse to call someone.


  20. Cheryl, you clearly have not peeked into fourteen year old son’s room. He has several sets of encyclopedias. And time life books on various wars. The librarian thinks of him when a set comes in.

    Janice, did you just call me a jabber mouth???

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  21. BG has been back in the emergency room today. I just found out. George asked his mother to call me earlier today. She has been having TIA’s and just remembered to call me. I called George he went off on me and hung up then called his mother to tell her not to do this to him.
    In the middle of it all I called the hospital and ask to speak with BG. She has been discharged. My ex husband is a jackass and every now and them reminds me why we are divorced

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  22. Mumsee, so sorry for the ambiguous comment. You are not a motor mouth as far as I can tell here from your posts.

    Art is watching something on PBS, Professor T, which has subtitles. I don’t deal with that situation very well anymore so I will go to bed early. I am a totally trying to go to in person church tomorrow.

    I saw my friend Florence earlier. She gave me a baggie of her homemade cookies and a squash from her DIL’s garden. I gave her an extra bag of cheddar cheese snacks, Tillamook, since they had been on sale BoGo at Publix. She also gave me a perennial plant, oxalis which this phone insists is oxtails. So happy to get another flowering plant for the yard.

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  23. My mistake when chopping hot peppers is rubbing my eyes. OUCH!

    My son used to read the encyclopedia. D3 took our full set of Funk and Wagnells when she moved out. She isn’t interested in reading them. She thinks they look nice on her bookshelf.

    Then there’s my brother. When ever we got a new pone book we liked to look for our name and those of our cousins and friends. Brother would say, “It’s a book with a lot of characters but no plot.

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  24. We had Funk and Wagnells too — the newer encyclopedia sets always seemed cooler, though, with all their glossy colored photographs.

    But Funk and Wagnells did look nice from the outside, as I recall, they were kept on a bookshelf in my parents’ bedroom.


  25. Our family had a set of encyclopedias. Seems we always received a new book of the year every year…right? Wasn’t it some sort of update to the encyclopedia info? Actually I believe we had more than one set. My most vivid and best remembrance of using those reference books was the wonderful smell! I am a book smeller and how I loved opening up those books and breathing in that sweet aroma! 😊

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  26. We had two sets of encyclopedias when I was growing up. One set from the 1920’s and one set from the late 60’s. We also had National Geographic- I thing that may have been the only magazine we got. We also had a book called The Mother’s Encyclopedia. I read all of them. I learned Greek and Roman mythology and how all the planets and star systems were named. Oh and we also had several dictionaries. I learned lots of words.
    As you may imagine I got a lot of information from The Mother’s Encyclopedia, so by the time my mother gave me a book, Finding Yourself, all about puberty and sex, I already had the basics,so when she asked if I had any question my smart-aleck answer was, “No. Do you?”

    I really feel sorry for children who have so much to entertain them these days that they are never bored enough to sit down in the hallway where the bookcase is and read everything in sight to avoid the summer heat.

    Alas, we moved when I was 16 and she gave or threw it all away.

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  27. Oh and there were two “yearbook” looking books from when my father was in the Navy. One was a “Med Cruise”. She threw those away also. I would love to have them.
    What’s fun is that he was on the USS Waldron. When the internet was relatively new I found that the Tin Can Society was having a reunion in Boston so my dad went. Many years later I became friends with a couple and the husband had served on the USS Walden so he was kind enough to reminisce with my father.
    I am named after a friend of my dad’s from the Navy Days. Had I been a boy I would have been named James Kimbrell and would have be Kim. Either way I was stuck with this name. I ended up being Kimberley Lora.

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  28. Congratulations Mike. He beat the two experts, Mumsee and me, b one point.
    I never saw an encyclopedia until I got into high school.
    I can’t imagine reading one for entertainment. i.e. Who is the winner?


  29. When I was growing up we had a set of encyclopedia that were old, from the 1950s I think. (I was born in 1967, and so all my childhood memories are from the 1970s.) Around 1980 our grocery store started selling a set by offering really good deals of the early volumes. The first one was 9 cents or 19 cents or 99 cents, something like that. Then the second one came with volume one of a dictionary and the third one with the second volume, so by that time you had three volumes and you wanted to keep going.

    Our “old” set was divided by letters. Some letters didn’t have much and so they’d be combined with more than one letter in a set, but A had its own volume no matter how many pages that made it be. So there were slim volumes (X-Y-Z was still a slim volume, as I recall) and thick volumes. Then the grocery store one came along, and they did it by number of pages to have them all the same thickness. So you might have CHI-DIM in a volume. Made it confusing for browsing, since you’d see the D and grab it to look up “dog,” but it wouldn’t be in there. I liked it better when each volume was a letter, and I also liked the illustrations better in the first set (I especially liked the page of flags of the world), and when we moved when I was 15 we talked about it and ended up keeping both sets.


  30. We got our F & Ws at a grocery store. Every week if we purchased enough we could get the next volume for $5. We were poor and wanted our children to have something of value, so we bought the whole set, including the dictionaries and medical book. Mrs L used that a lot when the children would get sick. We didn’t buy the yearbooks, though.

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  31. I spent a lot of time in the dog section of our encyclopedias. I imagined owning an Irish wolfhound one day. The bigger the dog, the better. We did get to dogsit one for a day – he was just beautiful, and could easily see onto the counter tops. If only large breeds lived longer than 8 – 10 years.

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  32. On break: We had a set of encyclopedias from World Book. There was year books that updated information in science and world events that came each year. I think the last ones we got were 2001 or 2002. After that, we began to use the internet and gave us access to immediate updates. We discussed, as we were moving everything around for me to go into the basement, getting rid off our set, which took up a shelf and a half. Second voted no, and as she has the next generation, her’s was the deciding voice. Her reason was that in this era when facts are regularly dismissed as being made up, she wanted in print information that predated the internet that she could reference when anyone tried to unbalance her send of reality. I regularly read the encyclopedias growing up. I would look up something for a school project, and end up reading most of the encyclopedia.

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  33. I wanted a collie dog. My dad would almost say we could get a dog (something smaller), but then he’d pull back and say no — dogs didn’t belong in a city, said the former Iowa farm boy.

    We got our first dog, a black poodle-terrier mix puppy that was running around lost in our neighborhood one Christmas. My mom searched for weeks to find an owner, going door to door and taking out a ‘found dog’ newspaper ad, but not one ever claimed him. By then, of course (I was a young teen), we’d pretty much gotten attached to him.

    Otherwise we always had cats. But when my mom died, she had 3 dogs.

    Meanwhile, the car hunting is complicated by the fact that they’re being bought up so fast, almost before I can get a call in to check on them.

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  34. So they can be sold at the auction you are going to, to buy back your six thousand dollar car for three thousand. Giving you three thousand for a rental before the auction.


  35. Staying home today with nineteen year old who refused to go to church this morning. I don’t know if that means purgatory or what. No, not for me. She will behave. She will behave. She will behave. She will behave.

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  36. My father bought us a second hand set of some unheard of brand of encyclopedias. I cited it once for my school paper and the teacher did not believe me. I think I took the book in. I feel sure my brother still has them. They were not bad, just not thorough like World Book or. Brittanica (sp?) like my friend’s families had. Given that my father only had an eighth grade education I give him credit for in his own limited way trying to help my brother and me along in getting a better education than he had. But I felt shamed by my experience with those encyclopedias.

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  37. I had one thing to do today; watch our church’s streamed service. When I logged on, Pastor Mark was well into his sermon – I was an hour late!!! I have no idea why I thought it started at 10:45 and not 9:45 like it ALWAYS does. At least I could move the counter back to the beginning of the service 🙂

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  38. We had a set of World Book encyclopedias, acquired all at once, from an encyclopedia salesman, I think, in the late sixties or early seventies.

    The volumes, like Cheryl’s description of her “old set,” were divided by letter, with some volumes having multiple letters. (I think W-X-Y-Z was the last volume.) I remember M was a thick volume, but don’t recall what all was in it to make it so large.

    In the S volume, we kids used to like to open up to the Snakes pages, for some strange reason! The first page had a picture of a big, fat, multi-color — with lots of red in it — snake draped around a tree branch. Rather attention-getting!

    I think it was somewhere in that encyclopedia set, but may have been in something else, that we read a statement worded like this: “Every fourth person born in the world today is Chinese.” We older, wiser siblings thought that meant our fourth sibling was Chinese. 😛

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  39. Someone knocked at my door and I boldly went outside without looking. It was a guy with longish hair doing poll research, He asked if I was voting absentee and I told him in person. He prefaced his next question with that I did not need to answer if I preferred not to. Then he asked who I plan to vote for. I said Trump. That was all he asked. So now I wonder if I have set us up as a target. I must trust in God’s protection in this liberal city.

    Church was good. Although I had called in for my reserved seat I was told my message had not been received. I have my doubts that it was not received since I have had similar difficulties with a person on staff in the past. I can’t get bent out of shape over such silliness. I did feel distracted by all there was to see since I had not been in the chapel/sanctuary in so long. But it was good to see people in person.

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  40. Kare, I was also late this morning. Got caught up in checking the game cameras, feeding the sheep, emptying the mouse traps in the feed shed, and cooking waffles. All things I can do though lifting the grandchild is still out. But I was able to back it up and join the singing and hear the Word and a sermon on Ephesians.

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  41. Ours were Britannica from a salesman in Germany. Son has them. I don’t remember what we had growing up but my dad still has them and plans for me to get them. Various people have given us several more because I love books and they noticed a lot of children were here, homeschooling so we must need them. Makes for interesting reading.
    This morning they were looking at the dog books though.

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  42. Addendum to my 1:05, regarding 4th-borns being Chinese 😉 —

    I just realized that our 5th sibling’s 4th-born IS Chinese! She adopted four children, and the youngest is from China.

    Maybe we were onto something 50 years ago. 🙂

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  43. I realize I followed my father’s steps in finding Wesley a second hand set of Childcraft put out by World Book. He devoured those. I never bought any other set because we basically lived at the county library while homeschooling and by that time the web was available, too.

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  44. How would you like it if there was nothing at all for you to do?
    Elvera is desperate for something to do.
    We ave been through the Kitchen. I kept putting things back.
    Now she is here looking through the bookcase again, I have to remind her that we want to keep (whatever).

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  45. The thing is: The thing that attracted me to her in the first place has become a colossal burden.
    She wants to be doing something. Hopefully something useful.

    How would you like it if the world doesn’t need you anymore? There is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do that is useful. Everything you do creates work for someone?
    Right now, I’m telling her to put each book in the bookcase to “put it back.”.

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  46. Janet McHenry wrote a best-selling book called Prayerwalking.

    Since her son lives 20 minutes from my house, she was actively praying through all my prayer requests. Handy having a friend like that.

    Kids and adorable, puppy and cat have all gone home and we are alone.

    So blessedly quiet on a beautiful day here.

    Life is punctuated by laundering sheets and towels, but we should be just fine.

    We’re only now getting to church . . . on Youtube.

    During my Sunday School class, the head elder and his wife talked a bit about their house being saved. I shared the story here about their adult daughter’s firefighter boyfriend helping save the house with what turned out to be Coffeey Park Engine #3.

    The fire chief said last year, that he sent Coffey Park to only the most dire fires–because after what happened in their neighborhood, they would fight to save anything from reaching Santa Rosa again.

    I cried when I heard it, and I’m crying now.

    So much to be thankful for. So many hard workers. So many prayers. Thank you, again.

    NancyJill–email me her name. It’s been silly saying, “This woman from Uganda!”

    I’ve asked Amanda for the same information. 🙂

    Off to play and relax and, perchance to sleep?

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  47. Ingredient mishap: I like to make homemade icing – butter, 10x sugar, and vanilla. Did you know that the bottle of clear vanilla looks exactly like the bottle of vinegar? On first taste, Granddaughter asked, “Why does this icing taste like strawberries?” Which, oddly enough, it sort of did.

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  48. This isn’t an “ingredient” mishap, but when we were preparing to sell our house up north, I had refilled my spray bottle of vinegar and was cleaning the bathroom. I had forgotten how bad vinegar smells, and my eyes were burning a bit, and it was overall unpleasant, but I got the job done. I think I went back to put more in the spray bottle, and discovered the previous refill had been ammonia and not vinegar.

    I’ve never bought ammonia. It must have been something my husband’s first wife bought, and it happened to be under the kitchen sink, in a bottle that looked just like the vinegar. I got rid of it!

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  49. Chas, is she hurting the books or are they hurting her? Is there a book she can sit and look at, give her something to do? (Would she be interested in coloring in a coloring book?)


  50. Earlier today I accidentally wrote a comment on the Rants and Raves thread that was meant for this thread, about a dream that was kind of creepy when I stopped to think about it later.

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  51. Just picked up the neighbors’ mail (which arrived laster last night), it’s hotter outside today than I realized.

    Caught up with a former colleague who’s now in Arizona and dog park acquaintance today.


  52. Any race to 100 will be minus a Jeep.

    Probably better not risk the Kia Soul rental.

    And the knee hurts too much to run, for sure.


  53. I had an enjoyable day yesterday simply doing normal around-home things.

    Five loads of laundry done — light clothes; dark clothes; towels / washcloths; sheets / pillowcases; and a big cozy blanket.

    Turtle tank cleaned today. One little creature is very happy. 🙂

    Friday evening I did something I’ve never done: I analyzed my wear-to-work clothing and planned a rotation of seven different outfits. I teach three days a week, so seven outfits means 2 1/3 work weeks are covered.

    So my #1 outfit is tomorrow, #2 is Tuesday, #3 is Thursday, then next week will be outfits #4, 5, 6, and two weeks from tomorrow will be #7. Then the rotation will begin again on a Tuesday, and the third rotation will start on a Thursday.

    This is what happens when I stop planning lessons, I guess — I plan outfits in which to teach the lessons, lol. 🙂

    I’ve even got seven masks, “matched” one each with the outfits.

    Except I misplaced my favorite mask: the one with a black background and all sorts of colorful music notes, clef signs, etc. I wish it was like a missing phone that you could call to hear where it’s hiding. The mask should make some music — there are notes on it, not rests!! 😀

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  54. I don’t know if you can see a Facebook video from the Sheriff’s department, but if so, our neighborhood is at 9 seconds. Our house is three below the first street to the right. Crazy video, regardless.

    Those are all the places I walk. Frequently


  55. And Kim, I also have The Mother’s Encyclopedia from 1933, the 1951 edition. I shared it with this daughter. She found lots of helpful ideas in it.


  56. We bought a set of Collier Encyclopedias just after we got married. Looking back, we had no business buying those with our financial situation. Nevertheless they were well used. I still have them. I have heard no one wants them. Old books like this do come in handy for drilling through to make lamps, tables or using the pages for collages. Otherwise, not so wanted. I did learn to resist salesmen after that.

    Give Elvera a dust cloth to use on each of those books before she puts them back. That is really a needed task.

    The vinegar story is funny.

    I cut my finger quite deeply today while cutting up carrots. I am having a bit of trouble typing with the bandage. My tip for the day: keep those fingers out of the way and don’t be talking to your husband when you are cutting up something. 😉

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  57. My husband and I drove to church tonight, the first time not to sit in his studio to watch on livestream since they started doing the livestream, and the first time to “drive to church” in seven months! (Technically we’ve been there a couple of times for a writing project I’m doing, but not during a service.) We didn’t go inside; we picked up the livestream in the parking lot, and when they served the Lord’s supper, an elder brought it out to us (which is why were in the parking lot, to save them from having to come to our house after the service). It was sobering to know it had been more than seven months, but good to see the faces of the few last people entering the building. (We got there about five till and most of the congregation was already inside, but we saw a few.)

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  58. We had the 1968 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica when I was growing up, and I inherited them. I think the books themselves are in the attic (probably not in great shape up there), and the small bookshelf that came with them is in Nightingale’s living room, still in good shape. (Well, I think the bookshelf came with them, but maybe my parents bought it especially for them.)

    I had liked to look to look up all sorts of things in them.


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