41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-23-20

  1. Should be a hot day again here. I almost passed out yesterday from the heat. Not sure why it seemed so much hotter when it was about 80. I was in the sun, but had an umbrella. I was fine until I stood up.

    Our forests are filled with beauty and we will enjoy feasting our eyes on it while we can. We will also get the patio furniture put away etc. Too early to rake yet.

    Sorry to hear about your accident, DJ. I hope the vehicle can be fixed and you have peace as you drive again.

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  2. Good morning. How are you feeling today, DJ? So sorry to hear about the accident.

    Hope you’re feeling alright today, too, Kathaleena. I used to sometimes feel faint when I’d stand up after having been seated for a while, but thankfully I haven’t experienced that in a good while.

    Wednesday today — no piano lessons, so I devote some of my non-homeschooling hours to what I call “desk day.” Pay bills, do household management-type plans, etc. Also, the insides of our file cabinets are a total disaster, and a lot of stuff has spilled out into boxes near the cabinets, so I try to pick away at that on Wednesdays, too, or whenever I get really sick of looking at the stuff.

    Have a good day, all, with whatever your day holds.

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  3. So sorry to hear about your accident, DJ. Maybe you need to see a doctor about your leg just in case. If you wait they could blame it on something else.

    Kathaleena, could it have been a low blood pressure instance? Roscuro or Rkessler might tut know about that.

    Time for Bible study with the ladies. I have my Bible verse. Hebrews 9:28. I just got in from Publix. Tired already. Oh, thecleader said now she’ll be 5 minutes late. I needed that.
    ” . . . so Christ was offered once to bear many sins and He will appear a second time not to bear sin but to save all those who eagerly wait for Him.”


  4. Good morning. Daughter of the three little ones and girlfriend of son are coming up today. So I will get to meet granddaughter and touch her rather than just meeting in the NICU bassinette. They are coming for the surprise baby shower tomorrow.

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  5. I don’t think it was my blood pressure and yes, that can happen with people when standing too fast. I believe this was the heat. Drinking more water and getting into the air conditioning in the car and then our cool house helped me feel much better.

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  6. How nice, mumsee!

    Fun, michelle. I was so surprised to see a cute little library and sitting spot on the closest paved county road to us. I actually stopped and took a picture to show my daughters. This is not somewhere one would ever expect to find such a thing. Certainly has made me want to meet the person who inspired it to be built and lives there.

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  7. COVID news from ID family. Dad and sister now feeling ill; going in for testing today.

    When I texted my niece on Monday, I asked what she needed me to do for her. What could I send?

    She said, “Nine-year’s old birthday is Friday. Something for solitary confinement birthday.”

    Since we’re hitting the tail end of birthday week in my local family, my daughter-in-law had plenty of party “favors” in a bag that she handed out to her daughter’s friends. I spent a fortune on solitary books and games, we fit it all into a box and I shipped it yesterday.

    It should get there on Friday.

    My niece was extremely relieved–one less thing to worry about. Her daughter would have some sort of “party in a box.”

    (And really, entrepreneurs have a business opportunity here).

    These are not believers, but this was something tangible I could do to help from afar. There’s no grandmother for those kids and my niece appreciates anything that feels like love pouring into her kids.

    Sometimes just looking around to fill a need can fill a whole in someone’s heart. I’m so thankful we were able to help this family. And a little proud, too, of our creativity out here.

    I’ve now been in a toy store and a bookstore twice in the last five days. This is the first in-store shopping other than the grocery I’ve done in seven months. So odd.

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  8. I was up early, the tow truck came and went, took the Jeep to the repair shop on the insurance company’s list. I have to get over there to sign some paperwork but my neighbor said she could take me. Haven’t heard from the rental company yet, but that probably should be my next call t get that all squared away; hoping they bring the car to you but we’ll see.

    I’m sore from bruises but nothing else, not as sore as I thought I might be. Researching costs for a Jeep of my era, to get an idea what the value is, I have a feeling they’ll just try to total it. My neighbor said you can fight it but I’m not sure about that.

    I was making a left turn on a green light, was almost through the turn, no oncoming traffic (that I had seen, at least), when out of the blue I hear a horn honk and at the same time I’m just slammed by the other driver. I thought he was maybe turning right as I was turning left but he said he was coming straight. How would I not have seen him? Speed may have been a factor based on how hard he slammed into me and since he wasn’t able to stop, seems like I was going fairly slowly through the turn, I definitely wasn’t rushing through it; but I’m still mostly (maybe all) at fault as he would have had the right of way. It was all so strange, my neighbor theorizes that he may have shot out around parked car? and hit the intersection suddenly which is why I didn’t see him when I started my turn. It did just seem like he flew in out of nowhere. It was all pretty much a blur.

    I’m taking the day off work to take care of all of this and to lick my wounds. I almost cried when they towed the Jeep away this morning. Just the front right end/wheel and the front edge of the passenger front door damaged from what I can tell. But again, the car is an ’07 with 134,000 miles on it (but otherwise in very good condition, no dents, service all up to date). Just seems like the easier way for the insurance co may be to total it; but maybe the repair costs can be negotiated or compared to another one of their approved shops.

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  9. 6arrows, getting papers under control is also on my agenda for the day. I have books, notes, power points and other related things way too spread out. Trey has a dentist appt this afternoon and i plan to get the hole punch and binders to get it all under control while they are gone.. I probably should shred some too as that basket is almost full.

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  10. DJ, I don’t know if there are witnesses, but if he was speeding and he’s actually the one who hit you, then you definitely aren’t totally to blame. He may have had the right of way, but drivers don’t proceed through an intersection unless it’s safe to do so. Was he texting and not looking? Did he think he was “going straight” but he was actually looking at his phone and he didn’t know that his car wasn’t going straight? All sorts of possibilities, it seems.

    In Chicago for several years I drove a Toyota Tercel, a car with about the pick up and go of a VW beetle. Randomly it would have even less power than usual–it would take two or three seconds of pushing down on the gas pedal before it would speed up. I once entered an expressway and it decided to balk on me just as I was merging with traffic. I thought I was going to get rear-ended, and the friends I was following thought so too. When I’d turn left at a stop light, I waited twice as long as other cars would wait, and drivers behind me would often get angry and honk, even lay on the horn sometimes. But I knew my car, and I knew a left turn ahead of a car coming the other way meant I needed time–especially in case my car decided to balk at that moment. But if I did turn, and my car did decide to take that time to move extra slowly, the driver going straight should be paying attention and should see the need to slow down. That’s why some areas always put the blame on the car that does the “hitting,” because that car is nearly always at least partially responsible. In Chicago I avoided a lot of collisions that would have been the other driver’s fault if we had collided, because a driver is responsible for knowing what’s in front of him. And it doesn’t sound like you outright cut him off, so it sounds quite likely that he wasn’t paying attention at all. At the least, they always say “don’t admit to blame.” Let the police and insurance people sort it out.

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  11. Thanks Cheryl.

    Well, I’m off to get the rental picked up in about 30 minutes, I received the email confirmation from Hertz — my neighbor will take me there then I’ll be able to drive myself on to the repair shop where I need to sign all the paperwork.

    I feel sad and stupid, I guess, just can’t figure out how that whole thing happened. Was I just out to lunch or what? But yes, I’d thought of the texting issue along with speed regarding the other driver as possibilities as well, but I’m not sure how any of that gets sorted out after the fact unless the other/3rd driver (who was stopped at the intersection light to my left and had some minor damage when my car was pushed into hers on impact) may be able to fill in some of those gaps, she would have seen it all happen I’d think.

    We tried calling police to the scene, but no one ever could get through to them, it was constant voicemails, so we wound up not having a report filed; there were no injuries although my insurance co told me today the other driver may be pursuing that from what they heard (last night he had just a scratch on his arm, I asked him several times if he was OK, he insisted he was, that the scratch was from the air bag deploying; he’s 21, his dad showed up at some point).

    Anyway, no police report, at some point, we just had to allow the tow trucks to get the cars out of the road. We both took cell photos of the scene, but my insurance company didn’t inquire about that and I’m not sure that helps at all anyway.

    There is a large Shell station on the corner that was open, it’s possible I suppose that someone there saw it all, but who knows. Road camera footage is another possibility, but not sure there are any cameras there.

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  12. My neighbor said they can determine speed based on the car impact damage, but I’m not sure about that — my insurance rep sounded like this would be pretty cut-and-dried, but we’ll see. I am grateful for insurance. And mostly grateful no one seemed to be hurt. Just some significant damage to our cars, but his was by far the worst, no doubt that’s just totaled. The entire front end was crunched in.

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  13. Our hit and run was $4400 in damages–but the kid hit five panels on the car. We filed our own report with the CA DMV. The insurance company didn’t even ask if there was a report.

    Same thought on calling the police–no injury, no facts (though I have an eye witness filmed telling the story), we pay. I drove down a street nearby yesterday, saw a black SUV, and wondered if I should stop and ask if they had a teenager whose car hit mine.

    Nah, too unlikely and possibly dangerous. I’m back to praying.

    I suggest we pray for clarity and truth to be told here for DJ. It is completely disconcerting when you get hit. I was a mess for weeks 35 years ago–not physically, but emotionally. (And OF COURSE, my husband was out to sea . . . ). But the kids went to the hospital in an ambulance and I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that.

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  14. I had a similar accident in 1972, (most of you can’t remember that far back). I was making a left turn in Arlington, Va. I waited for the light to change so that oncoming traffic would stop. But one car didn’t stop. I think she likely ran a red light. It was mostly her fault .
    The lady who hit me was Miss Connie. Miss Connie was a TV personality with a children’s TV program. No way Miss Connie was going to get arrested.
    l was charged with the accident.
    We went to court and I was guilty of improper turn (or somesuch). But the judge knew what was going on and I was not fined. But my insurance had to pay for repairs.

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  15. That was me:]
    I have been busy all day.
    Doing what? You ask.
    Doing nothing. Sitting in the Lazy-boy beside Elvera.
    I (or someone) need to be around her al the time, or she will get up and start doing things. One of the things I liked about Elvera has become a problem.
    She always wants to be doing something. There is nothing she can do.
    And, most of all, I don’t want her to fall. Each fall means a trip to the hospital.

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  16. In Chicago I once was out in the intersection waiting to turn left. The light turned yellow, which usually meant two cars would still come through, sometimes three. So three cars went through and I started to make my turn . . . in time for a fourth to come through. The two of us swerved as I recall, and there wasn’t an accident, but I figured that fourth car ran a red light for sure, and would be at fault if we had hit.

    Another time I was going through that light again, only from the other direction . . . and I found out that the other direction had a longer green! There are plenty of intersections in Chicago marked “oncoming traffic has longer green,” and that’s dangerous enough–because you don’t know when their light will change. But on that day, I had every reason to assume the third car was the final one going through, and of course you can’t stay out in the intersection as the traffic going the other way begins to move. As soon as it’s safe to turn, you turn. I had no way of knowing the traffic facing me still had a green light, and “not knowing” nearly caused an accident.

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  17. I’m back from doing all I had to do.

    Picked up a Kia Soul from Herz; shed another tear as I saw my poor beloved Jeep at the repair shop, my first trip out in the rental to sign paperwork. I somehow get very attached to my cars, probably because I keep them forever, so many good memories. I told the guy there how much I loved that car and really hoped they could fix it. He shrugged, they do their thing and then it’s all up to the insurance co. I fear it’ll be RIP. 😦

    But nothing to do now but let them all get to it and wait for the calls. My neighbor and I did notice when we passed the infamous intersection on the way out of town that there were absolutely no skid marks. I just think somehow he didn’t even see me until it was too late. Repair guy also said it looked like I was hit pretty hard (which could point to high speed). But how I wouldn’t have seen an oncoming car I still can’t figure out. The whole thing is just strange.

    Now I just feel spent, a little sore here and there (but nothing major) — and I have a headache which I’ve had since last night after this all happened.

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  18. In the DC area, likely in all big cities, you can depend on at least one car running the red light after it has just turned. Especially if it happens to be following a truck.


  19. DJ the first numbers followed by a letter will tell me which county the car is tagged in. I had a Kia Soul for a day and half as a rental. It was sort of fun to drive. I wouldn’t want one but it was fun for a day.
    I am so sorry about your accident. Maybe there is someone who saw what happened.


  20. The Kia is more than satisfactory, easy to drive but I’m always surprised by how low I feel and how my feet hit the ground right away when I get out 🙂

    So some other developments, the other driver’s insurance called to get a recorded statement from me which I gave, she also asked about photos, I said I had 2 (and she didn’t know about the 3rd lesser-involved driver, so I sent her that contact). I texted the photos to her and later sent them to my friend who used to work in insurance, she commented that the impact really moved my car a long way, which it did; she said that would speak to speed, he was in a sedan and my car is a much heavier Jeep, but he shot it a car length away. Honestly, it was all so scary, just writing that makes me shiver.

    Anyway, I went ahead and also sent the photos to my State Farm rep (who never asked about photos), pointing out that my car was pushed quite far, and also mentioned I saw no skid marks when I went by the intersection this morning. Seems maybe pertinent, but maybe not.

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  21. DJ, I’m so sorry about your accident. I cried when I totalled my Jeep on a deer. It was the only vehicle we have ever purchased new. It was a 2005 and on its last legs for sure.

    If you are in the market for a new vehicle, remember that low feeling – I miss the height of the Jeep, but still love our Subaru Outback. It has the same clearance underneath, but you sit a lot lower in it, making more car height than SUV height.

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  22. RK, yeah, getting paper under control — a never-ending job, it seems! How did your day go? I hardly made a dent. Other things came up and I gave up on the paper pile.

    DJ, that all sounds so horrible. And how difficult — it would be for me, anyway — to stop continually playing the incident over in one’s mind. All the details, the maybes and the definites, converging in one’s thoughts, vying for attention as you try to figure out the puzzle of what exactly happened in the moments before impact.

    I’m praying for your peace tonight.

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