38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-21-20

  1. Nope. I just don’t know what it is. It looks like corn, but the tops aren’t right, and it’s only about 2 feet tall. Plus, corn season is over around here. Weird.

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  2. Good Morning! It certainly feels like fall here, and I love it ♡

    Everyone is suppose to be good at something. I am the winner of top losers on Pigskin Picks. I think I need to snack on those crispy fried pork rinds to celebrate. Oh! Not on the almost vegan diet. Shucks. Corn chips and hummus instead.

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  3. When you enter someone’s home with a friend do you speak to the host first or does the host greet you first?
    For example Chery and I visit Janice. I know and have met Janice but bring my friend Cheryl along with me (they have never met). Should Cheryl introduce herself to Janice or does Janice welcome her first?

    Now, what I would have done is upon going into Janice’s house, I would say, “Janice, this is my friend Cheryl. Cheryl, this is my friend Janice”. That isn’t what happened in the situation and it is causing a difficulty.

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  4. Looking for ideas for very active outdoorsy elementary kids, boy 7, girl 9, who are now restricted to their rooms at home for two weeks because of COVID, their playmate/father is living elsewhere while they endure quarantine, and their veterinary mother tries not to lose her mind.

    Kids are not allowed screen time. What do you suggest their great-aunt send?

    (Bonus for helping make the girl’s birthday–Friday–into a fun experience).



  5. Happy Monday.

    Fields and fields of corn, that’s when we knew we’d crossed the Iowa state line.

    Almost time for the staff call, I put in a photo assignment last night for a candlelight vigil for RBG tonight in our town. I have a story I need to do looking at the recent upticks in port cargo and how economists interpret all of that for the months to come.

    It’s nice and cool here — but I’m still battling some mosquito bites on both arms, my left thumb and forefinger (which itch the most I think) and my right leg.

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  6. Michelle,
    they need to run or move. . I am sure they could Dancing (Did you learn any Hawaiian dances?) or running. There are some songs and music to play, dance to and sing-along with that don’t rile them up.

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  7. Michelle, set up a Christmas tree and let them make decorations for it. Send lots of craft supplies.

    Let them make a cookbook. Send a crockpot and credit to Amazon or grocery for foods they must use in the cookbook.

    Musical instruments with teach yourself instructions such as harmonica, recorder, drums (poor mom).

    When Wesley was young, he had a big book of games that we went through and learned how to play all sorts of new to us games.

    Pinatas are always fun for birthdays.

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  8. I am far from an etiquette expert, but I would think that Kim & Janice, who know each other, would greet each other, and then Kim, who knows both Janice and Cheryl, would introduce them to each other. And then Janice, as host, would welcome Cheryl.

    But what do I know?

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  9. As long as the one who knows both people introduces them to each other, who cares who goes first? In my book, politeness doesn’t have to be formulaic.

    And I believe that crop in milo, also called grain sorghum.

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  10. Michelle, who was potentially exposed? (Father?) If they have a backyard, I can’t see confining children to their room. They aren’t carriers, and they aren’t in serious danger. As long as they stay on the property and don’t have other people over, that should be more than adequate.


  11. I’ve asked my gardener about the tree and also received a referral to an arborist from the superintendent of our large botanical garden in the area (who also wrote this to our intermediary: “Pines are interesting. They do drop needles annually, but generally after this season’s needles have “leafed” out, so it isn’t as noticeable as on more traditionally deciduous trees. It could be that she is just noticing it this year due to the timing or the hot weather. Either way, here are a couple of good resources. We do have several borer pests in southern California that may impact pine tree health and they can recommend some steps to increase the health and resiliency of the tree.”)

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  12. Girl’s birthday. They yard signs seem to be popular.
    Books, puzzles, crafts, a scavengar hunt around the house or yard. Maybe you can send something to them with questions they answer and send to you.
    “Something in the house that waves?” Microwave “It runs but never goes anywhere” Refrigerator.

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  13. Kim, I was anonymous up there.

    Michelle, books. Dangerous Book for Boys and the one for girls so they can make plans while in confinement. Books, if they read, can help hours fly by.

    Circuitry sets entertain my boy and have for years. He can spend hours on them.
    Girls seem to enjoy arts and crafts, though I don’t think I would have.


  14. Thinking or taking my social media sabbatical even earlier. I just can’t deal with the aggression.

    Otoh, our local paper is partisan to the max. How will I find out the other side? Without television, I get news from the miserable Twitter.

    Fortunately, I have a curator on the other computer.

    Family is currently on a 12-mile donkey hike to pick up the elk their father just shot. I’m not that worried about these kids, just interested in providing something interesting. 🙂

    Thanks for suggestions! Lol

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  15. Thank you Peter.

    I knew it wasn’t regular corn, it’s way past the season now and that “corn” is only 2 feet high. The frost would get it for sure.

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  16. Posted by a former colleague on FB:

    ~ “It is not uncommon for a Train of Calamities to come together. Fire, Sword, Pestilence, Famine, often keep Company, and visit a Country in a Flock.“ — JOHN ADAMS to a grieving Abigail Adams, Oct. 1, 1775 (Massachusetts Historical Society)

    “Rare are solitary woes, they Love a Train And tread each others (heel).” — ABIGAIL quoting something to John, Oct. 9, 1775. “How long o Lord shall the whole land say I [the country] am sick?” ~

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  17. I think I have pine beetles which means the tree might have to just come down. 😦 2020, killing the Christmas trees now.

    Meanwhile, my neighbor’s 2 big Labs chased a really big, black rat into their house the other night. She managed to kill it overnight with an electrical trap but now thinks another one may be inside. Her dogs have figured out how to open the sliding back door on their own.

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  18. No the other neighbor. The rat ran under the love seat but made a dash for the bedroom at one point during the evening. She was completely rattled, yelling at her husband to “do something!”

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  19. Poor husbands.

    So friend from the old neighborhood who isn’t a believer from what I can tell (family was Methodist, her brother became a minister; but she quit church as a teen because of the ‘hypocrisy;’ the dangerous part is that she seems to think she’s spiritually fine, talks about “leaving things to God,” but is so harshly critical of two of her neighbors she refuses to speak to).

    Anyway, one of those neighbors lost her elderly father in the last couple days and my friend, after going on at length about how the daughter/neighbor was horribly selfish and would probably insist on keeping him on life support, wrote to me “at least he’s at peace.” I didn’t say anything at first but tonight had asked if we know whether the father was a believer.

    Probably, she responded, as he was a WWII vet. ?? Ok … Then she mentioned that the neighbor, a woman around our age, up and started going to church a few years ago but “only to find a husband” and she forced her parents to go, too. This was not a good thing in her eyes.

    I replied well, we can hope that he heard the gospel and responded.

    My sense is my friend believes everyone is somehow “saved” and goes to a “better place” after death.

    It’s so dangerous when people fall into that category, they’re apparently assured of their own goodness.

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