13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-19-20

  1. Too late. Chocolate chip/raisin/oatmeal/coconut/cinnamon cookies are already in the oven prepping the oven for sourdough pizza. Too bad he will be too late getting home to enjoy any of it.

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  2. 🙂 I have a dentist appointment next Tuesday. Why is that a rave, you may ask?

    Well, while dentist offices were closed during the worst of the lockdown, a twinge that I would occasionally have in a tooth started twinging more often, and more insistently, and sometimes lasted as a light ache for a little while. I knew from (too much) experience with dental problems that it was not yet at the point of getting too painful, but that it was working up to it.

    When dentist offices reopened, it had settled down a bit, so I procrastinated calling for an appointment, especially since I needed to get a new dentist that takes my state insurance. (I’m one of those who hates making those calls.) But when the tooth started acting up some more, I knew it was time to call. I figured that with appointments having been on hold for a few months, it could be maybe a couple months before I could get in.

    But lo and behold! The office I called (which has a great reputation) was actually able to get me in for next Tuesday! I am so relieved to have the appointment finally set up, and know that even when a twinge comes, the problem will be taken care of soon.

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  3. A couple years ago, I had a very painful problem with a wisdom tooth. Doctor Dental (a chain of dental offices) was the one we knew that would take my state insurance. Everything went well, but I could tell that it was kind of a second-rate dental office. Then I read (in a local Facebook page post) some bad things about them, and worried that I was trapped into going to a second-or-third-rate dental office because of my insurance.

    But in another local Facebook page post, in which someone was asking for dentists who accept this kind of insurance, “Signature Smiles” got some raves, so I decided to check them out.

    Another 🙂 – It is nice these days to be able to print off the new-patient paperwork and fill it in at home rather than sit in waiting room chair balancing a clipboard on my knee to fill it in. Yay for modern technology!

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  4. Kizzie, the PT and Ortho surgeon had that setup, too, where you’d just print out the forms, fill them out and they’d be ready to hand in as you arrived; I’m sure that’s good for them, too!

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  5. 😦 Continued concern for Carol who remains in a rehab that doesn’t sound like a very good facility — she has been not feeling well on top of that and yesterday tearfully told me she was feeling ‘forsaken.’

    🙂 I sent an email to Lucy, the administrator of her regular facility who has been fairly attentive to her plight, and Carol told me Lucy called her this morning, told her she was going to set up a doctor visit for her (among her complaints which I’d passed on to Lucy is that she’s rarely seeing a doctor). I told Carol I could write out a couple question she should maybe ask and she said that would be helpful.

    I’m trying to gauge how much I need to become more involved in her care and circumstances at this point.

    Argh, just got a text from Carol saying the dr “snuck up on her” unannounced just today.


  6. All she could think of to ask him is whether she’d be going to a nursing facility or back to assisted living; he said “Talk to your social worker.” Carol doesn’t know who that is. They must have one on staff.


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