Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 3

Another week of limited college football awaits us, Pickled Pickers. Next week the SEC joins the fray, so we’ll have more games to choose from, AT LAST! For now, though, we’ll settle for the minor leagues (with a few exceptions).

Kevin won last week, and since FOXNews says that Michigan was going to get hit by a hurricane (see photo), none of the teams there are playing. Or maybe it’s because the B1G Ten and other conferences up North haven’t started playing yet. Anyway, he picked the tie breaker.

So here they are, the COVID-19 NCAA Week 3 Pickled Pigskin Picks. Remember to have those guesses in by NOON Saturday, 9/19/2020.

  1. Louisiana @ Georgia State

  2. Syracuse @ Pittsburgh

  3. Navy @ Tulane

  4. Boston College @ Duke

  5. Charlotte @ North Carolina

  6. Central Florida @ Georgia Tech

  7. Wake Forest @ North Carolina State

  8. Appalachian State @ Marshall

  9. Pillow Fight: Texas State (0-2) @ Louisiana-Monroe (0-1)

  10. Tie breaker (guess winner and final score): Miami @ Louisville

9 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 3

  1. Chas’ wild guessses
    1 Ga State
    2 Pitt
    3 Navyy
    4 Duke
    5 North Carolina
    6 Ga. Tech
    7 Wake Forest
    8 Appalachian State
    9 Texas State
    10 Miami 21–Louisville 14


  2. Louisiana
    North Carolina
    Central Florida
    Wake Forest
    Appalachian State
    Louisiana-Monroe (0-1)
    Louisville 24-21


  3. We have a repeat winner. AJ got 5 of the 9 games correct (the Charlotte @ North Carolina was canceled). Mumsee also had 5, but AJ wins on the tie breaker since he picked the winning team and Mumsee didn’t.

    Ohters: Chas and I had 4, Janice had 2.

    AJ, pick next week’s tie breaker.


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