45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-17-20

  1. Good morning! I mage the last post on yesterday’s thread only four hours ago. This is what I wrote:

    “I was awakened around 3 30 a.m. by all this noisy weather we are having. I have not been able to go back to sleep which is not my norm. With so much rain gushing through the gutters it sounds similar to a bowling alley except that the bowling balls never hit the pins.
    So thankful to know Kim made it through. Earlier I heard a large boom from a transformer, but the light did not flicker here.
    Now I am feeling sleepy again. The rain has slackened. A nice steady rain without much wind.
    That will lull me to sleep.”

    Wish I could have kept sleeping this morning. I am having my first cup of coffee so I won’t fall asleep. I was planning to go to Publix but with the rain . . . Plan B. Still figuring that out. Making do without going grocery shopping . . . time to practice creativity.

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  2. It’s dry as a stick here, as usual.

    The red sun glows through my east windows. We’ve been getting some warmer (mid-80s on the coast) weather again, but it’s not too bad and is rather typical for this time of year. After the 100+ temps we’ve had, I’m not complaining.

    I’m up early for a 7:30 a.m. PT appt. I did manage to get all the watering done late yesterday, it was dark when I finally got to the front yard. But the knee felt good yesterday. Looking forward to having I tomorrow off as I’m capping out on my vacation time again. I love the 3-day weekends, I could get used to that very easily.

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  3. We’re back to beautiful blue skies and very thankful.

    It’s almost like normal— the unneeded clothing and household goods I’ve been storehousing for six months will get picked up today at the curb by the Redwood Gospel mission and I’ll reclaim a corner of our bedroom.

    Now if only all the information needing to be scanned were done and the house cleared!

    It’s another rewrite day. I worked on my third introduction/preface in two days until midnight last night, couldn’t sleep for energy and awoke at 6 with another idea I’ll work on this morning.

    I don’t like any of these ideas and I’ve been sulky. Maybe I’ll get my flu shot instead . . .

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  4. Michelle,
    I am planning on voting in person. It is a state holiday in Illinois this year (and I work at a community college in Illinois, though I live in Iowa), so I have the day off and can wait in line as long as I need to. The city has said the list of polling places is tentative and some may be combined, but as the place I usually vote is in the school district admin building (other precincts vote in various churches/schools), I would guess that any combining is going to have more people voting there, rather than my having to go somewhere else. (The building was at one time a church, but the church outgrew the building and bought a shopping center which they renovated. So the big room that used to be the sanctuary is pretty good for keeping people spread out.)

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  5. In the “best laid plans of mice and men… category: Son’s generator is not working up to par. Unfortunately, the carbeurator cleaner is in the truck in NY. But they will manage. Hopefully, returning thanks to God Who is bigger than they are.

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  6. Planning to vote in person, in the Baldus building. I have had to stand in line a couple of times over the past twenty years but usually, only the registration people and all are there. Will masks be in order?

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  7. Last time I filled out the mail-in ballot and dropped it off at one of the polling places on election day. I haven’t decided what I’m doing this year yet.

    The morning sky is clearing here too! I could actually see the harbor from the PT gym today and the sun and sky lost its red hue as the time passed.

    It was busy at PT today, lots of clients which had the therapists running between us as we waited for the next exercise orders. They did the electrodes on the quads for me again this morning.

    Now for work. I couldn’t remember what I had to do today, but finally recalled there was a port pollution lawsuit filed that I didn’t have time to look into & write yesterday, so I suppose that’ll be it. We have a stolen dog in the community also — and owner is wheelchair bound, she was out with the dog ‘walking’ the other day when someone assaulted her and grabbed the dog, a Boston terrier. One of our crime reporters will call on that one. You never know if there is a backstory to some of those incidents, though, such as a neighborhood dispute that’s been ongoing or whether the owner knew the assailant … sometimes it’s not a black-and-white case that is what it looks like it is. Still probably a story and luckily the police were called by the owner so there should be a report on file.

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  8. The rain has stopped temporarily and the sky is brightening. Fickle Mother Nature! A loud hawk nearby did not disturb the great and mighty Queen B who is napping. Queen of the Jungle which is our home.


  9. Just in from a romantic interlude at Safeway after I convinced Mr. Fit we needed the flu shot. One hour wait, so we continued our walk and returned in time for our turn.

    One of our elders was also there. Haven’t seen him in 6 months, so that was nice.

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  10. Husband is off to Boise to work on the house. New tenants sent a list of things. They did a ru through prior to renting but wanted to make sure we knew about things so they would not be charged. That is a problem when you want to move in the day the previous tenant moves out.

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  11. We applied for mail-in ballots way ahead of time. I think now I’d be comfortable voting in person, but when I sent in the application for a mail ballot I hadn’t reached that comfort level yet.

    We’ll hand deliver our ballots to the township clerk’s office to be sure they get there in time. Taking them to a polling place is not an option here, but the clerk’s office is only a couple miles away.


  12. We’ll vote by mail. Already applied for absentee voting, and numbers are going up rather than down, so I don’t see any likelihood of wishing to do it differently. I do wish we could attend church in person, but this is a season for patience.

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  13. Wow. Inspired by Kare, Mr. Fix-it washed all the windows upstairs. I’m blinded by light now!

    All of California will get their ballots in the mail. Everyone in my household will carry them in.

    Our county, as usual, is not providing us with a lot of information. Alex, the college student, thinks there will be two places where you can hand in your ballot–but only one place has been named. 150K people live here . . . I may not be seen on that day. He anticipates waiting in line a long time.

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  14. Yesterday I finished the biggest editing project I’ve had in at least a decade, a few days late (but I was told to let them know if I couldn’t complete it in time, which suggests they more than half expected it was too big a project for the time frame). I told my husband that I’m taking the rest of the week off. I have other editing, but I just need a break.

    Midday I hiked two trails back to back (almost five hours, though that’s definitely not nonstop walking). Got a couple favorite butterflies I hadn’t seen yet this year and a cool insect I’d never seen before (but I did know what it was). And a lot of cardinals. The summer wildflowers are almost gone, with fall ones taking their place. It was really perfect weather for a walk (upper sixties into low seventies, I think), and nice, for the first time in more than a month, not to be thinking, “Gotta keep this short so I can still get a good amount of editing in.”

    I have cards to make and housework to do (I’ve kept up on the basics, including laundry) and reading to do for no reason other than that I want to read the book. But mostly, after a book with 1900 footnotes, nothing with footnotes.

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  15. So thankful we have voting options. Last time we didn’t think our absentee ballots would get to us in time so we voted in person, early voting, at the library. We had to fill out an affidavit that we did not use the absentee ballots. Some people voted twice that way. We don’t want any confusion so we will do in person (hopefully we will be physically able). People who are found to be voting twice are suppose to be arrested.


  16. Long day and it’s not quite over — I hate lawsuit stories. What a morass to wade through, especially since it involves a two-decades long dispute over pollution and the port.

    Congratulations Cheryl, that must feel good. I feel that way when I finish an ambitious, big story.

    Tonight’s trash night — also just saw a reminder to cut those elastic ear straps on your disposable masks before throwing them away, some are being found with wildlife caught in them.

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  17. I managed to finish all the outside of the windows yesterday – it was handy having husband to move the ladder for me and steady it on the uneven ground. Feels very good to have accomplished that.

    I’m so glad Kim is doing okay – I would have loved to offer her and Mr P a room up here, but, well, border is closed. Oh, and all you smoke/fire endangered people would also be welcome. (Especially now that my windows are clean)

    We’ll be heading to the ‘big city’ next weekend for the babies’ shower. I found two sleepers covered in guitar print – very appropriate as son and DIL met at a concert and son plays guitar in a metal band. We’ll also stop at IKEA to pick up a crib for our place. My coworker, who has a two year old, says the best gift his in-laws got them was a crib for the grandparents house. Baby was safe and sound and he and his wife could sleep while visiting 🙂

    Daughter’s house purchase ran into a glitch, but we think we’ve figured it out. Thankfully.

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  18. An awesome quote:

    :“People who do not know the Lord ask why in the world we waste our lives as missionaries. They forget that they too are expending their lives . . . and when the bubble has burst, they will have nothing of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted.” —Nate Saint

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  19. My husband did the outside windows this year. I cleaned the screens and did the inside. My shoulder is still bad, so it was nice to have the help. I did have to laugh when he told me he isn’t used to working that hard anymore. It is a good feeling to finish any job.

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  20. Kathaleena, it definitely took me a long time as I did no more than 3 screens in a day 🙂 But it’s better than hurting oneself and suffering for overdoing it.

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  21. My daughter’s neighbors in TN are having to move to a different state for a job because of Covid. They have been great neighbors. They inherited a house in Fairview, AL and heard there is substantial damage. They had just brought a U-haul full of things down there. 😦

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  22. I just had to endure a sales pitch at my front door for solar energy — I knew something was wrong, he started out talking about switching out electric meters, making it sound like he was from the city, but pretty soon I figured out this was some private company pitch. As soon as “solar” came out of his mouth, I cut him off and said “Oh, No thank you, you should have started with that.” He finally was convinced was shutting the door and thanked me and left.

    My neighbors told me they’d looked into solar and it was hugely expensive up front. For that and just on general principal, I’m not interested in solar. Plus it’s ugly, although my roof is flat so I guess it wouldn’t show.

    I usually don’t answer the door after dark but thought it was my neighbor who sometimes jumps across his driveway to knock and tell or ask me something.


  23. It’s 6:40 here. I am listening to birds chirp and generators.
    I am hoping to get a generator and chainsaw today. KW brought 25 generators to my office yesterday. 150 left Austin last nigh on a semi that should be there around 10 this morning.
    Baldwin Electric has said it will be at least 2 weeks before they can restore power. 2000 poles down, 4000 trees on lines and 4100 miles of line down. Linemen from all over are here working long hours. Pray for them. Pray for people to be gracious.
    In 1979 when Frederic hit we were woof bout power and water for 12 days. It was an adventure. I pretended I was Laura Ingalls Wilder. This is not an adventure. While I do have water we are on a grinder pump. No electricity and it doesn’t work. We are on the pee three flush once rule.
    I am lucky that I have a gas stove at least I can cook and today I improvised some fresh coffee.

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  24. DJ, do you have a peephole or way to see who’s at the door? I strongly recommend you don’t open the door without knowing who’s on the other side. (Even during daylight hours.)

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