65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-16-20

  1. I heard on TV this morning that a hurricane was at Fair Hope, Al. I thought, “I know someone at Fair Hope” and stopped a moment to pray for their safety.
    Then it occurred to me. Nobody has to be in a hurricane. Earthquake, tornado maybe. But nobody has to be in a hurricane.
    When hurricanes approached Charleston, SC, the police blocked off the inbound lanes of I-26 all the way up to I-95 for four lanes out. Lots of people left the lowlands. Damage is mostly from water, not wind.
    My parents always went toward Augusta.
    I still pray that the Lord would protect our friends in Alabama.

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  2. I got this from LindaS (my DIL)”

    I got this from Kim on my phone.

    Linda, this is Kim Hurlburt. Will you please let Chas know that I am OK and he can let the rest of the blog know. It’s still raining and heavy winds but I and all of mine are ok.

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  3. I managed about four hours of sleep last night. I edited into the wee hours, later than I have for years, got to bed about 4:00 and to sleep after 5:00, and a bit after 9:00 I was back up. When I was doing online dating, one of my friends recommended I not let prospects know I often sleep till 9:00, since they might think me “lazy.” I asked, “How is going to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and getting up at 9:00 ‘lazy’? By the time I’ve lain awake for an hour (which is standard for me), I’ve gotten less than eight hours of sleep!”

    Since we married, I’ve gone back to a slightly earlier sleeping schedule (we aim to “meet in the middle” and go to bed together around 11:00, but sometimes he can’t hold out that long and sometimes I need to be up later, so we’ve compromised in a different way: I at least lie down with him for a few minutes, and then we pray and kiss good night and I get up again if I’m not ready to go to sleep yet). But last night was a late night even by my Nashville standards, and I’m not quite finished with the huge book yet. (Almost, though. I finished with the biggest task, and I did nearly half of what was left on the last task before calling it a night.)

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  4. Another from Kim:

    I’m fine. Still raining and windy we have a few more hours of it but the worst if the wind should be past. Now it’s the rain and flooding to worry about but I am on high ground. Chloe and her dad are fine. About to check in the rest.

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  5. Reading in 1st Kings this morning. The wisest man in the world chose to walk away from God. All part of His great plan. That is reason to immerse oneself in the Word and prayer, knowing that it is God Who does the holding.

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  6. Word in from son this morning:
    Seem to be in the eye right now. We are fine and our house is undamaged, but this was much more significant than expected. We have dozens of trees down, power lines are down on both sides with transformers hanging or laying on the ground. Driveway is completely impassable. Pond is overflowing.
    Healthy oak tress were snapped off 20′ up. Property looks like a disaster area.

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  7. So sorry to hear about your son’s property. Hope it remains only property and can be cleaned up fast. I am sure it will never look the same. 😦 Praying it will look better in the long run. Also, praying for the power crews to be able to get in and help get power sooner rather than later. Hope it gets no worse.

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  8. Morning! Thankful hearing Kim and Mumsee’s son are safe. ❤️
    We began our contemplation of the book Knowledge of the Holy by Tozer last evening during small group. It was a sweet time of discussion and prayer amongst friends. And we had our first dinner together since this covid thing emerged. It was good to “break bread” together and I survived the preparation of it all…even though the deli did not have my order , which I placed the day before, even started when I arrived. (And they were very unapologetic) 😳 I ended up picking up Popeye’s fried chicken and everyone loved it! Whew!

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  9. From Exodus 32: (fall out following the golden calf incident)

    Unrestrained… not restrained: “The exact word used twice in this verse is found in the warning of Proverbs 29:18: ‘Where there is no revelation [i.e., the message from or attention to the Word of God], the people cast off all moral restraints [i.e., they become ungovernable]’.” (Kaiser)

    v. God has given many restraints to us: the curbs of the fear of God, of family, of culture, of conscience, of law, even of necessity. But these restraints can be – and are being – broken down.

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  10. Thankful our locals are safe. I checked the WSJ website at around 2 a.m. (woke up and couldn’t immediately get back to sleep; the cat had gotten out onto the front porch, she sometimes ducks under a back gate and does that, so I had to let her in) and their interactive map looked like it was right on top of where Kim was. Was glad to see a text this morning that all was OK.

    I’m off Friday so only have two days left. I turned in 2 stories yesterday and today and tomorrow was going to work on a bigger weekend story my editor wanted me to do, looking at the recent uptick in cargo numbers (good news) and how that all looks for the upcoming holiday season. But it required finding economic experts to interview.

    But then, late yesterday, he asked me to cover a news conference this morning on the new bridge, still under construction that I wrote about just a couple weeks ago, across the harbor in Long Beach. I have to leave for that in about 30 minutes and then write a story when i get back, of course. So I don’t know how I’m going to do that “big” economic story he wanted for the weekend, exactly.

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  11. The mother of the quints posted an sos on facebook the other day. Trying to do distance learning with five little ones and a high school student. Praises that somehow they are now enrolled in an excellent private Christian school. She applied in April but was told they didn’t have room for them.

    I am picturing Kim relaxing on a bed in her laundry room.

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  12. Back from the bridge where the very warm air was dense with smoke and fog, you could barely see the harbor below.

    On a clear day (someday) the view from up there will be spectacular, including our mountains to the north and east where the closest fires are.

    I was sweating under the hardhat and behind the mask by the time I left there, as was everyone else.

    Photographer with me today was among countless media staking out an apartment for a few hours yesterday where Sheriff’s believed someone connected to the deputy shootings was holed up — turned out not to be the case. I have a feeling authorities may know who the suspect is, or know who can lead them to the suspect, the search seems to be intensifying and getting narrowed down.

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  13. Saw some former colleagues at the bridge assignment who broke away to go with an upstart competitor outlet about 2-3 years ago now, still some hard feelings on the part of some in our company over that (not by me). But it was a spectacular break as they all (reporters, photographer and the editor) up and walked out together one day, leaving one reporter left on that particular paper to figure out what to do for the next day’s edition.

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  14. DJ, I haven’t seen anything from you about coyotes in awhile. Has the problem diminished, or just faded into “normalcy” with so many other new problems this year? (Your post about letting the cat out made me think of this.)

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  15. Son in Virginia says Florida has 250,000 without power and an unidentified water main break so the entire city is without water for drink or sanitation. Glad son and family thought to fill the tub with containers of water and have the pond for the horses. Now to pray that they will be open to the will of God in sharing their resources and helping their neighbors. (they are)

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  16. A bucket of water poured down on our house a bit ago . . . or so it seemed. That pouring rain did not last for long. Thankfully my brother finished mowing the lawn and taking things for recycling before sprinkles turned into drops. I was on the Bible study line while he did that. Usually I fix lunch and/or a pot of popcorn for snacking, but I did not get to do that today.
    Now I need to fix some lunch. My brother brought an L L Bean catalog and told me what to order for him for Christmas. He is insuring I will get clothes for him unlike last year when I didn’t because he always finds something to complain about. I got him other things besides clothes. I did like what he chose from L L Bean so did not mind ordering it. I also needed to get Art new slippers which I added to this order to get free shipping. I don’t like paying so much for slippers but considering how long Art will use them I suppose it will be worth it.

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  17. Kevin – Last night you asked if the Pillow Guy commercials could be seen on TV or radio.

    Was that a trick question? 😀 Pretty sure you can’t <b<see the commercials on the radio.

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  18. Recently, I was thinking about nicknames, and how they kind of take over and become a person’s “real” name. And other nicknames for the same name don’t fit.

    My dad’s name was John, and his nickname was Jack. Jack was more his “real” name than John was. And Johnny just would not have fit him at all.

    My mom was Katherine, and her nickname was Kay. Kathy or Kate/Katie would not have fit her. My grandmother (Mom’s mom) and my niece were also named Katherine (although Nana’s was spelled differently), with Nana having been Kitty, and niece is Katie or Kate.

    But sometimes, a person can have two nicknames. My SIL is Becky to her friends and my family, but was Becca to her parents. My Aunt Gert was Gert to her friends, but for much of my growing up she was (Aunt) Gertie to her nieces and nephews, and I occasionally heard my mom call her that. (She hated the nickname Trudy for Gertrude, so my dad would kid her by calling her that sometimes, and she would pretend to get really mad at him. 🙂 )

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  19. I bought some of their sheepskin slippers a few years ago, love them (so much that I try not to wear them too much!).

    My dad’s nickname growing up on the farm was “Speck” — he was the youngest and littlest of three boys who was picked on because he was just a “speck” of boy. A couple of our relatives would still call him that on occasion.

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  20. We live in a precarious time, I sense, mumsee. It feels like things could just “tip” right over into a genuine crisis, especially around the upcoming election.

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  21. Kizzie, I didn’t mean to ask a trick question. I assumed at first DJ meant TV, and I thought it odd that she’d seen many and I’d seen none. Then I realized she hadn’t mentioned seeing or TV specifically, so wondered if she meant radio commercials. (And I have heard a few “pillow guy” commercials on the radio.)

    But I’m sure my big sister will assume I’m up to no good, and it’s not as if I’ve never given her reason to. 🙂

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  22. My dad, Andrew, had three nicknames. Most people called him Andy, but his mother called him Andre. I suppose that’s because his father was also Andrew and called Andy. His father just called him Junior.

    My MIL, Catherine, was called Katie by the family she came from. But my FIL’s sister, Katherine, was also called Katie, so my MIL became Kay to everyone except her original family. This caused some confusion between my wife and her maternal cousin when they were little, because they both had Aunt Katies. In exasperation the cousin would say, “Not your Aunt Katie, my Aunt Katie!” (Meaning, “Not your aunt, your mother!”)

    Of course I had many nicknames in grade school and junior high, maybe even high school, but most of them I try to forget…

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  23. ‘Yotes.

    Yes, they’re still hanging around, though our neighborhood doesn’t seem highly impacted this year. I do think there’s been a resignation on the issue — after all, trying to do something about it now is just too late anyway. We have many generations of suburban and urban coyotes in our midst now and there’s no practical way — even if there was an overall approval, which there isn’t, of thinning their numbers to control the population — to trap and kill. Traps can only be put on private property and other animals are apt to get injured or caught in them, including pets.

    I keep my pets in at night but with my knee injury and my dogs being older (and more bathroom needy) these days, I was having to get up sometimes a couple times to let dogs in and out, or I’d deal with messes in the morning; not every night, not every morning, but often enough I decided to take a risk and leave the pet door open at night.

    So the cat is now overstepping the bounds by winding up on the front porch at 1 or 2 in the morning and waking me up by clawing on my BRAND NEW window screen — which is guaranteed, she knows, to get me up in a really big hurry to let her highness in the front door, thank you.

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  24. DJ, speaking of the animal traps, I am reminded of the fear I had when trapping those raccoons that we’d get a cat instead. At least I knew the path frequented by the coons so that made it much easier.


  25. I had two Aunt Annes. They were George’s Anne and Mary’s Anne (Mary & Anne were sisters who lived together all their lives).

    I have two sisters-in-law named Karen, and two co-workers named Karen. I go by Kare everywhere.

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  26. LLBean: wearing a shirt and sweatshirt from there, given to us in a heap of bags of used clothing somebody thought we could use about ten years ago. I like their quality.

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  27. Re: Nicknames I think I told you this before.
    My real name is Charles. I always thought my name was “Charlie”. I had an English teacher in HS who called me Charles and I never knew why.
    I learned that my name was Charles when I joined the Air Force and needed an official/real name.
    My son “Charles E.” named himself “Chuck”.

    My wife’s name is Elvera. I know of only one by that name and she is dead now. She tried to get the nickname “Vera”, and succeed in some places where she worked. But never where we had common acquaintances. I emphasize the “El” portion of her name when speaking to/about her.

    “Chas” is unique to this website.

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  28. Husband: Mike
    Brother: Mike
    Son: Mike (his choice, he got to choose his name and he is a junior)
    Son’s fiance is Mikelynn. (named for her mom and dad) Goes by Mike.

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  29. Ok, Dj, you need a squirt bottle of water. You will quickly train your cat to not damage your screens. My dad used a squirt bottle to train his cat to sit quietly outside the door when she wanted in.


  30. I’ve used water bottles with some dogs. Maybe I’ll load one up to keep in the bedroom to shoot her next time I hear her little claws sticking into my screen in the middle of the night.

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  31. My son called from college this evening to let me know he is fine.

    Fortunately the first I learned of the shooting in his dorm was a headline saying the suspect was in police custody. This morning I had noticed the blinking light on the answering machine but didn’t have time to check messages – these days they’re mostly about the election. Just as well, since the messages had been left at 11:30 pm and 12:30 am and they didn’t know much at the time, though they thought it was an isolated incident (apparently was a dispute between roommates). And of course the automated system didn’t know to wait for the “beep” so I didn’t get the beginning of the messages, which would have made it hard to understand what it was about, and I’d have either been late for work trying to find out what was going on, or wondering all the way to work what was going on.

    My son doesn’t know either the shooter or the roommate who was shot (out of surgery but no news on his condition). I’m sure my son is still shaken up over his friend from Boy Scouts having died last week, and I’m glad this latest crisis is not with someone he knows.

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  32. DJ – Heidi sometimes has accidents, so there are puppy pads (or larger “wee wee pads) near the back door. Although, sometimes she gets the front of her on the pad, but the peeing part is a little off the pad. Dumb dog. 😦

    We started doing that when she had to be on prednisone for a while, which made her extra thirsty, and so she would drink a lot more, and then have to pee more than usual, and she would have an accident while waiting for us to come let her out. And for some reason, she rarely alerts me when she has to pee at night. Now that she is getting older, she has more accidents during the day if I don’t keep up with getting her out frequently enough.

    Anyway, would putting puppy pads down work so that you wouldn’t have to keep the pet door open?

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  33. Those are scary images of that hurricane AJ! Thankful all are ok….
    Dj…. I bought some of their sheepskin slippers….hoping you meant sheep’s wool….you know me and sheep…yep…I shuddered
    Chas my favorite brother in law who passed away 10 years ago was named Charles. He was known to all as “Charlie” but I affectionately called him Chas…and he would sign his Christmas cards to us “Chas”….we always kidded him that it just sounded more distinguished….he had the greatest sense of humor….I miss him 😢

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  34. Well, despite all those photos of deep water, we’re still deep in drought here so I just spent a couple hours watering. It’s getting hard as the daylight is vanishing faster and faster – I’m not usually off the clock until 6 and used to have a good couple hours to take care of all that, but not now.

    Is it really September?

    I’m hoping to salvage the pine tree in the backyard, the 20-plus year-old former Christmas tree that is now very tall but has recently been sprouting a significant and alarming number of brown needles. Noooo! So I spend a lot of time watering those roots these days. A Christmas tree simply cannot die, not in my book and not on my watch. I’d be horrified.

    I have a couple throw rugs at the back door so those usually can just be tossed in the wash when accidents happen; the floor is old linoleum. But the pads are a good idea.

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  35. Still no power. It will be a couple of days. We have some shingles off the roof and two small leaks.
    The eye went in at Gulf Shores. That means Pensacola go the worst of it. I’ve heard by the time Sally made landfall a little before 5 am she was a Cat 3.
    I went to sleep Tuesday night around 10 and got up around 4 am when the winds go stronger. Two houses in my neighborhood have more damage. When the wind whipped around from the north it took almost all the shingles off on neighbors roof and caused water damage inside. So another’s a tree fell and the roots buckled the sidewalk and also broke the water main going into her house. We have a lot of clean up to do tomorrow.
    Nana wasn’t so lucky. A large pine tree fell on one end of her house. We’ve called it The Bunker for years. Her father helped them build it in 1958-60. They never had a house payment. The built it in sections. It is cinder block with cement poured down The holes and a brick exterior. The weight of the tree caused the garage walls to shift. Ex-SIL told me she cried when she saw it. Nephew had come by earlier and had shown me pictures. Nana had dropped her wind insurance to save money. 😞. She is 83. She came home from the hospital to that “hill”. She is the last of 4 sisters. I worry what will happen if she has to move out.
    George had trees down all over his property and will have to cut a path out.
    I spent yesterday morning texting as many of my agents as I had in my phone checking on them. Texts failed to send but eventually I got them out and got responses.
    Keller Williams will have trucks headed our way today loaded with generators and cleaning supplies. I got to use my commercially real estate skills to help locate a warehouse with roll up doors and loading docks for semi’s.
    I even checked on Guy. He’s ok too.
    Maybe now I can go back to sleep. I have a husband snoring on one side and Lulabelle having puppy dog dreams on the floor next to me. Nothing disturbs Amos.
    I did laugh at myself when my “go bag” had 2 ziplock bags for his medicine. With his coughing I had taken his collar off but put it back on. He has a tag with his name and my phone number. The one time he got out he wouldn’t let anyone near him to see the tag. Still. He has it.

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  36. I was awakened around 3 30 a.m. by all this noisy weather we are having. I have not been able to go back to sleep which is not my norm. With so much rain gushing through the gutters it sounds similar to a bowling alley except that the bowling balls never hit the pins.

    So thankful to know Kim made it through. Earlier I heard a large boom from a transformer, but the light did not flicker here.

    Now I am feeling sleepy again. The rain has slackened. A nice steady rain without much wind.
    That will lull me to sleep.

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