33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-10-20

  1. Now that is a pretty picture! Is it Donna’s back yard?
    Good morning everyone.
    Nothing happening here. That’s good. When you reach 90, you don’t want things to be happening.

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  2. I think it is the view from her front porch but could be mistaken.

    Funnies to make you laugh:
    Little Miss was having a tea party with Papa. She handed him his cup of “tea” and said, “Here, Papa, you need to hydrate”. Where did she learn to use hydrate in a sentence?
    Last night her Mommy was getting her out of the tub. She was cold and trying to wrap the towel around herself and her mother was trying to help. She told her mother, “You’re killing me”. Obviously her mother wasn’t doing it fast enough or correcly.

    I am at the office today. I’m teaching a contracts class at 9.
    Best get ready for that.

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  3. As Kim said, that’s my view from the front porch — but taken the other morning, early, when the smoke from all the fires had turned the skies almost red (sun was actually glowing red through my bedroom window when I first opened my eyes).

    The little green branch peeking up from the bottom of the photo is Charlie Brown, the red trailing flowers on the left in the foreground is one of two hanging flower baskets that managed to survive that brutal weekend heatwave.

    I overslept and am scrambling to get to PT at 7:30 this morning, Annie usually wakes me up by 6 a.m. but she was sleeping on the job so i didn’t was up until 6:30 a.m. Shower is taken, I’m dressed, but waking up is another story. Good thing the PT place is only about a 5-minute drive from my house.

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  4. It’s looking east toward LA Harbor (which can’t be seen, it’s down the hill).

    I’m hearing continual fog horns in the harbor this morning and it’s cool outside. Fog horns and sea lions barking are my favorite harbor sounds that can be heard at my house just up the hill.

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  5. Whenever I see this view, I look at that house with blue and wonder if that’s the yard I played in once as a child. It had a magical garden that descended into the canyon.

    Curious how just one visit can imprint you memory.

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  6. Chas – QAnon is a convoluted compilation of conspiracy theories. Here is an article from World that talks about QAnon, and also a link from Wikipedia which will explain it in more detail.

    From what I have seen, a lot of people are falling for some of the different theories that Q spreads around, but don’t realize that they are from Q. So someone might believe the stories that Wayfair and Amazon are secretly trafficking children or that Bill Gates has a nefarious plan to vaccinate the whole world, but not consider themselves a QAnon believer.




  7. Good morning, and it’s almost gone. I went to Spouts early when hardly anyone was in there. I found a nice looking watermelon.

    I met the new owner across the street who is fixing up the house to rent. We have not had renters here before.

    A couple of days ago the mail carrier put a package from Baylor at the base of our mailbox by the street instead of walking it to the door. It could have easily been stolen. I have not known them to do that before. This time it was a nice padded cover for the diploma, a tassel, and the program from the commencement that includes Wesley’s name.

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  8. My niece and her husband celebrated their first anniversary this week and I’ve been thinking about the challenges they’ve already had in their marriage with COVID moving them out of San Francisco and so forth.

    I started shaking my head in sympathy and then thought, wait, on our first anniversary (spent in New York City, BTW), we were preparing for our third move to our third state. We were living on next to no money and I hadn’t found a job wherever we lived. We also knew we’d be moving a fourth time, probably to a fourth state, within six months.

    While I still congratulate her, I didn’t feel so sorry for her anymore!

    It just made me wonder if any of you had challenges your first year. 🙂

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  9. Kim, a great-niece made family lore when she was a couple of years old by using “hydrate” similarly. It must be a word that sounds good to little girls.

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  10. getting ready to go walk the golf course with no shortcuts. I got new shoes so I will see if they help with the knee.
    Friends return today so I’d better clean up a bit.

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  11. Long workout at PT today, they put me through my paces for close to 2 hours. My knee is feeling stiff and was hurting yesterday. I hope it’s temporary.

    Now it’s almost time for the staff call and work to begin.

    And Tess snatched an almost full bag of greenies off the butcher block table while I was gone, looks like everything was devoured. I doubt that’s good for her.

    All that was left was the ripped-open foil bag and the bag clip …

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  12. I was going to say our first year of marriage was easy, but then I realized we had earthquakes, riots, wildfires, job loss, and most of a pregnancy. (KJ was born two weeks after our anniversary.) At least we didn’t have to move.

    Oh, yeah, and we weathered a hurricane during our honeymoon.

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  13. Michelle – We had only been married six months when Hubby started weekend classes at Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute in Providence, Rhode Island.

    During the week, his job as chef-manager at a private girls boarding school had long hours due to having to prepare all three meals each day. On Saturday mornings, he left around 6:00 to drive to Providence for classes, would stay overnight at a motel, then have classes on Sunday, too, and arrive home Sunday night. So we did not have much time together during that time.

    Years later, either our pastor or Sunday school teacher (or maybe it was in a men’s ministry meeting?) taught about how in ancient Israel, a man did not have to go to war in his first year of marriage, but should stay home and be with his wife. Hubby always felt bad for “abandoning” me in that first year.

    (After the first year, he went part-time, finishing up the Sunday classes first and then the Saturday classes. That was easier to handle for when Nightingale came along.)

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  14. First year of marriage I had a house to sell, a new state and a new house, and I became a wife and a stepmom the same day. My in-laws wisely had our younger daughter stay with them a few more days when we came home from our honeymoon to allow us all a bit of time in the transition, but it was a big one. The girls now say openly that that first year was a hard one, with the implication that once we all got past that first year it wasn’t so new and difficult and awkward anymore. It was a year with a lot of changes, and I left a good community in Nashville and never did have that “community” in our new home, but I traded it in for having a family and that was a worthwhile change. (I hadn’t ever had a husband or children, and I’d been more than seven years without parents and more than a quarter century without a dad, so having local in-laws was a mostly nice change. Getting incorporated into the family of my husband’s late wife was a weird one for me–they’ve always been very welcoming, but the two family events that first year were very weird for me, and the sense of weirdness has never totally left. I still feel like I’m at someone else’s family reunion.)

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  15. I had always heard that the first year of marriage is difficult, but didn’t find it so. I did find it a bit challenging in some ways, but that was fine and worthwhile. And I think the “getting to know the girls” aspect was more difficult for them than for me, though they did like me right away and they were never rude to me. I just had to be careful to give them space. (I didn’t take any photos of either of them for the first year or two, for instance, except at family gatherings–never in our home. And one girl would sometimes go to her room and cry, and my husband would go to check on her but I would leave her be.)

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  16. BG is in the hospital. They are running test. She woke up throwing up and was dehydrated. She has been honest with them bout her medical history. Neither G now I can be with her.

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  17. The first tear of marriage was not so difficult except for helping with Art’s parents (in their eighties) and arranging the house to receive Art’s tax clients. He met woth them in his downstairs office and a bathroom was in the hallway by the office. I was not use to having all those strangers (to me) in my home. It was a challenge for an introvert, but I could hide out upstairs.

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  18. I’m praying for BG, Kim.
    My first year of marriage? We married on June 9, 1957. I’ll always remember that day. Went on a short honeymoon then came home to the mobile home I bought with her money. Sometime in late August, I quit my part time job at SC Highway Dept. adn we moved,with out trailer, to Fort Worth, Tx. I went to Southwestern seminary part time. Elvera worked at an insurance company full time and I worked for the USDA soil conservation service as a draftsman part time..
    It was more complicated than that, but that is the short account. Elvera was a real trooper. Lots of women wouldn’t have put up with the life she led in those days.
    Chuck was born in 1958.. He knows he was an accident.
    It’s a long, complicated story, but we have been immensely blessed these 63 years.

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  19. Turned in 2 stories so I’m pretty much close to being done for the day, and I have tomorrow off, yay — and no trash duty tonight, the city’s on a one-day delay for pickup due to Labor Day. I’ve been struggling to keep my eyes open all day, I’m so sleepy.

    The “color” outside is just that yellow/brown weird from all the fires.

    Any updates from Kim? I haven’t checked Fb in about an hour or so …

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  20. Good evening! A long day of helping my friend and I am exhausted. The snow is melting but it is still soooo cold!
    Praying for BG.. ❤️
    First year of marriage…rough….very rough….(honestly I mumbled a lot “what have I done”?!)…but by our Lord’s great love and mercy here we are 45years later and terribly in love 😊

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  21. First year of marriage? We were spoiled by her parents. They butchered a hog for us, so we feasted on pork chops, ham steaks. I woke up many mornings to scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage. I didn’t have a job until a month or so after the wedding while she was finishing her BS degree. And she got pregnant with our firstborn.

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  22. Nancyjill, ‘what have I done?,’ that sounds very honest 🙂

    Grace Church here in Southern California (MacArthur, pastor) lost its latest legal round today, state judge upheld county’s order that churches only meet outdoors and with masks and social distancing.

    So what happens now?

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