Our Daily Thread 8-17-20

Good Morning!

Today is Chas’ birthday!

And a Happy Anniversary to Kevin and his wife! πŸ™‚

—————Β Β 

Anyone have a QoD?

68 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-17-20

  1. Happiest of Birthdays Chas. We are honored to know and love you 😍 πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ₯°πŸ°πŸ§πŸ§πŸŽ‚

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  2. What she said. πŸ™‚ ⬆

    Happy Birthday Chas! πŸ™‚

    Also, great job by the decorating lady (Kim) and Linda, Chas’ daughter in law, for getting me a header pic bright and early this morning. πŸ™‚ Well done ladies. πŸ™‚

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  3. Happy Anniversary Kevin. I hope you are as blessed as we were.
    You can tell that I have an unruly family.
    Always up to something.
    I was suspecting something, but not this!
    It is humbling ans I am a bit speechless. Maybe I will post something later when I get myself together.
    Meanwhile? Thanks everyone. You mean a lot to me. Even moreso for the past few years.

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  4. So, Chas, did you actually stand outside with “happy birthday” lettering, or did they photoshop you in somewhere? I was up past midnight last night, so I already told you happy birthday. πŸ™‚ (I did send a card too.)

    You’re a special part of this blog family, Chas, and we’re glad you’re here for Elvera and for us, and for your descendants and church family and all the rest of it!

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  5. It’s a great day for a birthday, Chas! Wow!!!

    That yard decor is Spectacular!
    They had a grand opportunity to do something on a Grand scale and they hit the mark!

    When you get all your cards together, please make a photo similar to what I sent in from my friend who recently reached 90.

    I feel happy today knowing how much you are loved by all and that you are finding that out in tangible ways, not just in the sentiments we write here!

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  6. Thanks everyone.
    Yesterday, Chuck calculated the probability of a 90-year old living to 100.l Fourteen (14) people who reach 90 will live to be 100. I won’t be one of them. But it doesn’t matter, I am ready to go at any time.
    Only, I need to care for her. That is the only reason I want to be here.
    Otherwise. I have had it better than I could have imagined when I was a poor, scrawny teen ager. I have been blessed in so many ways.
    Not ways that I planned, but better.

    I may have told you this. Maybe not-
    One time, I think it was while I was in the AF. I saw snale crawling along. Simple thing, a slimy snale.
    He was leaving behind a trail as he crawled along.
    I thought to myself. “That is more than most people do.”
    So, through that silly little encounter, I resolved to myself. “Always leave a trail.” That is. As I go through my life, I want it to make a difference that I was there.
    I have been somewhat successful at that.
    Now? I am ready to go. Meanwhile, I need to take care of TSWITW.
    A lady in our church says I have been a blessing. I haven’t been around long enough to have blessed anyone. But I hope I have left some good behind.

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  7. The garbage truck came early, at 7:40. I was not the only one running to drag the can to the street. Whoo! I made it!

    The weather will be cooler this week. That makes me happy today, too. And I probably have some happy left over from sharing Florence’s chocolate chip cookies with Art last night. He wanted to watch one of his programs, Endeavor on PBS, rather than watching the movie. Maybe sometime soon we can watch the movie. Has anyone been watching Silent Witness or The Tunnel on PBS on Saturday night? Art enjoys those suspense mystery shows. Sometimes they are too intense for me. I crocheted my way through Endeavor last night.

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  8. Happy blessed Birthday Morning!! What an incredible sight that is to behold…we love you Chas and are blessed to celebrate our Lord’s beautiful creation and gift of YOU this day!! πŸ’• πŸŽ‚
    And Happy Anniversary to you Kevin and the Mrs. ❀️

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  9. Happy Birthday, Chas!

    Happy Anniversary, little brother and the Mrs.

    Supposed to be ninety eight here today. Better than Boise, where husband is babysitting the three little folk. It was one hundred three there. But they do have air conditioning there.

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  10. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Chas!!! Oh, how you are loved and treasured by us all and especially by our Lord! We are privileged to see the trail you are leaving as you walk in faith and share your wisdom here daily with us. The legacy of love you display for TSWITW and all your loved ones, here and there, is a precious gift to witness.

    Thank you, sir.

    And CULOM. πŸ™‚

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  11. That picture made me smile. Wonderful photo! Happy birthday!

    Happy anniversary, Kevin, too!

    Cool enough to make some bread this morning and a pan of sweet rolls. I never want to use my oven when it is too warm. My husband is happy I will be using the oven as he is usually cold. Since we don’t have air conditioning (which I think we need, but he doesn’t) I keep the windows open at night and let it get quite chilled in here.

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  12. Wow.

    That is spectacular, good job, Chas (for being you) and all those who arranged for the lawn decor. It made all of us smile this morning!

    And happy anniversary to Kevin and wife.

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  13. Open windows and fans here all night long, too, but the temps dropped into the 60s.

    Our heat wave continues, my neighbors are coming home from their weekend away in the desert today, so coming from 111 degrees to maybe 85-88 degrees here will make them feel like there’s a downright chill in the air.

    Meanwhile, it’s Monday so that means back to work for me — and it’s the gardener’s day to come, also his monthly pay day this week, so I need to get the check written out.

    I watched another one of my favorite movies last night, Charade.


  14. Thanks for the cards. Lemme see if I have the ones that came today.
    AJ, Michelle (i have another pet rock. It is sitting in it’s place on the bookcase next to the other. I’ll have to tell you the “Pet Rock” story someday.e.g. how Elvera happened to present me with a Pet.) LOL
    NancyJ, Kizzie, and Peter L. I have learned that some of you have real names..
    The picture is really me. I have just finished getting dressed when Chuck shows up wanting to take a picture. I still didn’t know what was up when that was taken. He never came in, just snapped a picture, took it to LindaS and went to work.
    I learned from LindaS that it would appear here.

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  15. I talked to Wesley. It was 106Β° yesterday in TX. He did not go out. Tomorrow he hopes to get an x-ray. Things finally got cleared for insurance today. He is very busy doing lesson plans for both in classroom and other style classes.

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  16. Love it, the photo and the surprise. This was Kim’s idea but I love to contribute to sneaky ideas like this. πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday, Chas.

    Mr. Fit just went out the door to run. It’s temperature crossover time here, 75 inside, 76 outside; humid like we seldom have in “dry” California. It reminds me a lot of our life in the Connecticut summers. I’d experienced humidity and heat before and I wilted, every summer for six summers!

    Old house, tall trees, giant wood ants, no husband, little boys . . . somedays I don’t know how I survived.

    But, we found the letters yesterday I wrote my guy during that period-he, of course, was in an air-conditioned submarine on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

    I don’t know if I want to reread about my life or not! LOL

    Meanwhile, when to close the windows here? I hate a stuffy, hot house and we, as usual, don’t have air conditioning.

    Libraries, malls, movie houses–which do have air conditioning–are all closed. It will be an interesting week.

    They anticipate we’ll be at 100 in the afternoons until Thursday. Avoid energy use between 3 and 10 o’clock.

    Now it’s raining. Mr. Fit returns! LOL

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  17. It’s not that hot in southern California (on the coast, anyway); but I agree about the humidity, it’s been in the 50 or 60% plus range here, but no rain of course.

    Looks like high 80s for the next couple days (which can mean 90-something) but not much relief looking down the road either for days to come (maybe low 80s if we’re lucky).

    Well, it’s August. 😦

    Fall is best, winter’s OK but holiday-less and dull.

    Spring is glorious, early summer is fine with our cool marine layer patterns.

    Late summer? Uh-uh. Heat and wildfire devastation, on endless repeat.

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  18. I’m shutting down for a while. The weather looks really odd outside; trees blowing like mad and then the fire spotter planes are up and roaring.

    I’m totally on edge. Time to pray more than anything–or sort all the photos covering my dining room table! Ciao.

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  19. Cheryl. Everything is real. Except me. I’n not really the nice guy everyone is talking about.
    But the sign appeared early this morning. Chuck says it will disappear at 6:00 tonight. The guy you see is me, not knowing what it’s about yet. As I said, Chuck just snapped a picture an left.
    It has been a “happy birthday” so far.

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  20. Chas, haha.

    The sign cutout displays have become popular during covid along with drive-by’s.

    Stay safe michelle, I read something last night about a “firenado” up there somewhere?? Yikes.

    Then again, this is 2020.

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  21. At Easter, one family her produced and put up huge cardboard Easter eggs with each of the families’ faces on them. They spread them all over the front yard at night and when the family matriarch woke up and looked out the window, there they all were.

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  22. Chas, I had more fun cooking this up than you have had having it there. I worried all morning until I saw the photo come up that the sign company had forgotten — It’s what I do. I worry and solve problems.
    Luckily they photo came up before I lefft the house this morning, so I smiled all the way to work. Once I got to the office I showed it to our assistant market center administrator. I told her about you and she got tears in her eyes. Then I showed it to my students and used it as an example of the reason we do what we do. I LOVE that I was able to pull this off and a huge thank you to Michelle for helping me.
    It isn’t just from me, it is from ALL of the people on this blog. We ALL love you.

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  23. I got an email notification from Linda at 6:52 AM with the pic I’d asked her to get for Kim. Since it was that early, I figured it was perfect timing for today’s header. I didn’t expect it right away, but Linda sent Chuck out early. πŸ™‚

    You are blessed with a good son and daughter in law too Chas. πŸ™‚ They love you, and they love that we do too. πŸ™‚

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  24. ❀ Happy 90th Birthday, Chas! ❀

    Just as you say that we mean a lot to you, you mean a lot to all of us. πŸ™‚

    One of my prayers is that God will honor your desire to be around for TSWITW. May God bless you both.

    And a Happy 29th Anniversary to Kevin and Mrs. B!

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  25. Given our current diet, I found this article quite fascinating. I have never worked anywhere that employees were encouraged to form clubs. Two different places I worked had before work once a week devotional groups for any who wanted to gather with Christian’s for an uplifting time weekly (Day’s Inn Headquarters and the Department ofbgg Public Safety, Georgia State Patrol Headquarters). This article is serious and amusing all at the same time.

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  26. We get emails frequently from various congressional and other government officials. More and more you’ll see this under their signatures as to which pronouns they prefer:

    “Pronouns: he, him, his”

    Well, the postal story went postal, I was trying pull together a regional piece late last week, didn’t get it done, and over the weekend it’s just exploded into a national political mess.

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  27. Thanks, Kim. I do not feel my anniversary overshadowed. Chas’s birthday is definitely THE big deal! I’m glad you did so much to make it special.

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  28. DJ, posting your preferred pronouns is in the corporate world too. We are encouraged to include that information in our email signatures, company directory, instant message profile…

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  29. BTW, the court victory Friday for Grace Church (John MacArthur) was later overturned in an appeal, but they met inside anyway on Sunday morning; the key court hearing will come on Sept. 4 (? I think that’s the date).

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  30. On FB:

    ~ I found six beautiful pork loin chops buried in the vegetable garden between the peppers and WallaWalla onions. Oh my word. Finnegan evidently couldn’t eat them in a frozen state, and buried them for a 6pm feast, as his kibble went untouched for the day. #EnglishSettersSteal ~

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  31. I hope you had a happy BD Kevin.
    I had a nice day. Lots of surprises, including the one that just finished. About 4:00 a group of people started showing up. I figure LindaS is behind all this. It was a nice day, but I’m glad I only have to do this once.
    Thanks to Kim, & Michelle. One of the things I have is a framed picture of the header. The sign is still out there, but I suspect it will disappear during the night.
    I have been immensely blessed. The Lord has been good to me and I am always thankful to Him for you and them.

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  32. Janice – I watch Endeavor, too. Have you and Art seen the show Inspector Morse, of which Endeavor is a prequel? I had watched and enjoyed that series years ago, so was a little skeptical about Endeavor. But I have found it to be just as good, and it is interesting watching his character slowly developing into the cranky character the older Morse was.

    There was also the Inspector Lewis series, which followed Morse’s junior partner after his (Morse’s) death. I didn’t watch that one, but someday I may catch up on Netflix if it is available through streaming or DVDs.


  33. Happy Birthday, Chas. The card I sent has a “pet rock” in it. (It’s a post card from Mark Twain Cave’s Aladdin’s Palace.) The formation in the middle of the card is called Oscar the Seal, the pet rock of Mark Twain Cave.

    Happy Anniversary, Kevin!

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  34. We came in. Severe thunderstorms expected and ninety five in the shade. The house was closed up for just such a contingency so, since baby wanted to come in for her nap, we are in the nice cool seventy six degree house. Amazing what a difference when you open it up at night and close it up as it gets warm. God is kind.

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  35. He also watches while I am asleep. He is not able to sleep as well as I am and I seem to need more sleep than he does. Usually he just gets up and plays spider, but sometimes he goes upstairs


  36. Chas, I asked if the letters were added lately partly because the cake says “Chas” and you said we’re the only people to call you that. So if you had looked at that, you would know it’s our people involved. πŸ™‚ So I thought maybe they had you leaning on some prop and put the lettering in digitally.

    Two years ago my husband took a photo I shot of a red mushroom and added a cartoon character, a gremlin or something, and made it into a birthday card for me. So I know that sort of stuff can be done!

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  37. A very happy birthday to you, Chas. You are very much loved by all of us here and we appreciate your wisdom so much.

    Happy anniversary, Kevin and Mrs B!

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  38. Janice – Those shows were on PBS, available on local PBS stations. You wouldn’t have needed cable to watch them, unless you don’t get good TV reception without cable. (We have basic cable, but would need some kind of special antenna to receive local stations if we didn’t.)

    Well, except I did notice that Inspector Morse was also on a cable channel (A&E – I think it may have a different name now), and at the time I was watching, they had different episodes than what I saw on PBS. Thinking about it now, the A&E episodes could have been from previous years, before I had started watching on PBS.

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  39. Janice – So you are watching the young Endeavor Morse, and then will watch the older Morse, whereas I was familiar with the older Morse, and am now seeing his younger version. One of the things in the older series was that he never gave his first name, as he seemed embarrassed by it. But it was revealed towards the end.

    Do you remember the end of the first Endeavor episode? He was in a car with Insp. Thursday, who asked him to think of what he wanted for himself in 20 years time. Morse then looks into the rear-view mirror, and his reflection turns into that of John Thaw, who played the older Morse (and died within a year or two of the show ending). At that point, there was a brief few tones played that used to signify the end of an Inspector Morse episode. I liked that.

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  40. I gotta get to bed. I was going to go to bed early (for me lately) at 10:00, but Nightingale is doing something in the kitchen to prepare for her day at the beach tomorrow. She should be finished soon.

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  41. I like Endeavour. I only saw one or two of the Inspector Morse episodes. A lot of those old shows are on various streaming services. The problem is one would go broke signing up for too many of them.

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  42. Never have seen Endeavour, I’ll maybe check it out.

    Last night I watched Home Alone, I’d seen parts of it before but never all the way through. Interesting note, there’s a rather touching scene in the historic Episcopal Church in Oak Park, Ill. — that’s where a lot of our early ancestors “landed,” my mom and I with other family visited there in the late 1980s and spent quite a bit of time in the Oak Park Library looking of our family roots and finding our ancestors’ old residences, grave markers, etc..

    I’m thinking some of them may have gone to that church …

    PT office called late today, they had an opening at 4 p.m. tomorrow so I took it, will start working early to make up the 2-hour difference in time. I want to talk to my therapist about the stiffness I’m feeling in the leg and knee — pain is much less. but it’s maybe back to 70%, not 100%; I also can’t walk as fast as I’m used to walking, but I do walk faster than I was walking when the injury was so painful, 24/7 for 3 months running.

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  43. Peter, my theory about the rush to “unplug” is that all these separate streaming services, from Netflix to so many others now jumping into the fray, will wind up costing consumers just as much a la carte.

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  44. Happy Birthday, Chas. The check’s (card’s) in the mail πŸ™‚

    (So it may never get to you — just kidding, sent it via something other than the U.S. Post Office which is in such a mess nowadays and less than reliable.)

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