13 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-14-20

  1. The DoJ has decided that Yale has illegally discriminated against whites and Asians in admissions, a violation of those groups civil rights.


    “The Department of Justice today notified Yale University of its findings that Yale illegally discriminates against Asian American and white applicants in its undergraduate admissions process in violation of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The findings are the result of a two-year investigation in response to a complaint by Asian American groups concerning Yale’s conduct.

    “There is no such thing as a nice form of race discrimination,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Civil Rights Division. “Unlawfully dividing Americans into racial and ethnic blocs fosters stereotypes, bitterness, and division. It is past time for American institutions to recognize that all people should be treated with decency and respect and without unlawful regard to the color of their skin. In 1890, Frederick Douglass explained that the ‘business of government is to hold its broad shield over all and to see that every American citizen is alike and equally protected in his civil and personal rights.’ The Department of Justice agrees and will continue to fight for the civil rights of all people throughout our nation.”

    As a condition of receiving millions of dollars in taxpayer funding, Yale expressly agrees to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a cornerstone civil-rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance.

    The Department of Justice found Yale discriminates based on race and national origin in its undergraduate admissions process, and that race is the determinative factor in hundreds of admissions decisions each year. For the great majority of applicants, Asian Americans and whites have only one-tenth to one-fourth of the likelihood of admission as African American applicants with comparable academic credentials. Yale rejects scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race, whom it otherwise would admit.

    Although the Supreme Court has held that colleges receiving federal funds may consider applicants’ race in certain limited circumstances as one of a number of factors, the Department of Justice found Yale’s use of race is anything but limited. Yale uses race at multiple steps of its admissions process resulting in a multiplied effect of race on an applicant’s likelihood of admission, and Yale racially balances its classes.

    The Department of Justice has demanded Yale agree not to use race or national origin in its upcoming 2020-2021 undergraduate admissions cycle, and, if Yale proposes to consider race or national origin in future admissions cycles, it must first submit to the Department of Justice a plan demonstrating its proposal is narrowly tailored as required by law, including by identifying a date for the end of race discrimination.”


  2. The blunt truth…….


    “‘Politically-incorrect’ comedian Bill Maher holds a number of kooky, anti-science views, but in a recent monologue on his popular HBO talk show Real Time, he shared a candid, evidence-based truth: obesity in America is a major driver of COVID-19 illness and death.

    “America fighting COVID is like a boxer who went into the ring, out-of-shape and is taking a beating for it… I think so many lives could have been saved at the very beginning of this crisis if the medical establishment had made a more concerted effort to tell Americans, ‘while you’re in lockdown, getting free money for not working, you need to do something, too… A national campaign to get in shape would have dramatically improved our chances against this disease…”

    America’s obesity rate currently stands at an astounding 42.4%, up from 30.5% just twenty years ago. Obese individuals have a body mass index of 30 or greater. To fall into this category, someone who stands 5’9″ (the average height for a male) must weigh at least 203 pounds. Similarly-tall individuals tipping the scales at 237 pounds have a body mass index of 35. People in this category suffer vastly more from the effects of COVID-19. A study in France found that they are twice as likely to require mechanical ventilation after entering the intensive care unit compared to healthy-weight individuals. A systematic review discovered that obese COVID-19 patients were 2.3 times more likely to have severe disease. Public Health England recently shared the most glaring data. “For people with a BMI of 35 to 40, risk of death from COVID-19 increases by 40% and with a BMI over 40 by 90%, compared to those not living with obesity.”

    Johns Hopkins cardiologist David Kass offered three explanations for why obesity significantly worsens the effects of COVID-19.

    “People with substantial obesity… are carrying a lot of excess weight mostly in their abdomen, below the diaphragm. You move your diaphragm toward your feet every time you breathe, and if you have an extra 80 pounds or more to move, that makes breathing harder.”

    Inflammation is another key factor, he said.

    “Fat itself… produces a fair number of pro-inflammatory molecules called cytokines, which are a type of immune protein. It’s as if your body is kind of battling itself continuously… producing a low level of background inflammation. So if you are obese, this is the baseline. Now you superimpose a bigger battle with a novel virus that the immune system has not seen before, and it becomes hyper-activated. That’s not going a good combination.””


  3. Yesterday’s announcement of a peace deal between Israel and the UAE was a big deal. And they may not be done yet. 🙂


    “Kushner: There’s A Good Chance Another Country Will Make A Deal With Israel In The Coming Days”

    “2020 saved its weirdest twist for August: Jared Kushner’s going to win a Nobel prize.

    They’ll never give it to Trump, not even if he negotiates world peace. But Jared, the White House’s foremost Democrat, might be acceptable to the committee.

    His most intriguing comments this morning after normalized relations between Israel and the UAE were announced haven’t been noticed much elsewhere, to my surprise:

    “There is a good chance that another country could make a deal with Israel in the coming days,” Kushner said at the White House.

    Speaking to reporters after he unveiled the historic agreement, Trump suggested more diplomatic breakthroughs between Israel and its Muslim neighbors in the region were expected.

    “Things are happening that I can’t talk talk about,” he said.

    The Israel/UAE deal is the biggest foreign policy achievement of Trump’s presidency. Could there be a bigger one within the week?”

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  4. Madness.

    Just wait, this will cause even bigger problems.


    “Pennsylvania District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons for Kindergartners

    Wealthy school district says supporting cops, not watching news is racist”

    “Elementary school children returning to a wealthy Pennsylvania classroom in the fall will learn that sympathizing with police officers is racist.

    Gladwyne Elementary School—located in Lower Merion School District, one of the richest in the nation—will require fourth and fifth graders to read Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness, which claims that white people who relate to police officers or decline to watch the news are complicit in racism. The curriculum also assigns A Kid’s Book About Racism to kindergarten and first graders.

    The books are raising eyebrows among some parents, who take issue with their political focus. Elana Yaron Fishbein, a mother of two boys and a doctor of social work, penned a letter to the district’s superintendent, board members, and the school’s principal demanding the school remove its new “cultural proficiency” curriculum.

    “The book teaches kids not only to defy parents but to hate themselves,” Fishbein told the Washington Free Beacon. “To hate their parents also because they are white. By default, [the kids] are white, and they’re privileged, and they’re bad. [The school] is teaching this to little kids.”

    In the wake of the George Floyd protests, public schools are increasingly politicizing their curricula. In Virginia’s Loudoun County School District—the richest county in the nation—schools teamed up with the left-wing education group Teaching Tolerance to develop a new curriculum about slavery for kindergartners. The proposed lesson plans recommend restructuring history and social studies classes to emphasize slavery as fundamental to American society.

    Cultural proficiency lessons at Gladwyne were announced in an email to parents on June 9. The email claims that despite offering four other lessons on equity and race, the school’s “Cultural Proficiency Committee” believes those lessons are insufficient and created a fifth lesson focused explicitly on anti-racism.

    “Generally, each class also engages in a cultural proficiency lesson; however, we realize that this is not enough,” Gladwyne principal Veronica Ellers wrote in an email obtained by the Free Beacon. “We plan to continue designing lessons that promote anti-racist actions in the upcoming 20-21 school year and beyond.”

    A Kid’s Book About Racism has an exhaustive list of actions it deems harmful and racist. The book claims asking questions can be racist and issues a call to action for five- to seven-year-olds to call out and identify racism.

    “[Racism] happens all the time,” the book reads. “Sometimes it shows up in small ways. Like a look, a comment, a question, a thought, a joke, a word, or a belief…. If you see someone being treated badly, made fun of, excluded from playing, or looked down on because of their skin color call it racism.”


  5. Let’s hope so. 🙂

    “Why Kamala Harris VP choice does more harm than good for Biden’s election prospects”


    “Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden broke the cardinal rule of selecting a vice presidential nominee when he picked Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif, Tuesday to join him in running against President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

    The person selected to run for vice president should first and foremost “do no harm.” But Harris is a weak candidate who will harm both Biden’s chances of being elected and his chances of successfully governing if he becomes president.

    Harris is not able from Day One to be president of the United States. She barely got to the United States Senate in 2017 when she began running for president in a campaign that failed miserably.

    Before serving in the Senate, Harris was California attorney general, and before that San Francisco district attorney. She has zero foreign policy experience and no economic gravitas.

    At a time when some critics are questioning the cognitive abilities of former Vice President Biden, the choice of his running mate is especially important to voters. Biden will be 78 in November, making him the oldest president to take office in American history if he is elected.

    Before you even get to Harris’ policies, she doesn’t pass the qualifications test for vice president.

    Biden also violated the rule that a running mate should help the presidential candidate win in battleground states, picking up the electoral votes needed to get to the White House.

    While California has more electoral votes than any other state, it is the bluest of blue states. Any Democratic presidential candidate is virtually guaranteed to carry the state, no matter who the vice presidential nominee is. So adding a senator from California to Biden’s ticket doesn’t pay electoral dividends in the state.

    Harris will not appeal to voters in swing states because she is from far-left California and her record of embracing radical positions on taxes, immigration, law and order, climate, energy and other issues will be disturbing to many voters in more moderate states, let alone conservative ones.

    California is a liberal laboratory of bad governance, incompetence, government overreach and sky-high taxes. Most Americans don’t want to see the problems plaguing the state plague our entire country.

    A Biden-Harris ticket is very good news for the Trump-Pence campaign. The contrasts between Vice President Pence and Sen. Harris are as stark in their resumes, abilities and records.

    At a time when our nation is challenged by the coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery from business closures that were made to fight the spread of COVID-19, the last thing Americans should want to do is change horses in midstream.”


  6. Tim Tebow has a new gig, and it’s a heck of a lot more important than sports. 🙂


    “I’ll never forget the day my dad called me from overseas and told me he had just purchased four young girls.

    I was in my mid-20’s at the time and completely unaware such a transaction was even possible.

    Surely I had misunderstood him.

    People buy groceries. Shoes. Annual passes to Disney World. They don’t buy other people. But I had heard him correctly. My dad had opened up his wallet and bought as many girls as he could with the cash he had on hand.

    It was a split-second decision.

    At that point in time, there was no safe home to take the girls to. So we built one.

    There’s a saying that evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

    My dad was not going to be the man who did nothing. Had he just stood there silently, who knows where these girls would have been taken and what would have been done to them.

    Had we not stepped in to build a safe home, who knows where these girls would be now.”

    “My dad had no choice that day. My foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation, had no choice in the weeks and months to come but to come alongside him and step up and step in.

    Honestly, we weren’t prepared. We never saw that moment coming. But over the years, that single moment in time – a moment where one man took a stand for what was right – was the beginning of a ripple effect still in motion today.

    Years later, countless more human trafficking victims have been rescued around the world, even right here in the states, because of the mission that began that day.”


    Read the whole thing.

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  7. Trumps critics were wrong again. 🙂


    “For nearly four years, Washington foreign policy experts and Obama administration alumni warned that the Trump administration was jeopardizing any prospects for Middle East peace. By withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, we were told, the U.S. would alienate itself from its allies. By moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, it would inflame the anger of millions of Arab Muslims. By recognizing Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights, it would estrange the Arab states. By maintaining close relations with the Israeli government, it would imperil the lives of Palestinians.

    With such a grim record of prediction, Thursday’s historic announcement that the U.S. brokered a normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates — the first Gulf Arab state to announce formal relations with the Jewish State — has the D.C. establishment with its tail between its legs once again. Especially now that so many have accepted prominent roles with the Biden campaign, they might want to consider where they went wrong.

    I’d recommend starting with why even the prospect of a Biden administration has been enough to push Israel and many of its Arab neighbors closer together. During the Obama-Biden years, the U.S. prioritized bringing Iran “in from the cold” over regional stability and violence reduction. It also considered Western Europe a higher authority on revolutionary changes to the Middle East balance of power than the U.S. allies who actually live there. The threat of a return to those ways of thinking, and the desire to maximize the advantages of the current administration, helped ink the deal that many saw as impossible.

    Rather than instigate a new round of doomsday predictions and too-cute-by-half analyses of how Thursday’s news is somehow “bad” for anyone but the Iranian mullahs, the experts and campaign officials who got this issue so wrong might want to revisit some other previous assumptions.

    Sanctions on Iran were supposed to escalate tensions in the Persian Gulf. Expelling Iran from global oil markets was supposed to destabilize the region. The assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was supposed to trigger World War III. Bringing troops home from Iraq and Syria was supposed to be a capitulation to Russia. Altering the U.S. attitude toward greater Turkish action in the region was supposed to be a needless provocation to Russia. (Either way, it’s always about Russia.) And, most importantly of course, it was an outrage to Western Europe.

    Critics who have lamented the Trump administration’s supposed abandonment of allies somehow missed the years of effort it put into building consensus where it counts. Just because an agreement is local, doesn’t receive the blessing of the European Union, and is negotiated outside the walls of the United Nations, does not make it any less “multilateral.” The Biden-world understanding of agreements such as these is that they must take place in the context of the G-20, and must be led by a consensus which, first and foremost, serves the interests and self-image of the “P5+1” or “E3+3.” The consent of the regional stakeholders who actually have to live with the consequences of these agreements is seen as largely irrelevant.

    As the Washington establishment and their Potemkin candidate panic about a historic diplomatic achievement that serves U.S. interests, keep an eye on next steps. One possible issue on the horizon is Lebanon. That long-suffering country, Israel’s northern neighbor, is undergoing another heartbreaking period of instability and tragedy, largely imposed by the violent predations of the terrorist organization Hezbollah. For the past three and a half years, the Trump administration has relentlessly squeezed the Iranian terror proxy, chasing it out of international finance, clamping down on its transnational money-laundering schemes, and cooperating with allies such as Germany to eliminate its fundraising and recruiting activities on European soil.”

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  8. Hey sorry we let the rioters torch and destroy your place. Sorry we told cops to allow it and encouraged it. Bu the way….. Here’s your tax bill, oh and you have to pay it before we let you rebuild.

    One last thing. Here’s a big old middle finger for ya’ too.


    “Minneapolis Requiring Businesses Destroyed by Riots to Pay Property Taxes Before They Can Rebuild

    “Most property owners must pay $35,000 to $100,000 to clear their sites of debris, with larger tracts — such as strip shopping centers — costing as much as $400,000, according to property owners. That doesn’t include the money those owners must pay to get their permits.”


  9. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty to falsifying FISA warrants – the dominoes are finally starting to fall…


  10. Its been hard for Trump supporters to claim Harris is too inexperienced for the job, when four years ago they supported a man who had no experience. Other than declaring bankruptcy seven times,

    Attempts to paint her as a radical leftist are also laughable;



    Harris is a centrist with ambition, intelligence and a history of making Trump appointees look confused — Kavaugh, Barr etc were all glad to walk out of the committee hearing after she was done with them. A comparison between Pence and Harris will be seen at the VPs debate ….. and like the rest of Trump’s men I don’t think he will fare well.


  11. AJ – no mention of Trump’s comments that by blocking funding to the Post office he knows they won’t be able to handle an increase in mail in ballots in November? An admission both at his briefings and on FOX that he is deliberately suppressing the mail in vote. The current Postmaster General and his wife own 100’s of millions of FedEx stock and he’s currently imposing policies to slow down mail deliver. The corruption and dirty tricks department have merged.


  12. The UAE announcement was not entirely unexpected. The Israelis and the Gulf countries have cooperated and worked together for years, its the public admission that’s interesting. Formerly the Turkish military was the local ally for Israel but after the first Gulf War and Erdogan there was a subtle change in direction as the Saudis, the Gulf emirates and Israel all had common interests or rather enemies; Iraq and Iran. By the Bush Jr presidency, it was fairly well known that the Emirates and Isreal were allies. Leftists, Muslims, and Arabs who backed the Palestinians criticized the Saudis and Emirs for Israeli friendship. The only surprising thing here is the open admission that this friendship exists. The lines then are clearly drawn. Your article’s attempt to add Lebanese politics to this discussion is weird. The domestic politics of Lebanon are confusing at the best of times and rarely have anything to do with the greater themes of Middle East politics but rather family, tribal, religious, and ethnic rivalries.


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