22 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-12-20

  1. Last night after I’d gone to bed, Cheryl asked this……

    “AJ, is politics so important that a person must vote for the lesser of two evils against conscience? Not in my book.”


    I believe it is, and here’s why.

    1. Do you want higher taxes- less money for charitable giving, less money for your family? This is their goal.
    2. Do you want your tax money paying for abortions overseas and in the US? This is their goal.
    3. Do you support being forced into universal health care? This is their goal.
    4. Do you support amnesty for illegals? This is their goal.
    5. Do you support your tax money paying welfare benefits to said illegals with your tax money? This is their goal.
    6. Do you support the rage mobs? This is their goal.
    7. Do you support rioting and the destruction of private and public property? This is their goal.
    8. Do you support the police? They don’t.
    9. Do you support fair and legal elections? They clearly don’t.
    10. Do you support states rights? They don’t.
    11. Do you believe the constitution and want it upheld? They don’t.
    12. Do you support removing all monuments and statues that hold historical value? They do.
    13. Do you support the gay/trans/queer/ and whatever comes next agenda? They do.
    14. Do you support teaching children as young as 1st grade all about these deviancies? They do.
    15. Do you support Christianity being banned from the public square? They do.
    16. Do you believe people of faith should have a say in public matters? They don’t.
    17. Do you people like you and your husband should be forced to pay for abortion and birth control in your health plan, even though you don’t need it?
    They do.
    18. Do you think people of faith should be forced to bake cakes for something your values are against? They do.
    19. Do you believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments and want to keep those rights? They don’t want you too.
    20. Do you believe folks should be prosecuted for speaking biblical truths that leftists find offensive? They do…….


    I could go on all day, but you get the idea. What you call “two evils” clearly has one that’s way more evil and antithetical to you and your way of life. Several of these clear and distinct differences are matters of conscience, and one candidate is on your side, whether you like him personally or not. The others could care less about you, what you want, and your beliefs.

    Now, I answered your question, and now I have one for you.

    Do any of things I’ve mentioned above bother your conscience? Abortion, gay rights, rioting, teaching perversion to children? Any of them?

    If they do, then there’s a clear and obvious choice, and it’s Trump. And doesn’t it bother your conscience to know that if Biden wins and more of this happens, that your inaction when the opportunity was given to stop it just might be a contributing factor?

    You guys can pretend your your non-vote is a good thing, but the results will be anything but. Not standing up for the right things is the same as allowing the bad to happen. You can’t get around that fact.

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  2. I know some think I’m being too rough on Joe’s VP choice. I assure you, I’m not.

    Here’s Kamala on the issues. If several of these don’t bother your conscience more than Trump does, then you’ve got a problem.


    On abortion…..

    “Repeal Hyde Amendment; unacceptable that Biden voted for it. (Jul 2019)
    Don’t limit abortions to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. (Jan 2019)
    Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2010)
    Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Mar 2017)
    Access safe, legal abortion without restrictions. (Mar 2017)
    Supports public funding for abortion services. (Nov 2016)
    Opposes parental notification for abortions by minors. (Nov 2016)
    Keep federal funding for family planning clinics. (Mar 2017)
    Born-Alive Survivors bill tries to illegalize abortion. (Feb 2020)”

    “I performed same-sex marriages in 2004, AND later ones. (Oct 2019)
    End unequal treatment under law by sexual orientation. (Oct 2019)
    Protect those who are more vulnerable to hate. (Oct 2019)
    Must speak the truth about racism & other forms of hate. (Aug 2019)”

    “Legalize sex work, but fight trafficking and abuse. (Apr 2019)
    Women’s issues are really about everyone. (Apr 2019)
    Ally of LGBTQ community; must end discrimination. (Apr 2019)
    Supports commission investigating reparations for slavery. (Apr 2019)
    Reparations raise a public health issue. (Mar 2019)
    Reparations means real investments in black communities. (Feb 2019)
    Rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. (Feb 2019)
    Reparations for blacks should include HBCU and reforms. (Feb 2019)
    Let transgender people access the bathroom of their choice. (Jan 2019)”


    Now if those aren’t “more evil” than Trump to you, some self reflection might be in order. This is an easy choice.

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  3. I’ve said this before. It isn’t the “person” you are voting for. It’s the future of our country.
    I’ve said this a dozen times:
    I don’t like Trump. The person I “liked” was Jimmy Carter.

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  4. The NYTimes is out with a piece today telling the world Kamala is a moderate.

    She’s not.



    Joe Biden and his handlers are hoping that Kamala Harris can fill two roles. They hope she will be the social justice warrior who fires up the Democratic base, but at the same time come across as moderate and non-threatening to more centrist voters. After all, there’s better than a small chance that, if elected, Biden won’t serve out his first term.

    The social justice firebrand part shouldn’t be difficult for Harris, but how can she simultaneously present a moderate image?

    The mainstream media intends to do its part to help. As Steve noted, the New York Times has already labeled Harris a “pragmatic moderate.”

    How moderate is Harris? So moderate that she blasted Biden for opposing school busing decades ago. Busing children in the name of racial balancing is an idea so far to the left that Biden, who repudiated many of his past positions to appease the left, stuck to his guns in opposing busing.

    How moderate is Harris? The American Conservative Union gave her 0 percent rating for her votes as Senator. Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer managed to reach 5 percent. Hell, even Elizabeth Warren came in at 3 percent.”


  5. AJ, you ask, “Do any of things I’ve mentioned above bother your conscience? Abortion, gay rights, rioting, teaching perversion to children? Any of them?”

    No, actually they don’t. I haven’t done any of them, nor supported any of them.

    I’m actually “close” to being able to vote for Trump this time around. He’s made a lot of good decisions as president (albeit quite a few bad ones too), and Pence is a good man. I may vote for him; I haven’t decided yet. But this sort of argument isn’t going to make the difference. I believe in God’s sovereignty and I don’t think it all rests in my hands, and I don’t believe I am morally obligated to vote at all–it is not my moral duty. And politics are pretty far down the list of “important things in life.”

    I think that “the lesser of two evils” argument works better when it’s “this person is not quite as supportive of good policies as I would like, but he’s definitely closer than the other guy.” When it’s “vote for this evil man who doesn’t have the character needed to be a dog catcher,” it’s a harder sell.

    And Scripture is clear we should not go against our conscience–to do so is sin, even if the act itself is not sin. Now, if I realize my conscience is overly scrupulous on a matter and, knowing it not to be sin I do it anyway, that’s a different matter. But sorry, this issue doesn’t rise to that. You can’t say “I’m not really voting for an evil man, so my conscience shouldn’t be upset here.”

    If your conscience allows you to vote for Trump, then that is fine. But trying to persuade someone to do something against their conscience is a tricky matter. And oh, I very much don’t want to see Biden in office, even though I think he’d be only a puppet president and probably wouldn’t even be that for very long. But neither do I want four more years of Trump. Trump brings out a really ugly side of people, his supporters as well as his enemies, and I’ll be very glad when he’s gone.

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  6. The mainstream media ladies and gentlemen….

    So unbiased……



  7. “Trump brings out a really ugly side of people, his supporters as well as his enemies, and I’ll be very glad when he’s gone.”

    And that’s their shortcoming, not his. The hate they spout daily is on them. When I slip and cuss someone out for something they did or said, that sin is on me, not them. They may have sinned too, but it doesn’t justify me responding in kind.


  8. “And that’s their shortcoming, not his. ”

    No its on him– he has that effect – he is the cause. He needs to take responsibility for his actions (but never has). Let’s reverse this. When President Carter is a guest on late night TV, he brings out the best sides of people. They are deferential, polite etc. Do we credit the late night host or audience or do we credit Carter. We credit Carter — he has that effect almost everywhere he goes. With Trump we see the opposite, his supporter’s behavior becomes worse. And we credit Trump.


  9. I see Harris as a moderate — I don’t think see compares to Sanders or even Warren. Harris has the approval of the left because she’s very good at what she does and extremely intelligent. Trump called her nasty which is a compliment as he reserves that insult only for women who are outspoken, independent and intelligent ie women who scare him.

    Of course Biden had cue cards. Come prepared, make sure you don’t miss anything important. I do the same. In my first years of teaching I did it every day…now I save the cheat sheet for when I’m being evaluated. I don’t know much about iPhones but he’s obvious using the laptop there – -perhaps he’s using the blue tooth or recording.


  10. You misrepresent parts of the Biden-Harris ideas;

    1. Higher taxes? About 50% of Americans don’t pay income taxes and I don’t think that’s going to change. People who live in states with high state taxes may actually see lower taxes as they will again be allowed to deduct state taxes from their tax bill. Any talk of higher taxes has been confined to the rich and to different forms of income ie treat share options the same as salary.

    2. universal health care? Since Trump and the Republican party have chipped away at the Dole-Romney-Obama ACA, there’s really no option left to create affordable health care for Americans. Left alone, the ACA would have evolved into something similar to Switzerland, but now it appears Medicare for all is the only option. Ironically, Trump keeps taking credit for the Veteran’s Choice Act of 2014. Veterans find their own doctor/hospital and the gov’t pay. Essentially this is the Canadian system except only for veterans. You can then say Trump approves of gov’t health care he just wants to limit it to the “right” people.

    3. Abortion? Harris position is essentially Roe vs Wade. She’s not advocating something radical — unlike Canada’s refusal to have any abortion law. In any case, abortion is in steady decline — both because pro-life won the moral argument and because birth control is widely available.

    4. Law and order? She is law and order almost enough to send the left running away from the ticket. She prosecute marijuana offences when it was well known that prohibition was coming to an end. She protected and worked with police. Its her history here that scared the left away from her and made them prefer Rice instead.

    5. Constitution/elections/states rights — Trump has been centralizing authority since he was elected. The Republicans have shot holes through the constitution; the place seethes with corruption and nepotism. And the left is beginning to embrace state’s rights — they see it as an opportunity to run things their way, maintain their economic strength and to stop sending their tax dollars to support red states.

    6 Speaking of the constitution, the 2nd amendment is safe…many on the left are starting to embrace the use of arms, they see militias being treated with kid gloves so they hope to obtain the same respect by becoming armed. A Wiemar Germany analogy is appropriate here. Religion is not threatened — only you can’t force your religion on others.


  11. AJ, for the record, you are Exhibit A for me for those on Trump’s side having the “ugly side” brought out by him. How much of that is Trump’s fault and how much is yours, I’m not willing to speculate.


  12. Cheryl, I would not say President Trump brings out the ugly in the real. I would say he gets frustrated with the garbage being put out on a daily basis, with the rioting being passed off as protesting, with the murder of tiny children, with the hate being thrown around, with the acceptance of so many of the loss of their freedoms. Not the President’s fault.

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  13. Cheryl,

    What Mumsee said.

    If me defending him from constant slander is offensive and “ugly” to you, then maybe you should skip my comments here on the news thread. I don’t plan on stopping.


  14. Aj — Inciting to riot and rioting are separate charges that designate responsibility for both. Yelling fire in a crowded theatre makes you responsible for the deaths that result, they won’t just blame the person who stampedes over the others. I deal with 12 year olds — he made me do it is not an excuse but encouraging someone to do it also makes someone culpable. So both will get in trouble from the teacher or the admin.


  15. Like I keep saying, the choice is easy.


    “Chicago Looters Attack Ronald McDonald House

    Attacking a Ronald McDonald House is truly unconscionable.”

    “My heart breaks for the families who were under lockdown as rioters broke windows and doors of the Chicago Ronald McDonald House. They are only there because they have a child in intensive care. To deal with that on top of it all? Unimaginable.

    From the Washington Times:

    The Ronald McDonald House in Chicago was vandalized during looting early Monday morning while families and their sick children huddled inside, the charity said Tuesday.

    The Ronald McDonald House in the Streeterville neighborhood of the city’s Near North Side provides support for sick children and their families while the child receives medical treatment at nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital.

    The charity said more than 30 families and their sick children were sleeping inside when the looters, who had taken over downtown, ransacking stores and vandalizing properties, started attacking the building.

    “[We were] very concerned there was a lot of activity right in front of the house, people making choices that could put them at risk and put our families at risk, so the staff was frightened,” Lisa Mitchell, of Ronald McDonald House Charities, told ABC 7 Chicago.

    “They are already in a really, really difficult spot,” she said of the families. “Having this kind of additional stress and worry about getting to and from the hospital even though we are five blocks away because of safety concerns is just doubling the strain.”

    The building was placed on lockdown during the commotion, CBS Chicago reported. Several windows on the front of the building were smashed, and the front door had to be boarded up. No damage was caused to the inside of the house and no one was injured.”


  16. AJ, if saying bad things about a politician is slander, you’ve engaged in more than your share of it. And saying the choice is “easy” doesn’t make it so. This isn’t a matter where people have a legal or moral duty to vote and have to vote for somebody, even if it’s a really bad choice.

    Politics will never save our country. We are living in a country that doesn’t respect the Bible or Jesus Christ. We can vote for the lesser of two evils all we want, but it isn’t really going to change much. The people of this nation need Christ more than they need the right political leader. While Christians do have the legal right to vote, we don’t have the obligation to do so–and sometimes, when faced with two really bad choices, “sitting it out” is the wiser option. The more upset I see people get (on both sides) about Trump, the more I lean toward that being my choice again this year. “I didn’t help elect this guy” is actually a freeing thought when a leader is someone you don’t respect.

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  17. Cheryl,

    I’m talking about the still nearly 4 years and still running lies of the whole Russia, Russia, Russia, FISA abuse daily lies about the man. It’s not just not being nice to the guy. They lie endlessly and daily about him. This is undeniable.

    You don’t want to vote, fine don’t, but that’s not the moral high ground position you seem to think it is. What you call the wiser choice is simply a cop out. It’s your personal opinion. Try a little pragmatism. You only get 2 choices, them’s the rules. Vote, don’t, whatever, but you’ll share in the results whichever way they go. You all despise Trump, but he’s given us the policies we asked for. Biden will not, so this time you got lucky, next time your inaction could go the other way. Then your “wiser” choice looks anything but.


  18. AJ, I’m not claiming the moral high ground for not voting (and I’ve already said I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be voting for president this year). I have said you don’t have such a moral high ground that you can urge people to vote against their own consciences–that is all.

    Also, that a nation will not be won by the right political leadership. We have a spiritual problem in this nation, and the political problems are a result of that and not the cause of that. For Christians, the spiritual angle is far the more important one. I can’t get all that worked up about the political, because it’s way down the list. It’s actually a potential distraction. (We think we’re “doing something” by getting worked up about politics and voting.)

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