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  1. If you only watch one video today, make it this one.

    ObamaGate’s day of reckoning has arrived. It begins this week hearings, with indictments to follow.


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  2. More willful blindness by the media on spying by Obama administration.


    “The Washington press corps seems engaged in a collective demonstration of the legal concept of willful blindness, or deliberately ignoring the facts, following the release of yet another declassified document which directly refutes prior statements about the investigation into Russia collusion. The document shows that FBI officials used a national security briefing of then candidate Donald Trump and his top aides to gather possible evidence for Crossfire Hurricane, its code name for the Russia investigation.

    It is astonishing that the media refuses to see what is one of the biggest stories in decades. The Obama administration targeted the campaign of the opposing party based on false evidence. The media covered Obama administration officials ridiculing the suggestions of spying on the Trump campaign and of improper conduct with the Russia investigation. When Attorney General William Barr told the Senate last year that he believed spying did occur, he was lambasted in the media, including by James Comey and others involved in that investigation. The mocking “wow” response of the fired FBI director received extensive coverage.

    The new document shows that, in summer 2016, FBI agent Joe Pientka briefed Trump campaign advisers Michael Flynn and Chris Christie over national security issues, standard practice ahead of the election. It had a discussion of Russian interference. But this was different. The document detailing the questions asked by Trump and his aides and their reactions was filed several days after that meeting under Crossfire Hurricane and Crossfire Razor, the FBI investigation of Flynn. The two FBI officials listed who approved the report are Kevin Clinesmith and Peter Strzok.

    Clinesmith is the former FBI lawyer responsible for the FISA surveillance conducted on members of the Trump campaign. He opposed Trump and sent an email after the election declaring “viva the resistance.” He is now under review for possible criminal charges for altering a FISA court filing. The FBI used Trump adviser Carter Page as the basis for the original FISA application, due to his contacts with Russians. After that surveillance was approved, however, federal officials discredited the collusion allegations and noted that Page was a CIA asset. Clinesmith had allegedly changed the information to state that Page was not working for the CIA.

    Strzok is the FBI agent whose violation of FBI rules led Justice Department officials to refer him for possible criminal charges. Strzok did not hide his intense loathing of Trump and famously referenced an “insurance policy” if Trump were to win the election. After FBI officials concluded there was no evidence of any crime by Flynn at the end of 2016, Strzok prevented the closing of the investigation as FBI officials searched for any crime that might be used to charge the incoming national security adviser.

    Documents show Comey briefed President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the investigation shortly before the inauguration of Trump. When Comey admitted the communications between Flynn and Russian officials appeared legitimate, Biden reportedly suggested using the Logan Act, a law widely seen as unconstitutional and never been used to successfully convict a single person, as an alternative charge against Flynn. The memo contradicts eventual claims by Biden that he did not know about the Flynn investigation. Let us detail some proven but mostly unseen facts.

    First, the Russia collusion allegations were based in large part on the dossier funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The Clinton campaign repeatedly denied paying for the dossier until after the election, when it was confronted with irrefutable evidence that the money had been buried among legal expenditures. As New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman wrote, “Folks involved in funding this lied about it and with sanctimony for a year.”

    Second, FBI agents had warned that dossier author Christopher Steele may have been used by Russian intelligence to plant false information to disrupt the election. His source for the most serious allegations claims that Steele misrepresented what he had said and that it was little more than rumors that were recast by Steele as reliable intelligence.

    Third, the Obama administration had been told that the basis for the FISA application was dubious and likely false. Yet it continued the investigation, and then someone leaked its existence to the media. Another declassified document shows that, after the New York Times ran a leaked story on the investigation, even Strzok had balked at the account as misleading and inaccurate. His early 2017 memo affirmed that there was no evidence of any individuals in contact with Russians. This information came as the collusion stories were turning into a frenzy that would last years.”


    The media is complicit in this scandal.

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  3. They used Russian disinformation for the entire charade. The NYTimes was whining this weekend about sources being exposed because they still seek to run interference for lying Dems. They say the source may be in danger in Russia. That’s hogwash. He’s probably earned a medal. He used their disinformation in ways the Kremlin could only dream of.

    Now about that “source” of all the lies….


    “On Saturday, The New York Times confirmed that Danchenko was the source.

    “Mr. Danchenko is a highly respected senior research analyst; he is neither an author nor editor for any of the final reports produced by Orbis,” Danchenko’s lawyer, Mark Schamel, told the Times.

    “Mr. Danchenko stands by his data analysis and research and will leave it to others to evaluate and interpret any broader story with regard to Orbis’s final report,” said Schamel, referring to Orbis Business Intelligence, the London-based firm owned by Steele.

    Danchenko, a former analyst at the Brookings Institution, a liberal foreign policy think tank, undercut some of the dossier’s most explosive allegations about Trump and members of his campaign. His statements to the FBI also suggested that he has far fewer connections to Kremlin insiders than Steele’s allies and the media have suggested. (RELATED: FBI Memo Raises Doubts About Sources Behind Dossier, Ex-CIA Station Chief Says)

    Danchenko told the FBI that he shared “rumor and speculation” with Steele that he received from his sources, but that Steele suggested in the dossier that the information was confirmed.”


    “He worked for five years at the Brookings Institution as a Russia analyst. While there, he wrote a paper with Fiona Hill, who joined the Trump White House in 2017 as its top Russia expert.

    Danchenko went on to work for Sidar Global Advisory, a Washington, D.C.-based consulting group.

    Danchenko was charged in federal court in March 2013 with disorderly conduct, drunk in public and failure to restrain a child in a safety seat, court documents show.”

    “The court filings, first reported by Real Clear Investigations, also show that Danchenko was a Russian national who has a visa to work in the United States.

    Brookings has played an larger role in the dossier saga. In 2016, it’s then-president, Strobe Talbott, contacted Steele seeking a copy of the dossier. Hill told Congress last year that Talbott shared a copy of the dossier with her on Jan. 9, 2017, a day before BuzzFeed published the document online.

    Hill said that she was floored when she learned that Steele was behind the document. Hill, who had worked with Steele while he was with MI6, said that she believed the dossier contained Russian disinformation.

    Rep. Devin Nunes said this week that he is looking into the role that Brookings played in spreading the dossier.


    Fiona Hill was one of the people who lied to Congress about Trump in the effort to impeach him. They all tie together.


    More here…..


    “The connection to Fiona Hill is huge because it shows that Adam Schiff’s disgusting unconstitutional impeachment proceeding with his star witness, Fiona Hill, is closely connected to the Russian scandal and the PSS. No wonder the Deep State wanted Danchenko’s name hidden.”

    As we previously mentioned Roger Stone outed Fiona Hill in 2017 as a Deep State spy in the White House under then NSA Advisor General H. R. McMaster. The George Soros connected traitor was outed by Israeli spies as was reported by Stone at InfoWars.

    According to her resume Fiona Hill worked for the George Soros Open Society Institute from 2000-2006, just 13 years ago.

    Yesterday Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations reported on the PSS and added more color to the individual responsible for all the made up lies in the fraudulent Steele dossier.”

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  4. Even more…..

    And again, they all tie together….


    “In an odd twist, a 2013 federal case against Danchenko was prosecuted by then-U.S Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who ended up signing one of the FBI’s dossier-based wiretap warrants as deputy attorney general in 2017.

    Danchenko first ran into trouble with the law as he began working for Brookings — the preeminent Democratic think tank in Washington — where he struck up a friendship with Fiona Hill, the White House adviser who testified against Trump during last year’s impeachment hearings. Danchenko has described Hill as a mentor, while Hill has sung his praises as a “creative” researcher.

    Hill is also close to his boss Steele, who she’d known since 2006. She met with the former British intelligence officer during the 2016 campaign and later received a raw, unpublished copy of the now-debunked dossier.

    It does not appear the FBI asked Danchenko about his criminal past or state of sobriety when agents interviewed him in January 2017 in a failed attempt to verify the accuracy of the dossier, which the bureau did only after agents used it to obtain a warrant to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The opposition research was farmed out by Steele, working for Clinton’s campaign, to Danchenko, who was paid for the information he provided.

    A newly declassified FBI summary of the FBI-Danchenko meeting reveals agents learned that key allegations in the dossier, which claimed Trump engaged in a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” with the Kremlin against Clinton, were largely inspired by gossip and bar talk among Danchenko and his drinking buddies, most of whom were childhood friends from Russia.

    The FBI memo is heavily redacted and blacks out the name of Steele’s Primary Subsource. But public records and congressional sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirm the identity of the source as Danchenko.

    In the memo, the FBI notes that Danchenko said that he and one of his dossier sources “drink heavily together.” But there is no apparent indication the FBI followed up by asking Danchenko if he had an alcohol problem, which would cast further doubt on his reliability as a source for one of the most important and sensitive investigations in FBI history.

    The FBI declined comment. Attempts to reach Danchenko by both email and phone were unsuccessful.”


    Gee, I wonder why? 🙄

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  5. Why not?

    Trump did.


    Why does Slow Joe keep hiding?


  6. Mail in ballots = Fail.


    “Vote-by-mail experiment reveals potential problems within postal voting system ahead of November election”

    “Mail-in voting, for many, is as simple as sending a letter, but rules vary across the country for when a voter can get their ballot and when it should be returned. In 2016, more than 73,000 out of 33 million mail-in ballots arrived too late to be counted.

    Many Americans are expected to vote by mail for the first time in November 2020 because of coronavirus concerns, so “CBS This Morning” sent out 100 mock ballots, simulating 100 voters in locations across Philadelphia, in an experiment to see how long one should give themselves to make sure their vote counts.

    “We’re gonna see somewhere between probably 80 and 100 million voters receiving their ballot that way,” former Arizona election official Tammy Patrick told “CBS This Morning” co-host Tony Dokoupil. Patrick is now a senior adviser for the elections program at Democracy Fund.

    For the experiment, a P.O. box was set up to represent a local election office. A few days after the initial ballots were mailed, 100 more were sent.

    The mock ballots used the same size envelope and same class of mail as real ballots, and even had mock votes folded in to approximate the weight. The biggest difference: real mail-in ballots have a logo that is meant to expedite them. “CBS This Morning” was unable to include those the trial.

    A week after initial ballots were sent, most ballots appeared to be missing from the P.O. box.

    “I don’t see anything back there for you,” a postal worker told Dokoupil when he received the mail. “That’s all I have back there right now.”

    After asking for a manager and explaining the situation to them, the votes were found.

    “They had them somewhere else,” the postal worker said.

    Then, another problem — missorted mail.

    “We got a birthday card from Mike to Ronnie,” Dokoupil said, as he read a postcard mistakenly placed in “CBS This Morning’s” P.O. box. “Have a sweet b-day. Get it? There’s a bee on top.”

    The postcard, along with another piece of missorted mail, was then sent to the correct recipient.

    Out of the initial batch mailed a week earlier, 97 out of 100 votes had arrived. Three simulated persons, or 3% of voters, were effectively disenfranchised by mail by giving their ballots a week to arrive. In a close election, 3% could be pivotal.

    Four days after mailing the second batch of mock ballots, 21% of the votes hadn’t arrived.

    According to Postal Service recommendations, “voters should mail their return ballots at least one week prior to the due date.”

    However, nearly half of all states still allow voters to request ballots less than a week before the election.

    Tammy Patrick said many states’ mail-in voting policies simply do not take the postal system into account.”

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  7. More inflated Covid numbers…..


    “I-Team: Deaths incorrectly attributed to COVID-19 in Palm Beach County”

    “A 60-year-old man who died from a gun shot wound to the head.

    A 90-year-old man who fell and died from complications of a hip fracture.

    A 77-year-old woman who died of Parkinson’s disease.

    These are some of the deaths in Palm Beach County recently, and incorrectly, attributed to COVID-19 in medical examiner records.

    The CBS12 News I-Team uncovered several examples in Medical Examiner reports of people counted as a COVID death who did not die of COVID.

    We requested a list of all COVID-19 deaths in Palm Beach County from the Medical Examiner’s office and received a spread sheet of 581 cases.

    Each person on the spreadsheet is someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

    In each case line, the person’s cause of death and contributing causes of death are listed, if there are any.

    The I-Team found eight cases in which a person was counted as a COVID death, but did not have COVID listed as a cause of contributing cause of death.

    “I think it is completely misleading,” said Rachel Eade, a Palm Beach County resident who has been researching the same issue.

    “We need to remove those cases that are not COVID exclusive, and we need to be giving people that information,” said Eade, who is one of the plaintiffs suing Palm Beach County for its mask mandate.

    She said of the 581 deaths on the spreadsheet, only 169 deaths are listed as COVID without any contributing factors.”


    And this is happening everywhere. Their numbers are unreliable.


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  8. CNN cries about an outdoor religious concert while giving a pass to thousands of protesters in hundreds of cities. So typical.


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  9. My favorite Tweet I can’t post because the guy has a curse word in his name.

    “Weren’t y’all forced out of your headquarters in Atlanta by what you called “peaceful protesters”?

    You guys are really bad at identifying what you’re looking at.”


    This was good too. 🙂


  10. Chicago don’t need no stinkin’ federal police……

    Oh wait….

    “Armed children in Chicago as young as 10 years old carjacked more than a dozen people”

    Let that sink in. We aren’t talking about Mogadishu or some other 3rd world hell hole, this is Democrat run Chicago.


    “A band of armed children allegedly committed 15 carjackings since late June in Chicago’s South Side and have yet to be caught, police said.

    The majority of the auto theft has taken place in the past week with six separate carjackings on Saturday alone, according to a Chicago Police bulletin that was provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation. Law enforcement are on the hunt for between four and six African American suspects aged 10 to 17, the bulletin said.

    The group of kids has reportedly fired guns in two of the incidents and allegedly approached their victims while idle or parked at a gas station. Many of the robberies occurred in broad daylight, the notice read.

    “I’m scared to use my garage. I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood,” carjacking victim and Chicago elementary school teacher Alyssa Blanchard told Fox 5.

    Blanchard said she was forcibly removed from her BMW by two kids brandishing handguns in a hospital parking lot on July 14. The group pointed the firearms at her head, grabbed her purse, and sped off with her luxury vehicle, according to Fox 5.”


    Remember to thank Democrats. They built this monster.


  11. Civil right “leaders” are ticked that whitey has co-opted their racket.


    “Portland protests have lost focus, civil rights leaders say
    “The focus has been moved from where it is supposed to be and made to be a spectacle, a debacle,” said the president of the Portland NAACP.”

    “Black community leaders are urging local protesters to shift the focus of demonstrations back to the Black Lives Matter movement and away from what has become a largely “white spectacle.”

    Standing in front of a large banner bearing an image of Rep. John Lewis, the Black civil rights icon who died last week, the Rev. E.D. Mondainé, president of the Portland branch of the NAACP, told protesters, “The focus has been moved from where it is supposed to be and made to be a spectacle, a debacle.”

    “This is no new thing we’re experiencing. We have seen this from the beginning of time,” Mondainé said. “Four hundred years we have struggled as Black people in this nation. … We have been made to be the last that were informed but the first that were affected.”

    Throughout the week, protesters have argued among themselves over tactics used to denounce the continued presence of federal officers in Portland. Some have called for nonviolent action, while others have thrown fireworks and lit fires outside the federal courthouse.”

    The ongoing unrest, which started at the end of May following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, initially began as a series of demonstrations against racism and police brutality. After federal officers under the command of the Department of Homeland Security arrived to defend the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, they became the focus of protests.

    Lost in the shuffle were the millions of Black lives suffering systemic racism and injustice, said Lakayana Drury, executive director of Word is Bond, a Portland-based nonprofit.

    “I want us to remember why we’re here,” Drury told protesters Thursday. “What’s happening downtown is not a Black issue. This is a battle between two white supremacy entities: the Trump administration and the local city of Portland.”

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  12. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.



  13. Mainstream Media Oddly Silent as Virus Case Numbers Rise in Portland and Seattle


    “While national media outlets continue to bash GOP governors, they’ve resisted criticizing west coast Democrat governors over the rising case numbers in their states.”

    “Throughout the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, the mainstream media has shown an astounding level of duplicity and double standards when reporting on the wisdom of groups of people gathering in an outdoor setting.

    For example, in late April and early May, media outlets like CNN were quick to accuse “Reopen” protesters of being threats to public health because they had the audacity to want to get back to work to feed their families and/or to keep from having to permanently close their small businesses.

    In addition to the media bashing Reopen marchers, Republican governors have been frequent targets of these same news outlets. Govs. Ron DeSantis (FL), Greg Abbott (TX), and Brian Kemp (GA) have been subjected to much mockery throughout the crisis for not using Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s model for combating the virus in his state. Keep in mind that these criticisms have been lodged at Republican governors as even normally reliably left-wing news outlets like the New York Times have documented how disastrous Cuomo’s response has actually been.

    Naturally, all the media outrage over people marching in the streets evaporated in the aftermath of the May 25th death of George Floyd. They’ve encouraged and praised the protesters for gathering on crowded streets in the name of social justice in the middle of a pandemic, while “medical experts” who once sternly warned of the deadly consequences that could result from the Reopen protests also suddenly changed their tunes when the protest message (“Defund the police!”) was more to their liking.

    One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the ridiculing of Republican governors. As case numbers have risen in Texas, Florida, and Georgia, the media’s criticisms of Abbott, DeSantis, and Kemp have gotten worse. But when it comes to the rising numbers out of the Gov. Gavin Newsom-run state of California, the media’s criticisms have been practically non-existent for some reason (hmm – wonder what that could be?).

    The same situation holds true with the developing situations in both Oregon and Washington state. Wuhan Coronavirus case numbers have been rising in Democrat-run cities like Portland and Seattle, which have been hotbeds of social unrest, protests, and Antifa-style anarchy for weeks now. Yet media critics of Republican governors have not seen fit to mention – much less criticize – the rising case numbers coming from those areas.

    I created a Twitter thread earlier today which included graphics from the New York Times’s Oregon and Washington state tracking pages for reference:”


  14. Listened to the video — nice of FOX to give Graham a platform without question. The FBI obtained a warrant under false pretenses — shocking, please this isn’t a scandal this has been the MO of the FBI and police since time immemorial. The Steele dossier was originally paid for by Republican opponents of Trump. After Trump won the primary, Steele shopped the dossier to the Clinton campaign. More than one judge thought it was sufficient evidence to merit an investigation. Blame the judges then. Call them to testify and can we please know what is in the dossier before we call it false.

    And after 10 minutes of conspiracy theory, Graham spent 90 seconds talking about things that really matter to Americans — and notice he’s upset unemployment is too generous. Maybe he should approach this from the other direction; employment isn’t generous enough.

    Garret Foster was in BLM protest march when a car drove into the protesters and then shot Forrest. I would say Foster was defending himself and others from a man who was using his car as a weapon. The man should be charged since he was the intruder or offender and Foster was merely defending himself.

    On a per capita basis, Oregon has the seventh lowest covid rate only behind states like Maine, Hawaii, Alaska and Montana. For an urban area Portland is doing quite well. On a per capita basis, the county containing Portland is quite low. Similarly, the growth in new cases is far lower in Oregon and Washington than in the South. Outdoor transmission is fairly difficult especially when people are wearing masks. The difference between the California church and Portland protesters is the masks and other face coverings wore by the latter. Outdoor church is a great idea — space each other out and wear a mask. And yes I know not all protesters wear masks — but for various reasons they should.


  15. I know conservatives and republicans like to complain about social media censorship but the left also thinks social media is biased the other way especially Facebook. Zuckerberg is reviled on the left. A slightly conspiratorial vision of Zuckerberg as a Trump enabler.


    The left has always mocked “militias”, 2nd commandment types etc. as all macho bravado that would never attempt a real rebellion for the people. The last few months have shown that for all the angry talk about federal gov’t overreach, the militias, the NRA, etc really didn’t mean it if the gov’t oppressed people they didn’t care for. And in fact, these militias have done the opposite; they’ve supported the federal gov’t and have acted more like the traditional citizen’s patrol that kept blacks and other rabble rousers in their place. In several instances, the left has suspected the police and militias have worked together.

    I have said the left generally eschews guns because they know the second amendment is usually dispensed with when it involves the left and minorities. However, there seems to be a gradual use of arms on the left if only as self defense and to garner more deference and respect from the police. Personally I don’t think this is going to end well,



  16. Keep whistling past the graveyard and pretending Obama is innocent.

    That will only work until the indictments start. 🙂


  17. 8 years — no indictments, no charges, no convictions, no sentences — zero

    Too bad Trump can’t say the same thing — can’t find a central source and depending who you count as part of his administration and campaign you have between 8-14 persons who have faced indictments and charges approx 80 in total, several convictions/guilty pleas and a few prison sentences.


  18. Who was going to indict anyone then?

    The corrupt Holder and Rice, who are implicated in all his scandals from Fast and Furious to ObamaGate.

    Keep pretending you’re this ignorant though….

    Page, Papadopulus, and Flynn were entrapped and tossed, and Stone was entrapped and pardoned. You got nothing. While Manafort and Gates and three of their associates were convicted, it was for actions that had nothing to do with Trump.

    Keep trying though! 🙂


    “Former Trump 2016 campaign chairman Paul Manafort: Sentenced to 7.5 years in prison this March for bank and tax fraud and crimes related to his work as a political consultant in Ukraine.

    Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen: Received a three-year prison sentence in Dec. 2018 for tax evasion, bank fraud, lying to Congress and campaign finance violations.

    Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos: Convicted of lying to investigators about about Russian contacts. He served 12 days in prison and in October, filed to run for former Rep. Katie Hill’s California seat.

    Richard Pinedo: The California man was sentenced to six months in prison in Oct. 2018 for selling bank account numbers to Russians who engaged in election interference. He has no known connection to Trump.

    Dutch attorney Alex van der Zwaan: Pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators about his work for law firm Skadden, Arps, Meagher, & Flom LLP and Affiliates in 2012. He was sentenced to 30 days in prison and a $20,000 fine.

    Ex-Trump campaign deputy chairman Rick Gates: Pleaded guilty in Feb. 2018 to conspiracy and lying to the FBI. After cooperating extensively in multiple investigations, Gates was sentenced in December to 45 days in jail, three years of probation and 300 hours of community service.

    Roger Stone: Sentenced to 40 months in prison for crimes that include obstruction of justice, lying to Congress and witness tampering. A federal jury convicted Stone last year after he lied to Congress about his efforts to learn more about when WikiLeaks would publish damaging emails about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.”


    As for your assertions about Mr. Scandal Free…..

    You forget so easily….

    From the Wall St. Journal….

    “Former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig, Is Indicted
    Charges stem from work he did for Ukraine. And he’s not alone.


    His reckoning is upon us. ObamaGate will forever stain his already garbage legacy.


  19. Reality is a ………

    Now tell the truth.



  20. ———–


  21. Another ignorant, lying fool.

    “As Chicago Violence Surges, Democrat Mayor Insists Her Critics Are “Out Of Touch With Reality”…”


  22. She’s right. During contract negotiations you can expect this type of rhetoric; my union does the same ever three years. Although the murder rate in Chicago went up from its low in the 2000s it has yet to reach its 1974 peak of 970 murders nor its 1992 peak of 943. In 2016 it reached 808 murders but the following three years it declined. In the 70s and 90s, presidents didn’t see the need to bring in federal agents to assist the police, why now? Overall by any metric the violent crime rate in the US has been in steady decline since the 1990s.

    Here’s an idea for the federal agents stuck in the federal courthouse — the building is not worth saving and strategically allowing yourself to be besieged every night is just dumb. But if you insist on staying there, stop throwing projectiles into the crowd, they just throw it back. And as its usually tear gas canisters and the agents are inside, they suffer more than those outside. For the lasers, shut the door or position reflective metal shields so the laser goes back in the crowd. As for fireworks (mortar) tell Walmart to stop selling it. But really just go home nobody wants you there.


  23. When hiring in politics, or lawyers, one goes by experience and reputation.

    If they’re not as advertised, you have this.


  24. “She’s right. ”

    Not on anything.

    Her city is a joke. Lawlessness runs the show while she and the other Dems in charge do like you do, pretend there’s not a problem.




    “Another bad weekend in Chicago with 62 people shot including a 13-year-old girl. Incredibly, both of Chicago’s major papers are noting that this weekend’s violence is an improvement over the past month:

    There were 62 people shot, three of them fatally, in Chicago from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, according to Chicago police.

    The weekend wasn’t as deadly as last weekend, when 71 were shot, 12 fatally, according to data kept by the Tribune, and it didn’t have as many shootings as any of the weekends in the last month…

    The youngest person shot over this weekend was a 13-year-old girl who was shot in the leg while she was in an alley around 2 p.m. Saturday in the 3000 block of West Harrison Street in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side, police said.

    The Tribune notes that no one has been arrested in any of the homicide cases. Here’s the Chicago Sun Times with the good news: “The numbers are the lowest the city has seen in over a month, when 33 people were shot and two killed between 5 p.m. June 12 and 5 a.m. June 15.” It doesn’t sound that good but police believe the deployment of two new teams of officers is starting to help dampen the violence.”


  25. You’re ignoring the statistics — the violence crime rate in the US is far lower than the 1970s. Major cities have murder rates in the same range as the 1950s. Yes Chicago is not as low as LA and NYC but its lower than the 1970s and 1990s. Currently there is 373 murders in Chicago this year, at that pace thats more than last year but roughly the same rate as 2016 and much lower than the 1990s and 1970s. There’s no need to panic


  26. 62 people shot in one weekend and you think it’s getting better?


    “The tragically incompetent mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union this weekend to deflect attention from the horror show unfolding in her city by blaming interlopers for its spiking murder rate: “We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons — that is hurting cities like Chicago.”

    Although these accusations have leveled by Chicago politicians for decades now, they are a myth.

    For one thing, there is no state in the nation with “virtually no gun control” or “no background checks.” Every time anyone in the United States purchases a gun from a federal firearms licensee (FFL) — a gun store, a gun show, it doesn’t matter — the seller runs a background check on the buyer through the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) database. In some cases, the FFL checks to see if the buyer has passed a background check via a state-issued concealed-carry permit. In states that allow individual private sales, it is illegal to knowingly sell to anyone who you believe is obtaining a firearm for criminal purposes.

    Those who cross state lines to buy guns undergo the same background check, and the sale is processed by an FFL in the buyer’s home state. The exact same laws apply to all online sales.”


    “Lightfoot claims that 60 percent of the guns used in Chicago murders are bought from out of state. I assume she is relying on 2017’s suspect “gun trace report,” which looked at guns confiscated in criminal acts from 2013 and 2016. Even if we trusted the city’s data, most guns used in Illinois crimes are bought in-state. If gun laws in Illinois — which earns a grade of “A-“ from the pro-gun-control Gifford Law Center, tied for second highest in the country after New Jersey — are more effective than gun laws in Missouri, Wisconsin, or Indiana, why is it that FFL dealers in suburban Cook County are the origin point for a third of the crime guns recovered in Chicago, and home to “seven of the top ten source dealers”? According to the trace study, 11.2 percent of all crime guns recovered in Chicago could be tracked to just two gun shops.

    The only reason, it seems, criminals take the drive to Indiana is because local gun shops are tapped out. There is a tremendous demand for weapons in Chicago. That’s not Mississippi’s fault. And Lightfoot’s contention only proves that criminals in her city can get their hands on guns rather easily, while most law-abiding citizens have no way to defend themselves.”


    And your numbers are wrong, and it’s not getting better. While crime is down, violent crime is up.


    “Chicago Murders and Shootings Up, Overall Crime Down Halfway Through 2020, Police Say”

    “Shootings and murders rose significantly in June compared to the same month last year, though overall crime is down at the halfway point of 2020, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Chicago Police Department.

    The 9% drop through the end of June is for the general category including murder, criminal sexual assault, robbery, aggravated battery, burglary, theft and vehicle theft, according to a statement from police. Overall crime statistics for June alone were not immediately available.

    Six months into the year, 329 people have been killed in Chicago, an increase of about 34% from the 246 homicides during the same period last year, according to police. Shootings in that period rose by about 42%, from 978 in 2019 to 1384 in 2020.

    Shootings across the city increased by 75% last month alone, with 424 shootings in June 2020 compared to 242 in June 2019, according to police statistics. Murders in Chicago rose by 78%, with 89 reported in June 2020 compared to 50 in the same month last year.”


    But you leftists don’t see a problem.


  27. Actually my homicide numbers are not wrong — this year looks like it will match 2016 numbers which are higher than the last three years. However, the homicide rate in Chicago is much lower than what it was in the 70s and 90s. Comparing the last two years does not show trends, comparing various decades does — the 21st century is far quieter than the 20th century and yes the leftists don’t have a problem with declining violence.


  28. No one gives a rip about the numbers in the 70’s and 90’s, it’s the here and now we have to deal with.

    And homicides and shootings, as well as rapes and other violent crime are on the rise. You can’t get around that fact, try as you may. But you knew that.


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