31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-26-20

  1. Morning! It is oh so dark and I have had my first cup of coffee. Dinner tonight with our friends and neighbors and the weather is promised to cooperate…no blizzards! 😊


  2. Hi. It snowed again. Last year we got snow on several successive weekends. this year it seems Wednesday-Thursday have been the worst. Maybe next year it’ll be Monday-Tuesday and give us a lot of four-day weekends, instead of two days on/two days off. I don’t mind, though, except that I have night class that isn’t canceled and I need to make a test for it. I can do that at home, but will have to wait to print it off.

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  3. Yes Mumsee, as we do every day.
    But my understanding is that we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday.
    That is the reason I was given long ago as the reason we claim Sunday, vice Saturday as our holy day.

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  4. I was reading in Mark this morning, about the people complaining that the disciples were feasting and not fasting. Jesus’ response that they should be feasting as the bridegroom was with them is a reminder that the Comforter is with us, always. Celebrating.

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  5. Good morning.

    Anyone have a good home remedy for arch pain? The inside edge of my right foot (more on the side of the foot than the bottom) feels like it has a perpetual, mild charley horse this morning. The muscle doesn’t relax, and there’s possibly-related numbness on the upper part of the foot near the toebox, in the area of the middle toes.

    I’ve tried massaging the arch/side of my foot, which increases the discomfort (but maybe that’s a good thing and I should keep working it longer?), and I tried icing the bottom and side of my foot near the heel, to no avail.

    It’s an annoying distraction more than anything while I’m trying to proceed with our school day, but if any of you has experienced something like this and has any ideas for me to try, thank you!


  6. Those unseen duck feet are surely paddling hard.

    Off to the ‘office’ again. I didn’t get home until 7 p.m. last night. Walked the dogs, microwaved some leftovers, watched a bit of TV and then it was bedtime. Commuting makes for very short evenings. And rushed mornings again. Now it starts over.

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  7. Good Afternoon Everyone. It is drizzling rain and turning cold. I don’t like cold weather. Of course, by now you know that about me.
    I am soooooooooooo ready for Spring.


  8. Hmmm, pickle juice…I didn’t know that could help with muscle cramps. Any particular kind of pickle juice I should use, Janice?


  9. I just bought some Hyland’s leg and foot cramp product. I’ve always taken the tablets— which seem to work almost immediately on my feet.

    They didn’t have that product today, so I. Ought. Team. We’ll see if that works. No clue why I only seem to get them after I read a few chapters in bed, put in the marker, and turn out the light. 😦


  10. From time to time I get an awful Charlie horse in my calf or in the arch of my foot. Pickle juice works for me when the pain is persistent. It made no difference with me what kind…I have sipped sweet and dill 😊 husband who runs 50 and 100 milers says they have pickle juice at the aid stations during races…that is where I got the hint to drink it when I experienced painful muscle cramps. Hope it works for you 6!


  11. My husband tried all sorts of things for his periodic leg cramps, and finally found that what made the most difference was simply making sure he stays hydrated.

    BTW, AJ, great lighting on that duck photo.


  12. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I found pickles in my refrigerator that I didn’t know I had! An unopened jar with an expiration date later this year that 3rd Arrow probably bought. So I drank some pickle juice tonight (after trying to pour it from the jar into a glass and having some of it splash out of the jar and into a space between a counter and the stove, so coordinated am I). 😉

    Also found KAL brand Magnesium Glycinate 400 in the downstairs medicine cabinet, Kare, which my husband had picked up a while back. (And it doesn’t expire until late next year.)

    Cheryl, yes, water water water. I don’t always think to drink enough of it. I should probably invest in a good water bottle that I carry with me like a constant companion.

    Jo, your mention of arch supports reminded me that I had been fitted for some maybe a decade ago, and did wear them for several years, due to pain in my heels. I eventually overcame that, and have been pain-free in the heels for a few years now without wearing them.

    But after your comment, I dug them back out today, put them in some looser-fitting shoes I have, and wore those a lot of the day. They’ve helped the arch pain lessen, and the toebox numbness / cramp-like feeling (a strange mixture of sensation) disappeared within an hour.

    NancyJill, I used to get leg muscle cramps during my heavier running days, and those runs were never over 10 miles (except for one half-marathon). I can’t imagine 50 or 100 miles!

    Hylands: we used those tablets for teething babies. Nice that they’d simply dissolve under the tongue.

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  13. Never heard of the Hyland product, I’ll have to check that out. The older I get the more general aches and pains I notice in my legs & feet. 😦

    Weirdly, I was hit with a sudden craving for chocolate as I was reading michelle’s Lent column today via FB.

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  14. And speaking of Lent:


  15. DJ, I was sucking on a hard candy when I read the comment about Lent. I’m glad Reformed people don’t “celebrate” it, and not just because I really like chocolate. But yes, for that reason too.


  16. Reese’s chocolate eggs.

    I do find the church calendar — sometimes — helpful to me personally, as part of a devotional focus.


  17. Back to coronavirus, it’s taking a hit on our port businesses as factories continue to stay closed in China and shipments to the US are cancelled. At least half of our incoming port vessel traffic comes from China, which is probably 5-6 cargo ships every day. Looks like a 15-20 percent decline in cargo volume for the first quarter of this year as a result.


  18. And back to chocolate.

    There is always this inner tension, I think, between (what can become) legalism and, with a pendulum swing in the other direction, license in the Christian life.

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  19. I’d say it is necessary for us always to ‘reboot’ from time to time, to take stock of our walk, where we need to be more obedient. Yes, ideally we do that daily or at least weekly? But a particular season set aside can also serve as a prompt to reassess and recalibrate behaviors or attitudes in areas where we may be drifting.


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