33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-24-20

  1. You’re up mighty early Kim.
    Good morning though.
    And good morning AJ and everyone else.
    Elvera usually goes to the Adult Center on Friday.
    But it'[s raining and 35 degrees in Greensboro. She is in bed and may stay there a while.


  2. Since I know many of you have been wondering what Little Miss is up to these days, I will tell you. She has decided she doesn’t like Mommy nor Mimi. She only likes Daddy or Papa. It’s about time, but it hurts Mommy’s feelings and mine a little. Papa, of course, LOVES it. That’s his Baby Girl.
    The other thing she does- and this really is funny– She lies down on the floor, stretches out on her back, closes her eyes, and makes snoring sounds. It’s too cute. You do know that Papa lies down with her every day for nap time. Hmmmm….wonder where she learned to do that????

    Are any of you familiar with the “Cajun Injectors” around Thanksgiving? It’s a HUGE syringe with a HUGE bore needle that you can inject buttery goodness into the turkey before you bake it. Well, that is what it looks like in the crook of my right elbow where the nurse drew blood yesterday. It’s bruised. Anyway, that’s out of the way. Some people are obsessed with weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. Me? I’m obsessed with my calcium levels.
    Off to face the morning and get dressed.

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  3. Morning! I have been up since 1:30…the milkman has already been through and the milk and eggs await retrieval down by the road…I will walk down there once the sun makes it’s appearance. It will most likely be a nap day for me after running errands. I need to run into town to get Lulah’s chill pills. She has a vet appt next Friday and our dear Vet and we will be much happier if she is more relaxed for her shots and exam. Last year left me with a bloody gash on the arm and Paul had a huge scratch on his neck..and our Vet being slightly amused…dogs!

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  4. Amos used to shake and cower, and mostly be terrified of the vet. He has a new vet who introduced him to smokey pill pockets. He loves her. He has to take cough medicine for his collapsing esophogus. I never could get pills down his throat until pill pockets. Now he hears me open his medicine and comes running to sit like a good boy. It’s funny. Lulabelle has to get a treat when he gets medicine. She would like a pill pocket too, but they are expensive.

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  5. We are in a Winter Wonderland. 4 or so inches of new snow on top of the remnants of ice from last week. No school, so I’ll be home. I’ll do some reading and maybe go through some of the boxes piled in the living room from our flooded bedroom. I don’t like going through old stuff, as I get sidetracked looking at the magazines and reading the papers. But I don’t want to just throw it all out, as I discovered a 1965 Arizona Highways magazine about my hometown. And some papers my dad wrote 20 years ago for a class he took. They are about family history. If I had just tossed the box I would have missed those treasures.

    Oh, before I forget, here is some light reading for you, the weekly political cartoons. I see WORLD is trying to be balanced by posting a few critical of the GOP and Trump. Too bad the MSM can’t seem to show some balance.

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  6. I know what you mean, Peter.
    It’s different for an 89 year old man. But I go through stuff and say to myself. This stuff is just something Chuck and Linda will throw away when they sort through it.
    But not me.
    i.e. I have piles of notes from my SS classes. I don’t know why I keep them.
    But I do.
    It would be helpful to somebody. But nobody I know of.

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  7. My dad filled several notebooks with stories and pictures of his life growing up and growing old, starting with the Depression years. We are going through them as part of our history this year. Daughter is loving it. So am I, though I have read them before.

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  8. Thanks, Michelle. I scanned several of the papers a few years back but forgot about them. I sent one he wrote to his (deceased) father, my paternal grandfather, to all my siblings and cousins, since grandpa died before most of us were born. Two younger cousins responded to thank me. Now to send the one he wrote about my grandma, whom I only met a few times. She lived in Puerto Rico most of my life, so visits were infrequent, though she did spend a few months with us when I was 14.

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  9. I’m up.

    It’s been two very busy weeks. And some angst this week over a story given to us as an exclusive but then got pulled back by source — so it’s been daily back-and-forth conversations and texts with him & then my editor and back again to try to get this thing cut loose so we can run it. Story is written and ready to go. And if it languishes much longer, another publication will surely hear about it.

    At least the homeless count, finally, is DONE. That and elections are always a pain to cover every year. Next week should be easier.

    My dogs love my vet. And they love going anywhere. I’ve used pill pockets but Kim is right, they’re expensive. Best dog pill “delivery” aid I’ve found is a dab of the canned spray cheese. Yuk, I know. But it works like a dream, dogs love that stuff and it really does cover a pill wonderfully, slides right down their throats. A while back I was stocking up on the stuff and had 6 cans when I was ready to check out at the grocery store. Clerk made some comment on how we can never have enough canned cheese when I explained what I used it for. She thought that was all pretty clever.

    No rain here again, it’s going to be another dry year despite a pretty decent start with decent rains around Thanksgiving & Christmas and in between. Now, nada.

    Some of my plants out back are drooping so I will even have go out there and water — in January. That’s usually something I don’t have to worry about until well into spring.

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  10. It’s been a long day already. My brother is helping me some today which causes me mixed emotions. He has to do everything his way. Every. Little,Thing. I heard the fire alarm saying Warning! Carbon Monoxide! Oh, Brother! What have you done now. He insisted on using bleach when I said to use Comet.

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  11. Baby girl has learned the fine art of punching the animals hanging on her play mat, and holding the ring on the monkey. We are so proud of her. She is so proud of her. Twelve year old is delighted, of course.

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  12. okay, I am up. I could not sleep until after 3am last night. I got up at 1:30 as I could see that the front porch light was on, must have been Archie. Then after 2 God kept giving me ideas for the newsletter I am working on. I finally got up and wrote up a page to get it out of my mind.
    I got a text at 8 from my granddaughter asking about our lunch date.

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  13. And I am back on the couch. I’ve felt horrible all week with high fever and nausea. I made it to work this morning to do some necessary things (I felt all right this morning), but now the fever is back. Thankfully no-one was there who will likely catch whatever it is I have.

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  14. A day-early rant: Why, oh why, do Indians use that horrible and horribly strong aftershave? I work during the day out of our church office and there’s a guy here replacing the fire alarm system. He has the whole building STINKING – my eyes are burning and it’s starting to give me a headache. Oh, crap, he walked into the office while I was typing this and now I’m really infested!


  15. Boats galore out here.

    Giant ones, big ones, little ones, vintage ones.

    And a WWII battleship and merchant marine ship (that later helped evacuate scores of people when the Korean War began, standing-room only on that ship, the pictures are horrendous).

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  16. Beautiful picture, Peter. Meanwhile, I sit here dithering about which coat to take . . .

    I was telling someone the other day the best thing about a baby in the family after many years is watching the other children respond to the baby. Very sweet and so healthy for everyone.

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  17. Apparently, twin granddaughter has really taken off with the nursing and it is expected she will be leaving in a week, or no later than two weeks. Twin grandson has not begun nursing yet but the docs anticipate if, when he does, he goes like his sister, he will be out quickly also. Probably by the due date.

    So, we expect to have our one year old grandson delivered next weekend so we can enjoy him as they begin the adjustment period. Pray for us. Praise with us.

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  18. Michelle, still no word on that. No word on whether or not she is being processed out or will remain in. No word on when or where they will be stationed. For now, he works in Boise.

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