38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-22-20

  1. Good morning, Chas. It doesn’t happen often, but right now our temperature is higher than yours (at 27°). Our has been going up since yesterday morning and will get to about the freezing point, and they’re predicting a little snow.

    Have a nice day.


  2. Morning! 18 degrees in this forest 😊
    A friend l living in south Florida said it was to be in the low 40’s at her home last night..she was freezing and would be driving to the gulf to warm up! Chasing the warm breezes…
    Cute and big doggies up there…did they move into your house AJ? 😊

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  3. You all know how I love finding an obscure nugget. This morning was one of those times. I have the free version of Spotify on my phone and have a couple of play lists set up.
    I know we are all familiar with Big John by Jimmy Dean, but how many of you have ever heard the follow up? It’s a little creepy until the last line which made me laugh.

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  4. Kim, I did not care for the snarkiness of the article about northerners moving to Florida, although I could agree with some of it. We try to avoid some of the local spots that tourists flock to in the summer around here for some of the same reasons. Where I live you can live here for decades and still be called a packsacker. I once suggested something in a letter to the editor and someone told me I made the fatal error or pointing out that it was successful in a large city I used to live near. People are people. The funny thing was that a few years later the idea was adopted. I did forward the article to my sister who has relocated with her husband and our mother to Florida. She thought it was quite funny.

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  5. It’s a park, but not a dog park. And definitely not THE dog park.

    They are just 2 dogs I met recently in Va. I’d never seen a chocolate newfie before, so I asked if I could take a pic. The other is a great pyrenees/black lab mix.

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  6. The newfie was quite a dog. Listened very well, did some tricks too.

    But those orange eyes were the most striking thing. When you scratch his chin he gazes at you with them and you just melt. 🙂

    But waaaaaay to big for my taste.

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  7. AJ running with the big dogs

    Guess I’m working a late shift tonight for the homeless count in our region — it’s countywide and being done over the course of 3 nights, started last night, goes through Thursday night. Our area is tonight.

    But things were so busy yesterday with other stories I didn’t get a chance to check in with the editor (who was busy filling out grids for the upcoming election races we all are covering) about tonight’s plan. One thing that slipped my mind was the photo assignment so I just put that in very belatedly.

    Thing is, there’s not all that much reader interest in the counts themselves — it’s the release of the results, sometime later in the spring, that people are interested in, of course. That’s the big story. The count itself is just scores of volunteers going out with clipboards. Same story pretty much every year, essentially, but we need to find interesting angles. Deadlines make that difficult. It all has to be done on the fly and very quickly, so we pre-write what we can in advance.

    It’s a cloudy 52 degrees here this morning, we’ll have a high of 60. But tomorrow it jumps to sunny & 69.

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  8. Just got quiet here. Daughter just came to pick up her two littles after I had them for Bible study and after. It went well. They didn’t have enough volunteers, so asked me to stay. I ended up in Archies class. Sixteen three year olds is a little much for me.

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  9. And here. Eighteen year old is sitting on the floor, refusing to look at her worker. For the past two hours. Baby is just waking up. Twelve year old is making and flying an arsenal of paper airplanes. Thirteen is in his room refusing to do school work.

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  10. I hear traffic noise here. People have gotten off work. We try to avoid being out and about between 3:00 and 5:30. (At 3:00 it’s dozens of school buses. You really don’t want to be one of two or three cars in between several dozen school buses. We live off a very busy street, but it’s just one lane each direction, not counting turn lanes, so if you get behind the school buses, you stay behind them.)


  11. Between calls for now. But waiting for the port to call.

    One (preliminary) story done, pending a top off or addition coming after a closed 3 p.m. meeting in downtown, all regarding SpaceX and trips to Mars.

    Another homeless ‘skeleton’ story still to do — it’ll be ready to be beefed up with called-in quotes from the field later.

    I so wish I didn’t have to work that count tonight 😦

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  12. Today is supposed to be a writing day . . . so it became a reading and talking day.

    But, the long conversations with were my former prayer partner in Boise and my husband–who is giving me insight on this book I’m reading about the Holiness Movement.

    Anyone you want to chime in on the Holiness Movement? It’s been a bit of a puzzle.


  13. What are you doing tonight? Want to go cover the homeless count?

    I’d give anything to get out of this one after putting in a really full and crazy day already — and looking at a really hectic morning tomorrow with 2 stories hanging.

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  14. Michelle – I don’t know if this fits with what you are reading, or if it was said specifically about the Holiness Movement or not. But I remember hearing someone say that the problem with trying to be holy is that we can so easily end up with a list of rules or standards that we think others should hold to, too. The point was not to give up on being holy, but on letting the Holy Spirit do the work in each of us individually.

    I’m probably not explaining it well.

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  15. I think with the Holiness Movement there is also a risk of adding rules where God is silent. For instance, when my in-laws got married, they had to wait till they got to the car afterward to exchange rings since that holiness church didn’t approve of jewelry. Yet Scripture doesn’t forbid jewelry. We don’t get extra credit for making up new rules, or even for following them.

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  16. I remember a duet gospel couple who finally quit performing in certain churches. They couldn’t remember which churches had which of these petty, nonbiblical rules. It became too big of an issue if they forgot and wore a ring etc.

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