14 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-31-19

  1. Chuck is a hack of the highest order.



    “On Sunday’s episode of NBC’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd plumbed new depths of journalist malpractice, essentially implying that people of faith can support President Trump because they grow up believing in fairy tales.

    After reading some bigoted nonsense that Todd says is “fascinating,” Todd piggybacks on the bigotry, saying that voters just “wanna be lied to” and are averse to being told “hard truths.”

    Making this an even more unholy convergence of all that is wrong with modern American journalism, Todd’s guests are the executive editors of The Washington Post and The New York Times, the two main architects and peddlers of the “Trump voters are unenlightened rubes from the icky parts of America” narrative.

    This condescension is the cancer that’s killing American journalism, and it’s metastasizing. Here is an example from the previous week’s episode of CNN’s Reliable Sources:”

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  2. A cancer?

    Indeed. And it comes with a cost.


    “A Decade of Declining Trust in the Media

    Public confidence in the Fourth Estate continues to plummet.”

    “During a recent CNN interview, New Yorker editor David Remnick expressed consternation with the public’s refusal to accept at face value what the news media report about President Trump. Our intransigence, it seems, is a source of considerable frustration for the Fourth Estate: “We don’t understand why the evidence of things, why facts don’t penetrate so many of our brothers and sisters in the United States of America.” Remnick and the press corps for whom he presumes to speak evidently fail to comprehend that this patronizing attitude toward their “brothers and sisters” is precisely what created and still drives public mistrust of the media.

    Nor does Remnick seem to realize that the erosion of public confidence in media began decades ago and continued apace during the past ten years. According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans who express “very little confidence” in television news increased from 31 percent in July of 2009 to 45 percent in June of 2019. Nearly half of the nation regards what they see on network and cable newscasts as biased or simply untrue. Newspapers and other media also lost considerable credibility during the past ten years. As to to overall veracity, Gallup reports that, in 2019, a mere 13 percent of Americans trust the media “a great deal.”

    If Remnick and his media colleagues truly want to understand why, they should consider the vertigo-inducing volte-face executed by the Washington Post’s editorial board concerning the Democratic governor of Virginia. Governor Northam, you will recall, was embroiled in a scandal last February when a racist photo was discovered on the “Ralph Shearer Northam” page of his medical school yearbook. The shot in question featured two individuals, one in blackface (probably Northam) and the other in a KKK costume. The Governor admitted that one of the two was indeed him, and the editors of the Post called for his resignation:

    Gov. Ralph Northam can no longer effectively serve the people of Virginia who elected him. His shifting and credulity-shredding explanations for the racist photograph on his medical school yearbook page, and the silence into which he then succumbed for days—after initially promising to do “the hard work” of atonement and apology to restore his standing.… In the case of Mr. Northam, the circumstances are decisive; what’s done cannot be undone. He must go.

    Shortly thereafter, however, he rescinded his confession, claiming that neither of the people in the photo could have been him because he has donned blackface but a single time for a talent show. He added, “I have a lot of African-American friends.” When asked why Virginians should believe him, he offered the following: “I was the president of the VMI honor court. Our code there is a cadet shall not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. That’s the most meaningful thing to me in my life. I tell the truth. I’m telling the truth today.” Northam was obviously lying, as everyone knew at the time, yet the Post has now given him absolution:”


  3. Oh, and another update on the twice arrested anti-Semite in NY.

    She”s been released again, even after re-offending.


    “A Brooklyn trouble magnet who dodged bail in an anti-Semitic assault over the weekend — only to be busted a day later in another alleged attack — walked free again on Monday courtesy of new bail-reform laws.

    Tiffany Harris’ dizzying tour of the criminal-justice system saw her back in Brooklyn Criminal Court for the second time in three days, after she allegedly slugged a woman in the face in front of the victim’s two young children in Prospect Heights on Sunday.

    But the encore appearance had a similar outcome to her arraignment just a day earlier for allegedly slapping three Orthodox Jewish women in Crown Heights on Friday while yelling, “F-U, Jews.”

    Handcuffed by the state’s soft-on-crime bail-reform laws — which technically don’t take effect until Jan. 1 — prosecutors noted Harris’ déjà vu appearance, but could ask for no more than supervised release.”


  4. The Left Is Gaslighting The Country About Anti-Semitism In New York

    Blaming others for their crimes.


    “The left is once again trying to connect political violence to the right without any evidence. We’ve seen this many times before, perhaps most memorably in the attempt to attach a mass shooting in Tucson to Sarah Palin back in 2011. Then, as now, the claim wasn’t that anyone on the right had handed the shooter a gun and told him what to do. But the suggestion was made that the shooter had been incited to carry out the attack by a district targeting map created by Palin’s staff.

    It turned out the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was largely apolitical and, more importantly, was schizophrenic. He had probably never seen the map which the left and the media claimed had been responsible for the shooting. Rather than admitting error, the left shifted to the vague claim that a “climate of hate” was responsible for the shooter’s behavior. The climate of hate was also the right’s fault of course.

    Yesterday, in the wake of another violent attack in Monsey, New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio revived the climate of hate argument. “An atmosphere of hate has been developing in this country over the last few years. A lot of it is emanating from Washington and it is having an effect on all of us,” de Blasio said. Asked if he was intending to blame the president, de Blasio allowed that it was “not just the president.”

    According to reports published Monday, Grafton Thomas, the man who attacked and wounded Jews celebrating Hanukkah inside a Rabbi’s private home Saturday, has a history of mental illness and no connections to any hate groups. That’s coming from Thomas’s lawyer and family so they have a clear motive for offering excuses for his behavior. But the NY Times reports that Thomas seems to have been interested in Hitler and may have had a connection to the Black Hebrew Israelites:

    Officials said they had found handwritten journals at Mr. Thomas’s home in which he expressed anti-Semitic views, including references to Adolf Hitler and “Nazi culture,” and drawings of a Star of David and a swastika, according to the complaint.

    The complaint, signed by an F.B.I. special agent, Julie S. Brown, also said that officials had searched Mr. Thomas’s phone, which showed that he had looked online the phrase “Why did Hitler hate the Jews” four times in the last month…

    According to the complaint, one statement in his journals suggested that he had been influenced by the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a religious group to which officials also linked one of the attackers in the Jersey City shooting.

    Thomas’s mental stability and his connection to the Black Hebrew Israelites has yet to be worked out. Despite that, some on the left are following de Blasio’s lead and explicitly blaming the president for the attack over the weekend:”


  5. Hillary, exposed as a lying fraud yet again. The same for Barry.



    “It’s been five years since the State Department first uncovered some previously hidden Hillary Clinton emails from her time as Secretary of State, and new information continues to surface.

    The email calls into question the credibility of the intelligence community’s initial assessments of the Benghazi attacks.

    The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch recently released an email written to Clinton in 2012 after the deadly Islamic extremist terrorist attacks of Americans in Benghazi, Libya. The Obama administration initially falsely blamed the attacks on a “spontaneous” mob motivated by an anti-Muslim video. The email was written by Clinton aide Jake Sullivan. It discusses the administration’s controversial Benghazi “talking points.”

    An investigation revealed that Obama officials knew, even as the Benghazi attacks were underway, that Muslim terrorists (rather than a video-motivated mob) were responsible. Also revealed was the fact that U.S. diplomats on the ground had repeatedly asked State Department headquarters for better security leading up to the attacks. The requests were denied. Instead, security was drastically drawn down. Investigators also learned that there had been a explicit threats of such an attack, as well as other attacks in Libya that were also consummated as threatened.

    Key to the cover up of the terrorist nature of the Benghazi attacks right before the 2012 U.S. presidential elections were the false “talking points” used to brief Congress and the public. A series of emails I obtained in reporting on the scandal showed Obama officials excised all mention of Islamic extremists and terrorism from the final version of the talking points.

    Judicial Watch obtained the new email through a lawsuit seeking records concerning “talking points or updates on the Benghazi attack” containing Clinton’s private email address and a conversation about the YouTube video that sparked the Benghazi talking points scandal (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01242)).

    According to Judicial Watch:

    The September 2012 email chain begins with an email to Clinton at her private email address, “hdr22@clintonemail.com,” from Jacob Sullivan, Clinton’s then-senior advisor and deputy chief of staff. The email was copied to Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s then-chief of staff, and then was forwarded to then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications and Clinton advisor Phillipe Reines.

    The email from Sullivan to Clinton is dated September 29, 2012, eighteen days after the attacks. It refers to the controversy over Obama official Susan Rice, who had appeared on TV network Sunday talk shows presenting the incorrect talking points that blamed a “spontaneous” mob. Based on the email, it appears as though someone had asked, on Clinton’s behalf, to answer the accusation that “Susan” had “made things up.” It also seems to imply that Clinton knew “the real story” (the terrorist nature of the attacks) from the start– although she immediately blamed the anti-Muslim video in a meeting with victims’ family members.”


  6. Dave Barry breaks down the worst year ever, as only Dave can. 🙂


    “It was an extremely eventful year.

    We are using “eventful” in the sense of “bad.”

    It was a year so eventful that every time another asteroid whizzed past the Earth, barely avoiding a collision that would have destroyed human civilization, we were not 100 percent certain it was good news.

    We could not keep up with all the eventfulness. Every day, we’d wake up to learn that some new shocking alleged thing had allegedly happened, and before we had time to think about it, the political-media complex, always in Outrage Condition Red, would explode in righteous fury, with Side A and Side B hurling increasingly nasty accusations at each other and devoting immense energy to thinking up ways to totally DESTROY the other side on Twitter, a medium that has the magical power to transform everything it touches, no matter how stupid it is, into something even stupider.

    FACT: This year O.J. Simpson got a Twitter account, and the reaction of nearly a million people was: “What? The attention-seeking psychopath who got away with murdering two innocent people wants followers? Count me in!”

    Speaking of attention-seeking psychopaths: The epicenter of the year’s eventfulness was of course Washington, D.C., an endlessly erupting scandal volcano, belching out dense swirling smoke-plumes of spin, rumor, innuendo, misdirection and lies emitted by both sides, A and B — or, if you prefer, B and A — filling the air with vicious rhetoric, always delivered with the pious insistence that OUR side, unlike the OTHER side, is motivated not by ego, power-lust, greed or hatred, but by a selfless desire to Work For The American People.

    Meanwhile, from out beyond the Beltway, the actual American people warily watched the perpetual tantrum that was supposed to be their government. And more and more their reaction, whatever side they considered themselves to be on, was: Nah.

    Which is pretty much how we feel about 2019 in general. And not just because of politics. There was a continued general decline of human intelligence, as epitomized by the popularity of increasingly elaborate “gender reveal” events. Originally these involved simply cutting open a cake that had been dyed with food coloring, but they have escalated to the point where this year they resulted in — we are not making this up — a fatal explosion AND a plane crash. It is only a matter of time before a major city is leveled by a pink or blue mushroom cloud.

    Can we say anything good about 2019? Was there any positive news, a silver lining, a reason to feel hopeful about the future — to believe that we, as Americans, can recognize our common interests, overcome our differences and work together to build a better tomorrow, for ourselves, for our children, and for the world?


    Anyway, before we shove 2019 down the garbage disposal of history, let’s take one look back and remind ourselves why we want to forget this train wreck of a year, starting with…”

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  7. Is anybody really shocked?

    One of the terrorists behind the attack on our embassy in Baghdad was a known terrorist who visited the Obama White House.

    And no, it’s not Valerie Jarrett.



    “Carney Dodges Question About Iranian Terrorist Visiting White House”


  8. And take note Democrats, especially Hillary and Barry….

    THIS is how it’s done.


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  9. You don’t cower and blame a video. You bring in the Marines.



  10. About 100 of ‘our’ Camp Pendleton Marines were among those who were sent to Iran in what was an appropriate and immediate response.

    “Iran-backed militiamen withdraw from siege of US Embassy in Baghdad as more American troops deployed” — Fox News

    Benghazi was a horror, I still remember Hillary Clinton’s scramble to defend what happened there.

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  11. From USA Today: For many American motorists, $3-a-gallon gasoline is becoming a distant memory.


    Americans are likely to pay an average of $2.60 a gallon in 2020, according to fuel savings app GasBuddy’s annual forecast.

    On the whole, drivers haven’t paid more than $3 nationwide since 2014, when prices averaged $3.36, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. (Prices along the West Coast and in Hawaii have skewed higher.) —

    Well, it’s still easily $3.60 a gallon here, more at some stations.


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