18 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-27-19

  1. Neat! Now I get it.

    Tom and Mary, up for Christmas, live in Jacksonville, Fl. They are on the way back.
    DIL, Linda, is going back with them.
    Why would Linda be going to Jacksonville? You ask.
    Her friend, Brenda, (widow of former pastor) is in Orlando, visiting children.
    Linda went down to help[ Brenda drive back tomorrow or Sunday.

    So? That’s what friends are for.

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  2. Still being lazy. Papa is on the way to pick up Little Miss. BG wants me to go shopping with her and a friend today.
    I am on laundry duty today and trying to somewhat set the house back to rights. I am looking at these trees and other decorations and knowing that it will all have to come down soon. When I go to work on January 6th it will start a run that won’t end until the end of March I’m tired just thinking about it!

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  3. I actually took down the hanging poinsettias and covered them (along with the large potted ones near the door) with plastic last night. Temps dropped into the lower 40s, which is cold for us in L.A. near the coast.

    We still have roads closed to the north of us due to snow and that’s hampered a lot of travel plans, with some people getting stuck out there in their cars. My friend’s family from northern California have had to juggle their plans to come down for this weekend — and that same friend’s house cleaner, whose brother-in-law died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Christmas Eve, had to just turn around and come home when she and her husband tried to make the trip north on Thursday.

    So one more day of work and the weekend arrives, at last. Then we’ll do it again next week with the lone Wednesday “off.” But next week will feel less frustrating as all the hubbub of Christmas will be over. My plan is to get all the decorations down and put away sometime before Jan. 1 so I can at least enjoy that day off without having to do any “work” in the house.

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  4. I’m answering AJ’s question from yesterday about the Star Wars movie.

    1. It was better than I expected.

    2. I didn’t have to hide my eyes.

    3. I still get tired of the waste from killing and destruction.

    4. I thought the Ewoks were going to save the day.

    5. My hero, R2D2 was not on screen as often as I wanted.

    6. He did have a poignant scene and when I mentioned it at dinner, all my children repeated his line.

    7. I thought the Star Cruisers looked suspiciously as if they were made of LEGO.

    8. My favorite scene was when the command Star Cruiser went off line and no one remembered the password . . . (Joke).

    I’m glad I saw it. I never need to see it again. Too much having to suspend belief/logic/what little I know about science . . .

    On to Little Women!


  5. I have put it off but it may be the day to venture out to a store. Going to the office is much preferred to shopping! It’s almost time to take inventory of office supplies and order what is needed for the tax season. I am the Procurement Officer. I recently ordered some shredder oil and along with that I ordered some off brand pastel sticky notes from Prime. One of the prepares is the Sticky Note Queen. The sticky notes don’t stick so well so I will have to decide if they need to be returned. You would think I’d have learned that you get what you pay for. And now I need to write a negative product review to help others in their purchasing of office supplies.

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  6. The header was from a bush I found last year on the trail, special because it keeps its leaves into mid-December but they turn all sorts of pretty colors, and so it’s a lovely plant when frost hits. Of course, the two times I photographed it (last year and this) I got to it after I’d been out taking photos for a while, and the sun was now hitting this bush and I had to move fast to get photos while there was any frost left! In this instance, it made for a pretty shot, because the frost on the front of the leaf has melted and so the leaf is wet and shiny, but the edges are still frosted.

    It is definitely not wintry today. It was already 53 degrees when I set out around sunrise. But I got to see the beaver in the pond (only the second or third time I’ve seen it in that pond . . . and always too early in the morning to get good photos), two muskrats in another pond (they posed nicely), one white-tailed deer (no photos), and quite a few fox squirrels (no good photos). And quite a few different species of birds, including cooperative male and female cardinals and a bluebird.

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  7. Oy veh!

    The headaches of home ownership. I tore out the carpet in our bedroom to replace it with floating vinyl, only to find the concrete floor has a crack in it. Several, in fact. We called a contractor and he gave us bad news: the floor needs to be replaced. There re two options: tear out the concrete and replace it with more concrete or wood, or seal the existing concrete and cover it with a wood floor. Since that is the much less expensive option, we’ll go with that, even though the floor will be a few inches higher than now. But since that part of the house has a high ceiling, no problem. But it means we won’t get it done while I’m on break from school.

    Oy veh!

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