27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-19-19

  1. What is it?
    Part of Cheryl’s collection, that’s what.
    Thanks for the card Cheryl. A multitude of pretty pictures.
    Most of which I can identify.
    But this looks like bugs on a tree, but probably moss.

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  2. Good morning. Today is my dad’s 90th birthday! We’re taking a break from the all the hustle and bustle to go visit him and Mom.

    I just called there, and while Mom is usually the one who answers the phone, today it was Dad. Hearing his voice, it sounded like my brother’s! Dad sounds great, and is looking forward to our visit, he said with exuberance.

    Can’t wait to get there and give him a big birthday hug!

    Blessings to all of you, and may your day be delightful as well. 🙂

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  3. Thirty one and snowing here but I am taking the day off. I have been sick with a sore throat and fever for quite a while and I am stopping. Husband is happy to pick up the slack.

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  4. Chas, this is the “snow” you kept seeing in the California photo yesterday. Frost really. The log is part of a rotting retaining wall next to our driveway; the cracks in it gave a good place for frost to grow. November and December are good months for frost photos here, since we have some local shrubs that turn pretty colors but don’t lose their leaves until early to mid December. So last week I watched for a frosty day and got one last chance to get shots of some of those leaves (many had fallen, but a few were still on the plant). I also ended up getting some other frost shots, like this one.

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  5. It almost looks like the mouth of a creature from a science fiction movie, with the frost being thousands of teeth waiting to devour its prey.

    30-ish this morning and promises of warmer weather. Yesterday morning, my car had a terrible vibration at highway speeds. Not so much in the afternoon. I stopped at the mechanic and he thought it was ice between the wheel and the brakes. There wasn’t as much this morning, so that’s probably what it was.

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  6. It”s almost noon so I will go ahead and say “Good Afternoon” a few minutes early.

    Wesley got home last night. We went to a nearby restaurant that he and Art had never been to before which I had been to only once with a church group. They had a few vegan dishes on the menu. I had the veggie nachos and Art had some chili. Wesley apologized that we had to watch him eat a bacon cheddar burger.

    My leg has not gotten better so I may soon have to go to the doctor. I am now claiming one of Art’s canes for my own. Maybe when our cold snap passes I will be doing better.

    Wesley found my lost phone under the bed in his room which I sleep on at times. Thankfully I now have its much better camera to use.

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  7. It was in the teens this morning. High to be in the 30s, but there is a brisk wind. Miguel goes to get two teenage grands tomorrow. I am on a 4 day stretch of nights.

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  8. Wesley just told me that when he was young he thought that the words of We Three Kings were, “We three Kings of Orientar,” and Orientar was the town they were from. He is looking through the Norman Rockwell Christmas book that has music in it along with stories and illustrations. I found it at the library for two dollars recently. It’s a very nice book if anyone is looking for something different from the usual Christmas book. As a family, one year we went to the Norman Rockwell exhibit while it was at the High Museum of Art. I would never have purchased a book from the gift shop back then (we got a few magnets) so it’s like God provided a nice souvenir after all these years.

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  9. That is another interesting header photo! I thought Nancyjill’s thought about it was funny — an ink blot reaction that I did not think of at all until I saw what she thought and then that was the catalyst for my changed perception.

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  10. Peter, we get that all the time. Either from snow melting and then freezing on the bottom of the rims when parked or from mud build up in on area of the rims. Makes for uncomfortable driving.

    Janice, I do too.

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  11. Not quite 6am here in Australia. Prayers appreciated as I try to find a standby seat on this flight today. Also, for the long flight, fourteen hours. And then it will feel like midnight when I land and I still have one more flight!
    The littlest grands should be waiting for me, so it is worth it.

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  12. kathaleena- Yes, it’s been a while since I thought of our good friend from WMB who had the best stories, both real and imagined (or exaggerated).

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  13. It irritates me when I hear an otherwise intelligent person say “the Lunar darkside”.. The Lunar darkside is only the place where the sun isn’t shining.
    He meant “Lunar farside”. That is the correct terminology.
    It may have been ignorance, or carelessness. I suspect ignorance.


  14. But we don’t need to go back to the moon. There is nothing there for us. If we built a base there, the quickest way an opponent could conquer it is to destroy the earth support system. As soon as you cut the supply line, you’re dead.
    I told you this before, but in briefings I have a picture of an Apollo 12 astronaut in his Lunar outfit. I call it “the Lunar Bikini” .
    It’s as close to naked as he can get.
    If we discovered gold on the moon, it wouldn’t pay to mine it.

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  15. I’ve been blogging for nine years this month.

    Up until this year, I blogged twice a week on a variety of subjects, switching to once a week in 2019 when my husband said once a week would be sufficient.

    But I continue to tweet or link to former posts. Sometimes it feels like I’ve written about everything!

    Today a woman wrote about a post I wrote in 2012 about dealing with a death at Christmas. I’ve also written about grieving at Christmas and helping families who have lost someone or are losing a relative at Christmas time.

    She wrote to say her mother is in hospice and not expected to live but doesn’t want the daughter to tell her children because it is her grandchildren’s first Christmas. Mom doesn’t want to spoil the holiday.

    This woman saw my post retweeted this morning on Twitter and wrote to ask me what I thought she should do.


    I told her I wasn’t a counselor but was only speaking from my own experience. I won’t go into what I said, but she wrote back to thank me–because I was confirming what she already thought.

    It’s interesting how social media can provide opportunities for ministry.

    And an honor to be able to provide it–along with prayers, of course.

    Back to wrapping gifts. I’ve been watching the final double-episode of Monk and then again with commentary!

    My enthusiasm for Christmas gifts is flagging. I’d rather be researching and writing!

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  16. My husband and I wrapped and exchanged our gifts to each other. I snuck a batch of homemade shortbread to him . . . sort of. Unfortunately he sat down at my computer, thought my to-do list was a shopping list, and added something to the end of it . . . in the process seeing the last item on the list, “shortbread.” Oh well, he got some, even if it wasn’t fully a surprise.

    I’m wearing a nice new pair of tricolor gold earrings. 🙂 I’ve always liked tricolor gold.

    I’m also interacting with my pastor via e-mail for an exciting project my church has asked me to work on next year, a history of the church for our upcoming anniversary. The closest I have come to this project is a book I did for my own family of family photos, for a family reunion five or six years ago. This will be a bigger project and more people will see it.

    I wanted to do writing in 2019, and the schedule simply never slowed down enough to allow me to. I decided midway through the year that I was going to keep up with taking walks and taking photos (since I want to do some writing that involves God’s creation and the natural world), and I’d consider that pre-writing and a big step or two toward the day I could get some writing done.

    But right now I have two writing assignments on my schedule (assignments for pay) for 2020 . . . so it just might be that 2020 will be the year I expected 2019 to be. This year was the most “full” year I’ve had in freelance (probably not the most profitable, but the busiest), but I didn’t really enjoy most of the projects I worked on. Well, I did have several fun ones, but also quite a few that were tedious or worse. But 2020 looks like it might be a really fun year. And if I can get some of my own writing done, too, that would really be sweet!

    I also made it to the mail center this afternoon to mail two packages. One of them was going to cost me about three times as much to mail as the contents cost. The contents included a small manila envelope with a letter and some small gifts, so I removed the envelope, slipped a $20 bill inside it, addressed it, and mailed just the envelope, not the package!

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  17. I had a very long day working at home, the first half spent covering (via live stream) the port meeting, the 2nd half trying to write about it. In between, the mobile dog groomer arrived. Worst timing later in the day when the port police deputy chief called for an interview and the dog groomer at the exact same time needed to swap dogs. Oy.

    And my phone keeps dropping calls. I looked on the Internet which indicates it’s now a “thing” with iPhones after one of the more recent updates. Great. I need to fix that, it’s my only phone at home and is usually my sole phone for work, too, unless I’m working out the office and have a landline I can use.

    Then I had to do a schools story. Just a very long day.

    But the dogs look, smell and feel great — my neighbor’s 2 labs also were part of the extended, all-afternoon appointment for George, the groomer in the mobile van. He earned his pay today, he was pretty tired by the time he finished all 4 of them.


  18. DJ, that’s a great story . . . especially the part where she decorated her tree with owl ornaments but realized this one was a real owl.


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