39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-17-19

  1. A soon as I saw it, I knew it wasn’t from Kim.
    But Donna????
    Where did she find all that snow?
    But Jo can hit the rack now.

    Good morning everyone else.
    Rain, thunder in Greensboro.

    Thanks for the story about your WW II hero Mumsee.

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  2. Good morning, Tree.
    It’s such a cute young one which I assume can be planted in the yard. When I was in elementary school our classroom trees always got planted around the playground. I should go by and see if they are still there.

    We had a little time of storming around 2 a.m. which I thought was to be here around 4 a.m. The high for today, 64, was early, before dawn. A cold front will be blowing in soon.

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  3. I have Fox News notifications on Facebook, but somehow yesterday I received a CNN notification. A second one came this morning. I went in on their page and saw that I was marked as following them with notifications turned on. Not sure how that happened but I turned it off. Has that happened to anyone else?

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  4. Morning! Cute tree! Now dress her up and let us see her with her bling!! 😊 And I noticed you have a Coniff windchime!! Love those!!
    Yes Janice I have had interesting things happening on FB. Yesterday I had a notice from Planned Parenthood telling me to tell Cory Gardner to support them or some such. Is it because “they” know I am pro life?!!? And MSNBC has been popping up as well…someone is watching us….

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  5. What a cute chubby little tree! Love it!

    I just noticed that sunrise is 9:16 and sunset is 4:44. I’m glad the days will start getting longer in a few days.

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  6. This is my little tree’s “before” picture. How cute is it? Chas, you made me laugh out loud with your comment about knowing this photo wasn’t from Kim. Haha. That’s an understatement.

    The (planted) tree to immediate right (as you’re looking at the photo) was a live Christmas tree planted by gardeners of the former owners. It’s now quite big, of course. This tree is cut & ‘dead’ so it won’t be planted (the yard really can’t handle any more trees, there are 4 really large, mature trees back there as it is); for now, little Christmas tree soaking up some more water outside until I can have time to bring it inside and properly “trim” it, probably later this week. It shouldn’t take long, of course. I’ll put it on a table near the front window.

    Come spring, I’ll be planting some more flowers — you can’t see them, but 2 plumeria plants & one plumbago plant are all doing well, though still getting established. My impatiens (you can see one of the red flowers on the lower left) remains in a clay pot, now overflowing, but I want to see if those will do OK in the ground, I just need to make sure they’re planted in a shady area.

    The windchime “plays”/mimics a California coastal buoy tone, so pretty.

    It’s cool and windy here, we’re getting some desert winds surging from east to west out to the coast so it feels very dry and cold, with some parts of the county getting freezing temperatures at night. Looks like rain for Christmas week, but we’ll see.

    Ran into a couple folks I know at the Home Depot last night, the painter crew sidekick with his dog & a German man, now 85, who trains police dogs (did a story on him some years ago, he’s also involved now on one of the planning committees and is upset, as everyone is, about the homeless encampment issues in town).

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  7. I have very hard, compacted sandy soil out there but the recent rains have given me a chance to go out and churn up some of that, so spring planting will be easier. It’s been a process, everything out there turned quite barren as the house work, fence building, etc., continued for so long.

    I should have just let you all think it really was snow …

    The igloo dog house has followed me for 3 decades now, spending time off and on in the garage as none of my generations of dogs have shown an interest in it; but now Annie Oakley is enjoying it for her afternoon naps so it’s finally getting some use. “Annie’s in the dog house.”

    It’s back to work for me today, ready or not.

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  8. Ah, how nice to take a shower realizing the water will stay hot and not start running cool after 5 minutes. 🙂

    Late yesterday afternoon several of us neighbors were out on our porches finishing up our decorations & Christmas lights. Lucky the longshoreman across the street hasn’t put anything up yet (odd because he had a huge light and sound display for Halloween); he was telling us that was because he and his wife had a disagreement over his choice of Christmas lights. So, nothing has gone up on their house. So far anyway.

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  9. Donna, if you got five minutes, that’s plenty of time for a shower.
    In the Air Force basic training, we had “the three minute shower”.
    Theory was that after three minutes in the shower, you are as clean as you can get.
    We didn’t wash hair, we were all bald.

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  10. That’s it Chas. Soap from the top down, rinse from the top down.

    Now move! Move! Move! Move! was the way it went as I recall….. 🙂

    5 minutes was a long shower in the Army. 🙂

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  11. I wanted to share this, but it’s not really “news” so I’ll do it here. It’s a sobering, heart wrenching read at times, but a necessary reminder so we never forget. Ever.


    “‘Can This Be Hell?’ This Month We Remember Those Who Died Fighting For Freedom

    In the bleak midwinter 155 years ago this month, my great-great-Uncle Cornelius M. Dearth died here — on the grounds of the Civil War POW camp in Andersonville, Georgia. He was 22.”


    “The Horrors of the Andersonville Prison Camps

    All the prison camps — North and South — were terrible, says Civil War historian Bruce Catton. Andersonville was “merely the worst of a bad lot; North and South alike, they were more lethal than shot and shell.” Overall, 56,000 soldiers died in prisons during the war, accounting for almost 10 percent of all Civil War fatalities.”


  12. I am sad that my state was where he and so many others died. I always get sad over the Civil War for all involved. Going to the museum at Kennesaw Mountain with Wesley while my mother was in rehab from surgery at a nearby facility was always a mixed experience. It was a great learning place for a homeschooler, and it broke the monotony of hanging out at the rehab center, but looking at all the photos of the soldiers, especially the very young ones, gave me a great sadness. Both of my parents died in December, years apart, at Kennestone Hospital which is in Kennesaw not far from there.

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  13. Almost to the longest day of the year here. I told my friends that I couldn’t go caroling as I was invited to the neighbors, from my church, for dinner. Well they came and caroled for us and I got to join in and to give them all hugs. So sweet.

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  14. Today was the third or fourth snow day of the school year, and it isn’t even officially winter yet!

    Saw a humorous post on Facebook:

    “Hung my Christmas lights on the house across the street so I can see them.”


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  15. I know, Kim, and I have never had any interest in serving a cat. But cat people are always saying dogs are more “needy,” and in my experience cats are far more demanding than dogs–or at least than dogs that haven’t been spoiled.


  16. Thank you for the article, Michelle.

    Mrs. L and I visited Andersonville on our way home from Florida a few year back. I had read the novel The Sentinels of Andersonville. When planning the tip I decided to detour on the way home to see the site. It is well worth it if you’re in the vicinity.


  17. Here now….my cats don’t even expect me to pet them. They just want food in the bowl and some warm milk. The whole herd of them come running she I call kitty kitty. The dog, on the other hand thinks she needs to hang with me all the time, demands to be petted, and has her face in the car as soon as I open the door.

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  18. So we ended up with 35 quarts of green beans, plus 2 gallon bags processed and ready to use fresh. We got the tamales made. It came out to about 14 dozen. We also got the deer processed and in the freezer. I finally made some progress.


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