Our Daily Thread 12-12-19

Good Morning!

Today’s decorations are from Kim.

And it’s Janice’s birthday



Anyone have a QoD?

34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-12-19

  1. Good night, Chas. Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a teacher workday so no need to get up quite so early. Then two days of school next week and I am off.

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  2. Happy Birthday Janice.
    I didn’t forget. While I was typing, I heard Elvera in the bathroom.
    She wears disposable panties and they are almost always wet in the mornings. These weren’t but I changed them anyhow. (They only cost about $0.86 each)
    Anyhow, I got all of that, and breakfast taken care of now.

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  3. Thanks to all who have been sending birthday wishes♡

    I don’t have any special plans. I have not felt very good this week so it’s good to not be out and about. We are suppose to have someone by tonight to give an estimate on a roof. Since we are on this diet, we won’t center the birthday on a cake and dinner out.

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  4. Morning and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janice!!! 🎂
    Busy day around here and I do not believe I will get a photo to put into the Christmas cards I am sending…I’m just out of time!
    We had an amazing sunrise this morning…and a buck was in the meadow eating some of the snow…it was picture perfect 😊

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  5. Well I awoke to problems. One agent took offense to a funny post another agent put on Facebook.
    Once I got that smoothed over with no one quitting another agent called me about an agent on his team who had been dating a guy in another country who is now emailing everyone in our area with photos.
    Don’t people. Just don’t

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  6. I don’t know who ??? is, but I suspect. Doesn’t matter, the “Don’t people, just don’t ” is relevant.
    Don’t ever have a picture made that you don’t want your mother to see.

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  7. Beautiful tree and Nativity. But it is missing the big blue stalking cat piece.

    I can’t postpone the garage hunt any longer, I suppose (although my capacity for procrastination is one of my stronger traits), so today is the day. I’m hoping that once I find things and begin decorating, it’ll all go fast. Not sure how I’ll light the porch yet, but of course that all depends on what is found and what remains lost.

    Last year was easy and I may just repeat it — a few strings of battery lights (which also will be quick to find as I bought them last year so they’ll be in front) along the porch railing with a couple pre-lighted wreaths. It was a subtle look, especially considering my neighbors on one side have gone all out with flashing and blinking multicolored LED icicles this year and neighbors on the other side will do their usual light-show blow-out with Santa and his sleigh with reindeers on their garage roof. But you can’t have a dark house at Christmas. Well, you can, and I have, but fun to at least put out a little something, even if it’s just a lighted wreath on the door.

    Do folks decorate in your ‘new’ neighborhood, Chas?

    I’ve asked the pharmacy to check on my eyedrops prescription to see if they’d be any cheaper now that we’re at the end of the year. The drops continue to be difficult to afford but I’ve learned to make a 90-day supply last for 180 days, so that helps.

    Happy birthday Janice, I hope there’s a hamburger in your future. And I hope the new roof won’t be too costly.

    And prayers for Kizzie who returns to the doctor today to see what’s up with that pneumonia/cough that’s hanging on. It’s never any fun being sick, especially this time of year when so much is going on.

    Risque photos that will never die: People really just can’t handle sharable technology very well sometimes. Being young increases that risk.

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  8. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Janice!

    I presume ??? is Kim. Too bad some people will never learn not to trust others with private photos, regardless of the content.


  9. Again, thank you to all sending birthday wishes. It is nice to receive such attention once a year♡

    I made some coleslaw for my lunch. I may have a peanut butter sandwich. Art has potato salad for his lunch with a tomato sandwich. The potato salad has some egg in it for protein. A low protein diet is a help with kidney stones.

    A friend from Art’s church left a birthday card at the door. I discovered it earlier when I went out for the mail. My friend Karen left a voice message in which she sang the Happy Birthday song.

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  10. I found some cheap led tea lights at our store sale. It was a box of 20 for 10 kina. I had wanted some so am keeping three. Then I decided to give each of my students one for Christmas as Jesus is the light of the world.


  11. I assume ??? was anonymous on purpose and that it’s probably better not to speculate about what his or her real name might be.

    I continue to have people contact me about work. Usually I ave a quiet January, and then in February I start sending notes to publishers that I’m available for work. But right now I have three projects for December (one of which will mostly be a 2020 project) and four more for 2020, and I didn’t solicit any of these. My first few years of freelance were frustrating because I would get three or four projects the same month and then nothing for two months; I almost never had projects lined up past the ones in house. (I wouldn’t have March projects in February, just February projects that were all due within two or three weeks.) Now I’m telling people my schedule is full–I almost never tell people that, even if realistically it’s true–and that I can see about fitting them in around February.

    It’s a good problem to have, though I’m shaking my head wondering when I can fit in my own writing! I thought I’d have a chance to do some this year, but I didn’t. (I did some pre-writing, so it wasn’t a “wasted” year in terms of writing, just not a year of getting anything accepted for publication, or even proposed.)

    Anyway, next year’s schedule is looking interesting, with some projects writing for other people and even a project for my church. For the first time in my sixteen years of freelance, I’m getting referrals several layers deep and getting referrals from within my own church. If I’d known it would take this long to get “here,” I wouldn’t have had the courage to go freelance, but it’s nice to be here now.

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  12. Little Miss is here today so I opened the nativity set I bought for her last year and we set it up under the tree. She spent about 30 minutes playing with it….that’s a long time for someone as young as she is.
    She and Papa are down for their nap.
    The Art Center’s member dinner is tonight so I am going to that at 5.
    Tomorrow night is my company Christmas party.
    I am really looking forward to Saturday when I think I can be lazy for a little while.
    My Aunt V was supposed to come spend the night Saturday night, but she called yesterday and said she just can’t do it. I am sad and relieved. Sad because my father always said “Sissie Mae would ride a fence post wrapped in barbed wire to go somewhere… and YOU(me) are just like her”. It was just a couple of weeks ago I told you she was on hospice so decided to go on a cruise. Now she can’t make it to my house.
    I am also ashamed to say that I am relieved. While Mr. P is here and is the ultimate in caretaker/caregiver, I am decidedly NOT. What if she started coughing, couldn’t breathe, had to be rushed to the hospital on MY watch? What if, what if, what if?
    So the solution is that she wants Mr. P and me to visit her on Sunday and take her out to lunch. I can do that and so can he.
    The Family Christmas Party is on the 21st. Hopefully we can get Auntie V down to the beach for that. I have already called my Aunt Sandy and asked her if she wants to ride with me. She lives a mile or so from me and has had a liver transplant and just doesn’t like to drive far by herself and it gives me a companion for the drive.

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  13. Donna@ 12:39
    We don’ty have much decoration throughout the community. But there is a cul de sac in which all of the houses are decorated. It is a beautiful site and people come around to drive through and view. We have done that. This is the only community in which the neighbors have joined for such an endeavor.
    I would take a picture, but a single picture wouldn’t capture it, and I don’t know how to post pictures anyhow.

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  14. Chas, sounds like a nice sightseeing local ride for the holidays.

    Our pastor and his family live in a hugely popular — and very spectacularly decorated — neighborhood which this year had to implement parking restrictions for the first time. It’s several blocks of amazing lights (all the curbside trees are draped with white light strings) and displays, some with sounds and animation; some very classy, others funny. Cars driving through are almost always bumper to bumper with a waiting line on side street just to get “in” for the loop.


  15. This is the first year that both of our churches have scheduled Christmas Eve services at 5 p.m. We have always been able to go to both. Maybe we will have to do half at one and half at the other?


  16. Happy Birthday, Janice!

    Well, I did not make it to the doctor today. My plan was to walk down, as it is only about a five minute walk. (And it is literally a “walk down”, as we are up a hill.) But while at the top of the lane this morning waiting for the school bus, I got a look at the sidewalks. I could see that there was still some snow and probably ice, too, on them, and did not want to risk a slip-and-fall.

    Tomorrow is Nightingale’s next day off, and she is going to take me to the urgent care clinic we went to last time, since my doctor’s office is closed on Fridays. We will leave shortly after Boy gets on the school bus. I may treat her to a latte while we are out, if she would like one. 🙂

    What surprised me when I called to make an appointment with my doctor the other day is that I was told to call after 8:00am on the day I want to come in, and urged to call as close to 8 as possible to get the time I might like. Isn’t that odd, or do other doctor’s offices do that, too?

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  17. Progress was made here today.

    I bought the hot water heater at Home Depot (decided to go with the middle range option) and it’s all set for the gardener to pick up for installing at my house on Monday.

    All the outdoor faux pumpkins & other fall decor was bagged and put in the garage.

    The poinsettias were arranged on the front porch, 2 large ones on either side of the front door & 3 hanging baskets; old dying/unseasonable plants gone.

    Found one of 3 Christmas wreaths (with white battery lights) in the garage so that’s now on the front door, replacing the fall wreath with orange lights.

    Found the 3 strings of battery white lights I used last year to put on the Charlie Brown tree in front.

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  18. Kizzie, probably wise to forego the walk considering the conditions. And this way you might even see the same physician. They’ll have your history.

    I just added a large, wooden Christmas bell to the center of the door wreath (it needed some “red” to tie in with the poinsettias). I’d found the bells last week at a Hallmark store, very cute for (sheltered) outdoor decoration purposes.

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  19. And I do love the outdoor LED battery lights, so easy as most come with timer options. As someone who doesn’t have any outdoor outlets in the front, it offers more flexibility so you can light up trees, wreaths on gates and doors, even dog houses, lol, easily and with no plug or electricity worries.

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  20. I can’t imagine using battery lights outside up here. The batteries would work about 5 minutes before they’re frozen 🙂

    I do use quite a few strings inside my house, though.

    I would love to play with a grand baby some day.

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