39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-11-19

  1. So? Michelle is taking a picture of Cheryl taking a picture of some leaves to use for a header?
    Today is, indeed, Veterans day. When the pastor asked all veterans to stand yesterday, I stood. That is the sum of my celebration.
    Except. I am flying my flag..
    More later. I need to fix breakfast for TSWITW.

    This isn’t first, BTW. First is Jo on the politics thread.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. :
    Today will be one of my long ones. I will be in class from to 8:30 to 3:30.
    It is “funny” how everything in my life is coming together to reinforce something else. In Sunday School/Therapy (she is a licensed therapist and we operate by therapy rules–what we share in there is private and we do not discuss outside of the class) we are reading Changes that Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud. We have to accept the bad with the good in ourselves and others. Failure happens. It’s what you do next that counts.
    As a staff at work we are reading Dr. Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead. Sometimes as leaders we have to be vulnerable and admit we don’t have all the answers. We have to be willing to tackle them anyway.
    She uses this quote by C. S. Lewis in the book,
    There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket—safe, dark, motionless, airless—it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside of heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is hell.

    The of course I am listening to Love Me, Don’t Leave Me. Yes, there are lots of thoughts swirling around in my mind.
    I am off to conquer the day.

    Regarding Veterans Day. I watch many of the people I know cringe when people say, “Thank you for you service”. It meant something back during the First Gulf War. We were still too close to Vietnam. Now, it is a reflex statement. Almost like “God bless you” when someone sneezes. I know many who say don’t thank me, it was my job, and I got paid for it.

    Those of you here who served in the military or are spouses, know that the rest of us know we wouldn’t have what we have unless you or yours had been willing to die for it. BTW I do not count myself as a military spouse. Mr. P had been out 3 years before I met him.

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  3. I have a work colleague who mentioned having been in the military. When I said, “thank you for your service” he replied, “thank you for your support.” I thought that was a classy answer.

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  4. Those of you who don’t follow Peter’s Pigskin Picks don’t know this. But Appalachian State Mountaineers beat the South Carolina Gamecocks in Football Saturday night. 20-15 was the score.
    That was a big deal for the Boone, NC team. Thay have done this before. Beat Michigan and North Carolina. But as I told the pastor yesterday. Players for the Mountaineers are there because they weren’t picked by the Cocks, Tigers, Dogs, Heels, etc.

    Jenn, youngest GD, went to App. For the skiing, she said. Anyhow, she liked it there.
    Thing is. Jenn’s grandfather, father and sister (Mary) went to USC
    My sweet GD sent me an e-mail last night. It started ithe a big “A” that covers the screen.
    I would show it if I knew how.
    She included some other pictures too. I was disappointed in the outcome. But Jenn and all of Boone is elated. And I’m glad for them..


  5. Good morning! I put the garbage can on the street and then realized it’s Veteran’s Day. My neighbor’s can was out so I am in good company. It is a regular work day for Art so I was doing business as usual.
    It’s 45 and is expected to hit 67 today. Tomorrow 45 will be the high for the day. And there may be snow flurries in the mountains.

    Yesterday I felt so blessed as usual to be in our prayer team that meets for an hour instead of doing the regular Sunday school study. Because I am in with those who are quite familiar with the Bible, and who have even memorized books in the Bible, the prayer is Scripture based and therefore is showing practical application of the Bible. So what I thought was loss of my Sunday school class feels only like gain now.

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  6. I remember well when Appalachian State beat Michigan. That was a very big deal here in Ann Arbor. Michigan’s new head coach had been welcomed enthusiastically, but people looked on him less kindly after that loss.


  7. Great photo of Cheryl! Looks like a pro.

    Thanks, Cheryl, for that article. I was reading it while hearing a man down the street shouting out craziness. I do not know who he is but I hear him every so often and feel sorry for those who live closer to him. I posted the article on Facebook.

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  8. Kevin, it’s a “no win” for the coach. You don’t want to be accused of running up the score on a “minor league” opponent. However, If you play less than a touchdown ahead, disaster can strike at any time.
    I saw that happen at a USC-Citadel game. Citadel scored, made an onside kick and scored again.
    Weird football game.
    The Citadel has beaten USC three times now. I saw one of them.


  9. I told Cheryl we needed a photo of her “in the wild,” so we could picture the other side of all those gorgeous shots she provides us. We stood looking at the pond where she waits for long periods of time to get the right angle and the creature in the right spot–while behind our backs four lanes of traffic rumbled by!

    Fun day. Off to figure out my life.

    And go to the gym. Yikes!

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  10. Why would anyone want a photo of that lady in the hat taking a photo? BTW, I had the camera turned sideways because it was a vertical shot of a tree, and with this camera the view screen is a lot better than the viewfinder. But the photo I got wasn’t very good.

    BTW, that was my fall/spring coat in Chicago, the lightest of three “levels” of coats, but it was my winter coat in Nashville. When I married and moved to Indiana, I did have to buy another warmer coat (and just after buying it, my mother-in-law gave me one, so I now have two warmer than this one)–but I use this one most of the time I need a coat.

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  11. Thank you for your service.
    No. Thank you and the USAF.
    If Bobby Murray hadn’t talked me into joining the Air Force.
    I never would have gone to Carolina.
    If I hadn’t gone to Carolina, I would not have met Al Tolley.
    If I hadn’t met Al, I wouldn’t have joined thr FBC Columbia
    If I hadn’t joined FBC, I would not have met Elvera Collins.
    You know the rest.

    That is only one of the “What if’s “ in my life. I have been immensely blessed. And most of it just happened with the help of someone else

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  12. Remember on Columbus Day, a day off from school, when X called the police on me? He had insisted that he was supposed to pick up Boy at 10:30, but the standing agreement still said 3:00. (Not expecting to hear from him, I had missed the text when he was here. And – tellingly – he didn’t even try texting again or calling, just went ahead and called the police after one missed text.)

    Shortly after that, there was another meeting at court and another temporary agreement was put into place that said X can pick up Boy at 10:30 today.

    But we have not heard from him. Boy requested that I ask when he’ll be here, which I did (in a text, of course), about an hour ago, but haven’t heard back. Poor Boy is so upset. 😦

    The next court meeting, for yet another agreement (not sure if this one will be another temporary one or permanent for the school year) is tomorrow.

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  13. Finally heard from X a few minutes ago. He says that no one told him he could come at 10:30 and that “everytime” he tries to come at 10:30 he is met with “harsh resistance”. (That has only happened once, and it was not harsh resistance, it was that I didn’t hear the text. He’s the one who called the cops on me to intimidate me. And it worked. 😦 )

    I replied that the last time, the older agreement was still in force, which was for a 3:00 pick-up time. And that shortly after that, there was a meeting in which the agreement was changed to “specifically” allow him to pick Boy up at 10:30. (IOW, he should have remembered, but I didn’t say that outright.)

    I know, I know. I probably shouldn’t have responded at all, but he was so wrong, and it got my goat. (Nightingale is probably gonna be mad at me.) Then he said that it was never switched back and forth, and he would send me a photo of the agreement to “prove” that.

    After doing so, then he noticed the part about picking his son up at 10:30 today. Almost funny, but not quite.

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  14. Kizzie, how frustrating for all of you.

    School is out today, I take it?

    When I woke up today I hoped it would be Sunday (again). 🙂

    But it really is Monday this time.

    I’m working on a story on a new study, being released tomorrow by the Port of LA in Washington, D.C., and will need to connect with a Trump administration rep. For now the study is embargoed until tomorrow morning for us, noon eastern time.

    Thanks for the link, Cheryl, I’ll get to it later today.

    And very cool picture of you “in the wild” haha

    I need to get to the eye doctor’s office sometime today to get my new progressive glasses & sunglasses ordered. The gardener should be here sometime today, also, and maybe i can ask him what his availability will be for the hot water heater. I still need to figure out what to buy, I just want to replace the old with a new one that’s the same size, capacity.

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  15. I hope it will be settled, Kizzie.

    We are on a roll here. Our garage door opener was finally replaced after waiting a month or so.

    Our dishwasher was finally all connected after we bought a new one to replace the one that gave out. That has been over a month. My husband planned to put it in himself, but after waiting for the dishwasher and reading through the instructions, he decided he didn’t know how to do it. He had done the last one and this was the same type and brand. Therefore, we had to wait a bit for the installer. He was right on time and very efficient. Of course, the washer was here and the counter was open. He told my husband he already had it half done. Nice for the installer. Not so nice on the pocketbook.

    Finally today the guy who is completely redoing our bathroom is here. I first went in for this to be done in August 2018! Another company will redo the tub we have, since it is a nice heavy cast iron one. This has been a major irritation for the delays. I will be very happy when it is all finished!!. I was thinking of hiring them for our kitchen, but I think not now. On top of it all, some of the bathtub fixtures were ordered incorrectly. Hopefully, they will be here in time for those installers. It is our only tub and, needless to say, I will really be unhappy if I have to wait too long. This is a long established business and disappointing. Some of the issue is the lack of plumbers. Mothers let your babies grow up and be plumbers etc. 😀

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  16. I found this info about my existing water heater:

    The State Censible is a discontinued water heater which was available in gas-fired and electric models, as well as a power vent unit. It was available in 40-, 50- and 75-gallon capacities and was discontinued in the late 1990’s.

    But I’m not seeing a serial number label on it yet

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  17. Art needed a red tie for an event so that was all the excuse I needed to get out and shop this morning. I found a solid red with a pocket hanky set and a red with a little white pattern for variety. I also found some Sketchers casual shoes I can give him for Christmas. I found a few other small Christmas presents, too.

    I went to Sprouts and got some B12 lozenges that melt under the tongue . We need that with the new diet. I was reading in a library book about B12 being something that is in the dirt. People in the past got it when they ate veggies out of the dirt. Now animals often get it from supplements themselves as they are often caged. I have only read the one source and want to verify it with other sources. Still it was interesting to think how those who eat meat appear to be getting B12 through animals receiving supplements. I have heard of people who have a craving to eat dirt, but I have never known one myself except maybe for a kid who ate it for a once in a lifetime regretful experience since grit between the teeth is never welcome.

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  18. Oh Dj I have had the opinion that everything is more expensive in CA! When we vacationed in Scotts Valley a few years ago, I was in shock that a pound of deli ham was over15 dollars a pound at the grocery down the road. We found it cheaper to eat out than to grocery shop and fix our meals at the house we rented…..well that was the perk of my vacation…no cooking no clean up!! 😂

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  19. DJ – Yes, today was a day off from school, for Veteran’s Day, and no, X does not work. He is on SS Disability for his mental problems, although we think he sometimes does work “under the table”, due to some things he has said. Nightingale believes that he is capable of working. Supposedly, according to X’s mother, he is doing well on his meds. He is currently living in a condo with his well-off maternal grandmother. She paid for the basement to be renovated into a bedroom/game-room for X.

    Nightingale was not mad at me for my reply to him after all. Phew! 🙂

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  20. Peter’s post reminded me of a story I read several years ago. In England during World War II, some people lent their dogs to the army. A boy felt strongly enough about it to lend his dog, who was paired up with a soldier.

    After the war, the dog was returned to the family, and the boy was happy to have his dog back. But one day out in some kind of public event, the dog saw his soldier in the crowd (or across the street or some such thing), and sped towards him. The soldier was thrilled to see “his” dog again, and the dog was over the moon to see his soldier. Seeing their bond and love, the boy decided to let the soldier have the dog.

    I am teary-eyed typing this. What an unselfish sacrifice that was for the boy.

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  21. I do something along the lines of Mediterranean diet. Not strict but what I’ve done is working.
    Mr P has decided I don’t need to lose any more weight

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  22. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Fish, turkey chicken. No or very little sugar.

    Those dog stories made me tear up.

    Did my story on tariffs, will have to do more on that topic tomorrow.

    And I also managed, on a very belated lunch break today after turning the story in, to order my new progressive lens glasses (along with new sunglasses which were a couple prescriptions old). There has been a noticeable change in vision in my right eye and I’ve noticed it while driving and not being able to read some street signs very easily (it’s been 2 years since I’ve had new glasses). So I’m looking forward to getting these.

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  23. A little while ago, I texted Nightingale, who is upstairs with Boy, asking her to please cut my hair tomorrow. (She has Tuesdays off.) I added, “Pretty please, with sugar on top?”

    That was something we sometimes said when I was young. I’m sure the girls heard it while growing up, too, but I hadn’t used that expression in a very long time.

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  24. Cheryl, thanks for the story on mental health. Interesting.
    Nice pic in the wild.

    What granny’s do for the grands….flu shot (first ever) and Tdap shot for people who will be close to small children.

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