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  1. What really happened is that they hate reality. 🙂



  2. Interesting.

    Looks like despite the Dems best efforts, Trump is still packing them in, Democrat voters included. 🙂


    “The Number Of Democrats Showing Up At Trump Rallies Is Stunning”


    “On Sunday night, Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, released some very surprising data guaranteed to send a shiver up Democrats’ spines.

    Of the 16,432 voters who provided data, 27% were Democrats. The significance of this is monumental. I wonder what the percentage of Republicans attending Democratic rallies is. I imagine it would be low to nil.

    This tells us that a certain percentage of Democrats are looking at the weak field of candidates and are searching for an alternative. I would guess many of them are turned off by the injustice of the current impeachment inquiry as well as the party’s sharp left turn. It might surprise Democrats to hear that not every Democrat supports impeachment or the vision of a socialist America.

    The next data point showed that 24% had voted once or less in the last four elections. Half of them have not voted at all. Can you imagine if this group were to actually go to the polls next year and cast their ballot for Trump? It’s not a crazy assumption. It takes less time and effort to cast a vote than to attend a campaign rally.

    The data also showed that 20% were black. The state of Mississippi has the largest black population in the U.S. at approximately 37%. It’s also one of the reddest states. (The District of Columbia has the largest black population – 50.7%.) Still, 20% is an impressive number for African-American turnout at a Trump rally.

    Parscale’s comment on this data was encouraging. He wrote, “More winning numbers that will help secure #FourMoreYears for @realDonaldTrump! Continue to outperform 2016.””

    “Parscale reported the data from the previous rally, held on October 17th in Dallas, TX and it was equally impressive.

    First, their data showed that 53,985 voters had attended. (The Dallas venue was larger than the Tupelo venue.) The stadium had a maximum capacity of 20,000.

    Next, 21.4% were Democrats.

    12% of those who attended indicated they had not voted in the last four elections.

    Finally, Parscale found that 11% of them were Latino. The implications of such a strong Hispanic presence lays to waste the Democratic talking point that Trump’s insistence on building a border wall and taking a tougher stand against illegal immigration is resonating. Admittedly, close to 40% of the state’s population is Hispanic compared to about 18% for the general U.S. population. Still, an 11% Hispanic turnout to a Trump rally is impressive. The Hispanic vote will have a big impact on the results in 2020.”


  3. The govt’s case against Gen. Flynn continue to collapse.


    “New Filing in Flynn Prosecution Casts Further Doubt on the Government’s Case”

    “Michael Flynn’s attorney filed a response Monday to the federal government’s defense against several shocking claims of misconduct. Attorney Sidney Powell alleged in an earlier filing that federal prosecutors, led by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller alumnus Brandon Van Grack, hid or destroyed evidence and used an edited account of Flynn’s statement as a basis for charging the former national security advisor with lying to the FBI.

    Powell inferred that an earlier version of Flynn’s statement, as recorded by the interviewing agents, was suppressed or destroyed. She writes,

    It is no excuse that the original Flynn 302 is not ‘in the possession of’ Mr. Van Grack at this moment. It is in the FBI’s system, or can be retrieved, along with the audit trail, the A1 files, information about any attempt made to destroy it, and all the metadata for the changes which are more important now than ever in light of the absurdity of the government’s Surreply. Tellingly, Mr. Van Grack does not deny that such information is, in fact, available.

    Powell also noted that FBI attorney Lisa Page and Bill Priestrap, who was the FBI’s assistant director of investigation and counterintelligence, edited Flynn’s statement after the interview, even though neither was present during the questioning.

    Powell also cited the testimony of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who talked to the FBI agents immediately after they interviewed Flynn. McCabe testified to the House Intelligence Committee, “[T]he conundrum that we faced on their return from the interview is that although [the agents] didn’t detect deception in the statements that he made in the interview . . . the statements were inconsistent with our understanding of the conversation that he had actually had with the ambassador.””


  4. Shocking to nobody.

    Most knew this the second he showed up in a uniform he no longer wears. It was for show, like this whole fraud.


    “Retired Army Officer Remembers Lt. Col. Vindman as Partisan Democrat Who Ridiculed America”

    “Aretired Army officer who worked with Democrat “star witness” Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in Grafenwoher, Germany, claims Vindman “really talked up” President Barack Obama and ridiculed America and Americans in front of Russian military officers.

    In an eye-opening thread on Twitter last week, retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Jim Hickman said that he “verbally reprimanded” Vindman after he heard some of his derisive remarks for himself. “Do not let the uniform fool you,” Hickman wrote. “He is a political activist in uniform.”

    Hickman’s former boss at the Joint Multinational Simulation Center in Grafenwoehr has since gone on the record to corroborate his story.

    Hickman, 52, says he’s a disabled wounded warrior who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who received numerous medals, including the Purple Heart.

    The retired officer said that Vindman, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Ukraine, made fun of the United States to the point that it made other soldiers “uncomfortable.” For example, Hickman told American Greatness that he heard Vindman call Americans “rednecks”—a word that needed to be translated for the Russians. He said they all had a big laugh at America’s expense.

    Vindman, who serves on the National Security Council (NSC), appeared last week before the House Intelligence Committee and testified that he’d had “concerns” about the July phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Vindman’s testimony rested on his negative opinions of the call, rather than any new facts about the call.

    Vindman’s former boss, NSC Senior Director for European Affairs Tim Morrison, threw cold water on Vindman’s claims in his own testimony later in the week, saying he didn’t have concerns that “anything illegal was discussed” in the phone call. Morrison also testified that Ukrainian officials were not even aware that military funding had been delayed by the Trump Administration until late August 2019, more than a month after the Trump-Zelensky call.

    Hickman said he decided to come forward because Vindman “disobeyed a direct order from the commander-in-chief, his boss,” made his testimony “about his foreign policy opinions versus facts,” and “wore his Army service uniform to make a political statement” against the president.

    “Then right on cue, the mainstream media began calling him a war hero with a purple heart, and completely beyond reproach,” Hickman wrote in a statement to American Greatness and another journalist. “Knowing his political bias, backed by his somewhat radical left-leaning ideology, it was my obligation, indeed my duty, to come forward with this information. I couldn’t go to the same mainstream media to put it out, nor could I go to the Army, as they’re backing Vindman, so I took to Twitter, a source for getting the truth out,” he added.”


  5. Consequences. A concept Democrats don’t seem to get.


    “Democrats in 2020 Senate races snubbed by Wall Street donors over Warren’s attacks: report”

    “Elizabeth Warren’s war on Wall Street has some 2020 Senate candidates in her own party caught in the crossfire, according to a new report.

    According to CNBC, some “finance executives” have told Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer they are — for the moment — refusing to fork over big bucks to back candidates running for the Senate next year due to “their concerns with Warren becoming a front-runner in the race for the party’s presidential nomination”.

    The report, which cited “people familiar with the conversations,” described the approach as an attempt to pressure Schumer, D-N.Y., and other Senate Democrats to “distance themselves from Warren’s economic populism.”

    “They feel, rightly or wrongly, attacked. Not just that there will be higher taxes, but that she is running her entire campaign as them being boogeymen,” a political advisor familiar with the conversations said, according to CNBC.”


  6. The real reason the establishment hates Trump.

    He’s slowed their gravy train.


    “Like the garbage French elite of long ago, our American garbage elite of today has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. For four years, it has been focused entirely on deep sixing Donald Trump for his unforgivable crime of demanding that our ruling caste be held accountable for its legacy of failure. Instead of focusing on not being terrible at their job of running America’s institutions, our elitists have decided that the real problem is us Normals being angry about how they are terrible at their job of running America’s institutions. So, let’s imagine that they finally vanquish Trump, though every time they come up against him they end up dragging themselves home like Ned Beatty after a particularly tough canoe trip.

    What happens then?

    What happens then is that it’s back to business as usual, and for decades, business as usual for our garbage elite has not merely been running our institutions badly but pillaging and looting our country for power, prestige and cash.

    The difference is that in the future they will be much more careful to ensure that no one who is not in on the scam will ever again come anywhere near the levers of power. You can already see it – the demands that we defer to the bureaucrats they own, the attacks on the idea of free expression, and the campaign to disarm us. Their objective is no more Trumps, just an endless line of progressive would-be Maduros with the march toward despair occasionally put on pause for a term by some Fredocon Republican who hates us Normals just as much as the Dems, but won’t admit it until after he’s out of office.

    Our garbage elite talks a good game about its service and moral superiority, but if our betters were actually better than us, we would not be having this national conversation about how awful they are.

    The fact is that what they want to do is go back to the way it was before Trump, back to 2015, aka the year 1 BT – Before Trump. Back then, progressive Democrats got their bizarre social pathologies normalized. Moderate Democrats got money, power and an open season on the local talent. Corporate types represented largely by squishy Republicans got globalism and the ability to ship our jobs out and import Third World serfs in. And the fake conservatives of Conservative, Inc., got to cash in without the necessity of actually conserving anything.

    The only people that the old system didn’t work for were the American people. “


  7. Speaking of garbage…..

    This is why Obama had to change those pesky rules on propaganda that were slowing their coup efforts.


    “SCOOP: CIA, FBI Informant Was Washington Post Source For Russiagate Smears

    These close connections between the Washington Post’s David Ignatius and people connected to U.S. and U.K. intelligence raise grave concerns about the deep state using media to push propaganda.”

    “The Federalist has learned that the now-outed CIA and FBI informant Stefan Halper served as a source for Washington Post reporter David Ignatius, providing more evidence that the intelligence community has co-opted the press to push anti-Trump conspiracy theories. In addition, an email recently obtained by The Federalist from the MI5-connected Christopher Andrew bragging that his long-time friend Ignatius has the “‘inside track’ on Flynn” adds further confirmation of this conclusion.

    Svetlana Lokhova, the Russian-born English citizen and Soviet-era scholar, told The Federalist that she only realized the significance of her communications with and about Ignatius following the filing of attorney Sidney Powell’s reply brief in the Michael Flynn case.

    In last week’s court filing, Powell highlighted how the CIA, FBI, Halper, and possibly James Baker used the unnamed and unaware Lokhova and the complicit Ignatius to destroy Flynn. This James Baker is not the one who worked under James Comey at the FBI, but a James Baker in the Department of Defense Office of National Assessment.

    Powell wrote:

    Stefan Halper is a known long-time operative for the CIA/FBI. He was paid exorbitant sums by the FBI/CIA/DOD through the Department of Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment in 2016. His tasks seem to have included slandering Mr. Flynn with accusations of having an affair with a young professor (a British national of Russian descent) Flynn met at an official dinner at Cambridge University when he was head of DIA in 2014. Flynn has requested the records of Col. James Baker because he was Halper’s ‘handler’ in the Office of Net Assessment in the Pentagon, and ONA Director Baker regularly lunched with Washington Post Reporter David Ignatius. Baker is believed to be the person who illegally leaked the transcript of Mr. Flynn’s calls to Ignatius. The defense has requested the phone records of James Clapper to confirm his contacts with Washington Post reporter Ignatius—especially on January 10, 2017, when Clapper told Ignatius in words to the effect of ‘take the kill shot on Flynn.’ It cannot escape mention that the press has long had transcripts of the Kislyak calls that the government has denied to the defense.

    Lokhova has known of Halper’s role in targeting Flynn since Halper was outed as a CIA and FBI informant in May 2018. She then sued Halper and several media outlets for defamation after they falsely repeated Halper’s lies that she was a Russian spy engaged in an intrigue with Flynn.

    This honey pot storyline originated with Lokhova’s mentor at Cambridge, the official MI5 historian, Professor Christopher Andrew, when on February 19, 2017, Andrew penned an article for the London Sunday Times, “Impulsive General Misha Shoots Himself in the Foot.” That article portrayed the unnamed Lokhova’s brief meeting with Flynn during a dinner event two years prior at Cambridge as the beginning of a compromising relationship between Flynn and a Russian spy.

    Andrew’s article later served as the second confirmation needed for outlets like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post to run stories about Flynn and a supposed Russian spy. But before those pieces hit the press, Lokhova remained in the dark about the media’s interest in her.

    “Halper had been pushing the story that I was a Russian spy and Flynn’s mistress since December of 2016,” Lokhova told me. “The New York Times’ Mathew Rosenberg told me a source had been circulating these stories since December 2016,” Lokhova said, “but they held the story until they could find a second source and someone at the Cambridge dinner.””


  8. Trump isn’t the only one destroying norms. Victor Davis Hanson nails it again.


    “The Military-Intelligence Complex

    Many retired high-ranking military officers have gone beyond legitimately articulating why President Trump may be wrong on foreign policy, and now feel free to smear him personally or speak openly of removing their commander-in-chief from office. And the media and the bipartisan foreign-policy establishment are with them every step of the way.”

    “Much has been written about the so-called Resistance of disgruntled Clinton, Obama, and progressive activists who have pledged to stop Donald Trump’s agenda. The choice of the noun “Resistance,” of course, conjures up not mere “opposition,” but is meant to evoke the French “resistance” of World War II—in the melodramatic sense of current loyal progressive patriots doing their best to thwart by almost any means necessary the Nazi-like Trump.

    We know from a variety of disinterested watchdog institutions and foundations that the media has offered 90 percent negative coverage of the Trump Administration. CNN in its anti-Trump zeal has ruined its brand by serial fabrications and firings of its marquee biased reporters.

    An entire array of CNN journalists and analysts either has resigned, been fired, retired, forced to offer retractions, or been disgraced either for peddling ad hominem crude attacks on Trump, displaying unprofessional behavior, concocting or repeating false stories, engaging in obscene commentary, or being refuted, including but not limited at times to Reza Aslan, Carl Bernstein, Donna Brazile, James Clapper, Marshall Cohen, Candy Crowley, Kathy Griffin, Julie Joffe, Michael Hayden, Suzanne Malveaux, Manu Raju, Jim Sciutto, Julian Zelizer, and teams such as Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Harris, and Gloria Borger, Jake Tapper, and Brian Rokus.

    About every month or so, a Hollywood or entertainment personage offers a new assassination scenario of shooting, torching, stabbing, beating, blowing up, caging, or lynching the elected president.

    Likewise, the country witnesses about every six weeks a new “turning point,” “bombshell,” “walls are closing in” effort to subvert the Trump presidency. And the list of such futile and fabricated attempts to abort Trump is indeed now quite monotonous: the efforts to sue three states on false charges of tampered voting machines, the attempt to subvert the voting of the Electoral College, the invocation of the ossified Logan Act, the melodramas concerning the emoluments clause and 25th Amendment, the Mueller’s Dream Team and all-star 22-month failed effort to find collusion and obstruction, the personal psychodramas of Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti, and the Trump tax returns, the desperate efforts to tar Trump as a “white supremacist,” followed by cries of “Recession! Recession!,” and now, of course, “Ukraine! Ukraine!”

    Perhaps these efforts were best summed up by an anonymous New York Times op-ed writer who on September 5, 2018, outlined how officials within the Trump Administration took it upon themselves in the midst of the Mueller investigation to obstruct and impede the workings of the seemingly oblivious cuckold Trump: “The dilemma—which he [Trump] does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations . . . I would know. I am one of them.”

    The Normalization of the Coup?
    Yet far more disturbing have been the furor of lame-duck and retired intelligence and military officers.

    In unprecedented fashion, some have not just disagreed with the commander in chief, but have declared that he is unfit for office and by implication thus should be obstructed and perhaps even removed. Efforts such as these were recently praised by former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin, who announced to a gathering of former intelligence bureaucrats, “Thank God for the deep state.”

    Donald Trump had been in office less than a month when the Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. intelligence agencies had decided on their own to withhold information from the recently inaugurated president of the United States: “In some of these cases of withheld information, officials have decided not to show Mr. Trump the sources and methods that the intelligence agencies use to collect information, the current and former officials said.”

    What would one call that? Obstruction? A coup? A conspiracy?”


    D. All of the above.


  9. Sad. And yet the media mostly turns their eyes away.

    In China, every day is Kristallnacht


    “Eighty-one years ago this week, in what is also known as the “Night of Broken Glass,” hundreds of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in Nazi Germany were damaged or destroyed, along with thousands of Jewish-owned businesses. It was in a sense the starting gun for the genocide that culminated in the extermination camps of Auschwitz, Sobibor and Treblinka.

    In western China, the demolition of mosques and bulldozing of cemeteries is a continuing, relentless process.

    In a cultural genocide with few parallels since World War II, thousands of Muslim religious sites have been destroyed. At least 1 million Muslims have been confined to camps, where aging imams are shackled and young men are forced to renounce their faith. Muslims not locked away are forced to eat during the fasting month of Ramadan, forced to drink and smoke in violation of their faith, barred from praying or studying the Koran or making the pilgrimage to Mecca.

    And — in possibly the most astonishing feature of this crime against humanity — China has managed to stifle, through 21st century repression and age-old thuggery, virtually any reporting from the crime scene.

    Which makes all the more significant the publication last week of a heartrending compendium of evidence: “Demolishing Faith: The Destruction and Desecration of Uyghur Mosques and Shrines,” by Bahram K. Sintash.

    Sintash, 37, lives in the United States but grew up in what is now, he says, “a police surveillance state unlike any the world has ever known.” Sintash knows: Chinese police took his father into custody in February 2018, and Sintash has not heard from him since.

    Unable to help his father — who, if he is still alive, turned 69 last month — Barham has channeled his anguish into documenting the destruction of the Uighur heritage.

    Uighurs — Barham, his father and millions of other Chinese citizens — are an ethnically Turkic and religiously Muslim people. For decades, they found a place in Communist China. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party vetted imams, approved their sermons and authorized the study of Uighur culture.

    But in the increasingly intolerant rule of Xi Jinping, nothing that competes with party loyalty can be tolerated. Previously vetted clerics, even octogenarians, receive 20-year sentences. Anything that looks too “Islamic” — even a dome atop a department store — is flattened.

    Based on satellite imagery and interviews with recent exiles — escapees might be an apter term — Sintash estimates that 10,000 to 15,000 religious sites have been destroyed, he told a conference at the National Endowment for Democracy last week.”


  10. The left seeks to normalize crime.

    And Soros is funding their efforts.



    “The Washington Post has a Sunday magazine. This week, the entire magazine, an unusually thick edition, is devoted to the topic of prison. All of the articles are written by people who are incarcerated now or were incarcerated in the past. The illustrations and photographs are also exclusively by this cohort.

    The lead article is by Piper Kerman. She served 13 months in federal prison for money laundering and drug trafficking. Thirteen months seems like a lenient sentence for these offenses.

    The illustration accompanying Kerman’s article is by Thomas Bartlett Whitaker. He was sentenced to death for the murder of his mother and brother, but had that sentence commuted. Whitaker is serving life in prison. That sentence too seems lenient.

    The title of Kerman’s article is “We’ve Normalized Prison.” But if incarceration is frequent enough to have been “normalized,” this isn’t the work of “we.” It’s the work of criminals. If they committed less crime or abstained altogether, incarceration wouldn’t be normal.

    Kerman complains that “the American criminal justice system does not solve the problems — violence, mental illness, addiction — that it claims to address.” But it’s not the purpose of the criminal justice system to “solve” mental illness and addiction. The criminal justice system does not exist primarily to serve the needs of criminals.

    The primary purposes of the system are to punish criminals and prevent them from committing crimes. It achieves these objectives, at least while the criminal is incarcerated. Longer sentences would prevent criminals from committing crimes for longer periods. But this, of course, is not what Kerman has in mind.

    By incapacitating criminals, the justice system reduces violence. Violent crime plummeted following the harsher federal sentencing regime adopted towards the end of the last century. This isn’t the same thing as “solving” violence, but that’s not a realistic goal of a criminal justice system.

    Kerman’s article is a smorgasbord of leftist cliches. She claims, for example, that “mass incarceration is a result of policies that have grown out of a history of slavery, colonialism, and punishment of the poor.”

    Kerman doesn’t amplify. The use of lefty catch phrases suffices for her purposes.

    It would be interesting to know how slavery and colonialism caused Kerman to traffic in drugs and launder money. She comes from a family of attorneys, doctors and educators, and is a graduate of Smith College.

    If slavery, colonialism, and punishment of the poor were to blame for incarceration, we should see less, not more, incarceration as time takes us further and further away from this history. But that’s not what we see.

    Why? Because incarceration has next to nothing to do with these phenomena. Incarceration has to do with the decisions of individuals, exercising free will, not to obey the law.”


    George is funding the efforts.


    “Soros Sends Last-Minute Cash to Virginia Prosecutor Candidates

    Liberal billionaire bids to reshape state’s criminal justice system”

    “Liberal billionaire George Soros is flooding Virginia with hundreds of thousands of dollars in a last-minute effort to support Democratic prosecutors on the ballot on Nov. 5. The money is part of a liberal effort to reshape the state’s criminal justice system: Progressive Democrats in several races have committed to reforms focused on reducing felony convictions.

    Soros’s targeted candidates have expressed opposition to the death penalty and prosecuting marijuana possession and seek to reduce incarceration rates by bringing lower-level charges. The billionaire’s contributions to the candidates in all but one case are by far the largest they have received for their races.

    Among the candidates Soros is lavishing with cash is Buta Biberaj, the Democrat running for commonwealth’s attorney in Loudoun County, Va., who received a $260,000 contribution and $3,773 in digital ad productions on Oct. 29 from the Justice and Public Safety PAC, a federal political action committee financed by Soros. The PAC disbursed an additional $337,546 in additional funds for direct ad buys, mail, literature, postage, and polling from mid to late October, filings show. Biberaj, a defense attorney and substitute judge, has advocated for reducing incarceration by bringing lower-level charges.

    Soros’s committee also recently sent a $5,000 donation to Albemarle County commonwealth’s attorney candidate Jim Hingeley, a lawyer whose campaign has also centered on using misdemeanor-level charges to lower incarceration rates.

    Biberaj’s campaign did not respond to an inquiry on the money. Hingeley’s campaign could not be reached for comment.

    The new contributions come on the heels of the $1 million the financier sent earlier this year to Parisa Dehghani-Tafti, a candidate for Arlington County commonwealth’s attorney, and Steve Descana, a Fairfax County commonwealth’s attorney candidate. Descana has expressed interest in putting together a coalition of progressive prosecutors to lobby for legislation if they are elected in a wave.

    Soros has for years quietly funded prosecutor races as part of an effort to overhaul the criminal justice system. In late 2017, the financier co-hosted a panel at a gathering of the Democracy Alliance, the left’s largest donor network, on ramping up district attorney races across the country, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon showed.

    One candidate backed by Soros in recent years was progressive Larry Krasner, a defense attorney who joked during his campaign in Philadelphia that he had built a career that made him completely unelectable, which included representing Occupy Philadelphia and suing a police department more than 75 times. Krasner ultimately received $1.7 million from Soros and won in a landslide.

    Within days of taking over the position, Krasner purged dozens of prosecutors from the district attorney’s office. The individuals terminated by Krasner were primarily from the homicide division, drug enforcement, and civil asset forfeiture units. The firings stalled court cases and led to a judge lambasting the moves after a murder trial was postponed.”


  11. Surprising and sad.

    With a big old CONTENT WARNING!!!!!!!

    “Warning: This article contains extremely graphic sexual content that may not be appropriate for all readers.”


    “Female Offenders: Perpetrators, Predators, and Pedophiles”

    In the United States, women constitute a small fraction of total crime offenders, approximately 5% of burglary suspects to about 30% of fraud and forgery offenders. So what? Women commit crimes, too, but that isn’t newsworthy, is it? After all, not nearly as often as men…

    There are unexplored caverns of depravity where the scales become more balanced and women find themselves successful criminals: sex crimes and human-trafficking. Despite this, researchers barely study this phenomenon, therefore media and society still portray women as the victims and men as the perpetrators, virtually always.

    Perpetrators — Human-Trafficking

    Female criminals are disproportionately outnumbered by male criminals except in cases of human-trafficking, when the perpetrators’ genders become pretty equal. In regions of the world where human-trafficking is the highest, women are actually the majority of offenders. The following chart shows the four regions with the highest number of human-trafficking cases, broken down by the sex of the offender:

    Further, female perpetrators are underrepresented in the UNDOC’s report since in certain countries, women caught in these investigations, to thwart punishment, can claim to have been victims themselves in the past (possibly the only crime where that defense is admissible). And since we assume that traffickers are male, we don’t as easily find what we aren’t looking for. Women are also more likely to take advantage of covert ways to engage in human-trafficking — like using technology or crypto-currencies — therefore are not caught as often by law enforcement.

    Why are women so successful at human-trafficking? It’s a complex question, but it comes down to trust. Consider Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex–trafficking ring. Court records show that Ghislaine Maxwell and other women played a crucial role. Not only did they participate in the sexual assault of girls, but they were essential for the purpose of obtaining the victims. They still have escaped persecution. While Epstein’s case shortly dominated the headlines, there was also this case in early 2019, when Smallville actress Allison Mack pleaded guilty to human-trafficking charges. She used the front of a “female mentorship program” to recruit vulnerable women before exploiting the victims for sex slavery and forced labor, going so far as to physically brand those she called her slaves’ pelvic areas with a cauterizing pen.”


  12. I agree Linda.

    But sadly, many don’t.


    “The moment did not go over well among some of the president’s many Twitter critics, with one comparing the hat to a Nazi symbol.

    “If he wore a swastika hat, he’d get banned from baseball — and a MAGA hat is no different,” wrote Palmer Report in a since-deleted tweet.

    Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien called it “pathetic,” while New York Times contributor Wajahat Ali also took issue with Sukuzi.

    “They will never love you, Kurt Suzuki. They will never love you. Enjoy the hug and the delusion. Whatever makes you feel great,” he tweeted.

    As he walked away from the microphone, Trump said: “What a job he did… I didn’t know that was going to happen.” Trump was later presented with a ’45’ Nationals jersey by first baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

    Host Brian Kilmeade expressed amazement at the backlash toward Suzuki.

    “All he did was support the president of the United States. The president of the country he is in,” said Kilmeade, wondering whether things may be “breaking” in Trump’s favor politically.

    Host Ainsley Earhardt agreed, saying it’s “amazing” how much hatred there is for the president and people who support him.

    “You’re hated if you walk up to that microphone, support him and put on that hat.”


  13. ABC and Amy Robach are in damage control mode. Project Veritas has just released video where the anchor Robach admits ABC killed an Epstein story 3 years ago.


    “VIDEO: Hot Mic Catches Reporter Discussing How ABC News Allegedly Killed Epstein Story Three Years Ago

    “…first of all, I was told “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.””

    “Tuesday, Project Veritas released a video showing what appears to be ABC News reporter Amy Robach, ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and Breaking News Anchor at ABC, discussing how the network had the Jeffrey Epstein story with extensive detail from one of his alleged victims, corroborated by other women, three years ago, but that the network ultimately killed the story.”

    “PV obtained the footage from an off-camera producer.

    Amy Robach, ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and Breaking News Anchor at ABC, explains how a witness came forward years ago with information pertaining to Epstein, but Disney-owned ABC News refused to air the material for years. Robach vents her anger in a “hot mic” moment with an off-camera producer, explaining that ABC quashed the story in it’s early stages. “I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts (Now Virginia Guiffre) [alleged Epstein victim]. We would not put it on the air. Um, first of all, I was told “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

    She continues, “The Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.”

    Robach goes on to express she believes that Epstein was killed in prison saying, “So do I think he was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people… Yup, there were a lot of men in those planes. A lot of men who visited that Island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.”

    Robach repeats a prophetic statement purportedly made by Attorney Brad Edwards “…[T]here will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known,” and Disgustedly Robach states “I had it all three years ago.”

    Both ABC and Robach responded to the publication of the video.

    From ABC:

    “At the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story. Ever since we’ve had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it. That work has led to a two-hour documentary and 6-part podcast that will air in the new year.” – ABC News”


    Yeah, 3 years and countless victims later…..


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