44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-1-19

  1. It’s 27 degrees here. That water must be frigid.

    Snow flurries yesterday! We lived to tell the tale— but that was not fun to drive through.

    Dinner conversation was well worth it, however!

    This from Pastor Paul today:

    “Satan uses four primary weapons: he tempts to lure us into sin, accuses to make us feel guilty, intimidates to bring fear, and deceives to draw us into the darkness where he reigns. His deceit sometimes comes in the form of a disguise. The last days will bring an increase in demonic activity (I Timothy 4:1). The Spirit empowers us to distinguish between spirits. Maybe you want to ask for it!”


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  2. The little guy is a muskrat, actually, and maybe a juvenile one. There were two in the water and this was the smaller one. Both were staying in the same spot, eating I think, and each had its own set of ripples around them. Muskrats sometimes dive as soon as they see a person, but it isn’t at all uncommon for them to continue doing whatever they were doing and to ignore people (as long as you don’t make any sudden moves)–I’ve had more than one occasion when I am watching / photographing one out in the open, and another person walks by and the muskrat dives because of the movement of the second person, though my standing there ten feet away and watching hasn’t bothered it at all.

    In this instance, the one closer to me was the larger one, and it went underwater. I expected it to be diving to tell this one (a juvenile?) to go under, too, but instead it seemed just to want to get its head wet, since it came back up in the same spot it went under, and it continued feeding.


  3. Question?
    What is “pole dancing”
    I got an e-mail (not specifically to me, one of those ads that everyone gets) that said that “Pole dancing” is the next outrageous trend for children.
    What is wrong with dancing around a pole?


  4. Pole dancing is using a pole to wrap yourself around, lift your body off of the ground. It takes a tremendous amount of strength. The negative connotation of it, is that it is what strippers dance around in ahmmm…gentlemen’s clubs.

    Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. This performance art form takes place not only in gentleman’s clubs as erotic dance, but has also recently gained popularity as a mainstream form of fitness, practiced by many enthusiasts in gyms and in dedicated dance studios.


  5. Good morning from cold Atlanta. It was in the 70s yesterday morning and was 35 this morning. Yes, we can bring out the winter clothes for real on the first day of November.

    Santa does pole dancing at the North Pole, but it isn’t easy for him given his size. I am glad I never had to learn to pole dance. I would have failed the class.


  6. Friday. At last.

    Now I have to figure out what to do with the story from yesterday that turned into such a over-wrought drama. My vote is to kill it, it’s not worth making so many people crazy.

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  7. Janice, yesterday you mentioned “In Plain Sight”. Is that the series about the witness protection marshals? I watched it a few times when it was new on USA, maybe 10 years ago.

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  8. Don’t think I’ve seen “In Plain Sight.” But Jack Ryan season 2 launches today on amazon.

    So mumsee …

    I went ahead and re-worked the story this morning, I think it is now better. Still, no one will be happy, but there it is. I’m going to talk to the editor about it over the phone in a little while, but may also try to slide into the office today for a while. I still have 2 more stories to write for the weekend, but both are easy.


  9. Well, speaking of television — Dateline (Ch 4, real crime stories) on Nov. 8 will feature our former longtime crime reporter among the folks they interview. Apparently a case from our area that he’d covered.


  10. Last night I researched purses from some of the sources mentioned here the other day. I mentioned it to my husband and he looked at the one I had tentatively chosen (your site, DJ, but the larger purse). He suggested we drive over to Brown County today and look at the leather shop. We did, and their prices are quite a bit lower than when we looked a few years ago (the prices being the reason I had ruled them out of consideration). So I was able to get a green leather one, which is what I wanted but which can be hard to find.

    We also found a shop with peasant style skirts, which I like but haven’t owned, and my husband encouraged me to buy them in three different colors and not the one I might have justified to myself if I had been making the decision by myself. I told him that the boring navy blue skirt that I wear about 50% of Sundays (simply because it “goes with everything” and not because I like it) is probably at least 20 years old, and I may even have gotten it for free way back in my college years (I graduated in 1993) . . . so it isn’t exactly a splurge to buy something I like if I can wear it for decades. I do have other skirts, but nothing that “goes with everything,” and so having blue, green, and maroon skirts should give me a range of options beyond the ones I’ve had. (I had red velvet and black velvet–winter only–and some broomstick skirts–summer only–plus a green one that turned out to be too short to wear with much of anything. So it’s often easiest just to grab the blue one, though I’ve never really liked it.)

    So thank you all for helping me start the research, and now I finally have a purse I won’t be embarrassed to carry (that last one, which was supposed to be leather but clearly really wasn’t, was peeling in several places, with white patches showing through the black “leather”).

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  11. One of the stores we went into today, my husband asked an employee if their website is down (since he tried to access it last night and was unable to do so), and she told us yes, and then told us the reason. It seems some attorney in California is contacting website owners all over the country and threatening legal action because their websites are hard for blind people to use. While they figure out how to make them more accessible, to avoid the legal nightmare, they take down their websites. Apparently thousands of websites across the country have gone dark because of this ludicrous intimidation tactic. (Guess what? Blind people also have a hard time reading things on store shelves. Yes, it would be nice if they didn’t, but unfortunately, the nature of having a “handicap” is that it limits your ability to do some things.)


  12. Wouldn’t a green purse be hard to coordinate? But maybe it’s for a special outfit — or you have a lot of green. 🙂

    So sorry about the website issue. Our hearts are in the right place. 🙂 But I’ll have to ask editors if they’ve heard anything about this — or do a web search. Oh wait. …

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  13. From Sept. 3, 2019:

    Restaurants, hotels and other businesses that serve the public in California must make their websites accessible to the blind, a state appeals court ruled Tuesday.

    The 1990 federal law prohibiting discrimination against the disabled in any place of “public accommodation” applies to websites where people can make reservations, said the Second District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles, the first appellate court in California to rule on the issue.


  14. Peasant skirts are so comfortable and pretty. I used to have a few, they were popular in the 1990s I believe, and apparently are ‘back’ again.


  15. DJ, the purse is not vivid green, but a dark green. A decent percentage of my wardrobe is green, and the reality is green “goes with everything.” Blue probably goes with everything, too, or at least certain shades of blue do–which is probably at least part of the reason blue jeans have had an ongoing popularity in spite of being ugly. But I think God created the earth in such a way that green goes with every color (trees never “clash” with their surroundings) and so does blue (the color of the sky). Orange or red or purple might end up clashing with one’s wardrobe, but green is pretty safe. And the leatherworker who was in there when we shopped was happy to have me looking for green, since that is her favorite color of the leathers. 🙂 They had several shades of green, but I ended up choosing by style rather than having to have one custom-made. That meant I got a textured leather, which wouldn’t have been my very first choice, but it was the best one of the styles I looked at. (I was quite tempted to get the purse with fringes, though my husband was afraid I would get tired of the fringes over time. I ended up deciding that having an extra pocket was more practical than having fringes, and the fringed one cost a bit more, too.)

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  16. Blue jeans are not ugly.

    🙂 Jean jackets are back in style, I’m now glad I kept mine in the closet, I’ve been wearing it again.

    Fringe I love, but that look definitely comes and goes (it’s back now).


  17. I think when fringe purses go out of style, they go out for a very long time. 🙂

    I bought a turquoise suede fringed purse in Mexico in the summer of 1970.


  18. Catching up here. I do believe this town has gone stark crazy. I had to go into the Springs today and everyone is in a nasty mood…too much candy last night!? And they were grabbing all the left over Halloween candy off the shelves at 50 percent off!! I am so glad to get the grocery shopping over with..the only nice people were the tellers at the bank!
    If blue jeans are ugly then I live in ugly just about every day of my life……I love my jeans!! 😊

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  19. We had thunderstorms last night. So trick-or-treaters came around tonight. I ran out of candy so I turned the light off and closed down.
    She is her usual sweet Elvera tonight.

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  20. Blue jeans are a western thing

    Candy was more expensive than I remembered when I was buying bags of it at the last minute late Halloween afternoon. I knew it would be way cheaper the next day, but what are you going to do?

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  21. No more wind events in our forecast, thankfully. But it’s still dry as a stick.

    And my motion lights in back are stuck in the on position all night — I read online that could be because the wind moved some trees that put the detector all out of whack. I just have to turn the switch off and on again to reset it. I’ll deal with it tomorrow, it’s getting dark already.

    So the one story I was worried about is sitting in the wings, hopefully some editors can help weigh in on it. If it gets killed it will have been a big waste of time, really, but it happens.

    I finished my other two stories, one on a harbor dredging project that was dull as could be. I tried asking questions yesterday to get something interesting out of someone (it was a conference call with port engineers), but no go. (I was hoping they’d say they might dredge up an old shipwreck, a chest of gold coins or an interesting fossil; but they seemed pretty sure their constant surveys of the ocean floor there ruled that out.)

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  22. The dredging is needed in ports to accommodate the new mega-ships that have been coming online over the past decade or so.


  23. I recall the time I was mowing the grass and fell backwards impaling myself on a decorative fence I had placed around my plants. My lady neighbors came running over to see if I was ok. Kristen said “um you have impaled yourself! You need to go to the ER!!” I stood up bleeding and was was furious because I had on my favorite pair of jeans and they now had a hole in them!! Six hours in ER, sixteen stitches, a painful tetanus shot and I was still mad about that hole in my jeans!! 😜 (I stitched up that hole and wore them for a few more years!)

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  24. Several years ago I had two pairs of pants (lightweight summer pants, but slacks and not shorts) that were identical except they were different colors. I was wearing one when I went to visit my sister and stepped into a rose bush I didn’t know she had; I was wearing the other a week or so later when I ended up in someone else’s rose bush. I don’t normally step in rose bushes, and both times I was wearing pants that offered little protection, that tore easily, and that I really liked. As I recall, one got torn and the other one just got pricked a little, but for a while I wondered if the pants themselves were trying to do me in.

    DJ, you’re probably right about fringed purses being “out” when they are out. But I probably would have bought that one if my husband hadn’t kept saying, “Are you sure you will still like the fringe in a few years?”


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