37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-9-19

  1. The router apparently has a battery.

    P,G & E turned out the power early this morning. It was out when I woke at 3 (and why go back to sleep in the dark?!)

    My husband’s factory on the other end of town has power, so he left for work now (“where I can get hot coffee”) to monitor events and to beat the traffic chaos of no signals for the first several miles.

    I have nothing pressing to do, so it will be a reading, cleaning, sorting, taking a walk day for me.

    And eating out of the refrigerator. They’re telling us 36 hours to 5 days.

    Oh, no wind.

    I can’t post from my phone here, so I’m not sure how much more you’ll hear from me.

    This is a minor inconvenience for us, a major problem for others. School is cancelled..

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  2. Good morning, Wanderers. The photo is from the community garden in the park that is a few hops from where Michelle stayed. I think the plant is different from the common golden rod that blooms in our yard. This is like mutant ninja goldenrod. In our yard, the usual variety has withered and died awhile ago. The bees were all over this garden.

    It’s in the 60s right now. Rather chilly and nice.

    I have church activities today starting within this hour. Thanks, again, for answering yesterday about my prayer question.


  3. Not light enough to see outside yet, but I do believe there is snow on the ground! I have been watching, on my walks to the mailbox, and have seen snow in the mountains of Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, so knew it was coming sometime. I love this time of year. Guess I will head out for chores.

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  4. I was woken up this morning by my father tapping on the door, saying there was a phone call for me. It was work (I had turned off my work phone last night), asking if I could fill in for a sick call. I turned it down. I have stayed late every day to finish up the paperwork, the engine light came on my car on the way home last night, and I am not getting any breaks (I went without eating or drinking on Monday during the whole shift) because the agency is accepting more patient referrals than they have the staff to meet.

    Chas, I am sorry I did not see your question on Monday until this morning. It is common for dementia to cause someone to forget to eat or drink. It is not just the areas of the brain that store memories that are affected by dementia. The areas that monitor hunger and thirst may be affected, or the areas that control taste, chewing, and swallowing. Sometimes it may be that they cannot see the food or drink, as peripheral vision and depth perception can be affected. The website WebMD that Mumsee recommended has some practical information about Alzheimer’s (the most common form of dementia) and forgetting to eat and drink: https://www.webmd.com/alzheimers/not-eating-drinking-alzheimers#1


  5. Snow! Snow! Beautiful snow! And it is coming down. Sadly, it is quite warm out so probably won’t last but it is good to see.
    Daughter is bringing in firewood.
    Son is doing the chore he neglected yesterday and now wishes he hadn’t: watering goats and chickens, and picking up the hoses he had laid out to drain but had not picked up.

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  6. I don’t know. If it was me, and I suspected the utility company was at fault for the fires, I would appreciate them turning it off and giving advance warning they were going to do so.


  7. Oh Mumsee that snow is headed our way for tonight and tomorrow. Our high tomorrow is expected to top out at 24 degrees. I truly dislike it when winter butts in line ahead of autumn! 🍁 ⛄️


  8. So, husband and twenty two hit a cow on their way home from the ethics class last night. All are well. Daughter was shrieking about the poor cow with the broken neck, broken leg, and dislocated leg. A local farmer came by, used husband’s tow strap to haul the cow over, she hopped up and meandered off. Daughter is rather theatrical.


  9. Thanx Phos. The information Mumsee provided is all I need.
    It comes and goes. She ate well yesterday. Only part of her breakfast this morning.
    We are doing OK.

    I was driving along and saw a red light. I slowed down, expecting something serious.
    The sun was shining on a tail light.


  10. I walked the dogs late last night (10 p.m.); sometimes I’ll skip it when it’s that late (I had to get to the grocery store after I turned in my stories and then I collapsed in front of the TV for a couple hours). But the dogs were eager & it really did, as it always does, help me unwind from the work day — we even took the longer route, the night before was a short route.

    Yesterday was very intense and I wished I’d had more time to spend especially on the one story. It could have been much better, but I didn’t have the luxury of a whole lot of time after the 4-hour meeting plus another story to write on top of that.

    I still have 3 more stories on my “list” that need to get done in the next 1-2 days.

    Michelle, being without power would be a major challenge. I’m hoping it doesn’t last long for anyone; residents in mountain areas in LA and Orange counties may be affected later in the week, too, as our winds are supposed to kick up more by then and the air is very dry (a downed electric line was suspected as the cause of one of our large fires last year). But it’s overcast and still here this morning.

    The vet’s office called and the dental estimate for the cat is between $886 (so precise) and (for worse case scenario with more than the 1 anticipated extraction) $1,600-something.

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  11. Power outage: I would much prefer to be told I was going to be out of power than to have the power suddenly go out and stay out for weeks. Yes, it is an inconvenience (not having a convenience is, by definition, inconvenient), and a major one to many. But weighed against the potential loss of life that could be prevented, count me in.


  12. It’s good to check in Kim, even if you don’t have anything to contribute. I was beginning to wonder. Wee know, for example, about Karen. etc.


  13. Do any of you know anything about measuring land (like acres or hectares) using the average length of a goat? Someone was telling me about it yesterday and now I can’t remember what it is called.


  14. My vet once told me that vet bills on the two coasts are higher than those in the middle of the country. But yeah, dental is always a high-cost item for pets here. I still haven’t made the appointment.

    Kare, how goes the bathroom? What’s next? Will the electrical fix work ok? I remember bathroom demo day here, I had the roofers handle it — crashing and banging and the sounds of broken tile as the dogs and I sat out on the patio. It was shocking when it was all done, down to the studs. It was a major big deal — but only one of the major big deals with this house.


  15. Bathroom reno was put on hold this morning as we had to run to town for a junction box and a few other items. When we got home, there were a ton more leaves down, so we decided that since it was dry and sunny we’d get those picked up and put on the garden. Husband is now in the attic putting in the new junction box – hoping that it works. I need to pull out the particle board subfloor, but I’m dreading it as they used nails every 4 inches! Literally. Every 4 inches – ugh.

    We ordered the shower today (we’re going with a 4 piece fibreglass shower as it should be easy and quicker and cheaper to install than tile. I would love to do a beautiful tile, and gorgeous finishes, but it doesn’t make sense in our old farmhouse. Practical will have to do. Plus tiling would be way more expensive and I don’t think our skills are up to a doing a really nice job.

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  16. We’re off to the vet again tomorrow for Keva. He’s been limping for a couple of days and sometimes not weight bearing at all on his hind leg. He’s 10 years old. 😦


  17. 😦

    Kare, I can empathize. My dogs are old (13), the cat is old (12), the house is old (96 yrs), the Jeep is old (12).

    And I’m kinda getting old (but I’ll leave that number out).

    I am still younger than the house.

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  18. Dogs walked, a load of laundry done (but another to do along with the dishwasher).

    While walking the dogs and afterward, I eceived some texts from a reporter with another outlet in town regarding the ongoing mystery/drama of a murder/suicide (followed by another suicide) in town, an incident that grows murkier by the day; the kind of thing that could wind up on Dateline.

    I have to meet up with someone for an interview at 8 a.m. tomorrow which is really very early for me these days to actually BE somewhere.


  19. Dodgers choked. Glad I didn’t watch it. But last I checked they were ahead 3-1 in the 7th inning. It was theirs to lose, they really blew it this time.


  20. Morning, Chas. I always forget about the lateness, but you remember. Of course it is hard to remember what my day is and what your day is. But we are, briefly, on the same day. I was so tired today that I left school a little earlier, but not before my class. My back was hurting so I decided against going to the weight room. It is raining hard right now, so the roads will be better in the morning. The singles van is in my driveway. Someone dropped it off so that I would have a way to go to market in the morning.


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