42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-20-19

  1. OK folks,

    Here’s the deal. I seem to have lost the birthday list. I used it Saturday to remember Chas’ b’day and Kevin’s anniversary, but now I can’t find it. I know the next one (I think) is NancyJill and the blogiversary on the 29th.

    So chime in and give me any dates you may want noted. B’days, anniversaries, your cats first steps, whatever…..


    Also, as we approach our blogiversary, I received notification that my storage (13mb) is nearly full. So I may need to upgrade to another plan (business) to get more space. They used to let you just upgrade your storage, but that option seems to have disappeared. I could mass delete a bunch of pics, but don’t really want to. So until I work it out the pictures some of you sent may not appear for a bit, and you may see some I’ve already used again.

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  2. First at 6:55 AM?
    Good morning anyhow.
    Elvera has a BD on October 19.
    SC and NC play football on August 31
    Those are the only important days I know of.


    Good morning everyone but Jo
    Good evening Jo.

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  3. Evening, Chas. Trust you are getting better and the meds are starting to work. Just got back from my fellowship group. I avoid most of the snacks, but I had this little half a piece of bread. I wasn’t sure what was on top. Turned out it tasted like sugar that had been baked a bit. Oh, couldn’t wait to get home for a glass of milk to dilute the sugar in my system.

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  4. Good morning!

    Jo, that would have been way too sweet for me, too.

    I hope that Chas is doing much better, and glad to know it was caught for treatment early rather than later.

    My birthday is Dec. 12. Seems like yesterday I turned 65 and lost my license. Not.

    Our anniversary is March 9, and Art’s birthday is March 11.

    Miss Bosley has been a Clingon ever since she got home from boarding while we were at conference. She is finally getting more back to herself except that she still is not playing much. It’s almost like she’s forgotten how to play since she was sick and then in boarding for five days.

    I need to make coffee and do Bible study now. May God bless all here with favorable answers to the many prayer needs expressed lately.

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  5. Now to get back into my Bible study of the book of Daniel with my lady friends.i feel so blessed by such beneficial uses of the Internet here and there. Miss Bosley is joining me for Bible study. She knows the name of God and Jesus and always wonders why she can’t see them. I don’t use the same voice to talk to them as I talk to her.

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  6. I am meeting with “her” direct report tomorrow at 10 am. I need to write everything out so I can tell him the essentials. I very much to not want to get into rumor, etc.
    I am at the office early and one of my sweet agents was the resource room. She was telling me how much she appreciated me. I thanked her and told her I really needed to hear that. She asked if she could pray with me. The answer to that any time and any place is always yes.
    I was the nicest prayer and somehow covered exactly what I needed it to cover.

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  7. So she just came to my office to ask a question. As she was leaving she said she felt the need to tell me that whatever I have been praying about is going to be ok and that whatever “this” was, it was only a distraction. Something was about to open up.

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  8. Janice, my surgery in June was to remove a parathyroid. I also had to do the test Art had to do. I didn’t like that and the fact that it needed to be kept refrigerated! Ugh. Luckily there was a styrofoam cooler in the garage that could be thrown away. I bought a bag of ice and put the cooler in my bathtub.
    The recovery was very easy. There were a couple of times I coughed and thought I was going to open up my incision.

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  9. Morning everyone! Chas I trust you are beginning to feel better as we continue to pray to that end! AJ thank you again for all you do to keep us together and I join in with Janice in the support fund for upgrade and continuation of the blog.
    Kim you make me smile. Even through the hardest days the Lord is with us and in that He will bring peace to His own….He gave to you a glimpse of His Hand this morning ❤️
    And on that note this scripture has been laid upon my heart this morning and upon it I shall ponder this day and days beyond….
    How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

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  10. I’m off the get the Jeep serviced but it’s at a place farther way from my home and nothing’s as convenient at my “old” places where I did things now that I’m not working at the former place. I’ll just have to find a mechanic near home after this. But for now, it’s a long drive to Hermosa Beach in rush hour, no less.

    I’m hauling my work laptop and other workbag with me — in case I make the decision to find a coffee house and from work there all day. My other option (which will probably be more likely, to be honest) is to call Lyft and come home. then I’ll figure out how to get back to pick the car up later, either at the end of today or maybe tomorrow if he can just keep it overnight.

    I may ask my neighbor if she could give me the ride back there, but hated to ask her to pick me up so early this morning from Hermosa Beach — it’s not *that* far away, but not super close, either.

    Getting those running boards installed at last and will have him also do an oil change and ask if he’d rotate the tires without charge; otherwise I’ll take it back to the tire store for them to to do it for free but that’s another errand.

    Yes, Janice, I was also going to ask about a blog fund or a contribution when needed. Let us know AJ. You have the dubious honor of being both boss and the singular, unpaid employee in this venture.

    My BD is Nov. 7.

    Kim, hang in there.

    Chas, so glad you’re on the mend. Did they say what you had?

    It’ll be a good day for me to find little snippets of time, wherever I land, to nurture my relationship with God, my joy and peace.

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  11. Amusingly, daughter scored borderline on the IQ test and ninth grade math proficient. The public school wanted her doing third grade work, but she is doing seventh homeschool. Which makes her proficient in ninth grade public school. Think about it. Is that scary for our country or what? But I was quite happy for her.

    Off to go pick her up from the hospital.

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  12. AJ, can you dump photos from five years ago or whatever, shots in posts we aren’t likely to access again anyway?

    I had a 1,000 photo limit when I joined Flickr, and I thought I’d take a year to get there (before having to join the “pro” account and pay) . . . but I got there in a couple of months (uploading old favorite photos and new ones), and then for another month or so, I had to delete photos for every new one I wanted to upload. Finally my husband gave me the OK to go for the paid plan.


  13. My BD is May 24 and our anniversary May 22.

    Yeah, the secret thread with its 6,000+ comments is taking up all the room.

    AJ-I agree that you can dump all the old photos. Or, you can open a google photo album and put them there, then share a link by email with those who want to look through them again. Google allows 15GB of storage. That’s a lot of photos!


  14. A birthday guessing game & treasure hunt though the secret room … Keeping AJ busy to earn his salary, I see.

    Well, I feel stupid, I dropped my car off — it’s a one-man shop tucked into one of the older, quaint beach residential neighborhoods, literally about a block from the beach. But the Lyft fare back to my house came to $25. Ouch.

    Turns out our El Segundo (other) office near LAX was only about 3 miles north but for some reason (probably because I’ve never been to that office) it just didn’t dawn on me as an option. It would have been perfect. Ugh.

    So now I’m back home trying to figure out how I can get back to pick the car up without paying $25 again. I hate to ask my neighbor, it really is too far. But my former editor who heads up our investigative team is at the OC Register at a training session today and he said he can pick me up and take me to Hermosa since he doesn’t live far from there. But it would be after this guy closes up shop, so I’d have to pay the mechanic by phone (no problem, I don’t think) and see if he’d be willing to leave my car locked & parked outside on the street with the key under the seat (and I have a spare key I can use to get in). I already asked if he could keep it overnight and he said he wouldn’t have the space.


  15. A belated thank you for all the anniversary wishes on Saturday. It was our #28. We had our traditional anniversary prime rib dinner at the hotel that hosted our wedding reception. After dinner at the restaurant we took the traditional walk down to the ballroom where the reception took place. After that we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop for Triple Chocolate Overload. (We usually eat more modestly but this is our annual splurge.)

    Then we went computer shopping. We haven’t had a working desktop computer for a few years. We didn’t buy one that evening but after going home and doing some research we got one Sunday. Now for all the fun of figuring out Windows 10…

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  16. I’m sorry, I mixed up holidays there, didn’t I?! Happy Birthday, Chas!

    The reason I get mixed up is that my dates have two connections with Chas’s dates. I was married on his birthday. He was married in the year I was born. So I get mixed up. Is there an emoji for :embarrassed: ?

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  17. I found out what the receptionist is mad about. I hurt her feeling on July 9th by saying to her and two other people that she wasn’t speaking to me. Her boss came to me on the 11th and told me I hurt her feelings. I called her in my office and apologized. I hugged her and told her I loved her. At some point she has decided my apology was not sincere.

    I can’t tell her boss tomorrow that I know this. He and I are meeting tomorrow at 10 am

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  18. DJ, I feel for you in not wanting to ask for a ride.
    At church Sunday, Art had a request that I call and get a ride to our neighborhood Publix with someone who previously offered me a ride and I had not yet called. I got up my nerve, I say that because I don’t know people’s schedules and I hate to interrupt them. I asked if she might take me to Sprouts about three miles instead of one. I did not realize she does not drive outside of the neighborhood. i realized I am a safer driver than she is. I saw her several times pass by my driveway looking for my home. I think that she may have memory issues. She sat on a bench while I quickly shopped. When I finished, she was conversing with another woman sitting on the bench. It was the pastor of Art’s church. I was looking pretty shabby to meet her for the first time. She seemed nice.

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  19. Michelle. God is omniscient. He hears and knows everything. He may even answer the prayer of a sinner so that the sinner knows it could only have been Devine.

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  20. Today I found a big roll of wrapping paper to wrap a bread machine I got to give Wesley as a belated birthday present. He is also getting some books. And he got help with the cost of his summer travels.

    I wrapped the big package before I realized the paper, blue with navy cursive lettering, says Happy Holidays and not Happy Birthday. This was paper Art got somewhere and it was not stored with my Christmas wrapping paper. Ah. . . the fun of vision difficulties.♡ Wesley will probably find it amusing.

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  21. We are all sinners so God does hear the prayers of sinners. But I feel if someone is deliberately misunderstanding Who He is and making their own God in their own image, based on what they want Him to be, then I think He can close His ears or turn away from listening to those prayers offered to an idol. He can always hear whatever He chooses to hear. His mind and being are so above us that we can’t understand how He can simultaneously hear all, since He is all knowing, yet also close off His hearing. Maybe it has to do with Him knowing our hearts. I think Paul says something about when sincere Christians sin that it is more of an external thing that is not who we truly are in Christ. We desire more to be right with Christ than to sin. That desire drives us to confess and repent to again be right with Christ. Those who do not accept Christ for who He truly is can never be right with God. If someone calls toward you but says a name that is not yours, you might look their way but then tune them out because what they say is meant for someone else. I think if must be a bit like that. Does that make sense?


  22. Oops! Anyone can be right with God, if they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviorconfess their sins, repent and go forward in their new life surrendered to Him. But those who continue to refuse His gift of faith and acceptance of Jesus can never be right with God until they do those things.

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  23. Ok, 2nd Lyft driver was a near-mute, after verifying my name he said … nothing. I said, “It’s a really nice day out.” He replied with silence. Taking the hint, I spent the entire 20-30 minute drive on my phone, checking editors’ msgs etc. He never said a word until we got to the garage and he let me off.

    Even with all that running about, I managed to interview the orchestra leader I needed to talk to and write the story out of that along with a copy block for a back-to-school photo package one of the editors asked me to also do.

    But logistically, it was a badly planned day, partly my fault, partly not. The running boards are on, oil was changed, tires filled.

    Kizzie, what happened with the court hearing?

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  24. Wow, Kim. That woman has mighty thin skin. It is so unprofessional to allow your hurt feelings to treat anyone you work with in such a shabby fashion. So shame on her. I would have a difficult time apologizing to her over an opinion. It was your opinion was it not? Frankly, it all reminds me of Jr. High School.

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  25. Not a specific prayer, Cheryl, just a prayer of submission, on calling Jesus Lord— so He will know us and we will recognize His. Once.

    The question can be answered in several different ways, see above, so I was curious about your understandings. Thanks.


  26. I watered out front for over an hour, it was dark when I finally came in. My grass is getting some distinct brown patches (boo) which happens in the summer (often worse than it is this year), but I still don’t like it.

    I’m struggling with Carol who seems to be so easily defeated (in this case in trying to arrange to go to church using the wheelchair). It’s one long drama about how they don’t have a wheelchair to fit her (a friend there has an extra large wheelchair in storage she can use); how there’s a ramp outside to get up to the sidewalk where the Access van will be waiting but there’s “no one” who can push her up the ramp (really?). The Access driver can only assist people as far as 60 feet out from the van and the ramp is probably farther (really? he wouldn’t take a few extra steps to just push the chair up the ramp?).

    It’s just very frustrating as she’s not very resourceful. This can’t be that hard to figure out but she doesn’t really want to advocate for herself. But maybe there are other things going on, too, she also complained again tonight that her legs were hurting so she doesn’t think she can attend church (as in at all, ever) anyway.

    But … if she’s in a wheelchair and not having to walk or stand …


    I finally had to let it go.

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