15 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-3-19

  1. While Mumsee was dealing with daughter last night, I had my own issues.
    I always put Elvera to bed around eight. Last night, she insisted that she wanted to go home. It is about time for bed. OK. But she wanted to go somewhere. I got her ready for bed, but she wanted to sit on the side of the bed. I asked her to put her head on the pillow, she said OK, but wanted her feet on the floor. I told her that it’s impossible to have your head on a pillow and feet on the floor at the same time.
    She reached down, put her pillow beside her head with her feet on the floor. I was exasperated, but at the same time, admired her presence of mind to pull that trick.
    After about half an hour, I gave up and she came in and sat in the Lazy-boy in my room while I watched Tucker Carlson.
    Before long, she was asleep in the chair. I woke her and put her into bed, then I joined her.
    We had another brief event around 2 a.m. but it worked out.
    She is up now. Her sweet self. She had two helpings of Cheerios for breakfast, which is good because she ate almost nothing yesterday.
    It gets exasperating at times, but we are getting along.

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  2. πŸ™‚ Off to the county fair with my husband to man the pro-life booth. I can take the term ‘man.’ πŸ˜‰

    πŸ™‚ A road trip I can cross off my bucket list.

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  3. On a positive note about all of this, I have had ample opportunity to reiterate the Good News to other ears. For example, yesterday evening with three ambulance and a couple of deputies standing around, I reminded daughter that Jesus lived a perfect life, gave up His as the sacrifice for our sins and in three days, broke the bonds of death so we could be set free. And that eternal bliss awaits us and eternal separation from God awaits those who have died in their sins. At which point, one of the deputies piped up to daughter that she should understand that Satan won’t be fun as Hell was designed as punishment for him and his rebellion, it would not be the pleasant relaxing place she had imagined.

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  4. A friend called yesterday and after we visited asked me if I would like to go out to lunch today in Kainantu. Wow, the town is only 5 miles or less away, but I have not been there in years. It is not safe to go alone. There is a hotel where we can go to lunch. So it will be two couples and me. I read of others going, but not me.

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  5. We sang five songs in church this morning
    1. This is Amazing Grace
    2 Amazing Grace
    3 All My Hope
    4 I willFollow
    5 Where Ever He Leads, I’ll Go (the invitation)

    I Know two of them. In fact only #2 & 5 have I ev3er heard before.
    The other two weren’t, in my opinion weren’t music. Except for the many repetitions, there was no rhyme. There certainly wasn’t any melody.

    I thought of mother going around the house singing an old hymn, “Tell Me the Story of Jesus”, “When the Roll is Called”, etc. they can’t do with this music.
    Then, it occurred to me that women don’t do that anymore. They either have the TV set on or the phone at their ears.


  6. We sang “10 thousand Reasons” from Ps. 103; “Jesus I Come” (which I can never get through singing without tearing up); “Meekness and Majesty;” “With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring” from Ps. 138; and “To Him Be the Glory.”

    I’ve noticed we’re singing more Psalms, wondering if we’re gearing up to finally purchase Psalters …


  7. “I Will Follow” — I’m not familiar with the song but it makes me think of that early ’60s pop hit “I Will Follow Him” which was used (irreverently, probably, but it also brings a smile) in “Sister Act”:

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