26 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-30-19

  1. Remember, it’s only racist when Trump says it…..

    But Biden, Bernie, and Barry said it too……



  2. You’ve all seen the videos of Cummings rat infested, bombed out looking district. So it’s good to know that Cummings and Democrat leadership are on it…….

    Oh wait, no….. they’re partying like the pretty people instead….. in a 5 star Italian resort…..

    Nice. Talk about tone deaf.


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  3. It’s about priorities people of Baltimore……

    And you ain’t one of them. Remember this come the next election, and maybe try something new for a change.


    No word on the poop piles and pestilence plaguing Pelosi’s district either…..


  4. This sounds a little like “send her back”, which he has every right to say, especially after she celebrated his attack by a violent Dem neighbor.

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  5. Once again the press has shown their bias by ignoring this. If she had an R after her name, you’d have heard about it already…..




  6. What’s Who’s in your wallet?


    “Capital One announces massive data breach; lone suspect arrested in Seattle”

    “Financial giant Capital One announced a large data breach Monday, with the company saying that one person accessed personal information of approximately 106 million people in the United States and 6 million in Canada who had applied for or are currently considered users of the company’s credit cards.

    Additionally, the FBI arrested a woman in Washington who is suspected of hacking into the company to obtain that information. Paige A. Thompson was arrested Monday and appeared in federal court in Seattle.

    According to the complaint, Thompson allegedly took wide swaths of personal information from Capital One’s cloud storage instances on March 22 and March 23. The company stored the data taken by Thompson on Amazon Web Services.

    The company says this information included names, addresses, zip codes/postal codes, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and self-reported income. The information ranged from 2005 to early 2019.

    Additionally, Capital One says the following information was obtained:

    Customer status data, e.g., credit scores, credit limits, balances, payment history, contact information
    Fragments of transaction data from a total of 23 days during 2016, 2017 and 2018
    About 140,000 Social Security numbers of our credit card customers
    About 80,000 linked bank account numbers of secured credit card customers
    Approximately 1 million Canadian Social Insurance Numbers”


  7. Kizzie will be happy, they used “prejudice”.

    This about sums it up……

    “the demand for racism today exceeds the supply”


    I don’t know who first made the point that the demand for racism today exceeds the supply, which is why we see things like the Jussie Smollette hoax and countless other campus racism hoaxes. And now Trump has the left’s Default Dog Whistle Racism Detector turned up to 11 with his attacks on cities and districts run chiefly by African-American and Democratic Party machines, because for the left criticism of any non-white politician is off limits.

    I have a simple theory: Trump knows what he’s doing. This is the political equivalent of “Crazy Eddie,” the frenetic TV ad pitchman constantly hawking his “insane” sales on electronic goods. In Trump’s case, he’s forcing the left to max out its race card, such that the left’s bankruptcy after Trump’s re-election next year will be epic.

    For one thing, Trump’s instincts on this are likely to be vindicated once again. Guess what? While the left is agitated about a supposed revival of “white nationalism” and racist nativism among the American people, empirical evidence finds that racism is at an all-time low, and has actually declined since the 2016 election. That’s the finding of a recent paper posted on SSRN by Prof. Daniel Hopkins and Samantha Washington of the University of Pennsylvania entitled “The Rise of Trump, the Fall of Prejudice? Tracking White Americans’ Racial Attitudes 2008-2018 via a Panel Survey.”

    That title is a mouthful, but here’s the relevant part of the abstract:

    We find that via most measures, white Americans’ expressed anti-Black and anti-Hispanic prejudice declined after the 2016 campaign and election, and we can rule out even small increases in the expression of prejudice. These results suggest the limits of racially charged rhetoric’s capacity to heighten prejudice among white Americans overall. [Emphasis in original.]

    That sound you hear is the hydrogen exploding in the left’s Hindenberg racism balloon. Oh, the humanity!”

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  8. As Yogi Berra would say, “it’s deja vu all over again.”


    “P.S. When Trump acquired the dilapidated building that became his first major real estate deal—the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street—he solved the building’s rat infestation during renovations by rounding up stray cats in New York City and moving them into the building. The rat infestation was eradicated quickly—without a government program!”


    Send in the cats!

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  9. There was an article in the local paper over the weekend about fire victims in the country doing just that.

    The wild snakes have not returned yet and the mice population has skyrocketed. Cats are their answer.

    My mouser, btw, is sleeping on my feet as I type this . . .

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  10. So where did the money go?


    The numbers have been confirmed by the Sun.


    ““Why is so much money sent to the Elijah Cummings district when it is considered the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States. No human being would want to live there,” Trump tweeted. “Where is all this money going? How much is stolen? Investigate this corrupt mess immediately!”

    Data from the 2017 U.S. Census shows Cummings’ district is nearly 53% percent black and nearly 36% white. Seven percent of the district is Asian, nearly 4% is Hispanic and less than 1% percent of the area is Native American and Pacific Islander. The median age in the majority-female district is 38.9, and residents 18 years and over make up nearly 79% of the population, data shows.

    Cummings’ congressional district received just under $15.7 billion in grants, benefits and other assistance from the federal government in Fiscal Year 2018, according to Newsweek’s analysis of the federal awards data compiled by USAspending.gov. By comparison, districts like Indiana’s 7th (at $16.5 billion), New Jersey’s 12th (at $17.2 billion) and Pennsylvania’s 4th (at $27.4 billion) all received more money in the same period, according to Newsweek’s website.”


    Where’d the money go Democrats?


  11. My cat prefers mice, but she’s gotten all of them. The birds, alas, have learned to go elsewhere even though we have a delightful water fountain.

    Bees and wasps, plus hummingbirds, are the beneficiaries.

    The poor kitty is reduced to stalking moths.

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  12. They know they can lie with impunity and the left will lap it up like mother’s milk.


    No evidence? Then you didn’t look. From your own network…..

    Where’s Trump?

    There he is!


  13. Need a new meme leftists, this one’s busted.




  14. Like with all college sports, the women pros are subsidized by the men.


  15. When you’re watching the debates later tonight and tomorrow, remember……

    THIS is CNN, and THIS is who they picked to moderate.

    So unbiased……

    And a Content Warning! because he curses.


  16. Another black eye for the IOC and the FBI. They knew for a year Nassar was abusing women, and they did nothing. The FBI was too busy chasing after Trump I guess….


    “Report: FBI, US Olympic Committee Knew About Nassar’s Serial Abuse For A Year Or More — And Did Nothing”

    “It wasn’t just USA Gymnastics that covered up Larry Nasser’s horrific sexual abuse of young girls and women. A new report from a bipartisan congressional investigation concluded that the FBI and the US Olympic Committee knew about Nassar’s crimes for more than 14 months — and did nothing to stop him. Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) think some people should be headed to prison:”


    “What about the FBI? Some of the points in the report are already known. Victims had been going to the FBI for some time and had been getting the run-around, and it appeared to take investigators a long time to act to protect potential new victims as well as existing victims. Blumenthal and Moran tell NBC News that the problem appears deeper than just a case of bureaucratic inertia, and that a lack of honest responses to their questions suggest a more assertive policy of no action:

    Blumenthal and Moran told NBC News that they were not satisfied with the answers the FBI gave them during the investigation. They are still waiting for the results of a Department of Justice Inspector General report on what went wrong at the FBI.

    “I would say, so far, we’ve received no satisfactory answer” to the subcommittee’s repeated requests as to what the bureau was doing during the more than 400-day gap between when the FBI first learned of the abuse allegations and when Nassar was arrested by local law enforcement, Blumenthal told NBC News. “I think we ought to be demanding, so should the American people, better answers.”

    Michael Horowitz is a very busy man. It won’t end there, or at least that’s what Moran and Blumenthal hope. They want an extensive criminal investigation into who knew what and when, and who acted and didn’t act. If the FBI has been compromised, though, that might be a little tricky. It could take a US Attorney with a very large budget acting as a kind of de facto special counsel with his own investigators, which might have to be hired from organizations other than the FBI but with a similar jurisdictional authority.”


    The FBI has had some serious issues and a complete lack of leadership for at least the last decade.


  17. Former Obama Chief Of Staff Warns Democrats Not To Alienate Swing Voters In Primary Debate


    Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel warned Democratic presidential contenders Monday not to “win the nomination in a way that forecloses a path to victory in the general election.”

    Emanuel, former President Barack Obama’s ex-chief of staff, criticized the candidates’ performances in the first round of Democratic debates in Miami in June.

    “There’s a reason [President Donald] Trump gleefully tweeted ‘That’s the end of that race!’” Emanuel wrote in a Medium post Monday.

    “Too often, you succumbed to chasing plaudits on Twitter, which closed the door on swing voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. If you win the nomination in a way that forecloses a path to victory in the general election, we will lose, and your name will go down in infamy,” he continued. …

    … “Before our party promises health care coverage to undocumented immigrants — a position not even Ted Kennedy took — let’s help the more than 30 million Americans who are a single illness away from financial ruin,” Emanuel wrote, referencing Night 2 of the first round of debates, when every single candidate on stage said illegal immigrants should get government health insurance. …

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  18. More on that Babylon Bee suing Snopes story…..


    “Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon confirmed the accuracy of the statement published yesterday to readers in an e-mail to Hot Air this afternoon, so this is no satirical joke. The move follows a long Twitter thread Friday by founder Adam Ford on Snopes’ most recent “ridiculous article,” in which they questioned whether poking fun at Georgia state representative Erica Thomas could be considered “satire.” What follows on Ford’s tweetstorm is what we’d have called an old-fashioned Fisking in the blogosphere a few years back:”


    “Ford finished the thread by advising Snopes to “fix your operation.” The Bee has now hired legal representation to assist them with that, or at least to incentivize them to fact check something other than jokes.

    At least one newspaper weighed in on the Bee’s side. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s editors lectured Snopes on the difference between fake news and satire, and scoffed at Snopes’ attempt to defend its weird obsession with the Babylon Bee:

    Snopes writer Dan Evon wrote, “While this real-world incident stirred up a good amount of online anger, it wasn’t quite outrageous enough for the entertainment website Babylon Bee. In an apparent attempt to maximize the online indignation, this website published a fictionalized version of the story . . .”

    In an apparent attempt? There’s no apparent. That’s exactly what the Bee does. Would you expect an outlet that publishes headlines like “Border Patrol Agent Calls Up Planned Parenthood To Get Helpful Pointers On Separating Children From Their Mothers” to be subtle or sneaky in its attempts to drive web traffic?

    Mr. Evon went on to accuse the Bee of fooling its readers. But it seems pretty clear that readers of the Babylon Bee know what they’re getting into. Want proof? Just look at the Facebook comments.

    The Babylon Bee says it has lawyered up, and we’re sure that a satire news organization going to court will provide some fantastic material for future headlines. But Snopes should know better than to pick fights with a site clearly labeled as satire news. It’s called picking your battles.

    If it weren’t for Snopes’ role as a Facebook gatekeeper, this would have no more significance than any other blog war. That role, however, gives Snopes a significant amount of power over a major distribution channel for independent publishers, and not just the Bee. The threat of malicious deplatforming in that context is real, and Snopes’ disparate treatment of the Bee as opposed to The Onion (discussed by both Ford and the Gazette-Democrat’s editors) certainly makes it look personal and biased in relation to conservative satire.”

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