4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-27-19

  1. No R&R so far?
    Here is a super trivial rant.
    I have a radio that can play records and tapes. Everything.
    It also has a remote.
    Problem is: It responds to the TV remote also. So? I find my radio on when I didn’t expect it.
    I just wish that that were the biggest problem I have.

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  2. 😦 Finns are off after a lovely two weeks.

    🙂 They’re excited about going to Disneyland and Universal Studios, plus the Santa Monica pier and Hollywood.

    🙂 I’m so happy I’m not going to any of those places.

    :-I I may have to visit some of those places with Adorables in September.

    🙂 The house is our own.

    😦 We have furniture to shove around.

    🙂 We may not bother.

    🙂 My life is open for the next five weeks.

    🙂 Speaking time coming up in Atlanta

    🙂 Wedding in LA the same week

    🙂 Bible study starts the same week–I’ll be home for two days so I can lead

    🙂 I get to see Janice.

    🙂 Have started the first chapter of a Lettie Cowman biography

    😦 I really need to visit Greenwood, IN.

    😦 Hot day and I’m enjoying my book.

    🙂 Nicaragua mission provided eye care to 2018 people. (Why NOT one more?)

    🙂 They used the medical clinic personnel–which is great.

    🙂 Stargazer flies to San Diego this week to start his JOB! My EMT has received 9/10 or maybe at this point 10/10 secondary applications for medical school and seems to be content.

    🙂 Elly is fat and smiley.

    🙂 Today, at this moment, my heart is content and at peace with my personal world.

    Thanks be to God.

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  3. Michelle, after having our 7 yr. old granddaughter here and taking her to several of the places we bring our grandchildren when they are alone with us, I asked my husband if he thinks he will be up to it in seven years when the youngest is this age. He just shook his head. Not sure I will be and he is almost seven years older than me. We shall see. Grandchildren do have a way of energizing me, at least for awhile. 😉

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