Prayer Requests 7-3-19

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget Ajissun and the folks in The Gambia.

Anyone else?

Psalm 124

If the Lord had not been on our side—
    let Israel say—
if the Lord had not been on our side
    when people attacked us,
they would have swallowed us alive
    when their anger flared against us;
the flood would have engulfed us,
    the torrent would have swept over us,
the raging waters
    would have swept us away.

Praise be to the Lord,
    who has not let us be torn by their teeth.
We have escaped like a bird
    from the fowler’s snare;
   the snare has been broken,
    and we have escaped.
Our help is in the name of the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

21 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 7-3-19

  1. Urgent prayer request: A group notification went out last night that several of our staff had gotten quite ill, very suddenly. They were quarantined and the whole place disinfected (as well as a camp can be)

    Please pray that it is contained and won’t spread. Pray for a quick recovery for those affected. Pray for our 2 third year nursing students who have gone above and beyond caring for those who are sick.

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  2. Bosnia, especially Sarajevo, is a melting pot of cultures. It is called ‘The Jerusalem of Europe’ for this very reason. All of Bosnia is least-reached; estimates suggest there are 500 Jesus followers in the entire country. Of the historical ethnic groups, Bosniaks usually identify as Muslim, Serbs as Orthodox, and Croats as Catholic. However, all of these identities are generally in name only. It is an identity rather than a belief system.

    The biggest barrier is the rejection of the name of Jesus. Because of the war, people want to be tolerant and not to fight about God and who He is, but always repeat that He is one, “no matter what we call Him.” We know that Jesus is the only one through whom they can be saved. So when we pray for Bosnia, the spiritual issues of religion and false ‘tolerance’ (they don’t tolerate that we believe that Jesus is the only way) should be broken and that God will reveal Himself to them.

    Please pray…
    Pray for God to remove spiritual blinders of hopelessness and indifference
    Pray for workers here to be relationally relevant. Pray that relationships develop, spiritual conversations take place, and the Gospel is proclaimed.
    Pray for cultural barriers to be brought down so that each people group can see the others as a people rather than as a group or an enemy. Pray that Jesus followers can use this to teach true reconciliation to the Father.

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  3. The Boy has again declared to me that “God is fake.” It is heartbreaking to hear that. 😦

    Of course, he has been spoon-fed this by either his mom or his dad, or both. Please pray for God to have mercy on all of them, to open their eyes and hearts to His truth.

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  4. Praying for that moment when Boy knows that he knows that our Lord loves him ever so deeply….adding his Mom to the prayer as well… ❤️
    Praying for 22yr old…that pill of reality can be a hard one…thankful you are there with her Mumsee….
    Kare praying that the illness is contained and quickly will “be gone”! Scary for you all I am certain….

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  5. Thank you for praying. Three staff went down with it last night. Two were back to normal this afternoon, the third (with additional health concerns) has gone home. We had 6 campers sick overnight. One has gone home (also involved homesickness). Two more staff sickened today. We are thankful it is not rampant and that it seems to be very short-lived.

    We also had a volunteer who had come out for a couple of days to help with dishes and cleaning who is a registered nurse!! What great timing! She was able to take over this afternoon so our other nurses could sleep for a few hours.

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  6. Kizzie, I was not talking about you praying for faith for him, but about him asking for faith. “Lord, I believe, help me in my unbelief.”

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  7. I think your precious grandson needs reassurance, that no matter what he believes, his grandmother, mom and dad will all still love him. I would state that in many ways and also tell him that God still loves him, too, even though he has not yet developed eyes to see or ears to hear. It makes God sad and God longs for his belief and love. Hopefully, one day God will have it. Building on that foundation and praying will go a long way. I know many of us are praying for him.

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  8. More staff are down. Since there is only 1 night left, we’re sending all sick campers home today. We’re running out of male staff to fill in in the cabins. 😦

    Our camp nurse is still feeling run down, but not sick (yet). Please pray specifically for her.


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  9. I wouldn’t tell him, though, that it makes God sad that he doesn’t believe in Him. That makes God a weak being who is affected by what others think about Him like some needy little boy. Rather hard to respect a God like that, and it isn’t a biblical image.

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  10. Really? So if our parents are sad when we reject or ignore them, it makes them weak and not worthy of respect? We clearly can affect God by our actions in many other instances in the bible. We can grieve the Holy Spirit who IS God. I would rather have a God who grieves than one who doesn’t really seem to care one way or the other. I find it hard to believe a little boy would think that would make God weak. I certainly don’t.

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  11. I guess when I read things like this, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings…” Longing seems to denote sadness to me. It does not lessen the idea of God punishing people or make him dependent on man. It does show his heart of love. We do not stop with telling children only about God’s love, concern or care, but it is something we start with, I believe.

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  12. Kathaleena, the residents of Jerusalem were God’s covenant people. He was longing for His own people. Very often evangelicals have an image of God rather helplessly wringing His hands while He waits on us to choose Him as our Savior. A rather infamous painting, for example, is Jesus knocking on the door of a person’s heart, with no knob on the outside because that door can only be opened from the inside . . . Jesus at a human’s mercy and helplessly, hopelessly begging to be invited inside.

    This is not a biblical image. It also does an end run around something that very much is a biblical image: the wrath of God against unbelief and against His enemies. Without Christ we are God’s enemies. He died because we deserve God’s wrath and we need His mercy. We need Him, and He does not need us. The image of God being sad without us is that of a lonely god who is incomplete without his creatures. It risks putting us as the beneficiaries, helping God out of his unhappy, lonely circumstances. Instead, we are separated from God, and we are the ones in desperate circumstances, whether or not we know it. There is a vast difference between those two ideas.


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