14 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-29-19

  1. Kare, I forget what happened to Duke. I remember that you wrote about it, but don’t recall the details. (My memory is not so great.) Praying he will heal up quickly, and there will be no further complications.

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  2. 🙂 Well, speaking of dogs … I have a mobile groomer coming by the house on Tuesday. Cowboy especially has become difficult to transport, both dogs are moving into those older stages where new issues are arising. I think Cowboy’s hearing is mostly gone, although there’s an upside to that during fireworks season, I’m learning. I do a lot of hand motions with him when I want him to come to me and he’s still eating and going on his walks just fine. But he seems to mentally fade a bit late at night, I’m noticing some confusion here and there, pacing before we go to bed (but then he sleeps through the night); by morning he’s more like himself again, much perkier.

    All the animals go to the vet for their annual checkups in mid-July — provided I can find someone to help me lift Cowboy into the Jeep, he refuses to cooperate by putting his front paws up so I can lift the rest of him in and he’s too heavy (over 50 lbs) for me to lift outright; plus he becomes like dead weight when he thinks you’re trying to move him — and you all might recall that he has some kind of deep, psychological aversion to using portable steps.

    🙂 The dogs will look and feel so much better after good, scrub-down baths, nail trims & (badly needed) haircuts, it’s been a while, too long, since they’ve gotten the full spa treatment due to many obstacles. They look rather tattered right now which makes me sad.

    🙂 Finally, I have a bit of vacation time I can take (it seems to take so much longer to build up after they took 1 week away from us) — I will get the 5th of July off, which is a real treat as that will give me a rare 4-day weekend, and then I’ll grab a whole week + an extra day off in mid-July. Then I’ll have to let the time accrue again before the end of the year & the holidays, which is when I like to take 2 separated weeks off in Nov/Dec.

    🙂 I’m liking the perk of being able to work from home on most days. It’s nice just not having to race out of here for a morning commute — showering, getting dressed/putting on makeup (I’m fast, but it’s still a hustle), medicating & feeding all the animals, packing a lunch — it all adds up to a lot of time before I land at the office. Now, I can get started working much faster at home — and take care of the personal and pet morning routines at my own pace and in stages, in between the phone calls, interviews & writing.

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  3. You can join the madhouse here for your vacation, Donna. We’re hosting three exchange students from Finland . . . and they’ll be here for the weekend of the Civil War Games, so once again we’ll take foreign exchange students to see a battle with guns, cannon, swords, horses, hoop skirts and Abraham Lincoln!

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  4. Kizzie, Duke basically peeled the skin back off his shoulder (big area) and had it sewn back together last Sunday night. He got caught on a sharp point while chasing squirrels.


  5. I’m surprised that Civil War games are not politically incorrect.
    Suppose the South won?

    Every Saturday, Linda (DIL) comes over and picks out something for TSWITW to wear on Sunday. I helped her get dressed today and didn’t think anything about it, as usual.
    It was when we got to church, all the ladies mentioned that Elvera was wearing red, white and blue today.
    Women think of things like that.

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  6. Chas – One day as Hubby and I were leaving the house to go to church, I noticed that I was wearing a top with an animal print, and Hubby was wearing a shirt that had camo on the sleeves. I pointed that out to him, and promised not to shoot me. 🙂

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