21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-9-19

  1. I saw this photo last night and wondered if the new thread was coming. And here it is 6:20CDT and I’m first.

    Up and at ’em East Coasters!

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  2. Good morning. Amos has me up at 6 am. I had planned to sleep later.
    Today is Red Day. All KW offices are closed while we go out into our communities and give back. I will be at the Humane Society. I am really questioning my decision. 40 of us will be there.
    1. I do not need nor want another animal.
    2. I gag cleaning up after the three I have.

    Others are going to work at a local food pantry. That’s where I should have gone but I was already signed up for the other.
    The good news is there are 100 of us doing this which is the highest percentage of our agents ever.

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  3. I’m done with the conference and we’ll now take 2.5 days of vacation.

    The clouds are rolling in with rain forecast– while we’re at the beach. 😦

    A good conference and I was extremely busy. We need to ship some boxes and we’re free.

    Jo died yesterday morning, 10 days shy of 101. We’re sad, but thankful her pain is gone and she’s now in heaven telling Jesus about her life. We’ll miss her.

    In other news, my daughter has a new lease on Med school– but not for another year. who knows what God is doing in her life? Right now she has segued out of riding the ambulance and will now start the first EMT school in LA ( a story idea, DJ?).

    She’s written the curriculum, they are waiting for licensing (I think) then she begins.

    I’m proud!

    Off to the beach and dinner tonight with my all-time favorite pastor and his book-loving wife.

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  4. Last night I mentioned that we are going to need a Plan B for Mothers Day, as it looks like our Tea Party Picnic is going to be rained out. So we have decided (unless we come up with another plan) to have a Movie-and-Snacks day instead.

    This may sound odd, but The Boy will be with his dad for Mothers Day. X often has him on a Sunday anyway (often starting with an overnight on Saturday night), and Nightingale and The Boy will have a special time together Friday night and Saturday morning at a Cub Scout event (I think it is). She requested this (which she rarely does) because she thought it would be nice to have a “just us girls” Mothers Day (Chickadee will be with us, too).

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  5. michelle, yes, maybe a story πŸ™‚

    I thought to myself it’s the other way around, Jesus is probably telling Jo about her life, opening the curtain to let her see how it all made sense even when it didn’t. πŸ™‚

    I’m really tired this morning and wish I could work from home again — but probably just as well lest I fall back asleep! I need to nail down a couple stories to keep me busy today and tomorrow (and then maybe I can work tomorrow from home). I turned two stories in yesterday.

    We’re having very overcast, cool (60s) weather here for May (and possible rain), it’s a phenomenon we now call May Gray. We also get June Gloom. Seems like our summers don’t really start until July anymore. But then they go through November. 😦

    Why do I keep typing February when I’m filling out the date on a new story header?

    It’s May-May-May.

    Can this year really almost be half over already?

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  6. That should be fun, Kizzie.

    Next week I have my next eye appointment. This has all been dragging out for too long. I hope I can get glasses so I can move along with life.

    I may see my brother for Mother’s Day so I can give him his birthday gifts. Art is still tied down with leftover tax work so I do not know if he will be available to go out for a meal.

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  7. DJ – Less than eight months till Christmas!

    Speaking of which. . . I have my Christmas shopping mostly finished! Kinda by accident!

    Shortly before Easter, I was on Walgreens. com to order the kind sleep mask I like, and looked around on the site to see if there was anything I might like to buy my family for Easter. Somehow, I came across a kind of stuffed animal (or plushie, as they’re often called now) called Squishmallows. The info said the material feels soft like a marshmallow, and that they are soft and squishy.

    One of them happened to look a bit like our late kitty Peanut, the one whom Chickadee adored. I decided to get it for her, knowing she would love it, but for Christmas instead of Easter. When it came in, it was larger than I expected (not complaining) and oh-so squishy! Nightingale loved it, too.

    Sooooo . . . I decided to buy one for her, too, and a smaller one for The Boy. And while I was at it, I bought one for myself, too. πŸ™‚ (But I can’t bring mine out until Christmas.) (And yes, we all got the kitty Squishmallow.)

    When Christmas is nearer, I will probably buy gift cards for Nightingale and Chickadee, to stores they frequent.

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  8. I would like one, too, Kizzie!

    Nothing is blooming in the yard now. It seems rather dull compared to a few weeks ago. I wish I could enjoy going for a walk by myself, but I just don’t. I have learned I can enjoy a meal out or a movie by myself, but a walk seems to need company to thoroughly enjoy it. I know Cheryl does enjoy her nature walks by herself. I guess where we live also has more of a risk for personal safety so that is a factor, too.

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  9. Good morning all. 6am here. I think I fell into bed at 8:30 last night and finally had a good nights sleep. Sun is not quite up yet here.
    Off to Friday market soon. Such a difference a night of sleep makes.
    I did make it to the weight room yesterday and got up to two miles on the elliptical.


  10. Janice, meanwhile I can’t eat out by myself (except at fast food) and have never attended a movie by myself. In some ways I prefer walking with others, and in some ways by myself. (I can spend a lot more time at something “boring” if I don’t have to worry about someone else who is with me, and I can also be quieter and less likely to spook the animals.) Sometimes my husband comes with me, but my walks with him are more likely to be walks “around the block.”


  11. Have moved to a lovely inn on Folly Island.

    Our room is directly off the lobby and I can hear every conversation at the front desk as if I was there– and indeed I am!

    I hope everyone goes to bed early around here!


  12. Michelle, we had that happen once. The bed and breakfast had removed an interior door separating the guest hall from the lobby, and we were in the first room of what would have been the other side of that door. I barely slept and told my husband we needed to change rooms (which we did) before the next night. Unfortunately I can’t sleep if I hear human voices (even on TV), which was sometimes a disadvantage at college . . .


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