26 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-26-19

  1. First up today, in other news………

    While Omar speaks to her true masters, the terrorist supporting CAIR, some protests broke out.

    But as always, the MSM provides cover by calling them a civil rights org. cuz terrorists have rights too I guess.


    “Hundreds of protesters rallied outside an event where a congresswoman spoke to a Muslim-American civil rights group.

    The demonstrators were protesting the presence Saturday of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota at the fundraising event for the Council of American-Islamic Relations of Greater Los Angeles.”


    Her message? One of unity and love.

    Just kidding.

    Why she’s sooooo second class they put her in Congress. Can you believe the oppression this poor radical must suffer?

    Ungrateful is what it is. This country took her in from a war ravaged area of Africa, saved her life, gave her every opportunity, and this is how she says thank you. Disgusting is it what it is.

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  2. Next up, there appears to be some kind of new problem at the border where Democrats have said there is no problems.


    “The number of immigrants arrested or turned away at the southern border has continued to climb to levels not seen for years, according to new Department of Homeland Security data obtained by Axios.

    Why it matters: The surge has been driven by an influx of migrant families and unaccompanied children, according to a DHS official. “At the moment, we have the closest thing to an open border that we’ve had,” said Leon Fresco, an immigration attorney and member of a Homeland Security advisory committee formed by DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen several months ago.

    Detention centers are overcrowded, and immigration officials often aren’t able to deport immigrants as quickly through expedited removal procedures.
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection have even begun releasing migrant families into the U.S. almost immediately instead of holding them in detention, Mark Morgan, former chief of Customs and Border Protection under President Obama, told Axios. He said this could create an additional incentive for migrants.
    “Unless Congress does something, we are where we are on this. There are no levers left to pull.”
    — Leon Fresco”

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  3. Thoughts?


    “The Lee-Ernst Paid-Leave Plan Would Be a Win for Working Families”

    “Conservatives should cheer budget-neutral policies that give new parents the flexibility they deserve.
    Republican senators Joni Ernst of Iowa and Mike Lee of Utah recently introduced the Child Rearing and Development Leave Empowerment (CRADLE) Act, the latest conservative effort to develop a paid-leave policy that enables parents to stay home with their newborns.

    The budget-neutral plan borrows from a policy paper by Kristin Shapiro of the Independent Women’s Forum and mirrors a similar bill that Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) proposed last Congress, with the backing of Ivanka Trump. It would amend the Social Security Act to allow parents to take up to three months off from work by drawing on their retirement benefits early in exchange for delaying their benefits after retiring. Both natural and adoptive parents could choose to collect benefits while taking time off from work for either one, two, or three months after a child’s birth. Every month taken off would add a two-month delay to activation of Social Security benefits once they reached retirement age, meaning they’d receive their benefits two, four, or six months later than they otherwise would upon retirement.

    To opt into the program, parents could fill out a form notifying the Social Security Administration (SSA) of their choice to take paid leave, and the SSA would begin sending benefit payments two weeks after the parents applied for their child’s Social Security number. Benefit levels would be calculated using the formula that determines Social Security disability payments, taking parents’ income level into account; the payments would be highest for parents least likely to receive employer-sponsored paid-leave benefits. To be eligible, parents would have to meet work requirements.

    The United States is the only country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — an intergovernmental economic alliance of 36 member countries — that doesn’t have a national paid-leave program.

    Some American conservatives oppose family-leave proposals wholesale, on the grounds that they “entrench . . . learned helplessness, cementing the notion that there is no good and worthwhile thing anywhere that the American middle class could possibly be expected to do for themselves,” as Robert Tracinski put it in a piece last January. Other conservative economists have resisted these types of programs on the grounds that they “increase the scope of the government” and aren’t in fact budget neutral.”


  4. A good thing for authors to remember.


    “Politicized kids’ books are a new low in parenting

    Won’t somebody please think of the children!”

    “Though contemporary Western democracies are clearly marvels by any historical standard, they suffer from one clear, grievous flaw – children cannot vote.

    Last December the head of politics at Cambridge University invited ridicule when he suggested that this wound required bandages. On his podcast Professor David Runciman mused:

    ‘I would lower the voting age to six, not 16… it would make elections more fun. It is never going to happen in a million years but as a way of capturing just how structurally unbalanced our democracies have become, seriously, why not? Why not six-year-olds?’

    Why not indeed? Why not live in a world where the most effective retail politicians are not Obamas and Trumps, but Barney the Dinosaur and Kermit the Frog? Most political communications today probably would make more sense if they were performed by puppets made out of green felt. Six-year-olds would vote for them in droves.

    Surely Vladimir Putin would finally meet his match if he were confronted by President Bert and Vice President Ernie at the next G20 summit. And who can really say if the Iranian leadership is more intimidated by John Bolton or Dora the Explorer?

    Courting of the vital six-year-old demographic has already begun in earnest ahead of the 2020 Democratic primaries. Elizabeth Warren with Nevertheless She Persisted, Kamala Harris with Superheroes Are Everywhere and Kirsten Gillibrand with Bold & Brave have all launched books aimed at people who are still suspicious of solid foodstuffs. Andrew Yang’s Here’s How Many Nerf Guns $1000 a Month Will Buy You is presumably forthcoming.

    Budding young ideologues are spoiled for choice these days.The twitchy revolutionists of the future need not wait for the arrival of Foucault, Gramsci and Adorno in some fevered college lecture hall. General notions of equality, pedantically expressed and colorfully illustrated, are available to all kindergarteners now. Who Are You? The Kid’s Guide To Gender Identity by Brook Pessin-Whedbee and A Is for Activist by Innosanto Nagara are two peaks in the great stretching range of partisan books aimed at toddlers.”


  5. And now we get to the big story.

    Are you ready for some March Madness?

    Good, because I have a bracket for that, courtesy of the NY Post. 🙂

    Who got it the most wrong?


    “Special counsel Robert Mueller has definitively put to rest the collusion theory of President Trump’s election. That’s not a little embarrassing for the many journalists, talking heads, celebrities and instant experts who spent more than two years furiously speculating about Moscow “pee-pee” tapes, treasonous rendezvous and the president’s imminent arrest.

    The president’s haters no doubt wish to memory-hole collusion and move on to the next anti-Trump theory. But not so fast: We want to laurel the punditry “champion” — the one who peddled the most nonsensical nonsense, the wildest inanities, the weirdest theories and unsubstantiated stories.

    That’s where your brackets come in.

    Our contenders are divided into four groups (not unlike NCAA conferences): the print journalists, the cable TV talkers, the Twitterati and the network news reporters and “analysts.” And the brackets are seeded, with the most visible and influential figures contending against the lesser-known.

    In the Print category, the top seed is the never-Trump honcho Bill Kristol, who in August predicted that “Mueller will find there was collusion between Trump associates and Putin operatives; that Trump knew about it; and that Trump sought to cover it up and obstruct its investigation.” Or not.

    Pick your brackets — no, not for March Madness. This is Collusion Madness!”



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  6. And to think how poorly this hero of the republic has been treated by NTers and their ilk. They should be ashamed.


    “Devin Nunes: hero of the republic

    The California congressman stood against the tide of garbage when others wouldn’t”

    “Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller concluded his investigation by exonerating President Trump of collusion with Russian forces during the 2016 election. Investigating that supposed collusion is the reason he was appointed and his final report declared that he and his team could find no evidence to support the allegation.

    But for more than two years, the nation has been torn apart by the claims made Democrats and their operatives in the media. They were sure – sure! – that President Trump would be forced from office in disgrace. The conspiracy theorists seethed with fundamentalist conviction, confident that Robert Mueller would lead them to the promised land. Nonetheless, many are sticking to their story. There may be no evidence, but they just know it in their bones!

    What the rest of us know is that we were duped, lied to, and fed garbage. And we should never forget the people who did it. They should not be trusted as journalists, pundits, or pols. But there will be plenty of time for naming the villains. God knows it is a long list. Right now I’d rather do something we don’t do enough. I’d like to take a moment to honor one of the heroes. And as is usual, that list is much shorter. And at the top of it is Devin Nunes, the congressman representing the rural central valley of California – a farming community – where he grew up a dairyman.

    Rep. Nunes was the Chairman of the House Permanent Special Committee on Intelligence until January of this year. In that capacity he was the pointman in the House looking into claims that Donald Trump colluded with Russian agents to somehow rig the 2016 election. Nunes knew all along that the claims were bogus and he stood up for the truth in the face of withering attacks from Democrats, from the media, which daily took vicious shots at his character and integrity, and from skeptics and unsupportive leaders in his own party. Recall that then-Speaker Paul Ryan forced Nunes to temporarily remove himself from the investigation at the insistence of Democrats like Rep Adam Schiff. Schiff, you should know, is so attached to the Russia hoax that he is still claiming that he knows the collusion was real. Sure, Adam, so was the UFO that stopped you outside of Bakersfield.

    Were it not for Rep. Nunes we would not know that Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser, spied on members of the Trump campaign before the election and then unmasked their names with the likely knowledge that they would be leaked – which they were. We would not have details about the plot in the FBI and DOJ to use the phony dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign, created by Democratic party-aligned opposition research firm FusionGPS, and circulated by an associate of Republican senator John McCain. We would not know about Page and Strzok. We would not know about the meeting that occurred in the FBI in which they conspired against President Trump and rested sure that at least they had the dossier as an ‘insurance policy.’ And we would not know about the flagrant abuse of the FISA courts. The FBI and DOJ lied to the FISA court three separate times in order to illegally obtain warrants to spy on Trump associates. Who signed those fraudulent documents? Andrew McCabe, James Comey, former assistant attorney general Sally Yates and current assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein is currently disgraced and McCabe is under criminal investigation.

    And what did Nunes get for this? In the last election, he got nearly $10 million of negative ads dumped on him. In his rural district, $10 million of negative ads meant that television, radio, print, and mail were saturated. The Democrats could not buy more airtime to smear his good name. He was also the subject of innumerable hit pieces on television and in print. Even his local paper, owned by McClatchy Newspapers, ran story after story attacking him. He was also on the receiving end of a mostly false, poorly sourced hit-piece in Bill Kristol’s now-defunct magazine The Weekly Standard. Not to mention the attacks made on him from star writers at National Review such as David French, who joined the liberal mob writing a column calling for Nunes to step from his chairmanship and claiming that it was he – not the Russia hoaxers – who had ‘undermined public faith.’ That was countered by some brave writing, but the overwhelming tide of media reporting and opinionating was strongly against him.

    Nunes was in many ways the one man standing against the tide.”

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  7. There was always collusion happening, just not from Trump.


    “Mueller report: Collusion by the news media, not Donald Trump, but don’t expect apologies”

    “We may someday need a press we can trust. But I hope not, because we certainly don’t have one. The drummed up narrative of collusion has now imploded.”


    “Collusion between the media and the FBI

    We might someday need a press we can trust. But I hope not, because we certainly don’t have one.

    So what’s next? Well, there may not have been Russian collusion, but there certainly was collusion between FBI agents and journalists, with agents leaking information and journalists paying them off with “tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events,” according to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice.

    And the connections between the Justice Department and the political opposition-research firm Fusion GPS (where the wife of senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr was paid to dig up dirt on Trump) were particularly egregious.

    Roger Simon of of PJ Media writes that there is a lot of corruption yet to be investigated and prosecuted, on the part of Trump’s accusers: “It was a conspiracy and, worse yet, a conspiracy ignited and carried out from within the FBI and the Department of Justice. Nothing could be more dangerous to a democratic society than that. How high this conspiracy went is still somewhat unclear. I say ‘somewhat’ because the likelihood of it having reached into the White House of the previous administration is great. It’s hard to imagine how it could have happened otherwise.”

    Will we see any accountability for the many ethical — and probably legal — breaches involving Trump’s bureaucratic opposition? Stay tuned. But the “Russian collusion” narrative has now imploded.”

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  8. Yeah Debra…….

    NOW it’s being weaponized……. 🙄

    I’m starting to think that they believe everyone is as stupid and gullible as their voting base. 🙂


  9. I see Obama was on the phone with his buddy again.

    This is a joke.



  10. And they wonder why people think there are 2 justice systems, one for the rich and well connected, another for the rest of us.


    “Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett in Chicago”

    He will surrender his $10,000 bond.”

    “His attorney Patricia Brown Holmes told the press that Illinois “the state made a motion to drop the charges against Jussie Smollett and to seal the record in this case.” She explained the decision is “not part of a deferred prosecution” and “no deal” exists.

    Here’s an interesting tidbit. Holmes also said that “state’s attorney’s office dropped the charges on their own.” So, if I connect the dots, the office decided to do this without talking to the Chicago Police Department and Smollett’s attorneys?

    Here is Smollett’s statement via CBS Chicago:

    “I would not be my mothers son if I was capable of doing what I was accused of,” Smollett said after prosecutors dropped all the charges. “I’d like nothing more than to just get back to work and move on with my life, but make no mistakes I will always continue to fight for the justice, equality, and betterment of marginalized people everywhere.”

    “I want you to know that not for a moment was it in vain, I have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I’ve been accused of. This has been an incredibly difficult time, honestly one of the worst of my entire life, but I am a man of a faith and I am a man that has knowledge of my history and I would not bring my family, our lives, or the movement through a fire like this. I just wouldn’t,” he said.”

    “State Attorney Kim Foxx released this statement:

    “After reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the case, including Mr. Smollet’s volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit his bond to the City of Chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case.”

    TMZ reported that Foxx, told Chicago police she was dropping the case because Jussie would have only gotten community service if convicted and she said he has already performed community service so there is no point in prosecuting him.

    However, no one knows when he performed community service. Chicago’s FOX 32 anchor Rafer Weigel even seems confused over the community service portion.”


  11. Yeah, but then Obama called again……


    Looks like the FBI will have to protect Obama from the consequences of his meddling. Again.


  12. But…. but…. our narrative……

    Just got blown up. Again.


  13. 🙂



  14. The slow descent into madness continues for Jennifer Rubin. The Mueller Report has just sped the process.

    Now she’s complaining that Pence pointed out one of the anti-Semites in the Democrat ranks to the Jews at AIPAC. The truth is inconvenient.



  15. Here’s the speech.



  16. It’s unusual that I would agree with anything this guy says, but in this case, he’s right.


    “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel strongly condemned the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office decision to drop all charges against Jussie Smollett, calling it a “whitewash of justice.”

    “This is a whitewash of justice,” Emanuel said Tuesday afternoon during a fiery press conference alongside Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson. “A grand jury could not have been clearer.”

    In a stunning reversal, all charges were dropped against Smollett Tuesday morning by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. The “Empire” star was indicted on 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct earlier this month. He was accused of lying to police regarding a Jan. 29 incident, in which he said he was randomly attacked by two men shouting racial and homophobic slurs in his Chicago neighborhood.

    Johnson also heavily criticized the decision: “Do I think justice was served? No,” he said, adding that he stands behind the work of the detectives. “I’ve heard that they wanted their day in court with TV cameras so America could know the truth. But no, they chose to hide behind secrecy and broker a deal to circumvent the judicial system … I stand behind the detectives’ investigation.””


  17. ——————-


  18. Like

  19. Another win for Trump. Another loss for Dems. 🙂


    “House Dems fail to override Trump veto in fight over border emergency declaration”

    “House Democrats on Tuesday failed to override President Trump’s first veto as part of their battle over border security, representing a victory for the administration that allows the president’s declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border to stand.

    The president had vetoed a Democrat-backed measure to cancel that emergency. The House voted 248-181 on Tuesday in favor of overriding – but this fell 38 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed. Only 14 Republicans voted in favor of the veto override.

    The outcome of the vote, while not surprising, now enables Trump to move forward on an issue that was a hallmark of his 2016 presidential campaign and of his presidency. Yet the vote also gave Democrats a way to focus on policy differences with Trump, days after Attorney General William Barr gave the president a boost by saying Special Counsel Robert Mueller had found no evidence Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.”


    Get to it.


    “The U.S. Department of Defense shifted $1 billion to plan and build a 57-mile section of “pedestrian fencing”, roads and lighting along the border between the United States and Mexico, the Pentagon chief said on Monday.

    Last week, the Pentagon gave Congress a list that included $12.8 billion of construction projects for which it said funds could be redirected for construction along the U.S.-Mexico border.”


  20. We had several of our old front pages framed and hung on our walls in the old office, one was of the moon landing, others were of WWII and even earlier, others chronicling the news from later eras.

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