36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-21-18

  1. I always get to them later. Thanks Peter.
    QoD. The scripture from Luke in today’s prayer thread.
    How did Luke know all that?


  2. Morning gentlemen…and everyone! Still dark out here and not much sleep was found by me last night….this too shall pass I suppose. Warm temps today but snow and cold are headed our way…just in time for “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” to be fulfilled! 😊 ⛄️ 🎄
    Happy Birthday Linda!


  3. My situation at work went well yesterday. Thank you to all who prayed. One agent will have a letter of reprimand put in his file. What he did by entering the vacant home and authorizing some repairs without the other agent’s or the seller’s knowledge is technically breaking and entering. Had I received the call about it from another brokerage it could have been worse.
    The other agent is satisfied with my course of action and her sellers will retain the Earnest Money Deposit since the buyer was unable to obtain the loan.
    It is a sad situation. The buyer is a grandmother on social security who has custody of her 4 grandchildren. She was displaced because of Hurricane Michael. My hands are tied in what to do and I do feel badly that she just lost $1,000. I also understand the other side. The family has been transferred to another city and needed to close on their home their with the proceeds from the sale of the home here. All will be displaced for Christmas.

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  4. I just posted this on FB, but I know some of you will like it, too:

    The doorbell rang on our quiet evening a 1/2 hour before we left for choir practice. Stargazer and I muttered about who it might be as we turned on the lights–his friend James arriving early to pick him up?

    My third son opened the door and in burst three noisy children, our oldest son carrying an adorable baby, and our daughter-in-law, all here to introduce Stargazer to the newest Adorable.

    Amidst the joyous hubub–‘Auntie Carolyn, too!”–my oldest son asked what happened to Rambo, the Boston terrier.

    We all looked around, debating whether we had seen him when the always practical 6-year-old ballerina returned to the front door and in he bounded!

    Hubbub, joy, laughter, hugs and a baby dropped into his uncle’s arms for the first time.

    Surely, this is enough for Christmas? 🙂

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  5. The Marine came home last night. My plans for today include taking him and BG to lunch and shopping. I also plan to tell them that if they take my car to the car wash and detail it for me that will be my Christmas present from both of them.

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  6. Happy birthday, Linda!

    Michelle, I don’t remember if I knew you had a Boston terrier. A few years ago I did a little bit of research into getting a second dog. Neither my house nor my yard was big enough for a second collie (my house wasn’t tiny, but it had a central hallway with small bedrooms and narrow rooms and a collie took up a lot of room in its configuration), so I researched some smaller breeds to see if any of them would work. Bostons were one I researched, but I ended up deciding that a dog with such a small window of climate tolerance wouldn’t work well for Nashville, that we got both too cold and too hot for them, or at least for them to be low-maintenance dogs.

    But my mom’s uncle bred Boston terriers, so she grew up around them, always loved them, and always rather wanted one. Had she gotten a Boston instead of a chihuahua as her last dog, I likely would have felt the need to claim it (though had it had the “issues” her chihuahua had, such as not being thoroughly housebroken and being a committed lap dog, maybe not–though I don’t get the sense Boston terriers are lapdogs).


  7. I would think Nashville would be a good place for a Boston terrier. Where we live is most certainly not a good climate for our boxer. He wears a jacket all winter when he goes outside for longer than 5 minutes. And not just your run of the mill pet store jacket either. He gets a thick fleece and on very cold days we layer a shell with a thin layer of fleece over his thick fleece. It is a royal pain. I don’t know why anyone up here would want a boxer. But I love him and he came via extenuating circumstances, so we will keep him and keep him warm.

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  8. Boston terriers have quite a following. We had a reporter who had one when as she and her husband started their family. They lost him some years ago but now have a new Boston terrier puppy.

    Like all black-and-white dogs, he looks great in red.

    Well I was out cold for about 5 hours — not quite enough sleep, but time to catch up in the next couple days. My friend who came yesterday hadn’t been to my house since last Christmas and remarked how how tall and big my Charlie Brown tree is now. I don’t notice how it’s changed but she did.

    There’s a mystery that hasn’t been solved in her family — her younger brother John simply vanished in 2012 following a divorce and his being fired from a music store for financial wrongdoing of some kind. His ex-wife and family of origin have pursued whatever leads they knew to pursue and still nothing. My friend (his sister) still receives an annual report of any activity under his name and there’s been nothing since 2012 — no taxes paid, nothing. The ex-wife did go to the local police at one point so I presume he’s been reported officially as a “missing person.”

    I’m going to check with our former cop reporter who did all kinds of records searches for people during his career to see if he has any thoughts, but it’s a mystery that’s really baffled them all for years now. My friend presumes he’s dead, but wouldn’t he have been somehow ID’d through that process and the family contacted?

    I remember John as the crazy younger brother with a head full of bushy, curly blond hair who loved rock n’ roll music, played guitar in a garage band at his parents’ home before he and his siblings all moved out, was an usher at one of the local movie theaters where his sister and I lined up to see the likes of Jaws and so many other movies, and a rescuer of stray dogs he was always bringing home. He had no kids, just a step daughter from his now ex-wife. It’s so sad, and we talk about him everytime we get together. Any word from or about John? No …. 😦


  9. Correct Peter. Dr. Luke spent about two years in Jerusalem while Paul was in prison. Before they went to Rome. Luke has more personal stories than the other gospels. Except John has lots of detail about the last couple of weeks.
    I’m sure Mary enjoyed telling about her Child. He heard other personal stories, too.

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  10. I have posted this before: I think it’s worth repeating:

    It is almost certain that Luke wrote the Gospel. Dr. Luke gives the more intimate and personal details about the birth of Christ than any of the others.
    How did Luke know all this?
    Mary told him.
    Consider this: Luke was a companion of Paul. Paul went to Jerusalem in about 55 A.D. Luke went with him (Acts 21:17). Paul was put into prison and stayed in Caesarea two years. (Acts 24:27) Mary would have been about seventy at the time. Luke certainly became acquainted with all the church in Jerusalem at the time. If it had been me, I would have asked lots of questions. I’m sure Luke did. I can hear Luke now, “Here comes Mary, I’ll bet she’s going to tell me about those guys bring the presents again.”
    Luke is the only one to tell personal stories. (except the last chapters off John)
    Luke was certainly there all the time. He went to Rome with Paul.

    The first extra-Biblical comment about Christ comes from the historian Josephus. Josephus was younger, but almost contemporary with Paul. He was a Jewish officer, later to join the Romans, during the rebellion in A.D. 70. He wrote the Antiquities of the Jews. In Book XVIII, Chapter III, Par. 3, he says:

    “3. Now, there was about this time, Jesus a wise man, if it is lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works, – a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him both many of the Jews, and many of the Gentiles. He was (the) Christ; and when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men among us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him, for he appeared to them alive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him; and the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day.”

    Some scholars say that was a later addition to Josephus. I don’t know but it could be legitimate.


  11. That probably wasn’t clear. Rambo was my soccer nephew’s dog but when he moved to Canada four years ago, he asked my son’s family to take Rambo.

    The nephew is back in California with his family now but is leaving the aged but still crazy character Rambo with my son and his family.

    I’m not a big fan of Boston terriers, but my in-laws (soccer player’s parents) have had one (and now two) since we moved to the area and they’ve grown on me.

    They’re like rambunctious children, but can be trained. The two we’ve known best, Rambo and Otis his cousin, have both been total characters and the kids love them.

    Rambo even lets the girls dress him up! He’s a nice a dog. 🙂

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  12. Do you know how exhausting an 8.5-month-old can be once she has decided to move her morning nap to 11 am and not take her afternoon nap? She did it yesterday too, but I wasn’t here all day.
    Today, the Marine and I went to lunch. It was too cold and damp to walk around downtown. When we got home he decided to go back to bed, then Maddie got up and has busy ever since.

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  13. I’m okay today. Thanks for the prayers yesterday, those who saw my ramble on yesterday’s daily thread and prayed.

    It’s all done now. House is completely gone. Multiple dump trucks were going past today — not just one like on Wednesday and Thursday. I figured they wanted to get it all done before the weekend and with Christmas early next week.

    Around 3:00 this afternoon, I glanced out the window and saw a pickup truck hauling an empty trailer toward the back of the road.

    A few minutes later, it returned, with a skid loader on the trailer. I figured that was the end.

    I told the kids I was going for a walk, and left soon after, walking toward the back of the road.

    No more heavy equipment here, there, and everywhere. No more crushing and banging sounds. Only the sound of my Nikes making contact with the road as I walked.

    There are a few gentle hills and some curves in the road. When I rounded the second-to-last curve, where the house would always be visible, there was nothing but the outdoor wood boiler visible. That was never visible from that point in the road before, because the house had blocked it from view.

    When I got to the end of the road, I turned and stared at the space where the house had been. Nothing but dirt there now.

    And a single mailbox at the edge of the road.

    I stood there I’m not sure how long — probably not more than a minute or so — listening to the stillness, feeling the crisp, cool, slightly damp air on my cheeks, and it was like standing at a burial site.

    But I didn’t cry. And didn’t feel even close to doing so. It felt like closure.

    God knows the reason that everything happens as it does. And I can rest in that.

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  14. Morning! Government might be shut down but oh that full moon shining in this forest is something to take your breath a way! All morning I have been singing “turn your eyes upon Jesus”…. 😊

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  15. Interesting about the missing brother. That is sad. I hope they can find him.

    I found out at a family reunion that my dad had an uncle that also went missing. I was surprised to find out both my great-grandmother and one her son’s lived in my area at one point. That is a different state from most of their lives. Anyway, at some point the son moved and never was heard from again or some such. These things always make me curious.

    On that note, I see someone was arrested for a murder 27 years ago because of new DNA evidence. I know a woman whose daughter was murdered. They all figured it was a boyfriend, but no one could prove it. She is no longer living, but wouldn’t she be happy to have justice finally done in that case. I bet there are some nervous people out there whenever they hear about these arrests.

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