65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-26-18

  1. I get all sorts of news items when I sign into ATT
    Two women found taped together
    Megyn Kelly suing NBC
    and such.
    It’s always like that. I seldom open them because I don’t get the message, I get lots of advertisements and have to back out without finding out what it was about.

    Good morning anyhow.
    Good night Jo.
    It’s raining in Greensboro. I hear that it’s from the hurricane that hit Mexico. Just rain, that’s all.

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  2. For example:
    I see where Casey Anthony is dating a man who can overlook her past.
    I have no idea what they’re talking about, but I’m happy for Casey.

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  3. I read that Aj, but didn’t “like” it. She evidently has been out if she found a man.
    She had a man before if she had a child.
    She has messed up her life.


  4. I don’t know who those people are half the time either, Chas, and I mutter, “who cares?”

    On another note, I remembered the quote last night that when people can vote in benefits for themselves without thought or cost, a society is doomed.


  5. I mean, why would I trust the political judgment of a starlet who makes more for one movie than many people will make in a lifetime, to have superior insight into events that affect my life?

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  6. Morning! First thought on that photo was “oh look a pink firecracker flower”! So what is it really? At any rate I love it!
    Kim lately I feel as though I have no control over the busyness of life. I am trying to “schedule” my days and many times I end up chucking it out the window and reschedule what I had planned in order to meet the needs of someone else. At times I know the peace that it is what I needed to do…other times I end up frustrated. To find the balance of self care, the care for others and walking obediently before the Lord (which must come first!) can be overwhelming….the need to be “perfect” and not let anyone down…it’s a struggle sometimes….

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  7. I am a planner. In fact, the way my husband doesn’t plan is one of the most irritating thing about him retiring from his job. Not that I am complaining. We just are not on the same page about this issue. He likes to get up and do what “he feels like doing.’ I like to know ahead of time what the day will possibly bring. Not that he can always do that or that we do not have appointments or affairs to attend to on any given day. On those days that are free, though, it is an issue.

    It is the same with meals. I like to plan ahead. I need to plan ahead to have ingredients on hand, meat thawed, time and energy to prepare. He likes to think about it when he is hungry then go out or cook whatever then.

    There is a reason for what I do when. My list will not, necessarily get done, but there is a list at least in my head.

    Example: We had one very nice day weather-wise this week. I wanted to do the outdoor work that still needed to be done. He wanted to drive an hour and a half plus away to have pie. It is a nice drive, but not what I wanted to do that day. We did end up going and I enjoyed the time at the pie place and on the beach of Lake Superior hunting agates. Nevertheless, it would not have been my choice.

    I suppose we complement one another in having order with spontaneity. 🙂

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  8. I’d never thought about it until the question was asked, Ironically, I think Hubby and I are both organized and planners in our jobs but both loosey-goosey and easy-going in our personal lives. In Kathaleena’s scenario, that wouldn’t have bothered me one bit (which is NOT a criticism of folks who would be bothered by it – just an interesting observation).

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  9. I tend to go with the flow. Work bookends and takes up most of my hours anyway. A friend who was able to retire early says her days are mostly filled with a succession of doctor’s appointments and vet appointments for her cats. That doesn’t sound like much fun. And because she doesn’t get along with her neighbors, she has to fastidiously avoid seeing them, making sure she makes her outside dashes when she knows they’re not around. Other people are always the problem, of course, never her. I’d hate feeling like I had to avoid my neighbors. 😦

    For now, work is still OK for me and besides, I’m not ready to give up the full-time paycheck. 🙂

    So yes, October is winding to an end and the house still isn’t finished with the painting. Sigh. Main painter has had to spend time with his elderly mom this week at Kaiser but says he’ll be back Saturday and plans to put in “4- to 5-hour” days going forward to get it done. But we’ll see.

    I have an easy story to write this morning after doing the interview yesterday — and then have a 2 p.m. interview in town which will put me close to home so I’ll finish up the day working here.

    chas, I didn’t know who she (Casey) was either. After reading the bio the story sounds vaguely familiar but it wasn’t something I followed at the time, just one of the latest strings in celebrity outrage.


  10. Kim, that’s not unusual. When it comes to draining the swamp, killing the gators comes first. Everyone runs in that, hence the cliché “Up to my neck in gators”. But it all works out.

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  11. CNN is reporting that they’ve arrested a South Florida man in connection with those suspicious packages. That was fast, assuming they have the link they need. Probably a disturbed individual of some kind rather than any kind of “political operative.” Doesn’t sound like this was very smartly done.

    But good news if they figure out who’s been sending those out so we can all move on.

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  12. A guy in his 50s.

    You can’t mail that many hand-packed and addressed packages out without leaving some kind of evidence behind that leads back to you pretty quickly.


  13. Donna, the guy was smart but not wise. I made a comment about that on the “Politics” thread. If I had done that, I would have done everything in one day and left for Bora Bora.


  14. He probably is ‘off’ enough that he didn’t care, he wanted to make a statement, mail what was at the lease a threat, or whatever else his aim was. Getting caught didn’t seem to matter all that much to him, is my guess.


  15. In my marriage, I was the one who wanted to know the plan for each day, and Hubby was the more spontaneous one.

    In my daily life, I would like to be quite methodical, doing various things on given days – like cleaning the kitchen on Tuesday or dusting all the furniture on Thursday – as well as doing things in certain ways and during certain periods of time each day. (If I don’t get around to starting laundry until the afternoon or evening, I have to set a timer or else I will keep forgetting about it.)

    But. . .These days my life, and how and when I do things, revolve around Nightingale and The Boy. As you know, Nightingale has a different work schedule each week, and then various other things she does throughout the week. Sometimes I will get up in the morning thinking I will do such and such, and then Nightingale and I start talking or she mentions something we need to do. Or I will want to clean the kitchen but she has decided to do some baking.

    As a result, I am not as diligent on doing various things around the house as I used to be. Sometimes that bothers me, and other times I figure that at least I still do the important things, and I need to trust that I will get to other things eventually. (We need to do a really good housecleaning before Thanksgiving, which will get me caught up on a bunch of stuff.)

    I am much better at rolling with these things than I used to be. As I said recently, I choose to be grateful for their presence in my daily life.

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  16. I alternate between flit and focus. I usually have some semblance of a general schedule in my mind, but my creative side will occasionally erupt, and then I often launch headlong into whatever project came to mind, focusing on it and little else for hour upon hour (or even for days) before I return to a more even distribution of several tasks.

    We’ve tried schedules around here — this school subject at this time for this many minutes, that household task at that time or on that particular day, etc. — and it’s never worked. The normal interruptions that come become too stressful. We all do better with a general plan that isn’t so tied to the clock or the calendar, though I was concerned for a while that that might make it difficult for my kids to learn how to be prompt in getting out the door to be to work on time.

    Thankfully, they have no problem with that whatsoever.

    Works for us.

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  17. Clarification of my “We all do better with a general plan that isn’t so tied to the clock or the calendar…” — that “We all” part means “our family,” not we all, the general population. That wasn’t meant to be a hear ye, hear ye pronouncement for you all to live by. 😉

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  18. Yesterday I went to a program about Medicare. It was near a DSW store and a Sprouts market so I did a bit of shopping. I was driving the older Accord which I am doing the oil consumption test on which means getting it checked at 1,000 miles to see how much oil is being used. Somehow during all that, I lost the key to the new Honday which is a keyless entry fob. I discovered that this a.m. when I was trying to get Art to hurry up and leave for the office by 7 a.m. so I could call Social Security early to sign up for Medicare as I was advised to do yesterday. When I discovered the lost key, I knew I would have to get another one so Art went to work without me. I called SSA a little after 7 a.m. and had a wait. I could get a telephone appointment on Nov.30. I said it would be too late since I have a Dec. birthday. So I will plan (yeah, right) to take a day and go wait my turn in an office. I then took the first Honda in and was told the TPMS light was on because three of the sensors were out. It would cost 675.00 to fix. I said I could do without that fix. At least they got the maintenance light turned off. I got away with no charge. Next I backtracked on where I went yesterday in case anyone turned my key in. No luck. Now I am back at the dealership with the other car getting a key. So, dare I make plans? I try with a high fail rate. I am having no success getting reservations for a place to stay when we visit son because it is a game weekend. We may get to see if our new car can tranform into a sleeper! Son has an apartment that he is sharing this year so I think he is reluctant to inconvenience the guy by asking if we can stay there. Who needs plans?


  19. From Fivethirtyeight:

    The Dodgers Are One Win Away From Triggering The Super Sports Equinox In LA

    If the World Series goes to a Game 5, the Dodgers, Kings, Clippers, Ducks, Rams and Galaxy will all be playing at home on Sunday.


  20. The van was covered with Republican political stuff so much that you couldn’t see out.
    Kim said something doesn’t ring true.
    In the Carolinas, we say “something fishy”.
    This nut had to know he was going to get caught.
    Something not right here. And I don’t mean the crime.
    A smart man would not have done what he did the way he did it.

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  21. Janice – Are we supposed to sign up for Medicare before our 65th birthday? If so, how far in advance?

    I don’t have to worry about that yet, as I am “only” going to be 58 in January, but I am thinking ahead.
    6 Arrows – You sound like Nightingale, unless she has a deadline to get something done. 🙂 With her, her creativity usually comes out in baking, but sometimes in decorating. The thing she loves to do, and spends lots of time doing, is planning for an event. She gets quite specific in her plans.

    When she plans a meal, like Thanksgiving, she also makes a little drawing of all the food on the table. That helps her in visualizing her plan, and balancing the kinds of foods.

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  22. Chas – Considering his criminal record, I would guess that either he is not too smart, or is mentally unstable in some way.


  23. And then I went over to catch up some more on the politics thread, and AJ is sharing info on the guy, and referred to him as “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs”. (As my dad would say, “That’s the technical term for it.” 🙂 )

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  24. chas, the long and short of it is, he’s clearly disturbed. There’s no explaining that, really. He had something in his mind he was out to do or prove and getting “caught” didn’t really matter. He was trying to make a statement of some sort.

    Dodgers lead 1-0. It’s somethin’ 🙂


  25. I had an interview in town this afternoon — YWCA celebrating their 100th anniversary in a beautiful, 1918 Julia Morgan-designed building — and when I came home to try to start writing it the sidekick was here. Sure enough when he asked me about the story and I said I needed to do some more research on it he says, “Ah, research. Research is very important.”

    Meaning of course, research on the Lunar Sabbath …

    Later, i was writing, my laptop on the dining table, when he opens the window working but has his radio on the contemporary Christian station (which I also listen to from time to time, but found it really distracting since I was obviously trying to work). I think he still believes I need to be saved because I’m not picking up on the Lunar Sabbath “Truth.”

    At some point, my printer needed new ink so I was able to dash out to the Office Depot to buy that and when I came home he was gone.

    Maybe I’ll feel more charitable tomorrow when I’m not trying to get some real “work”-work done.


  26. All the original doors, hardware, most of the original windows — and some absolutely beautiful rooms with gleaming wood floors — still remain. It’s unassuming on the outside and has many of the very simple Craftsman features on the inside, but it really is a gem.


    Built in 1918, the Julia Morgan-designed YWCA of the Harbor Area and South Bay is a clubhouse in the residential neighborhood near the harbor in San Pedro. The unassuming board-and-batten structure differs dramatically from Morgan’s most iconic commission, Hearst Castle. These two projects demonstrate Morgan’s chameleon-like ability to suit the style of her buildings to the needs and budgets of each individual client.

    Julia Morgan had already designed several YWCA-related projects when she was brought in to design the San Pedro facility. At a meeting in January 1918, she received the recommendations from the report that called for “a club and recreation center to compete successfully with public dances, motion pictures shows, and streets filled with men in uniform; housing with facilities for laundry and cooking breakfast; and rooms for 20 girls [to] provide for the acute emergency.” A swimming pool was a key part of the recommendations, as it offered young women a recreational outlet not available elsewhere in San Pedro. A budget of $5,000 for land, $12,000 for the building, and $2,500 for furnishings was established at the meeting.


  27. Nice to see all that blue in the stands. And those epic aerial shots of downtown LA, all lit up.

    I’m sure our town’s entry-way palm trees are lit up in LED blue tonight, too.


  28. Oh, but she has.

    And I thought no one would ever ask.


    In the last decade several persons have approached me with data that they understood to promote lunar Sabbath calculation. This new and fascinating theory suggests that the seven day week was reset after each new moon. (And as a result, the Sabbath would always fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of a given lunar monthi.) A large electronic advertising campaign promoting this view has been conducted continuously for years.

    And the result is that many persons now keep a Sabbath that happens, generally, on neither Saturday nor Sunday. I say “generally” because they keep their Sabbath on a different day of our calendar each month.

    Practically, this means that while there are seven days from Sabbath to Sabbath in the calendars of the whole planet, it isn’t always so for the believers in this theory. They have eight or nine days between the 29th Sabbath and the next 8th Sabbath. That is because they have one or two “new moon” days added in between “weeks” each month.

    I have concluded that the data in support of this idea is faulty. …

    The Assertions

    First, let me summarize the nature of evidence that I have seen so far as given in support of the idea.

    * It is suggested that Sabbath falls on the 15th of three Biblical months in a row (the three months beginning with the Exodus from Egypt). As moon cycles are only 29.5 days long, the Sabbath could not fall three times in a row on the 15th unless the Sabbath was lunar based. …

    * It is asserted that no Sabbath in scripture can be shown to occur on any day other than an 8th, 15th, 22nd, or 29th of a lunar cycle. As only about 15% of Gregorian-style Sabbaths fall on those days, this is taken as corroborative evidence for lunar Sabbaths. (Painter sidekick argues also that the “Catholic Church” — around which he has no shortage of conspiracy theories — brought in the Gregorian calendar and thus it’s to be dismissed.)

    * It is asserted that the lunar calendar was essential to the determination feast days in the Old Testament. As such, it must be a valid calendar. And if the calendar is right for calculating feast-day dates, it must be right for calculating Sabbath dates as Sabbaths are among the feasts.

    While other thoughts have appeared here and there in lunar documentation, these are the ones that appear repeatedly in the documents I have read. What appears in not one of the documents is a “thus saith the Lord” teaching that new moons interrupt the weekly cycle.

    The Evidence

    The most intriguing argument, to me, in the six listed above was item number two. The word “Sabbath” appears more 100 passages of scripture. It seems, at first thought, that if not one of those can be shown to fall on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, etc., day of the month, that that would be fairly significant evidence in favor of the lunar Sabbath theory.

    Here are the facts:

    There are many passages that refer to the Sabbath in a precept in such a way as to provide no precise and certain information regarding the correlation of days with months.

    See Ex 20:8-11; De 5:12-15; Ex 31:14-16; Ex 35:2-3; Le 24:8; Nu 28:9-10; ; ; Ps 92:1; Amos 8:5; Jer 17:21-27; Is 56:2, 6; Is 58:13; Matthew 24:20; John 7:22-23; Colossians 2:16

    There are 20 Stories in scripture that refer to the Sabbath, but without dating it in terms of a day of the month.

    See Nu 15:32; 2Ki 11:5-9, 2Chr 23:4-8; 2Ki 16:18; Neh 10:31; Neh 13:15-22; Matthew 12:1-12, Mark 2:23-3:4, Luke 6:1-9; Mark 1:21; Mark 6:2; Luke 4:16; Luke 4:31; Luke 13:10-16; Luke 14:1-5; Acts 1:12; Acts 13:14-44; Acts 15:21; Acts 16:13; Acts 17:2; Acts 18:4; John 5:9-18 ; John 9:14-16 .

    There are only two stories in all of scripture that mention Sabbath in a context that can be certainly dated in relation to a day of the lunar month. These are the first giving of the manna and the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    See Ex 16:23-29 and Mt 28:1; Mr. 15 42; 16:1; Lu 23:54-56; Jo 19:31. …

    … Muslims today use a lunar calendar but keep a weekly day as honored. The argument that a continuous weekly cycle is Biblically inconsistent is purely speculative. And that is the polite way to say it.

    Summary and Settling the Issue

    Not one of the six primary lines of evidence for lunar Sabbaths holds up under investigation. That could settle the issue for me. No evidence for a life-changing idea is evidence enough that it is false.


    The week was being counted before the creation of the time-keeping pieces of the sun and the moon. The Sabbath, like marriage, comes to us from the Garden of Eden. It has always had faithful observers. When light shown on the Law of God in fulfillment of Revelation 11, the Sabbath truth was revealed to many of God’s people around the planet. ..

    The fact that someone has a long list of arguments is not evidence that they are correct. It may just be evidence that they are determined to make their point. And if the first of these arguments is weak, there is no need to be troubled about their conclusion. …


    Well, there you go.

    What mumsee said.

    Don’t get us started.

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  29. And more:




    The Lunar Sabbath theory suggests that the weekly cycle resets each month based on the new moon, and ignores the current weekly uninterrupted 7 day cycle. They argue that the Sabbath will always fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th day of every lunar month. They selected these dates because they saw that the Feasts of Unleavened Bread and Tabernacles begin on the 15th and end on the 21st, and the Bible says that those days are to be treated as days of rest (like a Sabbath). However, the Sabbath theory people claim that the 15th and 21st are always Sabbath days, so they build their calendar around those two dates, and force their theory to fit that premise. (There is also a small minority who teach that the lunar Sabbath falls on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th days of the month.)

    This theory would be great if there were only 28 days in a lunar cycle, however, we know for a fact that the moon is on a 29.53059 day cycle (29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes). This means we will always have more than 28 days in a lunar month, which makes this theory very problematic.

    When looking at the lunar sabbath “evidence”, at first it sounds like it might actually be correct, and many sincere believers have been misled into following this pattern for their Sabbath observance. However, when we compare the Lunar Sabbath calendar with Scripture, we will quickly see that it does not line up with the Biblical Sabbath. …

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  30. And (someone stop me):



    What is the Lunar Sabbath Teaching?

    The lunar sabbath is a fairly recent teaching that is spreading throughout the seventh day sabbath keeping churches. And although there are slight differences in the teachings out there concerning the lunar sabbath, the core of the teaching seems to be constant. And that is the weekly sabbath is determined by the moon and occurs on the same DATES every month. These dates being the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.

    So the number of days between the ‘sabbath’ on the 29th day and the 8th day is NOT seven days, but either 8 days or 9 days, depending on how many days they pick for that month, which is either 30 or 29. …

    Ok, back to the Dodgers now. They’re still (remarkably) leading 1-0.


  31. Kizzie, when we have extended-family gatherings at our house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, we do a buffet-style serve-yourself set-up in the kitchen. Similar to Nightingale, I’ve been known to draw little diagrams of what dishes will be placed on which counters. 🙂

    I can spend hours redecorating a room, then I’ll sit for another hour and just look at it — while the room is still intact. 😉

    I enjoy hearing other firstborn stories. 🙂

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  32. DJ, that 10:03 — whew! That’s more math than my Friday-night brain can process. 😉

    I have to say that reading it reminded me of that scene in the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin saying the first day was like [a certain number of] days, and the second day like [some other number], and etc. LOL.

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  33. Oops, content warning. I meant that to start at 48 seconds in, but it didn’t work. Anyway, start at 0:48 for the part I quoted at 10:47.


  34. I’m not first born, but I will pull out all the serving dishes and plates so I know what everything will be served in. I put a little piece of paper with the item in the bowl (like ‘corn’) so that any helpers in the kitchen know which bowl I want the corn in. 🙂 and so that I know I’ve remembered everything.

    Decorating is in the details. I get to decorate for camp’s annual fundraising dinner. I’ve designed the centrepieces around the trees that came down in the big storm (I’ve used log rounds to hold the grouping of the centrepieces). I’ve also made it less formal by using our stuffed squirrels (toys) with Kadesh bandanas as a part of the centrepieces. (We sell the squirrels in the tuck shop for the campers to buy). I will also make the large gymnasium feel smaller with small brushy trees decorated with mini lights being used as a divider at the back of the room. I still need to find some napkins that match the bandana colour, wish me luck!

    I have also gone to the church the dinner is at and determined that I can dim the lights enough – last time we were there, all the lights were on as bright as they could go. I felt like wearing sunglasses.

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  35. Interesting, DJ. I thought I took guitar lessons there, on like, 13th below Pacific?

    I always thought it was a modern building, with white arches built of orange brick up steep stairs.

    But that was about 50 years ago!


  36. Sheesh Machado…..

    I’ve seen planes flying lower than that pitch…..

    You can’t hit ’em when they’re way up there. 😦


  37. Love Jansen, he bought a house in one of our local beach towns – and he’s had a rough year with medical issues. I believe’ he, line Kershaw, also is a committed Christian.


  38. Guess we have some Red Sox fans in the neighborhood, some fireworks went off when they tied the game.

    Gunshots are reserved for the home team.


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