53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-24-18

  1. Morning, Chas. No one is playing baseball here.
    I have been watching a short video over and over. It is my grandson Archie with a plastic bat hitting a large ball as Daddy tosses it to him. He keeps tapping the bat on the floor and saying, “Ready, Dada? I hit it.” Two months ago a short video showed Dada saying, “Ready, hit it.” I imagine he could keep hitting that ball quite a while.

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  2. Chas- Yes. The game went on last night as wise ones slumbered. TV has caused sports to adjust starting times rather than the sport starting at a reasonable hour.


  3. Plop-down. How’s that for a different view of a heron? Whatever it had its eye on, it didn’t catch. But I’d never seen a heron from that particular angle, chest-deep in water (I think it switched to swimming mode to be closer to the food) and with a gaze intent enough it makes one happy not to be a fish!

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  4. Kizzie, I have a fb friend who never answers a private message. I showed her what it was when we were together, but find she just does not go to that on her phone. She does put some things right on fb that would be far better to private message. (not about me, though). Perhaps that is true of your YF, although I would not doubt she would ignore you.

    I recently was sending a photo on Messenger to my daughters. After I uploaded the photo, a thing popped up to say I could ‘add to my story.’ Thinking it would just explain the photo I clicked that and wrote what the photo was. Actually, I did this to three photos. I later received a message from another friend who commented on the photo! I had not meant for her to see it. After consulting with one of my daughters, I found out that clicking on that “My Story” thing added everyone of my friends in on those photos. I have no idea why fb would do such a stupid thing. If I wanted it shared with everyone, why would I put it in a private message? In this case, none of the photos were something I would hate for others to see, but they could have been. Fair warning to anyone else out there who uses Messenger. I realize that you cannot trust anything put online to be really private, but this is ridiculous.

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  5. I think because I’m on messenger they pop up on my phone automatically.

    I hate that “my story” feature, something I posted would up in there, too, but I have no idea how. The whole “My Story” feature, which is new, just strikes me as narcissistic and self-involved so i’ve ignored it. But as Kathaleena said, it’ll pop things in there (although I suppose I hit something to cause it to do that — it was just a random post, nothing personal, but it wound up in that feature somehow).

    Yes, they’re still playing baseball. And my house is still being painted.

    Game 2 of the World Series is tonight. Sadly, the Dodgers were doing a good job at catch-up last night, they were trailing by one point then tied the game 4-4 when the Red Sox managed to load the bases with no outs fairly late in the game (6th or 7th inning?), which is never a good scenario for the other team. Sure enough, a home run followed and the game, essentially, was over with the score going to 8-4 where it stayed for the rest of the night. So sad.

    We’ll see how Game 2 goes tonight. And how the painting goes at my house today. Some things are destined to never end.


  6. Kathaleena – YA and I have exchanged private messages in the past, so I know that she does use that feature. Even if she didn’t, she could have replied to the comments I left on her posts. I really think she’s just playing games. But then that part of me that believes in giving people the benefit of the doubt tells me to be careful about declaring that.

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  7. Cheryl – Janie has the most intense stare when she is about to pounce on Heidi to start playing. Or when she is trying to “tell” us that she wants something (to go out or be fed). 🙂


  8. After a huge amount of trouble with FB messenger on my Ipad, I deleted it. I only read messages on my computer because it has better hack protection. I agree with whomever suggested you call her. It’s more polite anyway.


  9. You guys want to define spiritual warfare for me and explain if that’s what’s going on with my book? LOL

    Just define it–what does it look like and how do you know if you’re in the middle of it?

    I’m struggling to find other reasons for this whack-a-mole chaos!

    But I’m okay.


  10. Spiritual warfare: set forth clearly in Ephesians, we know we have the tools. Truth, Righteousness, Gospel of Peace, Faith, Salvation, Word of God. It would then appear that anything opposed to those would be what we are to struggle with as mentioned in 6:12. As long as we have put on those tools, we are prepared to stand firm. And so we pray and petition at all times in the Spirit, for all the saints that the mystery of the gospel be made known.

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  11. How do we then know if we are in the middle of it? We should always be in the middle of it and always clothed in the armor and always praying. Perhaps how do we know we are not doing our part? Lack of Truth, lack of Righteousness,lack of Peace, lack of Faith, lack of Salvation, lack of the Word of God.

    How does this play out in my own life? When I find myself too focused on my children or my feelings or me me me mememe. I need to get back into the Word, filling up with Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, Salvation and let that be worked out in prayer for my fellow believers that the Mystery will be proclaimed.

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  12. What mumsee said. And for me? My house. the house, the house, the house.

    See Wm. Gurnall: The Christian in Complete Armour: Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare (for more bite-sized pieces as a daily devotional).


  13. From Amazon:

    “The Christian in Complete Armour: Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare is packed with truths for spiritual triumph. Originally written in the seventeenth century by Pastor William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour is among the most highly regarded Christian books ever written n the English language. Charles Spurgeon called it ‘the best thought breeder in our library.’; John Newton said, ‘If I might read only one book beside the Bible, I would choose The Christian in Complete Armour.’;

    This version, edited into modern English and compiled into 365 readings by editor James S. Bell, Jr., gives Christians soul-searching and inspiring devotional supplements to the Bible. For baby believers and seasoned ones alike, The Christian in Complete Armour: Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare will help readers walk and stand in the triumph of Christ.”


  14. Michelle – In these days when emails and texts are common, I don’t think a phone call is any more polite. When we receive an email or text, we can take our time thinking about how to answer, as well as not being interrupted at what could be an inopportune time.

    If Mrs. McK does not use her email anymore, then I will ask for her phone number and send her a text. (She and I used to send email “notes” – as she called them – quite frequently when they lived upstairs.)


  15. The advantage with a phone call, and it’s an important one, IMHO, is that you can adjust in real time how you say your piece, based on how your listener is reacting. And face-to-face is even better, because you not only hear your listener’s tone, but you can pick up on body language, as well.

    With the printed word, misunderstandings can arise before a reader even finishes what the writer has expressed. With writing, although you have more time to contemplate exactly what you want to say, there is no in-the-moment feedback that could help guide the trajectory of your comment if it’s received in a different way than you intend.

    Words alone, without the ability to audibly hear the response of your audience, or see their body language as they respond to your words, can and too often do get misinterpreted. The more avenues of communication you close off, the harder it is to get your meaning and motive across.

    Speaking (or writing), with chagrin, from experience.


  16. Kizzie, in the e-mail vs. phone call question, I’m sympathetic with you. I don’t like phone calls except with people I feel close to. For a business purpose (e.g., contacting customer service when an order has gone wrong), I’d rather send an e-mail. I also recognize that it is a weakness and not a strength, a holdover from my “shy” days because I simply have never had a lot of phone experience. (I’ve never had a friend with whom I’ve talked by phone weekly or more often. My sister in our younger days, but she hardly counts.)

    However, this woman was once enough of a friend to you that you invited her into your house. Your daughter lives with her. It seems to me that it is in your mutual best interest that you have a relationship with her. When I was in my twenties, a couple of my housemates’ mothers got to know me, and that was a mutual blessing. How much more important is it to keep open the lines of communication with an older housemate (not a peer to your daughter), who has some influence over her? Yes, it is likely to bring some inconvenience to you–but it seems you are more likely to have her hear you by making the request as a friend, and keeping the lines of communication open here is important. Would you not want her to pick up the phone and call you, for instance, if your daughter were to have a medical emergency? This is a bit like keeping the lines open with in-laws (whether or not we like them); it’s important.


  17. What pretty colors in the current header!

    Third Arrow and I are off to choir practice soon. We’re rehearsing to sing for Reformation services the first Sunday in November. There have been two practices so far, but she wasn’t able to make either of them, due to her work schedule. Tonight she got home about an hour earlier than usual, so she can rehearse with us this time. (I do have copies of the music at home that she can practice here, but of course it’s nice to be able to rehearse with most or all of the ensemble when possible.)

    She’s a soprano, I’m an alto, so we won’t be sitting in the same section, but it will be nice to have her along for the trip to and from church.

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  18. Things have been going well with getting judges for district auditions in March. I’ve got four judges all set to go, and only need one more. I do have one “maybe” reply, and a large list of other possible judges if she ends up not being able to judge. I’m excited that we’ve just about got our full line-up established, so soon after beginning the search!

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  19. News blurb from our state today:

    A man who was house-sitting for his parents decided to use a blowtorch to kill black widows and ended up setting the house on fire. Authorities haven’t released the official cause yet but think the blow torch played a role. No word on the spiders.

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  20. Oh, my, and followed by this one:

    Flushmate is recalling 1.4 million toilet flushing systems sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s stores because the units can explode, according to CPSC.


  21. The new header photo is a far more typical hunting-great-blue-heron shot. The bird was also much farther back in the pond, before much of it dried out as summer came to a close. That area back there doesn’t have herons wading any more, but squirrels running around and looking for tidbits. I’m hoping that it’s just a seasonal thing and next spring and summer the whole thing will have water again. The other alternative is that the beavers created their own pond, partially draining this one in the process. Whatever happened, the great blue herons and turtles are forced closer to the front (my side), but I’ve seen very few green herons and no wood ducks. And the pond itself is not as pretty, with muddy patches and half-buried soda cans and the like . . .

    Anyway, I like the colors in this shot, and I also like it that a few of the grasses are in front of the heron (but without hiding it at all); it makes the shot three-dimensional.


  22. Still calming down. Had an emergency case come in at the end of the day. Nothing spectacular in the end, but I must admit to some personal satisfaction in getting an IV line in on the first try while in an emergency situation. The last few days have been a challenge with some significant ups and downs, so it was a nice way to end the day.

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  23. Interesting piece on children who stray from the faith



    Michael Horton

    … A lot of times Proverbs 22:6 is kind of used as a talisman, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Well, like all Proverbs, it’s a general statement about the way things usually go. It’s not a universal promise that if you do X, God will do Y. This isn’t magic. We see this with Jacob and Esau. They were twins, raised in the same house, under the same covenant of grace, and yet Esau sold his birthright for a pot of stew. …

    … We must also, remember, prodigals do return and discover the welcoming embrace of the Father who has never given up on them. Think of the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. All of this just reminds us that faith is a gift and God’s free to show mercy on whom he will show mercy.

    As Paul reminds us in Romans 9:15, quoting Exodus. “Salvation is not in our hands. And I think Christian parents can feel guilty when a child strays: “but I guess we didn’t do X enough.” Or they could become angry with God, “I did do X, but hey, God, you didn’t do Y.” But this is a sort of works-righteousness as if we could save our kids by our works. Just invoke Proverbs 22:6 and God’s obligated or we’re obligated and we didn’t do it. No, you’ve gotta leave the results to God, train them up in the way they should go. Leave the results to him.

    Ordinarily raising our kids as children of the Lord in Christ, exposing them to the means of grace (preaching, baptism and the supper), will be the means God uses so that when they’re old, they will not depart from it. But not always. We can’t play God here. We can only trust in God’s mercy, make use of the means of grace and pray that the Lord will lead his own sheep back to his sheepfold when they stray.

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  24. I still need to read the comments since my last one, but I am jumping in to ask a favor.

    Do any of you know what crafting scissors are? Nightingale mentioned that she would like a good pair for Christmas. I searched on Amazon, but a bunch of different kinds of scissors come up, even with trying to refine the search to crafting scissors. Since I am not familiar with what they should look like, I don’t want to order the wrong thing.

    So. . .if any of you do know what they are, could you go find some on Amazon and then share the link (or links) with me here? That would be greatly appreciated.


  25. More news:

    HADDONFIELD, N.J. — The woman who created a Thanksgiving staple enjoyed by millions — the green bean casserole — has died at age 92.

    … Reilly was a Campbell Soup kitchen supervisor in 1955 when she combined the ingredients of the now-legendary green bean casserole for an Associated Press feature.

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  26. Kizzie, maybe it depends on whether these are paper or other kinds of crafts?

    For paper, this is what came up in a google answer:

    What are the best craft scissors?
    Reviewed: The Best Paper Craft Scissors
    Cutter Bee Scissors. …
    Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors. …
    Fiskars Softtouch Micro-Tip Scissors. …
    Judikins Detail Scissors.

    You could also call a Joann’s or a Michael’s or whatever crafty-type stores you have locally for advice.


  27. I like what Cheryl wrote to you at 5:30, Kizzie. Also, if you do decide to call Mrs. McK, you could do a combined approach of talking on the phone, but also have pre-written some or all of the thoughts you want to share in your conversation.

    This isn’t exactly the same, but I have a phone interview sheet I keep handy for when new piano inquiries come in. It helps me remember better what I want to say. And it serves as a thought-collector when the conversation goes in a bit of a different direction than one might anticipate. (I get more inquiries from people looking for a different teacher after a previous lesson experience than I do for new students just embarking on piano, and the stories I hear from some of these potential transfer student parents can get fairly involved, that it’s easy to forget some of the other things I want to find out, as well!)

    Anyway, just a thought — (pre-)written and spoken communications can be combined if you’re concerned that phone conversations feel too much like a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants situation.

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  28. Kizzie, I do crafting (particularly homemade cards), and I like Fiskars. But really you need to know what she wants to do. I personally have all-purpose paper-cutting scissors (Fiskars and some others) but also some with teeny-tiny little tips for precision cutting. And if she is looking to cut fabric, or sheets of metal, or something else, that will mean something else entirely.

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  29. Nervous? Discouraged (but not overly surprised) is more like it.

    I just got home and was following the score on my commute. When I stopped at the store. the Dodgers were (gasp) ahead, albeit only by 1. I got home just in time to see the Red Sox jump ahead by 2 and then dispatch the Dodgers quickly with three successive outs.

    Most of us don’t expect LA to win this series, the Red Sox are (I hate to say it) probably the better team. The Dodgers have had an uneven season which also doesn’t bode well.

    But we’ll see. It would be good to see it be at least competitive. Last year’s World Series loss was heartbreaking for LA but the teams were very evenly matched and it was a hard-fought series that you couldn’t not watch. No regrets, they gave it their all. It just turned out wrong. 🙂


  30. We’re all loving this commercial as it was all shot in our town — including the alleys, the beach market, the Godmother’s bar corner …


  31. And this is 11 from 57! (It would have been a dozen but for some reason I have to refresh the screen to comment anymore.)


  32. As to the “train up a child” verse, I have read that it can also be translated as “Train up a child in the way he would go…” In other words, let them alone and they’ll never depart from wickedness. Goes along with “He who spares his rod hates his son” from Proverbs 13.


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