47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-19-18

  1. WOW! Those are big eyes!
    I am married to an 87 year old woman.
    The Sweetest Woman in the World turned 87 today.
    She has an older sister who was in the hospital, but has been transferred to hospice. they are just waiting. Argaree is 89. She and Polly were close to Elvera. they were about the same age. Except Polly is the baby. She is 81 now.

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  2. Happy birthday to the SWITW.

    I think one of the saddest things about living long must be losing those you love. OTOH, it does make you want to join those you love in heaven.

    I hope you both have a lovely day, Chas, however you might celebrate.

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  3. I probably am NOT TSWITW but I love that Elvera is. Chas, your love story makes us all happy.

    I have been drinking Yogi Bedtime Tea. I think it’s helping. I am also working on carving out some time to go off alone for 10 minutes or so and clear my mind. All around me is chaos and clutter and my response to it is not good. It makes me angry which then shuts me down.

    On the positive side, I have always joked that I have the eating habits of a 20-year-old Frat Boy.
    A few weeks ago I had a conversation about it with Mr. P and told him that I was ordering a meal plan because I couldn’t continue to do this. I ordered one that provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks per day. I add fresh vegetables. It all arrived last Wednesday, so I started it on Thursday. I have lost 5 pounds! I am not in this to be a size 2/4 again. I just want the clothes that are already in my closet to fit and not feel tired all the time.

    Off to make the calls. My event Wednesday went well. The photos are on FB

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  4. I’ve been drinking Yogi tea as well, and it does relax me.

    OTOH, I’m out at the moment and had to make do with Celestial Seasons SleepTme EXTRA last night.

    It was a bad night.

    When I did fall asleep, I had a nightmare–which seems even more unfair!

    The doctor told me the other day to try either Valerian or Melatonin, but I have to take it every night for two weeks before the effect starts to set in.

    Since one has to be taken with a meal, that’s not working well for me, so last night it was the ineffectual tea. The Valerian made me feel very strange and heavy until I finally fell asleep three hours after I went to bed.

    I just need to remember to give up and pray.

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  5. Our newest Adorable is a month old today and since his siblings have a day off from school, his mother wants to take them all to the beach.

    I may take some time off today to go with them–three rambunctious kids, a Boston Terrier, and a tiny baby at the beach seem a bit much for one mother to me.

    But then, I’m an old-fashioned grandma who hasn’t seen the baby in at least 10 days and is ashamed of herself.

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  6. One of my granddaughters turned two yesterday. It has been more than ten days since I saw her or her little brother. Or her cousins. I have never seen the one in Virginia.

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  7. Michelle, after you mentioned on here one day that you use the sleepy time tea, I remembered that I had bought some and never used it. But I looked, and it was the Celestial one we have. I fixed it . . . and had a more sleepless night than usual. I lay awake the entire night, which is unusual for me. (I do have an occasional night of an hour or less of sleep, but those are rare. And to have one after consuming a product intended to help one sleep isn’t a good sign.)

    Melatonin usually helps me, but I don’t take it every night–in fact, I try not to take it two nights in a row, figuring it would hurt its effectiveness to take it too often. ??? Some weeks I don’t take it at all, and dome weeks I take it two or three times. Occasionally I take it and still don’t sleep well, occasionally I take it and get nine hours of sleep, but most of the time it’s somewhere in between–I take an hour to go to sleep, sleep deeply for three or four hours, get up to use the bathroom, am awake (but dozy) for half an hour or so, and then get another four. That’s better than my usual night, and the sleep seems a bit deeper, so that works.

    Last night I might have gotten nine hours of sleep, more or less straight through, without taking anything at all!! These days that is very, very rare, and it usually only happens when I’m sick or when I’m way short on sleep (neither of which is the case), so I was blessed to have such a night.


  8. I generally go to sleep between seven thirty and eight thirty and get up between four thirty and five thirty. I usually sleep between those times. Sometimes not but usually.

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  9. I’ve been around a lot of Texans who say “fixin’ ta” in place of wanting or planning. “Ah’m fixin’ ta go ta the lake today ’n’ git some fishin’ in.”

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  10. Happy Birthday Elvera. Enjoy that fixed breakfast.

    An election story I wrote yesterday included a candidate’s statement that he intended simply to “fix” the city’s main boulevard. Not sure what that meant and because he was one of many candidates in a rather obscure city that we usually don’t even cover I stuck “fix” in scare quotes and let it go. Maybe those who live there will get it. 🙂

    Once again we’re trying to juggle election stories with a much-too small staff. It means we’re all having to write stories on races for areas we normally don’t cover (on very short deadlines) which puts you at a real disadvantage in being able to provide readers any kind of context. We have no regular sources in those areas and are not familiar with the issues. Turns out the city I had to write about yesterday went through a recall effort just last year which was bad news especially for me, though I was able to find something short and straight-forward about it on the Ballotpedia website, thankfully. Otherwise, all I had were a couple clearly opinionated articles written in what appeared to be a local one-man-owned-and-produced city newsletter.

    I was up a couple times last night, I have been hit by some more evil mosquitos (I even heard one buzzing in my room one night) so am taking 1 Benadryl before going to bed to calm down some of the intense itching that again have come up on my legs and ankles/feet. I think it’s making me not sleep naturally though. Anyway, I was never awake for long, thankfully. Even when I decided to read a bit it didn’t last long, only 10 minutes or so before I was ready to fall asleep again. Still, I get up not feeling very rested.

    We are in the middle of a Santa Ana wind pattern as well which has everyone completely dried out and sneezing a lot. No humidity in the air, it’s very dry and either hot or cold, depending on the time of day.

    But it is Friday. 🙂 One more election story to do today and I’m done with my pre-election to-do list. Then it’s on to election night which will be very late and crowded for us as they’re putting us all in one rather smallish newsroom at one of our sister papers.

    Election night is one of those things that’s fun when your’e a young reporter — not so much after a couple decades or so. 😦


  11. I am happy to report that between a lot of prayer and a library card and a you tube video, I got the bathroom door unlocked. I let them know that if it “accidentally” happened again, they would not be allowed to use that bathroom but would get to go all the way to the boys’ bathroom.

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  12. Mumsee, you don’t have one of those doorknobs with a hole in the knob? I thought those were standard on bathroom doors.

    We are living in the same state, but a new region and new county, and we still need to research the candidates and issues. I cared about politics when I was young, but now I find few of them trustworthy, don’t really believe that my vote “counts,” and see it mostly as a waste of time. We can go back to heads of households voting, as far as I care, and leave me out of it!


  13. I seem to be the head of my household so I’m stuck either way.

    It matters, of course, although it is all under God’s providence as well. Still, we are to be faithful in participating through the means God has provided us as citizens of a free nation.

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  14. All my door knobs are wobbly.

    Only a couple more windows, the back sliding glass door and the garage door left to paint … then a final walk through with cleanups and fixes where needed … then, done with that.

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  15. I like this country, would not want to be a citizen of any other but it is not my home. We should make the effort available to us to keep it up and running well, but if enough citizens don’t like it the way it is, they will change it and that will not be the end of the world. Though it will be the end of a lot of people’s comfort. And not just American citizens’ comfort.

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  16. Happy Birthday to Elvera!

    Glad your Wednesday event went well, Kim. I’m not on Facebook, or I’d go look at those photos.

    I’m accustomed to waking up at least once a night. It’s the rare night — maybe once or twice a year — that I sleep for 7 or 8 hours straight.

    I tried melatonin. Nasty stuff for me; it brought on frequent nightmares. I hear vivid dreams can be a side effect of taking melatonin. Mine were both vivid and unpleasant a lot of the time when I was taking it, even after cutting down the dosage after a while.

    I’d rather be awake than scared in my sleep.


  17. Plain chamomile tea is good for relaxing into sleep. Mostly I make a cup right before bed and have it on the nightstand and fall asleep before I drink it (waiting for it to cool). Maybe you are suppose to do that with the Sleepy Time tea, too. Sniff it and sleep well. The chamomile tea clears up stuffy sinus problems which can help with sleep from my perspective.


  18. I’ve spent a good portion of the day dealing with cars. I am too frustrated to even write about it. Well, I will say, it took about four minutes to get the tire pressure monitoring system indicator recalibrated at the dealership I purchased the car from. The other dealership yesterday wanted $140.00 to diagnose the problem of the indicator light staying on after the small spare “donut” had been used. The other car needed a battery replacement which was free of charge since it was under warranty. We will do an oil comsumption check on the car. The service person today said they see no problem. Time will tell.

    Miss Bosley is settled into my lap and is not looking wild like she did in the header.

    I feel so tired from all the hassles of life. I think I will take a nap. Miss Bosley agrees that a nap will be nice. The weather is cooler and I have had no coffee today. It was too late to get any at Chick-fil-A formy late afternoon lunch.


  19. yesterday was a better day at school. The little girl was happy, but when I caught her and the other Dutch girl painting the railings on the verandah, they had a lesson on cleaning.
    After multiple tries
    I could not get on this site or any others last night – frustrating.

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  20. I read a favorite collection of poetry for children to 5th and 6th Arrows this afternoon: The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders. Rhymes by Jack Prelutsky; pictures by Petra Mathers.


    Janice, I thought of you when we got to the poem on page 19, which begins

    Peanut Peg and Peanut Pete,
    on a bright Atlanta street…


    A lot of the poems have geographical references, mostly in the U.S., with some in states/provinces where members of this blog live, if not the exact city: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Indianapolis, El Paso and Fort Worth,Tuscaloosa, Thunder Bay, San Jose, Tucumcari. (I had to look that last one up, as well as Winnemucca; didn’t know the former was in New Mexico — or the latter in Nevada. I don’t think we have anyone from Nevada [I keep wanting to spell that Nevade] here, do we?)

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  21. Jo, I couldn’t get on the internet yesterday afternoon or evening yesterday, either, even though the internet wasn’t down. Gmail was acting really strange; that’s where I have my business email accounts, and when I’d try to log in, the little line of color that runs along the top of the login box just kept running and running, over and over, without letting me in. Other sites I tried, too, like this one, would not come up.

    Did anyone else have trouble with their internet yesterday? Or last week? First Arrow’s was out for a whole week where he lives. Really strange.

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  22. I use to read Jack Prelutsky with Wesley. Now he is writing a dissertation using several long form poems as part of the subject. You never know, 6 Arrows, where Jack Prelutsky will take your arrow!


  23. My only granddaughter is about two months old, and I haven’t seen her since her first week of life. I expect to see her three or four times a year. Except for my oldest brother living in Arizona for the early years of his first two children, my mother never lived in the same state as any of her grandchildren–and number 14 was on the way when she died. (She now has 16 biological grandchildren, plus 2 adopted and 4 steps, and I have two brothers yet to weigh in. A dozen or so “greats” so far, but all pre-teens and there could be a good number more.)


  24. TSWITW had a nice day. Linda took some pastry over to the place she goes on Wed. and Fri. and they had a little party. She got a BD balloon and Chuck & Linda came over and brought her a card and a present.
    She won’t remember much of it, but it was a nice experience.


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  25. Sounds like a nice day, Chas.

    I just filed my last election story, whew.

    Now I’m sitting all alone in the newsroom, everyone else (all 2 of them) are gone. The Dodger game is on the overhead TV, I muted the sound (they’re ahead 1-0, still in the first inning).

    Had a brief texting go-around with Real Estate Guy who was giving me a hard time about painting the ‘new’ windows and sliding door in back of the house, says just leave them white, no one will see them but me. NOOOOoooooo. I specifically bought some (that were a bit more expensive than vinyl) that are supposed to be “paintable” and painted they’ll be.

    It’s all gotta match.

    He and I really have different ideas about these things.

    He said ‘remember I told you so’ when the paint all melts and falls off in a year.

    We’ll see.

    That is one of the biggest downsides of these new faux windows — you’re pretty much trapped into trim colors for most of them. Although I heard that black metal is becoming more popular now than the white vinyl.

    My new windows are something called Fibrex, it’s a composite with some wood in it. Still not great for painting, I’m sure, but I was told it was doable.


  26. Long hard day here, just finishing up the last of the evening chores when I noticed the neighbor’s mule had let our horses out. Argh. I do not chase horses over hill and dale.

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  27. We went to a new beach for me, but it was nice to sit wrapped up in a towel and chat with my daughter-in-law while the three older kids ran like banshees and the baby nursed.

    I’m bushed from all that sea breeze and am calling it a day on work. There’s always tomorrow.

    Thanks for your comments on sleep. I’ll try Melatonin tonight, just to keep it interesting!

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  28. Janice, that’s so cool about Wesley! Two of my girls love writing, so, yes, we’ll see where Prelutsky takes them. 🙂


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