59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-10-18

  1. Good night Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.

    I think I told you that I had a disk made of some home movies my dad made many years ago.
    I sent the stuff to Legacy Box and they digitized it.
    Terrible photography buy my sister says she enjoyed it.

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  2. Before our last family reunion, I scanned family photos and made a 100-page paperback book (through Blurb) for each of my siblings and gave them the link to order more in hardcover or paperback, as well as a flash drive with all the photos and a few more. It included family history none of us knew (we didn’t even know the names of Dad’s parents, or the name of his brother who had died as an infant) and photos of a few ancestors. I also included first and last pages of a letter Mom’s mom wrote to her (in Nigeria) congratulating her on her upcoming wedding, and the flash drive included all the pages.

    Only my oldest brother knew what I was doing (I went to him for some family info as I was putting them together), and we must have had an hour of near-reverent flipping through pages.

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  3. Morning! That stunning photo up there makes me think “Spring”!! But here it is 27 degrees and my front walk has a layer of ice upon the surface…poor doggies slippin’ and a slidin’ on their way out this morning….. ❄️

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  4. The photo has two more butterflies from that Sunday afternoon I got the three buckeyes, the same plant. These are both sulphurs (occasionally spelled “sulfurs,” but I usually see it with the “ph”), but what species I cannot say. If you look really closely they have pink on the edges of their wings. When they fly, the insides of their wings have brighter yellow, black edges, and sometimes (depending on the species and the sex) some orange. Notice the green eyes, too.

    There are multiple species of sulphur. They’re fairly small butterflies, they come out (at least in Indiana) in vast numbers in late summer, and they tend to fly from one flower to another in patches of small flowers like these asters. It’s easier to get “flight” photos of these than of most other butterflies because of that tendency to fly often and to stay within the same patch of flowers for an extended period. Notice again the aster centers starting out yellow and turning red as they are pollinated; most of these particular flowers have both colors in their center, but several are still all yellow.

    Botanists refer to flowers by their pollinators. Flowers might be insect-pollinated, or bee-pollinated, bird-pollinated, bat-pollinated, wind-pollinated, self-pollinated, etc. If they are pollinated by insects (bees, butterflies, etc.), then they often have multiple central “ray flowers” (like these) with tiny drops of nectar in each one so that the insect has to visit lots of them to get a meal. A hummingbird or bat would not find it worth its while to visit these. Larger butterflies and bumblebees are also more likely to visit bigger flowers.

    God put so many interesting details in the way His world works together.

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  5. Re: Cheryl’s comment on how God’s world works together. I may have told you this before, but”
    In Hendersonville, there was a man living about a mile from me who had honey bees.
    None of my business, Right?
    Well, I had some blackberry bushes.
    My blackberries would bloom and his bees came to my bushes for nectar.
    While they were there, they pollinated the blackberries.
    They then went off to make honey. Not caring about my bushes anymore.
    But my bushes made some blackberries.
    Birds came and ate some of the blackberries and dropped some seed somewhere else and some bushes were made.
    Meanwhile, I got some blackberry pie.
    But the man, for some reason, didn’t keep the bees any longer. None of my business. Right?
    Only I no longer had any blackberry pie.

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  6. Love, love, love that header, Cheryl!

    I am still tired from that long trip, and I have had no time to unpack since I am at the office almost from dark to dark. I need to work on Medicare signup, but the office is busy with extension doings.

    Has anyone ever heard someone say the word crunk for cranked? I heard that used yesterday. It took me a moment to understand.


  7. Depends on the context, Janice. It used to be that men had to crank the car to start it.
    And when a man was all set to go for something, he would say he was “cranked up”. otherwise, I’ve never heard of it.

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  8. The baby is here with us today. I put a prayer request on that thread. She is VERY cranky.
    We are about 50 miles west of Pensacola and right now they are saying that the storm is about 90 miles east of Pensacola. The storm surge is estimated to be about 4 ft in Pensacola. My office is inland so we aren’t worried about the water there. The “Kids” live off of Navy Blvd near NAS so they probably don’t need to stay in their apartment. I think they should come here, they are still not sure what they will do.

    I am somewhat afraid that my prediction may come true. The Weather Channel has called “Wolf” too many times and the storms have been a good thunderstorm. Now the mayors of various towns and the Governor of Florida are telling residents that if they haven’t evacuated to shelter in place and rescue workers lives will not be risked to save them. Quite dramatic don’t you think? I posted earlier on FB about there being a best actor/actress category at the Oscars for the weather reporters. Now they are hearing the fear in each other’s voices as they are reporting from various areas.

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  9. Yes, be careful all of you in the storm path, when I went to bed last night I took a last look at my phone news alerts before putting it on the charger pad and saw that it had been raised to a Category 4. ! Hoping it loses at least some of that power fast at landfall but it will still do a lot of damage, I’m sure.

    Great blackberry pie story — and what a wonderful idea putting together that ancestry book, Cheryl.

    Cheryl’s also outdone herself this week with these recent banner photos, beautiful, funny and illuminating. We get to see the usually unseen world around us because most of us are always so busy running to and fro to get here and there. So grateful that God gave you a pond and some time in which you can hang out there with your camera 🙂

    The rear bedroom window is now unstuck again, it was the paint that had virtually *nailed* it shut earlier this week. Painter was able to free it yesterday and both glass panels now move freely up and down (it’s one of those old double-hung wood windows with the rope pulleys) as smooth as can be. One of the things I’m especially grateful for in this 2+ year-long house project is that these wood windows could be saved and restored.

    My neighbor says the next guy will just replace them all with vinyl windows anyway, although I hope not. But if so, it is what it is. In the end, it’s just a house, after all. But at least it won’t have happened on my watch. 🙂

    Meanwhile, the house and the long-awaited paint job is creeping closer to being done. Slowly creeping …

    And thanks to painters watering and throwing out more of the grass seed from a huge bag I’d bought early in the summer, the front yard is looking nice and green. The purple Mexican sage is blooming and coming back to life (after it was pulled away from the bottom of the house so they could access that area to paint).

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  10. Please note that what I am about to write about YF is not in the spirit of complaining about her, but out of a concern for both her and Chickadee (who is greatly influenced by her).

    Something has occurred to me recently, although it has been right in my face for a while. Some time ago, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that YF is not “teachable,” as we Christians use the word. I seriously hesitate to say that, as that is a harsh statement. But what has come clear to me is this – that YF’s ideologies are so strong that even experience will not budge them.

    One example is how she use her many years of babysitting a variety of children, as well as her degree in child psychology, to stand behind her assertion that there is really no difference in the behavior of girls and boys. Boys are no more active or aggressive than girls. (Yes, there are some girls who are very active, and some boys who are more passive, but in general, boys are more active and aggressive than girls.)

    If she really has done all the babysitting she claims, and has known as many children as she claims, then I would say that her ideology – that gender is a social construct and there is little difference between men and women, boy and girls – has blinded her to what is before her face.

    This is just one example, but we have seen it in other matters, too. That kind of mindset, of being so blinded by one’s own ideology despite evidence to the contrary being right in front of one’s eyes, is scary, and dangerous for her from a spiritual perspective. (It is also dangerous for my Chickadee, who looks up to YF and seems to have taken on many (most?) of her beliefs and views.)

    This morning, some of my Bible reading was in Proverbs. Some of the study notes were about fools, that they are unteachable. Sadly, that brought YF to mind, and I started to cry for her, and pray that God would get through to her.

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  11. My parents lived in North Charleston, SC. When a hurricane came, they left.
    Getting away from a hurricane is always a good idea. I have been in them when I lived in N. Charleston. They are exciting, but not fun.

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  12. Who would leave a dead mouse in the middle of the kitchen floor!!???

    Oh yeah. The Giant Blue Kitten. She must look terrifying! to those tiny rodents at her mercy. Or lack thereof.

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  13. chas (10:54), that’s pretty brilliant actually. You could make and sell cute house plaques with that nugget written on them. So often people forget the obvious and it’s good to be reminded. 🙂

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  14. Kizzie, she sees only what she wants to see (or is pre-determined to see, only that which fits her world view). We all lean toward that, I fear, I have some pretty strong opinions that are probably not easily dislodged. It’s good to be reminded we need to always be teachable. True faith in God helps immensely, of course, as through that we are often reminded of how little we can ultimately know or understand.

    The “no difference” between male and female was beginning to be taught when I was in college and taking sociology classes. My mom rightly scoffed at such nonsense. Though I was a pretty rough-and-tumble tomboy growing up, I was no match for my boy cousin.

    The other day at the dog park one of the guys, who is very liberal, a nice guy (50s), but who falls for a lot of the contemporary pablum so popular now, was saying on his latest job application there was a question about what gender the applicant was — male, female, or non-binary (a catch-all category for gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine‍, according to Wikipedia).

    Someone else asked what the heck that meant, I somewhat mocked the entire concept, he kept insisting that this was the sensitive way of the future.

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  15. The kind of ironic thing, and an example of how she can be quite inconsistent in her ideologies, is that on one hand, she believes, as I wrote above, “that gender is a social construct and there is little difference between men and women, boy and girls”, but on the other hand, she strongly supports transgender rights, and often shares things about how violent many men are, noting that violence against women is usually perpetrated by their boyfriend or husband.

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  16. Science, itself, will show how foolish those ideas are. Unfortunately, the ‘science’ believing liberals will not believe the science for that anymore than they believe the science that shows us a human being is a human being from conception.

    Studies on the brain show male and female differences. The studies are fascinating and good to understand. For both men and women those studies can help you learn about and respect the differences in the genders. That can help us not continue to ridicule the differences, but accept them and work with each other in a better way.

    YF will believe just what she wants to believe, but she has no idea there is a God and He is not bound by her belief system. He longs for her to come and will not fail to give her some reality checks. One can only pray…

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  17. The above “Hold my beer and watch this” photo was taken in P’cola on Monday. I didn’t hear any sirens later so I assume all ended well. No, there we no ropes securing it and there were electric trimmers involved.

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  18. Ladder on roof: What could go wrong?

    Neighbor just called (I’m at work) to ask if I knew a good lawyer as she was about to commit violence on painter’s sidekick who again was using the debris blower in my driveway and causing a dust cloud to engulf her newly washed bedding on a clothesline.

    “Getting away from a hurricane is always a good idea.” Another good all-purpose phrase. Proverbs by Chas.

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  19. I hope you don’t mind my asking, Kizzie (my question is because I’m lacking context, not being on Facebook), but why do you call “YF” YF (Young Friend), instead of, say, YA (Young Acquaintance)?

    How has she ascended from the level of an acquaintance to that of a friend? How did she, in the past, show herself to be a friend to you, and how does she continue to exhibit that?

    I honestly don’t see anything remotely resembling true friendship in her words and actions toward you. She sets my teeth on edge. You deserve better than that. When I see the initials YF, friend is not the f-word that comes to mind.

    Excuse my bluntness.

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  20. I myself left a dead (or injured) mouse in the middle of my kitchen once.

    I came home from church in the evening and walked across the kitchen. I stepped on something soft and figured it was a sock. Then my brain said, “Wait . . . there wasn’t a sock there.” So I turned on the light, and there lay a mouse, wiggling with a broken back or some other such injury. I felt horrible and not sure what to do. I didn’t own the house and didn’t really have any tools, and I’m not the kind of person who can just smash a creature with a brick, even to put it out of its misery. I have heard since that the quickest way to put a small creature out of its misery is your exhaust pipe, but I hadn’t heard that and didn’t think of it. I ended up flushing it.

    I didn’t know I had mice. Had I known, and had I tried to step on a living mouse, I could not have done so. But in the dark I did so with some perfect timing, I guess.

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  21. We had a centipede crawling on the kitchen floor here at the office last week. I got a paper towel to pick it up and carry it outside. I mumbled a prayer hoping it could stay outside.


  22. Our new office worker brought in some old cookbooks, and I found a really (to me) unusual handwritten recipe.

    Pork Sandwich Filling
    2 cups lean pork
    3 pared apples
    1/2 cup nuts
    Salt and Pepper
    1/2 cup peanut butter
    1 cup mayo dressing
    The first three ingredients are ground together. The rest is mixed in.

    Has anyone ever seen such, or better yet, tasted it?


  23. Sounds good, Janice, except the mayo. I would definitely not use that but that is just me. I would use mustard. Which just might completely change the taste sensation….

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  24. The new one is a single common buckeye, one of the three. I couldn’t figure out which photo I liked better, the one that showed one insect perfectly or the one that showed three at an angle. (Probably the one that showed three.) So I sent AJ both. But this one shows more detail, down to the hairs on its abdomen.

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  25. It is dark here. Once the sun has dipped below the equator, the days shorten rapidly. I am used to extensive fluctuation in day length from home, but right now it feels as if I’ve been catapulted two months into the future, since the snow level and day length is about the same as early December down south. I have already acquired the habit of speaking of the more densely inhabited part of Canada as the south. The Inuit say it is far too hot down south and look forward to the ice and snow of winter. Canadian southerners often wonder why anyone would want to live in the remote north – some have gone so far as to question why the Inuit don’t just move south, arguing it would be more convenient for all concerned – but the answer is that they love their land and it breaks their hearts to leave it.

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  26. Most creepy crawlies find the door for me. If it’s a roach, I flush it; if it’s a tick or a mosquito, I kill it. But crickets, wasps, bees, etc. I attempt to catch them and toss them out.


  27. 6 Arrows – That’s a good question.

    We were friends with her family in general for quite a few years. Her mom and I were pretty close for over 15 years. Then there is the idea of someone we don’t even know being a “Facebook friend”. So I guess that’s why. 🙂

    If I remember, I will try to refer to her as YA if I ever bring her up again.


  28. I think I apologized to the mouse I dispatched the other night. I say “I think” I did because I don’t specifically remember, but it is what I would do. I’m pretty sure I did.

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