33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-5-18

  1. good evening Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    Squirrel is headed off for a snack.

    I was laying there thinking things before it was time to get up. I remembered my fiftieth HS reunion we attended in 1997. We left early and Alice said, “Leaving already?” Elvera said, “He used to keep me up past midnight. Now he gets me home before dark.”
    Mostly true. It occurred to me that as long as I had her, it didn’t matter where “here” was.

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  2. I notice the woman on Fox and Friends has never worn the same dress twice.
    The men wear the same suit every day. They have them cleaned on weekends.
    They do change ties. One day one wears blue, the other red. The next day they switch around.
    But there ain’t no difference between man and women.

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  3. Good morning, dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

    Here in Connecticut, it is a beautiful, sunny, crisp fall day. I like the cloudy and rainy days, too. There is beauty in each kind of day.

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  4. That squirrel knows winter is coming and it’s time to stock up.

    We’re in for a cloudy day. So far the fall has been mostly cool — it isn’t always that way so we’re grateful. We get the 80-ish+ degree days (and hotter) quite often this time of year. I guess we blew it all east to Chas’ neighborhood this year.

    I have an easy story to do today but it will involve interviewing someone who’s one of the hardest people to talk to — a longtime ethnic restaurant owner in town who has one of those BIG, overbearing personalities — he can be volatile and pushy, talking over you & trying to take over the interview. The topic I’m calling him about isn’t controversial, but that may not matter. He’ll give you a huge bear hug and is great when he likes you. Unfortunately, he has grievances against the paper and me (for stories on issues he’s opinionated about) so no hugs for me anymore. 🙂 At least this is phone interview.

    I still haven’t looked at the *new* accent color on the front of the house in daylight yet. But I kind of caught a good look at last night when I took the trash out and had the porch light on — I think it’ll be fine. It’s not a color I’d ever pick for anything, it looks like mud, but the overall look against the other 2 primary colors on the house I think works. Pictures coming Kim’s way.

    My cousin and I may grab a lunch out tomorrow which will be a nice break, assuming painters will be around this weekend.

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  5. I see Kavanaugh has passed the first vote, on to the big one Saturday. Looks like he’ll be confirmed at this point, which of course will spark a weekend filled with angry, loud protests. Again.

    Sometimes it all brings to mind the old Yeats poem:

    ~ Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity …

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  6. It appears another daughter, though she chooses to not think of herself as one, is getting married in January. That is a good thing, I believe. He is a good steady young man she met when husband was taking them to square dancing. A serious upgrade over the marijuana smoking, alcohol imbibing, gaming addicted, brother she was chasing before we moved her out

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  7. There will be a lot of pressure on the swing votes.

    First Things has a good piece on our predicament, I’ll post the link on the political thread.


  8. Hello, all. I came to the office late after going to get a refill of a med for Art and trying to find the smaller size bag of cat food I needed. I got the last bag at the second grocery store.

    The office has been loud today with extension clients. I am glad brother was here so I could be in the back fixing lunch while he dealt with clients.

    I am trying to get use to the new car. Twice while on the expressway I received calls and remembered how to answer by using the button on the steering wheel. It seems so odd to use a button to start the car, too, instead of a key, and the same with the car door, also, opening it without a key.


  9. Former editor who follows all of this very closely (much more closely than I do, that’s for sure) says Collins will be a ‘yes,’ as will West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin.

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  10. That squirrel is cute. It occurred to me that we think it’s “cute” when an animal carries something by mouth . . . but is isn’t as though they have any real choice.

    Do squirrels think it’s cute that we carry things in our front paws?

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  11. I’m okay. Deer are much softer to hit than trees. Working on figuring out a vehicle to borrow until we can purchase another one.


  12. I wondered if a sudden stop would give you a jolt to the ribs via the tight seatbelt. If that makes sense.

    How are your ribs doing since the previous accident? I can’t remember if you said they were fully healed yet?


  13. Yes, the Jeep was a faithful companion. Considering it was a 2005 (one of the worst years for Jeep) and it had over 419000kms (260,000miles) on it. It was like the oil jar that didn’t run out. I will miss it. We had some great adventures in that vehicle.

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  14. Kare, sorry to hear about the accident. Take a little time to recover. Second sibling is still recovering physically (strained muscles) and emotionally from the accident she had almost a year ago, when her car was hit and rolled. She walked away, and so did Tiny Niece (Sixth Nephew was not yet born), but she has some symptoms of PTSD, especially when driving (whether or not she is in the driver’s seat) and visibly flinches whenever a situation resembles the situation in which she got hit.

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  15. Yes, Kare, what Roscuro said. I forgot to mention in my 5:44 above that when I had first asked if you were OK, I was also thinking about your emotional well-being. That you had two accidents in close proximity, time-wise, to each other, was one of my concerns. I imagine that could be hard to deal with.


  16. Yes, I think I will be flinching quite a bit, especially when I see deer. My ribs are a bit more sore again, but should be okay. I didn’t cry after the first accident, but I have now a bit. Thankfully we have very supportive family and friends (like you all) and that is very helpful. My brain is not functioning too clearly yet so husband is making all the big decisions, like what to have for supper 🙂

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  17. Continued prayer for you Kare….and thankful you could walk away from this one….deer are everywhere and I am always holding my breath at the thought one might step right out in front of my car. Actually a buck did just that the other night as we were heading home after Bible Study….he wasn’t a bit phased by our car whizzing by just an inch away from him….our hearts were pounding!!

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