46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-1-18

  1. The little birds don’t care if it is October.
    Seems like only ten months ago, we were starting a new year.
    Four of my people have birthdays this month: Bro-in-law, son, wife and DIL, in that order.
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    Off to face the world.

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  2. Morning, Chas. Four birthdays in my family too.
    Daughter, granddaughter, son in law, and son in law.
    I held daughter back in school as she was an October birthday, but she would rather climb trees. Her husband is two weeks younger, but in Kansas he couldn’t go. I told him that I saved her for him.

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  3. Jo, my Bro-in-law used to be my friend. Now he’s kin.
    Elvera’s sister was a nurse working in Atlanta. She was visiting us in Va. (actually to visit Washington) when Mel came over to our house.
    They met, Polly got a job in Fairfax and moved in with us. They soon stuck together. Over 50 years now.
    He says it’s my fault.

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  4. I sure wanted one of my daughters to be born in October. She was way too late for that and I was quite miserable over the delay. She was worth it all, however.

    I have no birthdays in October, but two grandchildren’s birthday presents sitting in my kitchen as I type. How I miss seeing them regularly! How grateful I am for the instant communications we have today!

    I see a disturbing cultural shift that is not surprising given what has been taught in our schools for several decades now. Many times we now hear the phrase, “her” truth; “his” truth. No, there is no her/his truth. There is only true truth as coined by Schaeffer, I think. There is individual perspective on the truth. We can perceive things differently. Nevertheless, the truth is still the truth. None of us can know every little thing and, most certainly, not what goes on in each other’s hearts and minds. We all can and do shade the truth. Hopefully, we do that less and less as we renew our minds through God’s word. Should we be aware of all this? Yes, but to give the impression that truth is all just what we, individually think it is, is dangerous both spiritually and materially.

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  5. October was the biggest month for celebrations in my family. There were seven of us children, plus Mom and Dad; no birthdays until April, Dad (in April) and Mom (in early May) were the first ones of the year, and May and October were the only repeats. October 1 (today) was Mom and Dad’s anniversary, the birthday of one of my brothers, and the day we buried Mom 15 years ago. My sister also has an October birthday (she’ll be 50 this year). And now my own anniversary is in October.

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  6. My sister also had a birthday this month. She also died this month a couple of days before her birthday. That would be about eighteen years ago. I miss her and getting to know her.


  7. Good Morning Everyone! I have been keeping up with the Adventures of DJ this weekend but not the rest of you. The house is really starting to look good. I had another idea for the porch and I think it will be less expensive than my first idea. I like it when that happens.

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  8. The bird in front and in focus is a belted kingfisher. This is a female. Only a tiny percentage of birds have females with more color than males, and this is one of them. The male has only the top breast band, and it is usually more blue; the female has two, and the top one is blue or a mix of blue and rust and the bottom one rust. I have yet to get a photo of this beautiful bird in flight, diving, or with a fish, but I’m pleased that occasionally one is at the pond down the street, so I may well get those photos eventually.

    I have seen the species dive for prey, and it is pretty fascinating to watch, especially when it is successful and it comes back to its perch to eat its fish. Kingfishers nest in holes in banks, and they flash blue as they fly low over the water. I could just see one through the trees on one of our anniversary trips, and I thought it was a kingfisher but couldn’t see it well enough to be certain. I looked it up in our pocket Indiana bird book, and it mentioned that its call sounds like machine gunfire–and that is what we were hearing, so it confirmed the ID.

    Add the jaunty, unbrushed crest, and it’s quite an interesting bird.

    The bird in the rear and out of focus (and farther from the kingfisher than it looks) is a female mallard.

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  9. The Boy’s birthday is the 25th of October. He will be eight this year.

    Tomorrow, October 2, is the first anniversary of Hubby’s death. Oh, how I miss him!

    (October 2 also happens to be X’s birthday.)

    As I have been reading through the emails and posts I wrote last year, I see that it was a few days (four, I think) before his death that I “had a feeling” that Hubby would not come out of the hospital alive. I remembered having that feeling – in particular, the moment when it first struck me – but wasn’t sure when that thought had occurred to me.

    One year ago today was his last full day of his life here. Due to his failing kidneys, he had to have dialysis. Later, I was told by the nurse in the dialysis section that it took four hours to get a line started, that it was traumatic and painful for Hubby. He also had to have an ultrasound on his intestinal area, which had been in such pain (which is why he was on morphine), and that had been painful for him, too.

    As they finished up with the dialysis, we were waiting to visit him for a bit. He was so spent and exhausted that he told the nurse he wasn’t up to seeing us. But the nurse suggested I go in briefly to say hi and give him a kiss. Hubby looked awful.

    I kissed his cheek and told him, “I love you and I am praying for you.” He weakly replied, “I love you, too.” Those were our last words to each other.

    I am so grateful for that nurse bringing me in for that very brief visit despite Hubby’s saying he didn’t want visitors. That little “I love you” exchange means so much to me.

    That night, lying in bed, thinking of what he had gone through that day, I was sobbing and repeatedly crying out, “Oh, my poor husband!”

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  10. Those were very good last words, Kizzie. The first anniversary of a loss is so tough. Praying for and thinking of you this week.

    Yes, Kim is drawing up plans and spending paper money on my house again. lol

    The painter said he’ll be back early today but he’s rarely here early. He’s still having to look after his mom somewhat, says she’s “forgetting” to eat.

    Carol and everyone else in their building got abruptly moved out temporarily yesterday morning, they served them breakfast on paper plates and then told them staff was going to pack all their things and they’d all be getting on a bus to travel about 2 miles to the owners’ other facility as the elevator in theirs went kaput and they need everyone out for two weeks while it gets fixed.

    So they’re all in rooms at the other place, which is bigger and is in Los Feliz, pretty close to the old place. But Carol said the bathroom wasn’t set up for safety like the old room, no grab bars that were easy to reach from the toilet, so she’s having a hard time — I told her to be sure to mention that to the staff today, last thing I’m sure they want or need is to have someone fall and get hurt.

    I forgot to take care of the brandywine paint I spotted on Tess’s haunches yesterday. I’ll have a brown and cream colored dog when this is all over with.

    I need to stop in at my eye doctor’s office today, my main pair of glasses broke, just needs a screw but also some re-adjustment, and my backup pair really need to be adjusted, they’re really uncomfortable.

    We’re due for possible rain this week, a hurricane from Mexico and a storm from the north in the pacific colliding. So we’ll go from warm and sultry to cool in the next 24-48 hours, apparently. Lots of big surf coming in with it.

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  11. Kathaleena – yes, “his” and “her” truth (similarly we have many references culturally now to “my God” followed usually by something like “would never ….”).

    I’m not looking forward to this week in the news which I’m guessing will be filled with even more political outrage.

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  12. Oh, Kizzie, I remember the exchanges with you on this blog so well. I remember praying for you and him. I had no idea your ‘feeling’ would be so true. I am so glad that nurse also encouraged that last short little visit for you.

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  13. I remember those posts as well.

    Looks like I’m off to cover a port truckers strike this morning, our official port reporter is out sick. Will have to try to stop in at the eye doctor later in the day.

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  14. Just read an email I wrote on this day last year that reminded me that Nightingale and I had sat down with one of the doctors before trying to visit Hubby that day. He had told us that Hubby’s kidney function had deteriorated very quickly, while usually they would see gradual lessening of function. His urine output had gone down to nearly nothing. They had looked for all the possible causes of kidney malfunction, but none of them were present and they had no idea why that was happening.

    Along with that, his left leg was full of clots, and had grown larger. A vascular surgeon was going to take a look at him “soon”, but he died before that could happen.


  15. Good day, friends. Soon it will be time to leave the office for Art’s medical appointment. He will likely be in pain from his procedure. It is with the urologist.

    I was sad reading what you wrote, Kizzy. Another friend posted on Facebook that her husband died seven years ago today. We recently reconnected, but I did not know details about when her husband died. I still don’t know from what. Is it okay to ask on Facebook? She found me on Facebook. I borrowed her bridal veil to use at my wedding. I lost contact with people I knew from work after I became a SAHM. She is Christian so I am so thanful to reconnect.

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  16. We still have not found out if the procedure is covered by insurance. This is crazy. It is no reflection on the good doctor but a breakdown of communication in the Emory system. We are in the procedure room. Waiting.

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  17. A lot of family birthdays for us. nephew today; Grandson #2, my cousin and Mrs L’s cousin the 9th; a BIL the 10th; some others I can’t think of, and D1 the 31st. But she was born in the morning (7:40), so we don’t say she was a Halloween baby, as that’s at night. She was a Reformation Day baby.

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  18. Procedure is finished. The doc said they would have called us if it would not be covered. I was not in on this procedure before so it was fascinating to see if Art had any tumors in the bladder or anything suspicious. They did a biopsy several years back. That was not necessary this time. There was a calcification that could be causing blood in the urine. He has to go back for a CAT scan to rule out more things.

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  19. We have only spring and summer birthdays now except for my odd Dec. birthday. My mother’s birthday was Sept. 26 so she was out of sync with the guys, too.


  20. The new header photo is simply the summer wildflowers growing in a swampy area beside the trail, about a mile from our home. I count five species of wildflowers in the picture, and there may be more. Yellow, purple, pink, and white.


  21. Kizzie, such a hard time for you. Having never met your hubby, my memory of this time is that wonderful picture of him smiling in his hospital bed. You need to take that one out and focus on the joy that radiated from that man. Sorry that may make you miss him more, but he was so joyous.

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  22. A post Mary, GD, sent:

    “Today is a big day for Ellie! Today is a huge milestone in her life. Today, she has officially been a daughter, sister, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, cousin, and niece, for longer than she was an orphan! The effects of her time without a family will always linger, but Iโ€™m so grateful itโ€™s becoming a smaller and smaller portion of her life as she grows in our family. We are so thankful for her!”

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  23. Cool.

    Yeah, painter still trying to talk me out of it.

    Just got some of the neutral brown 3rd color on the front windows, it’s the first look I’ve had at that color on something. Should be fine, it’s not a pretty color, it’s a muddy gray/brown/olive neutral, probably depends on lighting. but that is meant to act like ‘eye liner’ to make the windows stand out so I think the idea is NOT to have a stand-out *color* in its own right that would only distract from the 2 main colors on the house.


  24. Kim, you’re right. He also doesn’t like the ‘3rd’ color and had been trying to talk me into picking another, prettier dark brown.

    But when I looked on the S-W website and saw that this color was specifically classified as a “neutral” (and others weren’t, they were listed within specific color groups), I figured that’s why that color would work and the others wouldn’t.


  25. Miss Bosley is trying for a name change to Miss Bigley. She had a little food left in her bowl. She was not happy I was not refilling her bowl this evening. Three times as I was heading to the bed, she grabbed at my leg from behind and nipped at my calf. It’s not wise to bite the leg that gets the food! She is so mad at me. She does not hurt me or break the skin when she does it, and sometimes I do an unexpected kickback toward her. But this is the first time she has done it three times in a row to make a really BIG show of her displeasure.

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