27 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-25-18

  1. I am having such fun over on facebook. I was seeing pictures of families dropping their children off at college, especially of my first class. One girl looked so sweet and confident, that I had to post her picture from her first day of kinder when she looked totally terrified. Then I added some others and am seeing so many like and comment that it is like a reunion. The sweet thing about this is that I lost all of my pictures when my computer was stolen several years ago. I recently found these at school on the drive that is always backed up. I did not even know that they were there. Such a treasure.

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  2. šŸ™‚ Sweet, perfect little baby girl.

    šŸ™‚ Holding her was precious, but so was seeing others holding her and falling under her spell–my husband and my mother-in-law, in particular.

    šŸ˜¦ Not nearly enough time seeing and holding her.

    šŸ™‚ It is good to be back in our own house and our own bed.

    šŸ™‚ She’s alert, eating well, a good size (7, 5), cute, with a head full of hair.

    šŸ˜¦ As with most babies, her days and nights are mixed up, so her mommy is a bit tired.

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  3. šŸ™‚ Painters were here and now are packing up to leave — finally, there is progress. They’re not painting yet, but honing in on it maybe by later next week. Next is replacing some exterior wood, power washing, the tail end of sanding large casement windows on the south side of the house.

    šŸ™‚ Their noise has stopped. I have my Saturday back.

    šŸ™‚ Can’t quite completely figure out my new car radio. So I just keep punching random buttons and bars. Sometimes something brings up something I like.

    šŸ™‚ The weather is cooling off. It probably won’t last — August-Sept. (and often parts of October) typically are our hottest months. But we’re grateful for this respite.


  4. It took me over a month to figure out the radio in my new car–and I only finally found a radio station while evacuating in the October events.

    The station went off the air ten minutes later . . .

    I can find it pretty easily now–which is good because I’m canceling Sirius when the contract expires next week. Goodbye Frank Sinatra and the Beatles!

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  5. We have Sirius in the van but I rarely use the radio and don’t know how it works. The few times I tried, I noticed all the buttons had their pictures worn off. I suspect it gets a lot of use as husband likes to listen to the radio. I do now how to turn it off or at least silence it.


  6. One of the issues I’m having is getting my Sirius subscription transferred to the new radio — I think it’s successfully been transferred but the “refresh” signal they send you (to open it up beyond the preview channel I can only get now) just isn’t working after 4 tries. I’ll have to call them on Monday I suppose.

    So far I have found and kept 2 FM stations — KIIS (current pop/rock) and KEARTH (pop/rock from the 1970s-1990s).


  7. I remember when KEARTH and KIIS both played 70s music. That would have been in the 70s. When did KEARTH become an oldies station?


  8. I’m not sure, Kevin — although it seems to me it’s played “oldies” for a while now, but then again I haven’t listened to it in ages.


  9. Hank Snow
    Hank Williams
    Hank Thompson
    Bill Munroe (But he wasn’t the one I was thinking about. Lots of Bills, like Hanks, but I can’t think of another.)
    They ware all country stars.


  10. I actually love the “sinatra” channel on Sirius; they have a lot of country channels, too, though I don’t listen to them.

    I compare satellite radio to cable TV — niche programming that can quickly spoil you. I guess with this new radio I can also ‘stream’ music I’ve saved on my phone though … but that’ll be another learning curve. šŸ™‚


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