63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-25-18

  1. Yes, I had over a 2 mile walk up and down these hills. As part of my walk, I stopped by the weight room and did a workout. I am being careful s it has been a year since I worked out.

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  2. Morning! First cup of coffee down the hatch and a second one in the making! ☕️
    We had an impromptu gathering last evening over at my neighbor’s “home”…we sat around in a circle behind the house under construction and chatted for three hours. The moon was bright and the fellowship so very sweet…oh the waning days of summer… 😊

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  3. My Friday evening was complicated by a call from the neighbors (I was in the car and was able to “answer” the phone via the new bluetooth radio, so convenient!) as I was driving home to tell me the painter left the gate open and Cowboy was seen heading down the street a few blocks away.

    Luckily I was not far from home (though it was around 7 p.m. by then) and she called again saying they’d found and corralled him with the help of dog cookies and a slip lead on the corner but he would not get into their car. By then I was 2 minutes away, so I got there, met up with them and took him home. Good neighbors.

    I let the painter know, he felt really bad, but the truth is that driveway side gate has a funky latch on it that’s really sometimes hard to secure from the outside (you have to slam it just so to make sure the latch on the other side goes down and hooks into place). They were probably tired when they left (just as I was heading home from work) and failed to slam the gate hard enough.

    Then Annie the cat decided to spend her Friday night “out.” I found her curled up on the patio chair early this morning — I’d left the doggie door open all night so she may have made it in at some point overnight, I’m not sure. She does that every so often, refuses to come in at ‘last call.’ But everyone now is in and accounted for.

    Painter and helper will return today, J said they made a lot of progress yesterday and were kind of on a roll so they really wanted to come back today if I didn’t mind (considering we agreed no weekends) — I said sure, there will be exceptions. And the weather also has suddenly cooled so they want to take advantage of that as well — I will still keep Sundays as no-work days barring some extreme reason they may want or need to work.

    I may go back to bed now. The sun is just barely coming up.

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  4. Today is the third Saturday in a row that Nightingale is working a double. When I saw the schedule on the calendar, late last month, I was a bit dismayed. (Well, not quite dismayed, but whatever would be a step down from that. I certainly was none too pleased – not that I blame her, though.)

    Then I learned that there was a plan for his other grandmother to have The Boy for part of the day the first Saturday, which gave me a nice break in the middle of the day. Same thing happened the second Saturday. There were no plans for anyone to take him today, but at least it is the last of those three Saturdays.

    But this morning, I learned that X was planning on picking up The Boy to take him to a picnic he’s going to this afternoon. On top of that, Other Grandmother picked him up a little while ago, to have a visit with him until X picks him up from her. So grateful for the break.

    While I was typing this, I got a text from Nightingale that she picked up 2nd shift on Monday, making Monday a double shift, too, as she was already scheduled for 1st shift. (School doesn’t start until next Thursday.) I doubt there will be anyone taking him for any time that day. Oh, well, I’ll survive. Still grateful for the break today.

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  5. Miss Maddie a spend the night last night. Don’t judge. She slept in the middle of the bed. I slept on my side facing her and held her hand. She and grandpa got up at 6:30. She was so happy this morning when I went into the living room. They are back down for a nap.
    Tomorrow is Mr. P’s birthday. He wants to try to go to this pizza place again.


    This will be the third time. We went the first time and waited a long time before we were acknowledged at our table. She did get served eventually. We went a second time. We were told we could sit at a dirty table. No one acknowledged us and we left. Who knows what it will be like this afternoon.
    While I admire the idea; I am just not sure it is a solid business plan. They have sunk a lot of money into it and I hate to see them lose it. Especially, when there is a good pizza place two doors down that has good pizza and can get it you served. They have the best Puttanesca you have ever eaten.

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  6. That’s an interesting restaurant/business concept. Hope they can make it work, but to do that they will need to step it up and really hustle when it comes to keeping customers happy, served efficiently and the place clean.

    Pappy’s, meanwhile, is celebrating it’s first year and I got an email from them asking for a 1-year story of sorts. Could work if they’re willing to talk about plans I hear are in the works to expand into the new waterfront redevelopment area.

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  7. Flyboy is also getting a lot of double shifts at the airport as the summer winds down and the summer hires are leaving for college. He likes the work and he’s glad for the income, but I think he’s getting more shifts than he really wants. He took the job of line crew supervisor for the summer, so the buck stops with him – he has to fill in when nobody else is available.

    He told the owner and manager that he would serve as supervisor only for the summer and they would have to find someone else when school starts again. I’m pleased they recognized his potential and gave him the opportunity even with that stipulation.

    He’s got a double shift today. I took him to work this morning and I’m going to pick up lunch for both of us shortly. It’s stormy today so work at the airport is slow and he might actually have time to eat with me when I get there. If he’s busy I’ll just have to leave it for him.

    Meanwhile my work is full of crazy deadlines so I’m spending the day at the office, which is conveniently close to the airport.

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  8. I have been out chopping firewood I had hoped seventeen year old daughter and twelve year old son would be up to it but that is not to be. It is eleven year old girl and I, but we will get it done. If I find too difficult a piece, husband can do it for me, or we could get out the wood splitter and do it the easy way but what is the fun in that? Or the health benefits? Or the low carbon footprint?

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  9. We will be at a small country fair a little less than an hour away from us. Husband’s jam group has to play music in the late afternoon/early evening. It is usually a fun family event. I enjoy visiting with those we know, like a SIL who will be selling her soaps and homemade blankets. I also enjoy seeing the crafts, including quilts. The fair has a good variety of activities.

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  10. Nightingale is frustrated with the kitchen at the nursing home. (Institutional kitchens are often – usually? – run by an outside company.) She said that today at lunch, none of the orders were correct. Some were missing one or two items, and some had the wrong entree.

    Hubby was a chef-manager for one of those companies for many years. One account he managed was at a private girls’ school, one brief one was at a law school in Hartford, and one was at an insurance company. At that last one, he often had to put on fancy dinners for board meetings, or something or other.

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  11. Kizzie does not the kitchen receive individual menu orders for each resident/patient? In hospice we always double checked to make certain the lunch was the exact order for each individual…for such frail patients some foods can be disastrous….

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  12. There have been times when a patient has requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and the people in the kitchen dilly dally in getting to it, so Nightingale goes down there, grabs the appropriate ingredients, and makes it herself. 🙂

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  13. I understand…there were times I had a request from a patient for a milk shake…I would think someone in the kitchen had to go milk a cow somewhere! I would hop on the elevator and stand in front of the gal in the cafeteria and get it myself! No time to dilly dally!! 😊 Nightengale is a blessing to her patients!

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  14. Our dog has a very infected lump and there is no vet available anywhere! Hopefully we’re doing the right thing with hot compresses trying to get it to drain. Poor Keva.

    It’s a lazy day here with some laundry getting done, husband is painting the boards for a small ceiling section. We should be able to finish that off on Monday 🙂

    It has suddenly turned quite chilly here. We had plans to go boating for a day and spend some time hiking and other things, but… Plus, I’m not feeling well yet, so I guess it will be a time of rest at home.

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  15. Yes, poor Keva.

    Carol complained that whenever she asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at her rehab place they brought her one without the jelly. I told her maybe it was a dietary restriction they didn’t tell her about.

    I had virtually all the dogs’ and Annie’s meds to pick up today, it was pretty expensive — but it’ll hold us for 6 months. (well, the cheaper ones for 3 months but those are easier price-wise to refill in between than the expensive flea/heartworm meds that are so pricey).

    The guys are here sanding, it’s another loud Saturday but they really seem eager to push ahead right now and are aiming to power wash Monday, so … Main guy, “J,” also is very loud, he yells and sings loudly.

    I’m trying to go over the new high-tech radio booklet, struggling to figure it all out I’m afraid. Sigh. But I have found 2 FM stations that I’ve saved & can at least answer phone calls. lol. Trial and error.

    Meanwhile, I see that our port town is breaking out the flags and patriotic bunting this weekend in preparation for LA Fleet Week which formally begins Friday (going through Labor Day weekend) but will include some pre-event dance and music parties outdoors starting on Wednesday. The ships & sailors will trickle in (they usually announce them all at once close to the event), but due to security issues I guess this year they will only ‘announce’ them about an hour before arrival in the port. They’ll probably start arriving Monday-Tuesday or so.

    Organizers are expecting big crowds this year (220,000?) with the Amazon/Jack Ryan sponsorship & an outdoor Beach Boys (what’s left of them) Military Appreciation concert that is free. There’s also a film festival featuring some very cool military movies in our quaint little downtown at the 1930s movie theater.

    I did read one review of the Jack Ryan Amazon series that somewhat panned it for making the lead character less like the one created and featured in Tom Clancy’s books and a lot more like, well, a modern-day conflicted millennial 🙂 Probably to be expected.


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  16. From the TV Guide review:


    … This is all to say that Jack is as dull as a spoon, and it really weighs the show down. When he’s not abroad hunting baddies and lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time — seriously, he’s very lucky in the show — he’s back home in Washington, D.C., hitting on his former boss’ daughter Cathy Muller (Clancy canon as Jack’s future wife and First Lady, and played here by Abbie Cornish). It’s an attempt to have Jack do literally anything other than his job and give him some personality, but it’s so disconnected from the rest of the series that the Jack-Cathy dates feel like deleted scenes that someone forgot to cut.

    Fortunately, it’s apparent that Amazon dumped a whole lot of cash into camera equipment and airline tickets for Jack Ryan, because everything looks cinema-ready and the global spectacle of the multiple shooting locations is pretty. The few full-bore action sequences are legit and some of the best TV has seen, and lighter conflicts are bubbling over with tension. Even a scene involving video game chat — yes, some online texting plays a pivotal part — goes white knuckle.

    It’s absolutely insane that a series named after its hero would do so little for the guy to make him likeable or even believable as a human being, but this Jack Ryan is a name only. Even Dwight Schrute would be begging for Jim to show up and give this some life.

    Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan premieres its entire first season on Aug. 31 on Amazon Prime Video.


  17. We have Amazon Prime but I liked the Jack Ryan of Clancy’s novels too much to want to see any re-interpretation. I liked the movie “The Hunt for Red October” with Alec Baldwin as Ryan, but never saw the ones with Harrison Ford.

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  18. “Hunt for Red October” is part of the film festival they’re showing for the Fleet Week event.

    How can you not watch a Harrison Ford movie? 🙂

    I remember when he was in town filming something once and how all the women were very excited (this was in the 1990s).

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  19. It has probably been at least a couple months since I last saw X. Remember he had been expressing love for me/us, including giving me a hug, and very shortly after that was hospitalized, twice, in the psych ward to regulate his meds.

    He is back to driving now, but hadn’t picked The Boy up since getting out of the hospital, relying on his mom to do so. I wondered if he was embarrassed at all about how he had behaved the last couple times we saw each other. Today, although his mom picked up The Boy this morning, X brought him back home, with me walking up the lane to meet them. Nothing was said except the usual “Hi” and something like, “Have a good evening.” So, pretty much back to normal there.


  20. “Red October” was the first Clancy book I read. I have read every one he wrote. But not all the others written in his name.
    There was lots of “classified” material in the Op Center books.

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  21. X has put on some weight, which I think is common when alcoholics stop drinking. He is involved in AA, which I think is good for him. He is even planning on taking The Boy camping over Labor Day weekend with some AA friends and their children.

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  22. Chas, I skipped one of Clancy’s. As I read the jacket blurb the plot involved violence to women. I decided that I didn’t need to read that one.


  23. How could I not watch a Harrison Ford movie? A lot of his most famous stuff was in the 90’s when Mrs B and I had little ones. We didn’t see many movies then. I keep meaning to go back and watch some of his work but never seem to get a round tuit.

    Aside from Star Wars and Indiana Jones, I think the only thing I saw him in was Blade Runner, which I really didn’t like.


  24. I’m sure I’ve told you The Hunt for Red October story. If not, here it goes.

    My husband was out to sea on the oldest fast attack sub in the Atlantic Ocean when the book came out. The CO got the copy. No one else had heard of it.

    The next day when the officers gathered in the ward room, the CO came in to go over the plans for the day. They were on ops in the north Atlantic.

    As he started to review the orders, the men all looked up, startled.

    He didn’t notice and continued.

    The men looked at each other until someone finally said, “Sir, could you repeat that?”

    He glanced up, saw the dubious faces and ran his hand across his eyes. “Oh. Well. Maybe that was in the book last night.”

    The men looked at each other again until someone asked, “What book?”

    They’d all read it by the time the patrol finished. 🙂

    The Hunt for Red October is my favorite submarine movie. It’s #2 for the professional in the household. He thinks Das Bot better demonstrates life on a submarine.

    Despite the violence, I liked Patriot Games.”You get ’em, Jack!”

    I cannot watch Clear and Present Danger because of the betrayal at the end.

    I stopped reading the books after Red Storm Rising–Clancy killed several of my personal friends (stationed on the USS Boston), and I was so upset (and 8 months pregnant), I couldn’t return to finish the book for awhile.

    In my experience very few submariners ever die and I like to pretend it’s that way in books, too.

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  25. I saw Harrison Ford, I think that is who played Han Solo, In Star Wars, the original first three but I don’t believe I have seen him in anything else. We have a lot of Tom Clancy books, maybe I will read one but right now I am just getting through the Fellowship of the Ring.

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  26. Morning ya’ll….we had a gully washer of a rain yesterday and this forest is so fresh and crisp this morning! Just looking at the shadows of the pines falling upon the forest floor takes my breath away….it is good and I am in awe of His artistry….now I must be off to get ready for church!
    Jo is having a holiday…do we get one as well Jo?? 😊

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  27. I always associate Hunt for Red October with Michelle now, ever since she told us about that some years ago. You can come see it at your old hometown Warner Grand Theatre next weekend, Michelle 🙂

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  28. Re: Red October. Years ago, before I was supposed to know. Someone said to me> “Nothing moves in the north Atlantic that the navy doesn’t know about”. (I think it was at the Naval War College.). Anyhow, I thought of the while reading the book. But it has been so long ago, I have forgotten that too.


  29. Very convicting sermon today (the 2nd of three on the 10th commandment) — in part on how spoiled we are. “The Rambler seems fine — until someone shows up with a Mustang.”

    Our next sermon series will be on the church, what it is, isn’t the role it plays and/or should play.


  30. Repentance is usually associated with prayer and fasting.
    And that is an OT thing. I can’t think of a NT example.


  31. Many observe the week before Easter as a period of personal fasting. Though that takes different forms. I’ve known several people try to lose weight during that time. I doubt that’s what it’s about though.
    I’m talking about something I know from observation, which means that I don’t really know what I’m talking about.


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  32. We went to visit my mom and dad today. It’s their 57th wedding anniversary. Dad was doing better — sitting up the whole time we were there. He stayed lying on the couch the last couple of times, but he was alert and full of good humor today.

    Wonderful to see them both, full of joy and, of course, always speaking of their blessings.

    Thanks be to God.

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  33. Indeed. God has blessed my siblings and me, that we still have our parents with us, with all of us being in our fifties now (well, almost — by two months from now for my youngest sibling). There are so many younger than us who have lost one or both parents already.

    Pretty amazing, considering my dad didn’t get married until his thirties, that we still have him. A blessing indeed — I know most here don’t still have both parents. Is there anyone besides Roscuro and me? I can’t think of anyone.

    I’m sorry for the losses of your parents, all here who have experienced that.

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  34. It was cool enough for the bees to be gone so I took advantage of the moment and cleaned the chimney. Glad I did, It got hot very quickly this year so I did not get up there at the end of burning. It is rainy and cool here. Guess I should have put those spinach seeds out….


  35. We called my dad to see how he’s doing and spent the time telling us about his sister, my aunt, who is having health issues ad well.


  36. Dj, if you burn wood, you should have it at least checked. We clean ours several times a year as that is our main source of heat for the whole house. Same for Mumsee.

    Keva’s wound is sore and there are still signs of infection. We’re flushing it with saline until we can see the vet tomorrow. He’s such a good dog – it must hurt like crazy when we’re working on it, but he just silently suffers 😦 He was out happily chasing squirrels this afternoon, so that is a good sign.

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