45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-24-18

  1. Good evening JO.
    Good morning everyone else.
    I know this belongs on the politics thread but I don’t have time to go over there.
    I see where disaster has finally struck.
    Jimmy Carter has come out criticizing Trump!


  2. Morning Chas! I see there are more turkey on the header this morning…but what I noticed most about the photo was the Queen Anne’s Lace 🌸
    Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy…sometimes it would just be better for a person to keep their oar out of the water…. 🚣‍♀️ 😊


  3. Morning all. Made it through the stretch of five days weeks. we have three weeks left in the term and each of those weeks is a four day work week. One teacher work day that we have each term and two national holidays. This, then is three dy weekend. The 26th is the National day of Repentance. I know someone whose birthday is that day who truly needs to repent. Always blesses me that God put that day on their birthday,. He knows.

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  4. Yesterday, you were talking about Silent Spring. The book was a novel, but somehow came to be regarded as non-fiction.

    I am going to let this article speak for itself: https://world.wng.org/2018/08/a_forgotten_people
    A layer of secrecy shrouds the Chinese government’s clampdown on Muslim ethnic minorities in the region of Xinjiang. Authorities continue to deny the existence of re-education camps there and punish anyone who speaks out publicly about them. Some citizens of Kazakhstan have been detained in the crackdown, and released Kazakhs are one of the only sources of information about what is going on inside the camps.

    Since 2016, the government has transformed the region into a dystopian surveillance state with cameras and checkpoints covering the cities, residents tasked with spying on their neighbors, and police throwing Uighur men into re-education camps, where they are brainwashed and tortured. Left-behind wives and mothers don’t know where their husbands and sons are held and whether they are alive…

    Isa noted that some camps are so overcrowded that 20 to 30 people were stuffed in a small room designated for six. Internees were packed so tight that they couldn’t even turn over while sleeping.

    No one knows how many have died in the camps, and it may be difficult ever to find out: Xinjiang has begun construction of nine crematoriums, RFA reported. Uighurs typically have a traditional burial ceremony for the dead, so the crematoriums are one last way to desecrate traditional culture as well as destroy evidence of what happened inside the camps.


  5. @ 8:38. I think I’ll take a knee when the National Anthem is played. So much discrimination against minorities.
    Did you say China? I thought that was Chicago.


  6. Well on that note.
    I was going to tell you that I will be working from home today. I may have a listing and I need to go look at a FSBO.
    Mr. P has decided that Maddie is very advanced. He thinks she knows how to manipulate him and that when he uses a certain voice with her she stops. He says she cries then smiles at him. He says she knows what she is doing. Well, of course she does!!!! She has spent her whole life learning how to get the people around her to do what she wants. She IS smiling when she gets her way because that is how it works. Otherwise the human race would have been left outside to die.

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  7. I fingered out with my granddaughters that young children have nothing to do in life but figure out how to manipulate the adults in their lives.
    It’s amazing how they adapt between grandparents.

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  8. Humans are a wily race.

    The trash trucks woke me up this morning (though I’d been up earlier to let the animals out). I just need to do an LA Fleet Week advance (or walk-up) story today and then the week will be done. We’re all being asked more and more to cover weekend assignments but so far they seem OK if we say no (freelancers are available).

    Oh, my phone is ringing already. …


  9. I have been paying so little attention to the news lately that I don’t get some of the Friday funnies. What was the one about with two people holding American Express cards and saying “Don’t leave home without it”? I recognize the old slogan, but what’s it got to do with news?

    Also I wonder who the music royalty people are greeting Aretha Franklin. I recognized Elvis and Prince, but not the two on the right.

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  10. That’s one of the things I like about George W — he never publicly criticized his successors after he left office. You were pretty sure he wasn’t on board with Obama (or with Trump, now). But he has enough class and discipline to stay out of the day-after, armchair quarterbacking fray.

    Happy Friday everyone.

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  11. Satellite radio now has a Billy Graham channel. I wish they offered RefNet — or that RefNet, which is an online station only) somehow could be part of the satellite lineup.


  12. Grandparents need to fill in for grandchildren what is lacking from parents. Sometimes that is what some people think is ‘spoiling.’ Sometimes it is being the one adult that says ‘no’ and is not persuaded by sulking etc.

    Children usually know, oh, so much more than adults think they know. Even very young ones show on their faces that they know they are being naughty. We should thank God for that inborn conscience and help them keep it sharp.

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  13. At least that is my philosophy of grand parenting. I would rather always be the fun one, but that is not always what is wisest or best for the grandchildren.

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  14. Ooh, nice alliteration, Kevin!

    The two music royalty people on the right are Michael Jackson (in red) and James Brown (at least that is what the sash he’s wearing says).


  15. Oh, are you a grandmother Cheryl? Obviously a guhl-baby.
    I just rocked a rotten girl baby to sleep. Now she and grandpa are napping on the sofa and I am trying to do real estate CE’s.

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  16. I have worked on CE and finally had an inspiration. Miss Maddie and I have watched an episode of Teletubbies. I was impressed. I remembered all their names AND NuNu. Then I thought of The Wiggles. These weren’t the original but she did giggle and smile. They did the ABC song in English and American Sign Language. Then we learned our colors and to count to 10 in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and French. I didn’t OK in Spanish and French but obviously not in Mandarin. About that time, someone gave up fighting a nap and I am able to come tell you this.
    Sshhhh…. Don’t tell anyone but I saw The Original Wiggles LIVE. I know you are impressed.

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  17. I just posted some first day of school pictures on Facebook, from thirteen years ago. I kept seeing all of these first day of college photos, so thought it would be fun to post the others.

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  18. How exciting, Cheryl!

    I got to hold a baby today. One of our cabin leaders brought her 6 month old along with her. What an amazing woman and the little one was so good all week.

    And just like that, camp is done for another summer. I. Am. Exhausted.

    Our good friends stopped by with their son and his girlfriend for an impromptu supper. So many laughs and giggles and just plain fun. It was nice to meet the girlfriend, she may be a keeper!

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