33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-14-18

  1. Afternoon to you Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    I used to grow roses. I would cut them and take one to my secretary. She loved it. The only one in the building to have a flower. People would look at me as I walked in holding a rose.
    A guy once asked, “What does your car pool think about that?”
    I replied, “I don’t know. Nobody said anything and I didn’t think to ask>”

    You need to cut a rose early. Otherwise it will wither when the hot sun comes up.

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  2. I finished “A Prophet with Honor” yesterday afternoon. I gave it five stars. If you want to know anything about Billy Graham, this is it. Lots of things I didn’t know. Good and bad. Their home life wasn’t perfect, but Billy had the perfect wife for his mission. Billy was home about half the time. Ruth ran the place.
    They lived modestly, reckoned by their position in life.
    A huge book, over 700 pages. (I read it on the Kindle).

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  3. Yesterday I finished reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity, the autobiography of Nabeel Qureshi. I haven’t read all the appendices, but the main story is well worth reading. He goes through all the arguments a Muslim would have against Christianity then tells how the Lord revealed himself to him. It is soon coming out in its 3rd edition.

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  4. I have a few rose bushes with pink and red blooms along the south side of my house that have hung in there for years, in rain and drought, when I watered and when I didn’t for a while. They’re pretty hardy flowers.

    I’ve been reading “Bad Religion: How We’ve Become a Nation of Heretics” (2012) by Ross Douthat. I put it down for a while but need to pick it back up. An ‘account of how American Christianity has lost its way — and why it threatens to take American society with it. … In a brilliant and provocative story that moves from the 1950s to the age of Obama, Douthat explores how bad religion has crippled a country’s ability to confront our most pressing challenges and accelerated American decline.”

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  5. Oh look…deer candy!! They are eating everything around here…and they love roses!!
    I have read the book Peter….very worthwhile read.
    Morning!! โ˜€๏ธ
    I am off to โ€œstitch inโ€. That is where women take their hand sewing projects and sit around and talk and stitch….my first…we shall see how much of this project I actually get done!!

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  6. My rose garden had an eight foot deer fence started around it when I first started the garden And around the inside of that was a buried several inch deep chicken wire fence to keep the rabbits out. Then we put up the eight foot deer fence around the five acres to give the children a sense of security so they could feel comfortable leaving the front porch and I could feel comfortable that my foster children would not disappear into adjoining fields No deer get into my rose garden and I currently have a flock of about fifteen half size turkeys living in their. They knock down the weeds and grass so I can see my roses without needing to mow. And they fertilize so it is a win win situation. They also patrol for mice and snakes and bugs. They leave the roses alone, though they do perch on one of the arbors

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  7. Aw, my little yellow wildflower is gone. Hmmm. Either the gardener was here yesterday and whacked it thinking it was a weed (I’ve told him I planted wildflowers so to leave whatever sprouts out there for now, but either the language barrier got in the way or he forgot) — or maybe it vanished by natural causes.

    But it’s gone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  8. Beautiful!

    Over on my Facebook writer page, I post an “utmost response” each morning–explaining how I interpret that day’s My Utmost for His Highest reading.

    (And because today is crazy, I haven’t done that yet).

    Yesterday’s was a strong reading about the work of the Holy Spirit and I got this response:

    “Charles: Please make it clearer to me please my dear sister, i confess with my mouth Jesus is lord and i believe inner my heat He was raised from the dead,am saved.please train me,i would like to have a personal fellowship with the holy spirit am not an orphan.”

    How would you respond to this? The man is an African.

    And, a prayer–please pray for him. He is seeking the Lord, I know from other comments, and so much wants to be found.


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  9. Good afternoon! I am home and we should get the car this afternoon. It’s been forced downtime. I called Karen with the intention of telling her that I would take Uber with her to see her doctor, but she was at Emory ER due to not being able to breathe. Her husband had to cancel all his patients to be there, but I am so thankful he is there. But I know it is awfully hard on his patients, too.

    I found a few more things to put in the laundry so I can use my dryer again. I wonder if I could put Miss Bosley in it? Just kidding! I have put her on a weight management food by Blue Buffalo and sometimes she has a bit of an odor. Also her fur is not quite as soft. I need to brush her each day because that really keeps the oil distributed and her fur sleek.

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  10. I have been reading Shades of Truth, part of the series From Sadie’s Sketchbook, by Naomi Kinsman. It is for teen girls. I wanted to study writing in first person point of view. I am enjoying the story. I have not yet attempted writing in first person. It seems so natural in the book, but for me, I know it is not my typical approach to writing, and I feel inertia toward going there.


  11. Michelle, I was just thinking how the Lord has brought me along, this morning, and wanted to share it. Perhaps the man needs to do what I did. I knew in my heart and confessed with my mouth, over and over. Finally, I told the Lord, “I believe, please help me in my unbelief. Please give me faith.” Over the years, I can see He did just that. Suggest the man ask the Lord for faith. That is something the Lord gives generously, beyond what we can imagine. Praying with you for this man that we can meet him in heaven and hear how the Lord grew his faith.

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  12. Iatching the Grand Jury report from Pennsylvania live on Facebook and it went down. It is appalling what has happened there. I know it is everywhere, but I hope thst this is the worst of it!!! The stories are too hard to listen to. ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


  13. Since the unspoken QoD seems to be what are you reading/just finished reading:
    I am reading a translation of Anabasis. It is the eyewitness account of an army of about 10,000 Greek mercenaries who were hired to fight for a Persian prince, Cyrus the Younger, who was trying to usurp the throne of his elder brother, Artaxerxes the Second. This is the Artaxerxes mentioned as reigning in Ezra 7:1, when Ezra returned to Israel with a large group of Jews from exile. The Greeks won the battle that took place between the brothers, which was fought just outside Babylon, but Cyrus himself was killed in the battle, leaving the Greeks to try to return home through hostile territory. The author is Xenophon, a Greek who took part in the battle and the return home. He has a gift for description and helps the reader vividly see the countryside the Greeks travel through, as they go north from Babylon and make their way through Kurdish territory into Armenia and the Black Sea, which is as far as I’ve got. The pagan outlook is clear, as the Greeks plunder, massacre, and kidnap without compunction (although they are happy to pay for their food if people will sell it to them), the existence of homosexual and adulterous relationships are mentioned casually in passing; and the Greeks always consult the entrails of a sacrifice when making a difficult decision. It is the grandfather of all adventure stories, with its daring plans and nail biting escapes. It is also a rare and candid picture of the world that surrounded the world of the Bible.

    I just finished a reread of Out of the Silent Planet, which is my favorite of Lewis’ space trilogy. I enjoyed it more the second time around. I do not like science fiction as a rule, but I make an exception for the Space Trilogy, probably because it is more of a mirror reflecting on humanity and our relationship to God than pure science fiction.

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  14. Uh oh, something just reminded me that I have not read the Space Trilogy in a few years, about time to get that out again. The first time I read it I was totally baffled. Now I totally enjoy the trio.

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  15. Michelle @ 12:45. I was going to comment on the request, but Mumsee did a great job. The thing is, some people feel they have to “do something” to gain favor with God. If the man believes as he says, he is saved.
    Memorize Matthew 11:28 and believe what it says.
    That’s all you need to do.
    Then, rest in the assurance of salvation.

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  16. I remember that Art’s mother said she prayed for Art and me to recei e yhe Holy Spirit. That was not long after we married. It was sometime after that when I read in the Bible and had some understanding ofthe Holy Spirit, but I was not a full biever in Jesus at the time. But my eyes were opening in my heart. I was impressed with the fact that I grew up in a mainline Presbyterian church and I knew absolutely nothing about the Holy Spirit. Wow! So prayer by believers is the first place to start based on my personal experience. Then as he remains in the word and responds in Christian ways that are different than he would have previously responded, for example showing patience rather than anger, and other Fruits of the Spirit, then he can know the Holy Spirit is at work in and through him.

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  17. Janice I have been to the Rose Garden in Tyler TX,,,,what a beautiful garden and the scent of the varieties all together…well it just causes one to smile! I kept thinking how my Great Grandfather and his daughter, my Grandmother, would have delighted in such a place. My Grandmother lived with her parents when I was little…and the garden planted by her and my Great Grandfather has left a lasting sweet memory…and a great love of gardening. ๐ŸŒบ

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  18. What a lovely rose!

    Today we got the sink in our master bath hooked up. We found out last weekend we can’t use the shower yet, but my husband said we now have “a bath and a half,” which is a whole lot better than when we moved in. (One of the old toilets had been reinstalled temporarily, we had a sink in the kitchen, and we had the shower.)

    We also got a free pint of Bruster’s ice cream. Yum! We had coupons sent to us as new residents for one pint of ice cream and two pizzas. Tomorrow we will use one of the pizza coupons.

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  19. There’s a wonderful, (very) cool breeze coming in through my windows tonight. How refreshing. Our temps are down to 78-80 but our humidity is still oddly (for us) high, in the 60-70% range. So there’s still that stickiness and closeness during the day, but by night it’s turned to fog-like moisture and is nice and cool.

    Painter didn’t show today, according to my neighbor, and he only worked a couple hours yesterday, doesn’t seem like a lot was done. Sigh.

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  20. Can the guy at the park have a talk with the painter…is he the one who recommended him? Seems like he may be taking advantage of your kindness….
    We just had a humdinger of a storm move through…lots of lightening and thunder…and the rain poured fast and furious…it was great…! (It had gotten a bit โ€œcrunchyโ€ walking out on the property…very dry which could explain why the deer have been going after the plants… ๐ŸฆŒ ๐ŸŒบ

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  21. Well, unfortunately it’s the Real Estate Guy who originally thought, hey, this is a solution to finding labor (then for the sewer line replacement) and it actually worked out great. He’s gone on to do some other jobs for me and others at the dog park but what we’ve all figured out now is that he is s-l-o-w. But Real Estate Guy sees red whenever I mention his name now, he’s really upset with his slowness so no, he would probably throttle and kill him if he attempted to “talk” to him and then it would be a really mess. ๐Ÿ™‚


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