15 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-11-18

  1. 🙂 I had a wonderful week teaching my twelve year old granddaughter to quilt. The fabric she picked was so cute and her enthusiasm for every part of the process made it such a pleasure. We had a whole lot of fun doing some other things, such as picking chokecherries and making syrup. Seeing a movie was a must. I miss some of the simple things, since my grandchildren are not close enough for the day to day events.

    😦 A deer ran into the side of our car. It was headed to be hit head on, but veered at the last moment. The back of our side mirror popped off and there are slight creases in the side, which are almost invisible. Since there were cars coming in the opposite lane and behind us, there was nothing for us to do. We were so blessed it veered. The young man in the car behind us rushed over to my window when we could finally pulled over. I think he was more shook than we were. We had a car totaled a few years ago when one ran out in front of us in the dark. They are plentiful around here. When we stopped for lunch we saw a bald young woman get out of a car. Her partner ran around the car to fetch some crutches for her. The her foot and midway up her calf was covered with gauze and amputated. That put things in perspective.

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  2. I am reading “A Prophet With Honor” by William Martin. I’ve never heard of Martin before, but his book is very thorough. A tome. He has left nothing out. If you’re interested in Billy Graham’s life, this is the book. He tells about Graham breaking his ribs in a Tokyo hotel. He tells how Nixon and Bush helped arrange his trip to China. How he was disappointed when no one recognized him in an elevator. He tells how he eats in his hotel room because he is accosted by well wishers when he goes out. But he dines unmolested in Asheville, because his home is nearby. I was surprised to learn the B. G. was friends to every president from Eisenhower to G. W. Bush.
    I haven’t got to Obama yet. I doubt that they were friends.
    It occurred to me to post this when I just read, concerning Nixon, spoken well after the resignation.
    “He was a very staunch Quaker, and it was hard to express things having to do with spiritual matters. But I never had a doubt from the time I got to know him that he is a very religious man.”

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  3. 🙂 I got to see a beaver’s tail.

    🙂 Green herons and a great blue heron have given me some really special sightings.

    🙂 My husband is feeling a bit better and I’m feeling a lot better.

    😦 A project I really need (income-wise) has been postponed (maybe for a long time).

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  4. 🙂 I got to see Iowans

    🙂 Picnic coverage went well though it was really sultry out there (next to the battleship); there was a breeze, though, and right now there’s a big breeze blowing through my house and making the indoor temperature drop quickly

    🙂 Turned the story in a little while ago, the photographer is adding images — so not bad timing for having to work on a Saturday, I was out there by 10 a.m., stayed until maybe just a little after 12 and came home to write

    🙂 Looks like progress is being made on the fire closest to us, at last. But the air still carries the smokey residue and some people are reporting finding ash on their cars

    🙂 Saw a cute tiny lizard on the outside wall of my house when I got home

    😦 No-see-ums struck again a couple nights ago on the patio, I’m trying so hard not to rub or scratch my poor bit-up ankles and feet and toes right now

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  5. Not very but longer than with the landline. At least twenty four hours. Usually they could just find it and fix it, now, I suppose their are many computer type things involved and it is not so simple as a lineman going up and taking care of the problem.

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