29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-10-18

  1. Morning all. It was a good day in kinder. I had to apologize to one little girl after calling her mom. It seems that out of 16 students, 4 of them are left-handed. I was sure that she was using the wrong hand.

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  2. ????? Why would you call her mom if she was using the wrong hand?
    And what is a “wrong” hand?

    and how did I know the picture was from Donna before I scrolled down to see?

    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    It’s Friday already?
    Good night Jo, Soon it will be Saturday for you.

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  3. There are several news post from ATT that shows up when I log on.]
    One this morning said that a man visited the wrong gravesite for 30 years.
    I say that it doesn’t matter. The fact of his remembrance may be important, but the location of the site is not really relevant. Just to him, that’s all.

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  4. I have been to DIA and back already this day…the sunshine is breaking through the trees and it should prove to be a fine day. (Although it seems like it may be a tad bit noisy…the workers have arrived on the neighbor’s property…the trusses are going up today!)


  5. Good morning! Brother plans to help me move the old dryer out and make way for the new. I got a Samsung with the steam feature which I can not use as I do not have a water line to it, but perhaps someday I can find a way to remedy that.

    Yesterday just got worse because when I went out in the rain to the post office, the low tire pressure light came on so I did not drive that car home. Now I need to deal with that. Sometime.After.The.Dryer.


  6. The house, still, in some cases, looking worse before it looks better. They’re in the process of prepping all the wood windows, scraping old paint off, so it looks a horror — but it’s temporary, it’s all always temporary where I live. 🙂

    Annie likes to pose.

    The painter sounded like he might make his way back today. Once they finish the window prep on that south side of the house, it’s power washing and then … PAINT! The painter will actually paint!

    The window casings (outer trim boards) will be cream and the actual window sashes (wood frames that hold the glass) will be a neutral dark brown.

    Colors seen in earlier layers were mostly greens and reds. (Actually, painting the main body of the house a warm cream and using a dark reddish brown trim would have looked nice — but with the expansive porch add-on in front, it would have not worked that well, I’m afraid.)

    Well, the next photos hopefully will be the house beginning to, finally, look better!


  7. I love the added-on 1950s front porch covering and wood frame — it gives the house a wonderful sheltered front porch — but in my mind it now dictates paint colors for the house. Using a dark trim, for example, becomes problematic as the entire front porch frame will be very dark and ideally you want the front part of your house to be light.

    I tried several computer mockups using darker trims and a lighter body color, none of them seemed to look right. So back to the darker body color and lighter trim I’ve since picked out (and need to now stick with!).


  8. Kim’s in shock at the sight of my windows.

    Remember the prevailing mantra for me: Worse before better, worse before better, worse before better — it will get better, it will get better. It’s gotta get worse before it gets better.

    Slow painter. But it will get better.

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  9. DJ, I’m really not expecting anything this week. It’s a first baby. Anyway, sorry, but you guys aren’t going to be the first to know. 🙂 I’ll be busy when the baby comes!

    This morning I got back down the street to my pond. The great blue heron was out wading. At least four green herons showed up, and I saw them catching frogs. (It can be hard to keep track of those little herons, since they’re rather small and they move around a lot. So I’ll see a heron fly and think, “Is that one of the ones I already saw?!” I suspect there were more than four this morning, but honestly I really don’t know.) And the beaver showed up and basically swam laps. I’m sure it was working, but what I could see from my vantage point was a beaver swimming from left to right, turning around, and at some point diving under the water. And I got to see its tail a couple of times!


  10. Trying to shop for good winter clothes in the summer is frustrating.

    When I got home from shopping, my mother told me a sweet story. We have a map on the dining room wall, and when Tiny Niece is in her high chair beside the map, we sometimes point out to her where we live and where relatives live. We don’t expect her to fully understand the significance of the map, but we have observed that early introduction to the concept helps children become familiar with how to use the one. The map has blue for the oceans, of course. At some point, someone must have shown Tiny where I am going on the map. My mother said that today, Tiny had been colouring and playing around on the main floor while my mother was working in the kitchen. Tiny wandered into the kitchen and looked out the big window that is above the sink. The sky was blue and there were drifting clouds. Tiny looked up at the sky and clouds and asked, “Is that the town where Aunt [Roscuro] is going?” The blue sky with the cloud shapes looked like a map to her.

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  11. DJ – Your casement windows open inward? Ours open out, but they’re not doubles like the ones in your photo. The screen is on the inside, and there is a crank to crank them open. Unfortunately, some of the cranks (is that the right word?), especially upstairs, are broken so the windows can’t be opened, or can be opened but then won’t close. So someday we will repair or replace our windows.

    My dad’s hobby was carpentry – demolishing and rebuilding various rooms in our house (whichever house we happened to be living in at a given time). The most work he did was in the last house they owned here in Stafford, where they’d lived for 21 years. Until the last several years, there was always somewhere in the house that was in disrepair. But when he was finished, the house was quite different than it was when they bought it. (Nightingale used to say she would like to buy that house someday.)


  12. Yes, my windows open inward (4 ‘sets’ of them altogether throughout the house) — kind of awkward as you have to keep a certain clearance area inside the house if they’re windows you open much. I will need to get new screens for them but am hoping to put that off until after the house is painted.

    Doing a story today on a Korean War vet, a Marine, killed in action in 1950 whose remains were just accounted for. The family is trying to raise money to have him returned here so he can be buried with his mom in the local cemetery.

    There was a fundraiser last night I stopped in at on the way home from work — he was from a very large Latino family in a close-knit older neighborhood in town so the pizza place was packed with people of all ages, a good number of motorcycle and low-rider type guys. Waiting to hear back now from a defense public affairs rep in Washington to get more of the details on that end. Very poignant story, though, he was just out of high school and was killed quickly after arriving in Korea. He was engaged at the time but the closest blood relatives remaining now are his 2 sisters (one was born after he died) and a number of nieces and nephews.


  13. Kizzie, seems like the window ‘cranks’ (haha) would be easy to fix, just needs new hardware hopefully (or maybe more, though, if it’s the actual mechanism that isn’t working; still, probably not super complicated? I’m all for restoring rather than replacing, of course 🙂 ). Cranky windows may be old but they have such style and they simply ‘belong’ in the older homes.

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  14. one hundred three here, at five in the afternoon, time to go do chores. It will feel nice and cool in here when we get back. It is eighty six now.


  15. Painter texted to tell me my windows were really old. He seemed shocked.

    Uh, yeah, I knew that already. 100 years old. We’re going with what we have. I’ll replace the glass if and when that’s needed, but for now nothing’s cracked or broken so they stay put.

    Oh, and the garage door opener (which he installed) isn’t working right, he says, do I know where all the paperwork was on that? And it’s 91 degrees there today, he reminded me.


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  16. Sitting on my patio with a battery fan running on high, citronella candles burning all around me and deet dripping from all exposed skin areas — with occasional doses of anti-itch cream to calm down the latest round of bites.

    A lovely summer it is


  17. But it could be so much worse, obviously! No fire is threatening my home, I can still work and earn a living – and Christmas is always coming 🎄

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