11 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-4-18

  1. Yesterday, Donna said: “You’ll find yourself wandering through a mall soon buying something and wonder how in the world you ever lived without it.”

    We are still clipping tags off stuff Elvera bought at Belk years ago. Shopping was her recreation. But sometimes she would wander through the mall all afternoon and buy nothing.
    No. I didn’t mind. It was cheaper than lots of other things.
    Like golf.

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  2. Ruth Graham’s definition of a bore:
    “Someone who, when you ask how they are, will tell you the truth.”

    something I have never done, and cringe when I notice otherwise brilliant people do. That is:’
    Stand in front of a largo group of people and say, “How you’ all doing?”

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  3. Husband is off driving again. Thy needed him. It is good to be needed.
    Today, boy turns seventeen. I made him a cake but,like the past three years, he probably won’t show up so we will eat it for him.

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  4. 🙂 This week we got our windows replaced, the bedroom doors replaced (they needed it badly–she had a cat), and the door knobs replaced.

    🙂 A friend from church brought a new dishwasher (used, I think, but it’s supposed to work and the one we have does not).

    🙂 A neighbor up north told us he could sell our lawn tractor for us, since we hadn’t sold it when we left. He sold it this week.

    🙂 I’ve been thoroughly enjoying that little pond and the walking trail down the street from us, after all those weeks of being disciplined and sticking to inside work while summer slipper away outside.

    🙂 This morning I was out of the house before I’m usually even awake (6:45 or so), thinking that I’d get to watch some good activity on the pond if I was down there earlier in the morning. I was right. I was down there (including walking the trail a bit) for about two hours. And in that time, I watched two muskrats swimming, watched a great blue heron wading and hunting, watched a green heron hunting near its much larger cousin (and a couple more green herons on the rear log), eventually got to see two turtles on the log (they were there on my way home), and saw not just the wood ducks I have been seeing but also a couple of mallards.

    Off the pond, but beside it, I saw a hummingbird, a cedar waxwing, catbirds, cardinals, and a common yellowthroat (first time I’ve seen the species and I only got a glimpse, but I saw it). Then I walked a mile or so of the trail and saw several species of dragonflies. I also saw two male eastern towhees (a species I never saw before moving here, and I got some decent photos today), an indigo bunting sitting in the sun, a Carolina wren and two baby wrens, several more catbirds, a mourning dove, and more. The wildflowers are still in lovely bloom and the early morning sun and birdsong made it all a lovely walk.

    🙂 I got more than 400 photos this morning, a good number of them of the great blue heron. Yes, I deleted a whole bunch of those as soon as I got home.

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  5. 🙂 The pet protection covers that I bought to cover up my horrible-looking couch and loveseat look pretty good.

    😦 Until someone actually sits on them.

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  6. Kizzie!! I have huge fuzzy blankets on all my furniture to protect it from Duke who slobbers, sheds and likes to wipe his smooshie face on everything. I will seriously NEVER get another dog that sheds. The blankets look like blankets but at least I can take them off and wash them as needed. Duke is not allowed on the furniture unless he is invited up, which is very rarely.

    I have debated getting covers for the couch, but your experience tells me not to bother.

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  7. Nightingale and I figure that when Heidi passes in a few years, we will buy a new couch and loveseat for me. But it’s not Heidi who is the problem, it’s Janie, who gets crazy while playing with Heidi, and has put a few rips in my already-dismal-looking couches. (When we bought them 18 years ago, we were told the material is for “light wear”. We had no idea there would be a grandson and a couple dogs in our future, so didn’t think that a problem.) I never understood why some people don’t want their pets on the furniture until we got Janie.

    Also, by the time Heidi passes, Janie will have calmed down some (hopefully).

    Heidi does not shed much at all, but Janie is a shedder. I am amazed how quickly the dust bunnies form on the hard floors in the dining room and kitchen. Never had that problem until she came along.

    It turns out that Nightingale’s busy lifestyle has not been helpful for her having Janie, so Janie ends up downstairs with me a lot of the time, and even when Nightingale is home, Janie is allowed down for some time to play with Heidi. I often feel resentful about that, because as sweet as Janie is, her intensity can be hard to deal with.

    But I have told myself that she will calm down as she gets a little older, and that when Heidi (who is eight and a half years old) is gone, Janie will be a comfort to me. And I really do love her.

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  8. I had some of those ‘light use’ sofas in the past.

    I bought good furniture 10+ years ago and kept it covered much of that time. I’ve recently shed the covers as these two dogs tend not to get onto it (and I can easily “barricade” it with pillows, etc., otherwise. The cat does where she wants but has never been destructive to my furniture.

    I’ve had dogs in the past who have bitten chunks out of sofas. 😦

    I need to get a good hard-floor vacuum as I also have shedding issues, though, with these dogs — looking at the Dysons.

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  9. There was a beautiful St. Bernard/Poodle cross at camp few weeks ago. Very much like our Keva except a bit bigger and much chunkier. That is the sort of dog I would love to have.

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  10. A St. Bernoodle?

    What a combination!

    Although, many think that Heidi being a combination of a big ole pit bull and a tiny miniature schnauzer is pretty funny.

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