38 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-25-18

  1. It ain’t going away.


    “Pollster and HarrisX CEO Dritan Nesho said on Tuesday that the anti-establishment movement within American politics will be a long-term phenomenon.

    “I think Bernie Sanders did well for exactly the same reasons that [President] Trump did well. He ran as an outsider candidate. He ran as a candidate that was trying to shake the establishment. That’s very appealing to American voters,” Nesho told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha on “What America’s Thinking.”

    “We saw this for several of the leading candidates, primarily the person that won the presidency. So I think this phenomenon is here to stay. There’s definitely a vain of unhappiness within American politics that needs to be addressed, and will take some time to sort out,” he continued.”


  2. About time.


    “It took the House of Representatives sixteen months to pass HR 1689, the Private Property Rights Protection Act, which finally happened yesterday by acclamation. It took Congress thirteen years to act on this issue after the execrable Kelo v City of New London Supreme Court decision, which held that eminent domain could be used to seize property from one private owner to another in the name of “economic development.” Rep. James Sensenbrenner, who authorized the PPRPA, celebrated the belated victory yesterday in a story that no major media outlet covered:

    Today, the House unanimously passed Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s (WI-05) Private Property Rights Protection Act (H.R. 1689).

    The bill addresses the controversial Supreme Court decision in the 2005 case Kelo v. City of New London, which expanded the eminent domain power granted by the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. In Kelo, the Court ruled that “economic development” can be justified as a “public use” under the Constitution’s Takings Clause.

    To combat this expansion of power, H.R. 1689 would make any state or locality that uses the economic development justification for eminent domain ineligible from receiving federal economic development funds for two years. This creates a major incentive for governments to respect the private property rights of its citizens.

    Additionally, the legislation bars the federal government from exercising eminent domain powers for the purposes of economic development.

    Amazingly, not one major media outlet picked up on this, not even to note that it took thirteen years for Congress to address the issue. It might not have gone far even now had it not been for renewed interest in the case from the recent independent film Little Pink House, starring Catherine Keener as Susette Kelo and Jeanne Tripplehorn and produced by Ted Balaker, formerly of Reason.”

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  3. From yesterday:

    And a follow-up to Debra. If you think there were specific false allegations in any of the Carter Page FISA apps, please list them. As AJ said two days ago, “No rush. Any time today will be fine.”

    Everyone is invited to help out The Trump Cult.


  4. So if you don’t support the evil that is abortion, you’re evil?

    I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means….


    “He’s a better actor than he was six months ago but the essential problem remains: He tries way, way too hard. Where a 7 or 8 on the outrage meter would suffice for Democrats’ purposes at this point in the nomination process, he dials it up to 15 by condemning complicity in “evil.”

    And then, not content to stop there, he dials it up to 20 by quoting Psalm 23.”


  5. The Old Cult was really fired up about those FISA warrants until it was asked an obvious question which it had no clue how to answer.


  6. Like

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  9. I’ll make it easy for you. We now know you can’t give me a list of false accusations in the FISA applications. Can you give me two false accusations? You have over 400 pages. I’m asking for only two false accusations. I’ll make it easier still. I’ll count typos as “false accusations”. Put Nunes to work. He needs to read those applications if he is going to blather on about them. He is a terrible Committee Chairman, but maybe he can spot 2 typos in 400+ pages.


  10. My left wing feed has juxtopsition a quote from Trump telling his supporters that what you hear and tead is not what’s happening to a quote from Orwell, 1984; the party told them to reject the evidence from their ears and eyes….when your leader almost accidently quotes Orwell, you might have a problem

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  11. Its not a Clinton campaign document, it was orginally requested by Republican opponents of Trump. After he won, Fusion naturally offered it to the DNC.


  12. Tariffs bad? Depends who you ask…


    “Divisions on the issue remain stark. In a poll conducted by SurveyMonkey for The New York Times in early July, 76 percent of Republicans supported the metal tariffs, while 79 percent of Democrats opposed them. Nearly half of workers with a high school diploma or some college said they approved of the tariffs, compared with 39 percent of college-educated workers.

    As Mr. Jackson, a 34-year-old Air Force veteran, sees it, the current trade war recalls past military conflicts. “We had victory gardens in World War II,” he said during a break between shifts, which run from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and then from 4:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. “I know the tariffs have an impact on us, but I don’t think it was a mistake.”

    “Nevertheless, while Mr. Jones isn’t always comfortable with what the president may say or put on Twitter, he likes the overall strategy.

    “He’s going for the jugular, which is typical Trump style,” he said. “I’m not used to it, and it’s not a presidential style we are accustomed to. But he’s the only president who’s taken a significant stance on trade, and we need a brash approach.””


  13. HRW,

    “Its not a Clinton campaign document, it was orginally requested by Republican opponents of Trump. After he won, Fusion naturally offered it to the DNC.”

    That’s false. All of it.

    The Free Beacon was who originally hired Fusion GPS for info on all 16 R candidates for president. This arrangement ended before Fusion GPS even hired Christopher Steele and before his work on the false and unverified dossier even began. They were out of it before Trump even won the nomination.

    Even WaPo acknowledges this. So stop with the spreading of falsehoods and lies.


    “A conservative publication said Friday it paid a Washington research firm to start probing Donald Trump’s background — a move that set in motion a chain of events leading to the explosive dossier alleging ties between Trump associates and Russia.

    In a statement, the Washington Free Beacon said it retained Fusion GPS to provide research on multiple Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential election. Two people familiar with billionaire GOP donor Paul Singer said he provides financial support to the publication. A spokesman for Singer’s firm, Elliott Management, did not respond to requests seeking comment.

    The Free Beacon said its research ended before Fusion GPS hired a former British intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, to produce a series of reports alleging links between Russia and those close to Trump. That occurred after the firm was retained by a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

    “None of the work product that the Free Beacon received appears in the Steele dossier,” said the statement from Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti and chairman Michael Goldfarb. “We stand by our reporting and we do not apologize for our methods.”


  14. From yesterday, it appears to me that the use of the whole Steele dossier is the answer to Ricky’s question about what in the FISA application was false. If evidence is going to be presented to obtain a warrant, surely the evidence must be known to be true by the prosecution. This does not appear to be the case for the dossier. Now portions of the dossier may be shown to be true (or not) such as Trump’s visit to Russia, but including any information as true that is not verified and known to be true should taint the entire warrant.

    So the answer to Ricky’s question is the Steele dossier.

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  15. Debra, The Steele Dossier is not a false allegation. It is not an allegation. It is one of the sources of the allegations. You are still two false allegations (including typos) short.


  16. @8:06 I don’t think there is any question that establishment, globalist Republicans would have been better off under Clinton. Bill Clinton worked with Republicans in the ’90s to get multi-lateral trade deals passed and these are the life-lines of globalsim. That’s why many Republicans supported and voted for Hillary, or did not vote at all, thinking she would certainly win.

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  17. Ricky, since we are innocent until proven guilty, allegations must be based on truthful evidence, so any allegations using falsehoods or things not known to be true, are false allegations until they are proven otherwise.


  18. I would throw out ALL of the evidence obtained through those FISA warrants using the dossier as supporting documentation. The information gathered in that way should not be usable in criminal or civil courts. However, we know what we know regardless of the method used to gather the information. The CIA, NSA , FBI—our government—should certainly utilize all of the information gathered to increase our national security and to plug the holes that allows Russia and other countries to penetrate vulnerable areas.

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  19. At this point I am actually rooting for you guys to find two false allegations. I will make it easier still. If Carter Page had lied and denied a couple of the items rather than dodging Jake Tapper’s questions on Sunday, you would at least have a couple of possibly false allegations. So all I am looking for is two false allegations, two typos or two true allegations that any Trump associate has claimed were false in 400 + pages.

    If you can’t make any progress, I may have to develop a theory of the inerrancy of Carter Page FISA applications, though I will stop short of claiming they were “God-breathed”.


  20. Yes, it’s 1984 all over again in a lot of areas

    Orwellian Abortion Signs
    JULY 24, 2018 BY GENE VEITH



    I’ve been posting about the relevance of George Orwell’s novel 1984 to today and how the pro-abortion movement uses the exact kind of language that he warns against in his essay “Politics and the English Language.” I came across yet another example of an Orwellian exaggeration that has come true.

    …. The Ministry of Truth is adorned with signs reminding its workers of the ruling party’s three slogans:




    I was reminded of this passage when I read about an advertising campaign put on by Ohio’s leading abortion provider, a corporation called “Preterm.” The company wants to “normalize” abortion and so started a campaign to encourage women to be proud of aborting their children. To that end, the abortionists put up a website called MyAbortionMyLife.org and put up a series of billboards in the Cleveland area.

    Abortion is Life-Saving

    Abortion is Your Right

    Abortion is Health Care

    Abortion is a Blessing

    Abortion is Liberty

    Abortion is Normal

    Abortion is Gender Equality

    Abortion is a Second Chance

    Abortion is Safer Than Childbirth

    Abortion is Hope

    Abortion is a Parenting Decision

    Abortion is Good Medicine

    Abortion is Necessary

    Abortion is a Family Value

    Abortion is Right for Me

    Abortion is Sacred

    Notice the attempt to co-opt religious language in an attempt to make abortion sound “spiritual”: “Abortion is a blessing.” “Abortion is Sacred.”

    Then there are the attempts to make killing one’s child seem pro-family: “Abortion is a parenting decision.” “Abortion is a family value.” …

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  21. Like I said, it’s ignorance of what socialism is that leads today’s clueless voters to support it.


    “Democrats are less likely to know what socialism is compared to other voters but have a much more favorable opinion of it. They stop well short, however, of thinking the Democratic Party should become a national socialist party.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 28% of all Likely U.S. Voters think the national Democratic party should officially declare itself a socialist party. Fifty-three percent (53%) disagree, while 18% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    But Republicans (41%) are much more enthusiastic than Democrats (19%) and voters not affiliated with either major political party (25%) about Democrats coming out nationally as a socialist party.

    Still, 51% of Democrats have a favorable impression of socialism, with 13% who share a Very Favorable one. This compares to favorables of 21% among GOP voters and 26% among unaffiliateds, with seven percent (7%) and five percent (5%) respectively who hold a Very Favorable opinion of it.

    Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Democrats, however, incorrectly believe the individual has more power than the government in a socialist system, a view held by just 12% of Republicans and seventeen percent (17%) of unaffiliated voters. Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans correctly say the government has more power in a socialist system, and 54% of Democrats and 67% of unaffiliateds agree.”


  22. More on what Solar mentioned…… 🙂


    “The European Union delegation meeting with President Donald Trump Wednesday agreed to consider changes in its trade policies in an effort to ease relations with the U.S., according to a European official in the room.

    The official said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and his top trade official Cecilia Malmström agreed to work with the U.S. administration to lower industrial tariffs on both sides, increase LNG exports and soy beans to Europe, and align regulatory standards to allow for medical devices to have better market access in Europe, the official said.

    Both delegations were still fine tuning language in a common statement on car tariffs, the official said.”


  23. That’s amazing, DJ, and of course, entirely transparent of that pro-abort company/billboard captioner. Those kinds of things aren’t done without some thought. I’m guessing something like that has been in the works for a while. Now they figure enough of the public (say, 15%) is ready to give itself over to that kind of depravity, so they may as well try to extend that line in the sand.


  24. Finally….


    “If you’re an employer who is in the habit of looking the other way when a job applicant can’t prove they are in the country legally, there’s a good chance that you received an unexpected visit from ICE over the past few months. In a recent press release from the agency, we learned that the second phase of a nationwide operation cracking down on employers of illegal aliens just concluded. ICE examined the records of more than 5,000 employers and wound up making a number of arrests. (ICE.gov)”

    “HSI goes one to remind everyone that these are not “victimless crimes.” Illegal aliens who are allowed to work under such arrangements frequently do so using stolen identification, leading to a variety of headaches and financial loss to the identity theft victim. While some of the worst offenders among these employers are being prosecuted, the main goal of the department is to create a “culture of compliance” among employers across the country.

    This is welcome news indeed and a subject which we’ve covered here extensively. It’s true that we need to continue to work to identify, locate and deport illegal aliens, but as long as they keep coming into the country at the same rate we’re really not gaining any ground. You need to shut down the magnet which attracts so many illegal aliens and that’s the possibility of obtaining American jobs. If that market dries up, the flow of illegals will do the same rapidly.

    One other item of note from the ICE announcement is that they have succeeded in obtaining a preliminary injunction against portions of California’s AB450 bill which sought to impose fines on private employers for cooperating with ICE on investigations of illegal alien workers. It was a laughable bill to begin with because it had nothing to do with state or local law enforcement cooperating with ICE. It was restricting voluntary cooperation by private employers. Now, with the injunction in place, ICE is receiving improved cooperation from California employers in this regard.”


  25. It’s time to start holding people accountable.


  26. Can these morons read a calendar? Do they know when Rosenstein began to work as Deputy Attorney General? Do they even know when Trump took office?


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