82 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-7-18

  1. How can I be first at 8:35?
    At least it aint a rattlesnake.
    I’ve never been to Arizona, but they had lots of those in Texas.


  2. Chuck is in Las Vegas now. He went to a conference of some sort.
    He took $100 with him. Said, “When it’s gone, it’s gone. That’s all.”
    Elvera’s Bro-in-law, Mel, used to do the same thing. Set aside a certain amount he was willing to risk. Just a form of amusement.
    I’ve never gambled much.
    When I was stationed in Biloxi, Miss.,. (Keesler AFB, don’t know if it’s still there.). Mississippi was a dry state. But they had alcohol in Biloxi. They had gambling too. I put a few nickels in machines there, but not since then.

    I had a friend in Arabia, only person I’ve ever known named Orville. He would play poker with the guys and always quit when he got ahead. They didn’t like him for that. He seems to have never lost.


  3. Chas, why are you talking about rattlesnakes? The guy at the end of last night’s thread specifically told us to not talk about them.

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  4. Morning! It appears to me the cactus is growing on a roof of some sort….perhaps I just need to chug down this second cup of coffee and take a second look later ☕️ 🌵!!!

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  5. Well, since you brought them up….most rattlesnakes I have seen have just been going about their business, not interested in attacking anybody. Obviously, we are too big to be dinner, so, unless, we threaten them by stepping over them or on them, or grabbing towards them, they just let us pass. I suspect more rattlesnakes have seen us then we see them. Kind of like mountain lions and a lot of other things.

    As to bites: the boy I told you about who was carrying the head of a rattler to dispose of it (lots of medical complications) and the neighbor boy, who was not even going to mention it to his folks, just needed a bandaid. He is fine.

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  6. Chas found the conversation about rattlers so interesting that he wanted to make sure it was moved to the current thread 🙂 No rattlers around here, as the only one in Ontario is the Eastern Massassauga rattlesnake and it is found around Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. That’s just fine with me. Yesterday, my mother left a rubber snake on the dining room table, since she though Tiny Niece might be interested in playing with it and I flinched when I saw it. Finding three venomous snakes in one’s house tends to leave one permanently suspicious of finding another. I initially mistook the first snake I had to kill for an electrical cord and now I mistake electrical cords for snakes.

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  7. Yes, that prickly pear (nopal in Spanish) is growing on the patio roof. There is another hanging down. They grow almost anywhere. My MIL had one in Iowa!


  8. Well Peter now I have seen it all…a cactus growing on a roof. I thought I saw a palm tree growing up there as well 🌴 😊
    I’ve not seen a rattlesnake in this forest but we have seen what others say are “harmless snakes”….if seeing a snakes causes me to stop breathing, I would not call that ‘harmless’!! 🐍 🙃

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  9. Roscuro, I was walking with my mom once when I was a teenager, and we were living in an unsettled area that was full of snakes, including several species of rattlesnake (the ultra-venomous Mohave green mentioned on yesterday’s thread being one). Mom jumped and kind of reacted, because he stepped over a stick on the road and the stick moved. Mom wasn’t easily panicked, and she didn’t panic even then, but she was pretty startled. The good news was that the snake that had been sunning itself on the road was non-venomous, and it slithered off the moment it felt threatened by her getting too close.

    When I was about 12, maybe 10, Mom and Dad had only recently decided we were old enough that they could leave the three of us alone for an hour or so when they went to the store for groceries. It might have even been the first time they had done so, because I know it was a “new” thing in my mind that I had that responsibility of being the oldest one at home. Their bedroom door was closed and a snake crawled out from under it and into the hall. I ran to the driveway and was relieved to find they hadn’t left yet. It turned out it was a harmless red racer, and as I recall Dad caught it and put it outside. The only time we ever (as I recall) had a snake inside, and it was on “my watch” (or would have been if it had crawled out two minutes later).

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  10. Weekend fare: A prickly cactus on a roof and rattling snakes and snakes sneakily disguised as electrical cords.

    We broke heat records all over the place yesterday. It was over 100 most everywhere, including where I live, and my house was still 90 degrees at 1 a.m. But there was, by then, a bit of a cooler breeze outside so I opened one of the big bedroom windows (no screens right now), put a baby gate in the opening (though it was still open at the top so I’m sure we have a few flying buggy-bugs in here now), had the ceiling fan going full speed and another fan on as well, and I finally got to sleep. I’d also taken a couple quick cold showers to cool down.

    The animals were mostly motionless.

    Even the water in the garden hose was ‘warm.’

    Earlier in the evening I’d gone to the supermarket and thought how nice it would be to find a hiding spot so I could just spend the night in there. When I walked out of the store, it was like a hot a furnace blast (this was probably around 9 p.m.), it reminded me of our cross country car trips through eastern California & Nevada. on our way out to Iowa.

    Today, remarkably and thankfully, it will be quite a bit ‘cooler.’ Only 88 degrees.

    It got up to 120 north of us in the San Fernando Valley where a friend of my has lived for some time. She said she never remembers it being that hot before. It really was a day for the record books.


  11. I tried the nickle slots once. I think I put in about a quarter. I figured out that gambling is not for me. Put that in the bucket with drinking and drugging as I would be an addict in no time. There have been enough people passing through my life that were addicted to gambling and always wondering how they were going to pay their next rent check or grocery bill.

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  12. In the long run, the house always wins.
    I saw that heat records were being broken in LA. Meanwhile, it is presently 73 degrees in Greensboro.

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  13. DJ, hot water in the garden hose was quite standard growing up; I’d forgotten about that. We’d run it for a minute or two before filling the dog’s water dish.

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  14. Cheryl – I agree with not thinking one’s pet is equal to an actual child, but I also like being “Mommy” to my pets.

    I think of the story that Nathan the prophet tells King David about the poor man and the lamb who is like a daughter to him. That kind of thing must have been somewhat common, or at least accepted, to have been used to make the point he was trying to make, or David would have thought that was mighty odd.

    So, when I, or most others who refer to themselves as Mommy or Daddy to their pets, do that, we don’t really equate them with actual children. Heidi is very precious to me, but she is not as precious as my real daughters and grandson.

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  15. Agree with Karen, it’s not equating pets to children for most people who use that terminology, it’s become more of colloquialism that’s developed. While there may be folks (undoubtedly there are) who think of pets as actual children, I suspect their in a minority of those who use those terms in a more casual, light-hearted way. I think the ‘psychological disorder’ category isn’t probably that huge in reality.

    Well, except in California, of course. lol

    The heat — we have some fires going out here along with the rest of the misery, along with some widespread power outages (not me, not yet!).

    Carol was complaining that they’re being conservative with the A/C there, but her room temp was 82 (not great, but not high 90s like it was in my house, either). She thinks they’re just being stingy but I tried to explain that there are some energy limitations that go into effect in LA during these spells — which can help avoid those outages region wide.

    The strange thing about the garden hose was it KEPT running warm for the longest time, I kept thinking it would be cool eventually but it didn’t seem to quite get there. I did spritz Cowboy with it to try to help him cool off, but he somehow didn’t appreciate that! I also remember warm water in the hose sometimes when I was growing up, but it didn’t last long. This was odd in that it just wasn’t cooling off after it ran for a while.

    I moved my potted impatiens onto the patio to keep them out of the sun and I’ve been watering them frequently — even with that, they’re looking wilt-y. They dislike the heat even more than I do.

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  16. While I do not equate my doggies with my kids (although my dogs have proven themselves to be better listeners and I do believe they like me better!!) we refer to ourselves as Mommy and Daddy to our dogs 🐶 the only way I can get Lu in the house is to say “let’s go see Daddy!) 😊

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  17. I was going to say that we have Mama-Dog and Dog-Daddy at our house. We have the Boy Dog and the Girl Dog. We are clear on the boundaries. Mostly it is used in a sentence such as “Amos/Lulabelle, if your Dog-Daddy loved you he would buy you Doggy Ice Cream like the Mama Dog does”. They like their Paws Ice Cream and don’t realize we use it to sneak their medicine to them.
    Now on the Grandpa/Mimi subject, that might be quite the delusional situation. If poor Maddie ever realizes all the expectations her Grandpa has for her, she will want to start therapy immediately. Right now Grandpa can’t decide if she is going to be a Marine Biologist or if she is going on a mission to Mars.
    And Mimi? Well, today Mimi dragged out her Christening gown and took pictures of Maddie in the slip. It is yellowed and needs to be washed and I will have to remove two stains again. I wore it at 3 months to be Christened, BG wore it at 3 months to be Christened, and I am planning to have Madelynn’s photo taken in it. I figure if I have found the photographer and I am bankrolling the photo session I can get at least one photo of her in my Christening gown. Her Mommy can put her in anything else she would like to. I happen to know that she has a very lovely white dress with her monogram on the front that would make a beautiful picture.

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  18. I am my father’s child. I do not gamble. I once lost $20 in a casino and it bothered me to no end. Someone I dated took me to a casino in Biloxi (yes Keesler is still open) and told me how to play BlackJack. I won $20 and was done. I had broken even. Oh, and I once lost $50 of that same guy’s money in a video poker machine. Nope, I am not a gambler. Sometimes Mr P and I will go over with my Aunt V. He will take $50 to gamble and give me $50. I go to the bar for a nice glass of wine and to the gift shop. It lasts longer that way.

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  19. I remember hearing a news story about a woman who won a huge windfall at a slot machine. The “humor” in the story was that she went right back to feeding coins into that machine, but I thought that sounded disturbing.


  20. Emailed by World today (and speaking of a possible persecution of the church coming our way?):



    ‘Jesus is gonna win!’

    BOOKS | A helpful aid in understanding the book of Revelation and its message of impending persecution of the Christian church
    by Richard D. Phillips

    The hardest-to-understand book of the New Testament is superficially familiar not only to most Bible readers but to fans of the Left Behind series (more than 65 million copies sold) as well as The Book of Revelation for Dummies: four horsemen of the apocalypse, seven seals, plagues and disasters, Antichrist, Armageddon, Christ’s return, a new Jerusalem, wow! But Richard D. Phillips’ commentary—part of P&R Publishing’s Reformed Expository Commentary series—explains the drama well and sees the visions of Revelation as more important than fodder for cable television specials or puzzles for scholars.

    Phillips stands with the redemptive-historical and amillennial interpretation of Revelation, yet he appreciates the work of premillennial and postmillennial scholars. His practical application is clear: With “spreading, virtually worldwide opposition to biblical Christianity,” Revelation is “the book especially designed by the Sovereign Christ to convey strength for perseverance unto spiritual victory.” Please read on. —Marvin Olasky


  21. Kizzie, ouch. Yeah, I don’t get gambling at all — although when the office pitches in for some big lottery drawing I’ll usually throw a dollar in, too, just so I’m not the only person left working there.

    But I have never bought a lottery ticket on my own, I wouldn’t even know how to do it.

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  22. Pet rock is still hiding somewhere.
    But it is somewhere.
    The Bible is clear to me that there will be a millennium. It is also clear that Christians will endure at least part of the tribulation.

    But I came to say that Kim’s mention that Kessler AFB is still open reminded me of something I was going to tell, but it is too long and involved.
    I am pondering and may still do so.


  23. Co-workers in Arizona were once scandalized that I didn’t gamble, not even the lottery. One insisted she was going to get lottery tickets, and she’d buy me one. Just tell her my numbers. After she pressed several times, I finally said 123456. She said those will never win, and I said they had as good a chance as any. She didn’t buy my ticket, and I’ve never seen those numbers win.


  24. Dale Z. died a month or so ago. Dale was a friend and fellow Lion in Hendersonville. I learned that Dale was an instructor at Kessler AFB while I was at the radio school there. I didn’t know him. He married a girl in Biloxi. I never told Dale and Linda Z. (nor anyone else until now) but I became a Christian while at KAFB. I returned from home and the first Sunday, I went to FBC Biloxi. I didn’t feel welcome there because I sensed that there were so many of us and so few girls in Biloxi that I was just another guy who was in the way. Anyhow, I never returned. I tried, but didn’t succeed at living a godly life. I didn’t know how to pray, I once said the “Now I lay me down to sleep….” Prayer beside my bed.
    Anhyow, I “backslid”. I was worse before and never thought of it again until I met Al Tolly at Carolina and he asked, “Charlie, ar you a Christian?” I did attend base chapel regularly on Sunday mornings.
    But I say that to say this: Linda Z said that FBC Biloxi had s ministry to young guys at KAFB. I never got a chance to get attached to it.

    KAFB was important to me because I became interested in extending my education. I took an evening course in slide rule, then some other courses off and on during my hitch. . So I took 21 credits with me as a freshman at Carolina. I was a sophomore the second semester.

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  25. You’ve read of my frustrations with YF’s comments about conservatives being mean-spirited, uncompassionate, etc. But you know what bothers me even more? The handful of conservatives I see on Facebook who seem out to prove her right about them. 😦

    For instance, there are memes that show photos of the flag or the Twin Towers or some such thing, and encourage their friends to share them in order to offend certain people. It’s not just a comment that “this might offend someone”, but “let’s share it to purposely offend someone”.

    On a friend’s post about the immigration issue, I was dismayed to read one of his conservative friends writing very uncaring, disparaging comments about the folks seeking asylum.

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  26. Yeah, social media brings out the worst in us sometimes.

    I had posted as a new member on a FB ‘sears kit house’ page, just seeking advice and information on the topic and whether particular companies produced more of the Spanish homes.

    A member immediately bit my head off and continued to wonder (rather rudely) why I would even think a particular house was a sears house.

    Some other members were very helpful and a couple took her to task for being rude (she didn’t seem to ‘get it,’ said only well, what if EVERYONE WITH A HOUSE came to us with such questions????). Sheesh. Grace, I told her.

    And recently a couple other folks on a local news FB page, flew off the handle, flinging the oh-so-popular ‘fake news’ meme and other really snarky comments my way.

    Honestly, what’s happened to our basic civility?

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  27. I think more humility and patience in advance would go a long way before just letting your fingers do your thinking on social media. Some of these folks I know. It really can get ugly out there.

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  28. Ok, I have hesitated to mention this but you know me. So here goes. Do you think there is a chance that there was a rocknapping? I mean, these things happen. He had the rock for years and years and never had any obedience problems. They traveled many times and the rock was always there upon their return. Now, they move, and suddenly, the rock is gone. I realize it may have been disoriented and headed for the old home. That is possible. But wouldn’t somebody report it? A disoriented rock heading down the highway? Has there been any sort of ransom note? A strange phone call? Somebody from Nigeria needing money for their great grand uncles funeral expense? Anything?

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  29. I’ve had an interesting night with power going out around midnight with a large storm. There was hail and about an inch of rain with strong winds. My garden is not looking very nice right now. The came back on about 4:35pm today, so 16 ½ hours without. Several large trees came down on our property, but no real damage. The dogs and I spent about 20 minutes in the basement during the worst of the storm.

    Camp on the other hand, still has no power. About 40 trees came down, several made a direct hit on our tuck shop and the director’s garage. Thankfully when the call for help went out, many people came with their chain saws and muscles and we should be ready for the next batch of campers that arrive tomorrow. Praying the power is back on by then.

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  30. Love the picture today. We even have prickly pear up here in Saskatchewan. Not quite that big though.


  31. Well, if the rock wasn’t microchipped or wasn’t licensed and wearing a collar with tags, it’s a long shot to get it back.

    Musmsee, the kindness on social media? We’ll see. The only people liking it are the people who are already polite and respectful.

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  32. A cool breeze kicked up here by 3 p.m. which has been such a blessing. The dog park was comfortable and, with windows open at home, it’s cooling off nicely today. What a relief.

    My doctor has me trying the BRAT diet to try to reset my system. Tests came back negative so maybe this will get rid of the intestinal issues — they already seem to be going away in the past couple days.

    I’m craving a hot dog but instead have some rice boiling on the stove (I’ve already eaten my applesauce, a banana and white toast).

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  33. Yeah, I don’t like tea either.

    Hey, one of you California girls, or someone else: What is going on with grapes this summer? They were plentiful and inexpensive, and the last couple of weeks there are none of them anywhere. I don’t mean they’re expensive, but that no store has them at any price. I buy all sorts of summer fruits over the course of the season, and I would have hardly even noticed the absence of one. But my husband keeps commenting, and I don’t remember ever in my life seeing no grapes at all as summer starts. Freeze? Salmonella scare? Trucker strike?


  34. Morning…I am so trying to be civil…I am hiding on the front porch with Lulah…the kids will not come out here because she doesn’t like them and they are afraid of her…it is my safe place 😳
    The “Monk” in me is ready for a padded room…I am taking deep breaths and trying to survive until tomorrow…. (who in their right mind changes a baby’s dirty diaper ,with nothing under said baby’s buns,on their Mother’s sofa? Can you please tell me who??!!!….I’ll tell you who!!) I am going to church now…they are not coming with us….I will plead with the Lord for an attitude adjustment in me…..thanks for any prayers…..

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  35. when I googled the grape thing, all I got were stories saying wine prices were going to surge due to a poor harvest, mostly in Europe — the one story also mentioned the vineyards affected by the Santa Rosa fires.

    I haven’t noticed any grape shortages at the stores where I shop, but I haven’t bought grapes in a few weeks. Now I’m craving cold, red juicy grapes, maybe even frozen (I used to do that at work, put my lunch bag of grapes in the freezer, mmmmm. Not on the BRAT diet, I guess, though.

    This morning’s breakfast (like yesterday’s) will be a banana and applesauce.


  36. Mumsee @ 10:42
    We were in SS when you wrote that. Then we went to Boston Market for lunch.
    Elvera liked BM, we will go there again.
    As I said before, we are limited in the types of places we can go.

    As for the rock. It has been faithful so far and I doubt that it would become attached to anyone or anything but another rock. And I don’t know any of those.
    It thinks it will be around long after I’m gone and it is probably right.
    But it’s so quiet, it could be anywhere I haven’t looked.

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  37. While I have power at home, there is still no power at camp. We are going ahead anyways, Old-School style. Posts and emails have gone out telling campers and staff to bring flashlights. I think they will have a ton of fun!


  38. It sounds like it. We probably had it in the main lodge and office, but I don’t recall electricity in the various camps and we all had great fun.

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  39. Did you see that amusing piece on Fox. The interviews of students for their opinions on Trump’s Supreme Court pick, which he has not yet made. They were amazing clueless. Went on and on about what a bad choice it was and racist and horrid and…and…and…

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  40. Because they were being boys, something about signing their names on the back wall to prove their manliness.


  41. It didn’t work out for Chickadee to come over last week, and she won’t be over this week, either. This week she will be busy, with the McK sisters, preparing for ConnectiCon next weekend. ConnectiCon is a smaller version of the famous ComicCon.

    Wikipedia says of ComicCon: “Originally showcasing primarily comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts, the convention has since included a larger range of pop culture and entertainment elements across virtually all genres, including horror, animation, anime, manga, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels.”

    Many or most of the people who attend also cosplay – wearing a costume as a character they like. These costumes can look quite professional as they try to accurately portray the look of the character. So I imagine Chickadee and the McK sisters will be working on putting the final touches on their costumes.


  42. One of my uncles was quite happy to find he built near a rattlesnake den. He had some in his freezer shortly after moving in. He had been a conservation officer, however. He was also the one that brought home the fully fleshed bison head, which thrilled some school bus children when they saw it laying under the roof of our front porch area. He was sending it to a brother.

    My daughter is so not happy with all the snakes she has found by her house in the last couple of summers. Not sure if it is that the neighborhood has been built up so much or the weather, but she has seen more in the last couple of years than in many years before.

    My mom is terrified of snakes to the point I never mention them in her presence. My sister brags there is one living near her door in Florida. My mom will soon live there. I hope she never sees it. I think she will pass right out and she will be over 90 years old when they get there.


  43. Interesting long chat tonight with a young African American couple whom I’ve only seen at the dog park once before I think. He’s a TV producer but also is involved in something called LA Legacy Project and he conducts a special program in south central LA schools that teaches kids writing and journalism, but by different strategies as most of them don’t write (as many young people in these texting days) in very traditional forms.

    I’m off to downtown LA in the morning for a daylong court hearing on the waterfront restaurant that’s trying to stay open for another 6 months, so I may have to leave here by 7 a.m. to get there in time for the 9 am. hearing. This federal building also has tons of security checks, last time we had to empty everything out of bags, pockets, take off watches, take off our shoes, take a sip of our water bottles (so they’d know it wasn’t something deadly). Getting through that lobby alone took us probably 20 minutes last time and it’ll be more crowded for the morning sessions.

    I left a couple of my screen-less windows open when we went to the dog park late today as the cool breeze had kicked up again. Downside is I’m usually finding a couple junebugs hanging out on my bed that I then have to gently scoop up and return to the greater outdoors …


  44. I wondered what took those boys into the cave, too. I didn’t hear the initial news reports, I don’t think, just “they’re still in there” updates. Isn’t there at least one adult with them? Did parents give permission to do whatever they’re doing?

    Kizzie, our younger daughter came by once or twice a week, most weeks, for the first few months she was out of the house; after that, rarely. Our married daughter we mostly just saw at church. Once they are adults on their own, they often are busy with their own lives.


  45. Thai boys, they went in with their twenty five year old coach after soccer practice. Some initiation rite of showing their toughness. And they certainly are. It would be scary to me. They youngest is eleven and the oldest of the children is sixteen. I hope the coach does not think he needs to kill himself to save face or something. They are doing really well. And it is amazing to be able to get them out as parts of the tunnel are too narrow for the scuba gear to be worn. A huge team work effort

    I doubt they had permission to go in. Just children being children and out for a fun time that turned really hard really fast. No blame anywhere that I can see.

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  46. They are probably just part of a long line of boys who have done this. We have caves around here that are a type of rite of passage. I went into old mining tunnels that only a few people even knew existed. We don’t need to stifle the desire to explore, just give them the tools to do it as well as they can.

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  47. After I moved out, I’d usually go to my mom’s house every Sunday for dinner, a dog walk and some TV watching. Some times extra visits, sometimes skipped weeks, all depending. She was always thrilled to see me. I think our best times on those weekly visits were the conversations we’d share while walking the dogs through the ‘old’ neighborhood after the sun went down.

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  48. After I moved out, my mom was mostly on my way home from work (less than half a mile out of my way), and I would stop by once in a while, usually unannounced. I didn’t have a key, so if she wasn’t home, I just went on home, but she didn’t go much of anywhere, and was generally glad to see me, and sometimes we ate together.

    After I went off to college (two years after moving out), she told me she missed those Friday nights. And I thought, “Oh? Was it Friday night I did that?” I had never really thought about it, but it made sense that it was, because Friday nights I felt a little sad leaving work. I probably wouldn’t see anyone until Sunday at church–my sister (whom I lived with) worked crazy long hours Friday night and Saturday. And so it was probably “Hmm, my sister probably isn’t home, but Mom probably is!” Had my sister been home, or had I had any social life at all, it probably would have been rare for me to stop by. Not that I never would have, but it would have been half as often.

    Mumsee, I’m not for stifling the desire to explore, but it does bother me when people do dangerous things that end up putting rescuers’ lives at risk. I have no idea if this particular adventure is one that “should have been safe” or if it was a foolish risk all along. But I think of people doing things like going out on a boat in the ocean with nowhere near the right equipment–I hate to see other people die rescuing them. If it’s a normal degree of risk, that’s a different matter. Boys need some adventure.


  49. Gently scooping up june bugs does not happen. They are more than a nuisance when trying to read in bed at night. Squish and into the trash they go. If I turned them outside, they would just turn into white grubs that would feast on roots in my garden.


  50. We finally got our 14ft pool put up. Miguel bought it on clearance at the end of the season 3 years ago. Today, I got an entire area of goatheads cut and put in the burn pile, in lieu of earning swim time from the grands.


  51. I took my 10 year old grandson to the Smoky Bear STampede on Friday night. He had never been to a rodeo. He and my 6 year old had a great time. They loved the bucking events. It was good to see him watching something real, rather than the video game fog he usually operates in. We will brand one of the calves tomorrow, so that should be another adventure. He helps milk the goats each morning, and is an expert at feeding chickens, etc.


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