24 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-9-18

  1. πŸ™‚ Lovely time watching grandchildren dance recitals and soccer matches. When you don’t get to do this on a regular basis, you sure enjoy what time you get with them.

    πŸ™‚ Fun to see the lovely little adopted girl and all the other ‘people’ pictures on here.

    πŸ™‚ The young man, for whom I asked for prayer, attended church a couple of times with a friend. I am praying he keeps this up and gets his mind renewed and makes sure he has the relationship he needs the most.

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  2. πŸ™‚ After a crazy week, all I really have to do today is pack, make a phone call and schedule my newsletter.

    X Of course, then there are all the auxiliary things . . . Since the doctor specifically said I could not garden, I’ll have to supervise my husband constructing the bean cage and planting the beans.

    πŸ™‚ He’s pretty amenable and has been very helpful in my current “affliction.”

    (I’ve got my knee propped up on the desk beside the computer with an ice bag on top. It’s a good thing I’ve been excersising all these years! LOL)

    😦 Real issues with our church–dwindling numbers, particularly in Sunday School, disarray, lack of harmony. The only solution that I can see, is prayer.

    😦 My heart is heavy today and discouraged about the above situation at church.

    πŸ™‚ I’m happy to flee California for two weeks and talk, talk, talk with friends; listen, listen, listen to their stories and think about something else for awhile.

    😦 I’ve had some discouraging news this week.

    πŸ™‚ When I asked God for encouragement on this situation, He gave it to me every single day.

    πŸ™‚ So, I really can’t be downcast in that area of my life, can I? πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ God is good.

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  3. 😦 This unpacking job takes a long time. And just about everything has to wait its proper place and order. That is, I couldn’t unpack most of the kitchen stuff until my husband replaced the plastic pins holding up the shelves with metal ones. (The old plastic ones were beginning to break.) Then I couldn’t put anything in the bathroom until the vanity was put in there, and then I still couldn’t put stuff away since the knobs weren’t put on the vanity until maybe two days ago. Bookcases have to be in place before I can fill them, but each one can’t be in place until we decide where it goes, paint the room it will go in, move whatever is in the way, etc. I’m sure we have unpacked at least two thirds of the boxes, but the final third is still a lot of boxes. And some of them are waiting on other people and some of them (many of our clothes) are waiting on closet organizers. (We only have one dresser between us, which is fine for holding socks and T-shirts and a few pairs of pants, and of course dresses and blouses can be hung in the closet. But where does one put sweaters?)

    πŸ™‚ We decided what would work for organizing both my craft space and my husband’s studio wall–particular storage units from Ikea. We weren’t sure about colors, partly because some colors seemed like we really needed to see them to know if we liked them (one in that category was a pale turquoise) and partly because some were unavailable in certain sizes.

    😦 πŸ™‚ Yesterday morning my husband found out (through an e-mail in response to his question about getting a certain size unit in a certain size) that Ikea is discontinuing the line we had decided to use. That meant that yesterday we cancelled all our other plans and spent the day driving to Indianapolis, walking through the store and buying what stock was available in the colors we could get. (We both decided on seeing the black/brown that it would work for us, but my husband was unable to order it in the size he needed. So he quickly ordered the main units to be shipped to our home–white for him and black/brown for me–and then we went through the store choosing and buying coordinating elements to finish the units (drawer units, baskets, etc.).

    πŸ™‚ Now we are preparing to paint his studio, a job that will allow for the settling of one more room and the hall.

    😦 We can’t really get fully settled until we have the master bathroom finished (the vanity sits in three huge boxes, two of them in our bedroom, and we are still awaiting the toilets that were ordered in April and expected to arrive May 1); my craft area storage set up (to get stuff out of boxes); and closet organizers installed.

    πŸ™‚ But things are much more “settled” than they were on our insane moving day three weeks ago, and much more settled than they were even a week ago.

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  4. 😦 A tiring and sometimes difficult week at work amid what are still ongoing changes as the papers all adjust (in knee-jerk fashion mostly) to further downsizing; I never want to put in another election night with so few resources to do the work

    πŸ™‚ Grateful for a change to just slow down now that the weekend is here. Of course it’ll be over before I know it, but I really need some almost complete down time

    😦 Major traffic out and about today, which is a little unusual (it’s never good, but Saturdays usually aren’t that jam-packed between my home & the veterinarian’s office); had to pick up dog meds, stop at the AT&T store and fill up with gas (and don’t get me started on how those prices are skyrocketing, I paid $3.88 a gallon today and, considering I have a 20-gallon tank that was close to empty, it was painful; I’ll have to start using that ‘gas buddy’ app again where it tells you the lowest-cost gas near you at any given time)

    😦 The gas station I went to (because it was next to the AT&T store) charged extra for using my debit card; that was so strange as all the other stations give you a break for using debit as opposed to credit, but the guy in the mini mart insisted they had the “cheapest gas around” which I didn’t believe for one second!

    πŸ™‚ Looking forward to church tomorrow. And maybe a nap and some reading this afternoon before heading to the dog park

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  5. 😊 porch rails finished
    😊 porch floor and steps have the first coat of paint applied
    πŸ˜” porch floor and steps need a second coat of paint
    πŸ˜” it is 88 degrees in this here forest
    πŸ˜” pollen=swollen itchy eyes
    😊 tomorrow is a day of rest……..

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  6. Do you have a wood porch, Nancyjill?

    I’d love to paint my plain-jane concrete front porch and front steps (and patio slab in the back, while I’m at it), just not sure how complicated that all is


  7. We do have a wood porch, which requires maintenance once a year…the winters and dogs can be hard on the finish. The story of Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence plays over and over in my mind every time I find myself painting that thing. So far I have found no one to convince that this is great fun πŸ˜ƒ

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  8. I have a wooden porch to, which we’ve none touched.

    Yesterday, for my birthday, I bought the neighbor’s rocking chair at a garage sale for the front porch. Free delivery! He carried it across the street.

    I also bought from him 21 WWII Life magazines!

    I tried to offer more than $2.50 each, but he wouldn’t take it. Happy birthday me?

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  9. Happy birthday you, Michelle!

    I told my husband that the Ikea storage unit can be my birthday present (though he is getting himself one, and his birthday isn’t till December). It’s scheduled to arrive next Thursday (with my birthday the following Wednesday), and I hope he can find a way to put it together quickly, because it will help considerably to allow me to get stuff out of boxes. (In our old home, we built in some cabinetry into the library–which of course we had to leave behind, and which cost several times as much as this Ikea stuff. But stuff that was in it sits in boxes waiting homes, and so does a lot of other stuff.)


  10. Oh, I really want a rocking chair for my front porch.

    Happy to hear a former colleague’s lost cat made it home after a week of having gone missing — she relocated to Tennessee (for a job on the Tennessean) and was keeping her formerly indoor-outdoor cat inside her apartment just to be save.

    But a little over a week ago the cat made a dash for the briefly-opened front door and she was lost, never to be seen again — until yesterday. Former co-worker did all the right things, put up fliers, walked the area rustling a treat bag and calling her name, put belongings (including a pair of her own shoes and “Lucy’s” litter box) on the front porch (“My neighbors are going to hate me”).

    Yesterday Lucy was found next to her litter box and a neighbor helped corral her onto their porch until she could get put back inside. She had a tick but otherwise seemed in OK shape. She “ate and then immediately passed out,” the owner posted. lol

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  11. πŸ˜ƒ 😳 My ocd self couldn’t stand it…I got out there and put that second coat of paint on that porch…it was 90 degrees out there mind you. It is done with the exception of touch up. Now it must dry for 72 hours before walking upon it…three weeks to β€œcure” before setting our rocking chairs (we have two we purchased from Cracker Barrel) and my iron sitting bench that goes in the niche on the opposite end of the porch. It is so dry here I’m guessing those drying/curing times can be shortened. I left the hand wipes sitting on the rail….opened…so not more than an hour after completion of the job, the paint was dry, not even tacky. I tip toed out the front door and grabbed the wipes!

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  12. I don’t remember if I ever said on here what we did with the space in our new condo. With the girls gone, we are empty nesters, but I was hoping we could get a three bedroom place and we just got two. My husband does watercolor, and hadn’t had a devoted studio, so he determined he needed one. But I wanted a third bedroom that could function as a combination guest room and craft place for me. We figured out what to do for guest space (and it should work well), but that still left me short of an area to do crafts. In my single days I could work on cards on the dining room table for a week straight if I wanted to, but as a married woman I have done it for a couple of hours and then put everything away, which isn’t always the ideal way to work on a big project. (Clean-up time can be longer than work time, but if the project is left out you can work on it if you have a spare ten minutes.)

    In the previous house we had a library that included desks for him and for me (and a loveseat). My husband took an idea from “real” libraries, and rather than just having bookcases on the outside of the room, he turned the family room into a library by having bookcases along two walls, the built-in unit along a third wall, our desks near the back picture window, and four large bookcases jutting out into the room back to back. The room had two ceiling lights/fans already, and one of those was on either side of that jutting row of tall, Amish-built bookcases. He also had doors put on the two doorways, and we ended up with a room that was the envy of book-loving friends. The built-in unit had a countertop top, some bookshelves above the counter, cabinets and filing drawers and two large drawers under the counter, and it even had more bookshelves facing the door.

    Well, here he took the “row of large bookcases” to an even farther extreme, dividing the large living room about a third of the way across with all four of those units side by side, jutting into the room. They are seven feet tall plus crown molding, and the widest one is about three feet wide. Together they make a wall across the room, with a doorway at the end, and behind that wall is space for me. We have three more bookcases on my side (back to back with the ones on the other side) and then a storage unit. On the back wall I will have the storage units from Ikea (20 cubes that are 13 inches square and 15 inches deep) and back to back to back with my computer desk a small table on which to do crafts–and if it’s messy at times, that’s OK, since visitors to the house won’t be seeing it unless I show it to them. The “small table” is also from Ikea, and it has a leaf to extend it when I need a larger surface. (It’s the same table we bought for our breakfast nook, only a different color.) And on this side of the craft area is my office area. My reference books are within reach on the bookcases at the left, and to the right is a window with a bit of a view. Not anything like the view I had in the country, but that’s OK. If I swivel my office chair I can reach more bookcases behind me. I can also easily look out and see the rest of the house, so I won’t feel claustrophobic when I’m working, but I can feel “cozy” back in my craft area (I won’t see the rest of the house from there).

    So I didn’t get my third bedroom, but I think I got something that will “work” even better–dedicated space that I won’t have to keep neat in case of company. And I have a better computer desk and better workspace than I had in that library, too. And we do have company space (we will have two sleeper sofas, one in his studio and one in our family room–both have locking doors, since the family room is a former garage), and we now have a dining room (we had a small eat-in kitchen in the previous house, its worst feature since it only seated five people). We lost a garage, instead of upgrading to an attached garage as he desired–but he’s so happy to have given up yardwork on an acre of land that he doesn’t mind. And we gained just a little square footage in the house itself, for two people instead of four people and a dog, so we should be able to make it work!

    But six or seven thousand books is a lot of book boxes, and we seem to have a lot of other stuff too.

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  13. Love your description, but a picture would help so much. For the blog or just send one to me and a few others?? I usually don’t envy folks their homes, it is the storage that I envy or a great laundry room. The home I now own, but only lived in for six weeks, has a wonderful laundry room.


  14. The color of my rails is Macaroon Cream. The floor and steps are Split Rail…it is a brown. I use Behr porch and deck paint. We must adhere to a certain color scheme according to our HOA πŸ˜ƒ


  15. old house blog guy told me if I painted my porch & steps, it should be the accent color — tiki hut (SW), which is a dark, somewhat boring brown.

    But there are painting rules, apparently.

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  16. I’d like a job coming up with paint color names. Wouldn’t that be fun?? They’re all so amazing to me (consultant told me that’s why they don’t tell you the names, they just give you the color # and chips).

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  17. 😦 😦 aaarrrrgggh, I went and got a haircut and went to someone different because the last gal cut it way too short. I went ten weeks without a haircut and now this gal cut it even shorter. I was going to get a perm in Australia, but there isn’t enough hair left to get a perm. Maybe it is time to wear a hat!!

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  18. Oh dear JO…like they say…it will grow. I was β€œscalped” just before Thanksgiving πŸ˜ƒ and have not allowed anyone to touch my hair since! I know I need a trim right now but I am so untrusting of anyone at this point. I keep pulling it up into a bun on my head. Now I am just looking for someone who will not talk incessantly while cutting my hair and do a good job!


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