30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-7-18

  1. NOT FAIR!
    He has two pretty girls.

    Donna, from yesterday: You know you’re getting old when rubbing her legs is a chore.
    (I have to apply lotion twice a day.)

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  2. The first thing I noticed were the flying buttresses. The way they are built over the side aisles of the church is different than pictures I’ve seen of other cathedrals with buttresses. Flying buttresses serve to take the pressure off the inner columns that support the vaulted ceiling of the the cathedral nave. They essentially keep the cathedral roof from caving in and the cathedral walls from buckling under the enormous weight of the vaulted ceiling while allowing the walls to remain thin enough for ornate stained glass windows to let in light. Cathedrals like Amiens or Notre Dame de Paris have the flying buttresses standing like decorative columns around the outside of the cathedral. This is the first time I’ve seen them built into the building.

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  3. My father had to go and get his foot looked at by a physician again yesterday, because the redness and swelling were getting worse. He is in a lot of discomfort. My mother said he kept waking her up to look at his foot the night before. They gave him more antibiotics, which is all they can do for now. He needs an operation to properly close the wound from the amputated toe (they have to remove some of the bone so they can close the skin).

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  4. You know, Chas, that your words are unacceptable in today’s world. We all know it is nothing but positive from you, appreciating the beauty of what God has done. But in today’s messed up perspective, you are attacking them for being less than equals (or superiors or whatever the current view is).

    The Old Coots talk that way a lot. They admire the different people who come into the store. One, our World War ll guys, goes so far as to tell me he would hop in his golf cart to come visit me when husband is out of town, except the law won’t let him drive that far. All done as a form of pleasantry. But, with times as they are, people will take offense. Of course, the young brats talk much worse and get paid big bucks for it. And young women are often as bad as the young brats.

    Carry on, Chas. We love you and appreciate you.

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  5. Roscuro, thanks for keeping us in the loop. Gives us good reminders to pray for your folks. They are sweet people. And they have at least one sweet daughter that I know of.

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  6. Oh look, it’s the michelles on tour

    roscuro, I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s foot complications, but I’m glad they’re getting it addressed and seem to have been on top of it. It all sounds quite painful and distressing and I’m sorry your parents are having to go through that.

    I was up early cleaning up one of the dogs’ messes near the back door, it doesn’t happen often but keeping them locked in all night (and I was in bed early last night) can have cleanup consequences. Now the back door is open along with some windows to air things out. Pine Sol and paper towels do most of the work. And thankfully it’s old cheap linoleum back there in the kitchen, easy to clean up.

    I may get to work from home most of today again, I have a ‘thing’ to go to at 11:30 so it really doesn’t make sense to drive all the way to work only to turn around in a couple hours to come back. The ‘thing’ is the opening of the new road leading into the waterfront, I think the port has been working on it for about 2 years but it seems to be finished ahead of schedule (it was going to be done in the fall, if I remember correctly — I guess I was there for the groundbreaking, too, such exciting things local journalists get to do!).

    This way it’s done in time for LA Fleet Week which is coming on Labor Day weekend, not far away in road construction months.

    Now I think the port will start construction on the planned town square next to the beginning portion of the road. But we’ll hear more about that today, I’m sure.

    So much of what we cover are these construction and development issues that can take forever. I still remember driving a former colleague — he’d been working in NY and then SF and Seattle (where he was from originally) for the Journal of Commerce after he’d left our paper — out to see our brand new marina some time ago. For years he’d covered the port’s efforts to build a new recreational boat marina on our southern shoreline, but it was forever bogged down in complications and it seemed like it would never happen. So he was genuinely amazed to actually finally see it after all the stories he’d written through the years. “I can’t believe it actually got done,” he kept saying. Kind of fun.

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  7. Mumsee, sweat always works when mixed in with cleaners. But you knew that!

    Wow! That is an impressive header. Very nice photo of the three of you.


  8. Mumsee, thank you for those prayers. The compliments are nice too. My mother is the sweetest person I know, and the second wisest woman I know (the first was her mother, my grandmother). My father is sweet too in a seemingly absent minded kind of way which is unexpectedly thoughtful about other people. But I would say I’m the least sweet of my siblings. I have some crustiness over any sweetness, and plenty of reserve to cover both. Eldest is the quietest, shyest, and gentlest of us, which makes her raising four energetic and very noisy sons, plus a daughter, quite a feat. Second is the best of us with children, with her unique charm, ability to organize, and boundless creativity, and it is wonderful to watch her finally be able to raise her own little ones. Youngest is simply the sweetest. Her beautiful smile has been known, in her childhood years, to charm money out of the pockets of strangers and candies from church deacons; but now she uses it as part of her hospitality when presiding, like a young matriarch surrounded by her flock of children, over the nearly weekly meals – often supplied with her matchless cooking and baking – held at the family church building where she and her spouse are renting. Her spouse is officially a deacon in the family church, but Youngest is really and truly a deacon, which is simply means servant, with all that she does for that congregation and any one else who comes under her roof.

    Speaking of my siblings, you can pray that they will have a good visit with each other and my parents today. There has been a rift between Second In-law and Youngest In-law (in which I can honestly say, without bias, that Youngest In-law was primarily in the wrong, as he poked his nose into something that was none of his business and his reasons for doing so were very unsound) and as a result the Youngests had not visited my parents’ home because of the Seconds’ presence (this was actually stated this as the reason for them not visiting). My parents only saw the Youngests when they went to church or to visit, but now, with my father’s foot in the condition it is in, he cannot go anywhere. Youngest In-law has always been reluctant to come and visit, which is something that has hurt my mother in particular, since my parents have been eager to embrace their sons-in-law as members of the family, and my mother’s idea of bliss is to be surrounded by her family. So, it is good that they are finally coming to visit and something beneficial to come out of my father’s accident. The two In-laws, however, have yet to reconcile their differences, so it could be tense.

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  9. This is St. Barbara’s Cathedral in Kutna Hora, a stop we made with the driver (who took our photo) on our way between Krakow, Auschwitz and Prague. We had never been so close to flying buttresses before (wait until you see the next photo, Phos). Just beautiful and a lovely church.

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  10. I should make it clear that there is no animosity between Second and Youngest sibling. We siblings know how to agree to disagree and still love each other dearly. But both of them are very loyal spouses, and feel in honour bound to defend said spouses.


  11. A wonderful healing story from a pastor friend in Canada!

    (I’m seeing the doctor in an hour but my knee is already feeling better!)

    Drove twenty minutes to meet a friend for lunch yesterday… a day early. Plan B became McDonalds. As I enjoyed my Angus burger combo, I noticed a weathered guy in his early sixties sitting a few feet away. We made eye contact. I smiled.
    “Where are your buddies?” he asked, mistaking me for someone else.
    “Maybe you’re my buddy,” I replied, smiling again. He smiled back this time.
    I asked if he lived nearby, and he hesitated, hummed, hawed. Confessed he was sleeping behind a local store recently.
    “Have you had lunch?” I asked.
    “Uh, no. I don’t like McDonalds burgers.” He was drinking the coffee.
    “What do you like?”
    “A&W. I like those buddy burgers.”
    “Well then let’s go,” I announced. “Let me buy you lunch.”
    So I scarfed down the rest of my meal and off we went, jaywalking together across a major street, getting honked at because, well, he moved pretty slow. Like he was in pain. He said his name was John.
    “You know what, I came for lunch a day early,” I told him. “But you’re why I’m here today. God loves you so much.”
    John smiled again, wider this time.
    Despite his protesting, I bought him a combo, not just a burger. We sat down at a booth together.
    “You’re in pain, aren’t you?” I asked across the table.
    He nodded. “I always wear earbuds and I got hit by a car six months ago. I didn’t hear it coming.”
    “Where does it hurt?”
    “Everywhere. All over.”
    “Well where does it hurt today?” I asked, feeling the love of Jesus for him. He pointed to his shoulder and forearm, which I’d noticed had very limited range of motion. I asked if I could pray for him, and I did, reaching out in Jesus’ name.
    He checked it. To his surprise it was moving a little better.
    “Here, let’s pray again,” I said, and now his range of motion was noticeably better and the shoulder pain was mostly gone.
    John thanked me.
    After shaking his hand and blessing him, reminding him of how much he mattered to God, I went on my way, thanking God for the encounter.

    Later in the day I sat in on an athletic therapy session with my son Joel for post concussion symptoms.
    “How was your day?” the therapist asked.
    “It was a good day,” I replied, and told her the whole story.
    “Oooh, that’s a great story,” she said. “I have goosebumps.”
    “I just ask God to put me where people need love,” I told her. “That’s how I like to live.” I’m praying it makes her think.

    Thought I’d share this story, hope it encourages you.

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  12. Roscuro, in my family brothers-in-law brought healing, heading toward my marriage. My sister wasn’t really in favor of me getting married, partly (I’m sure) because it seemed to her like a hasty marriage to some guy I met on the internet. (In reality we’d had time to get to know each other really well, but that’s hard to know from the outside.) She also had turned patriarchal and didn’t think I “could” marry until our oldest brother signed off.

    She ended up doing some things that really riled my future husband, and he said she couldn’t be in the wedding, and for a while he didn’t even want her to be present. (Had he insisted on that, I would have postponed the wedding until it could be worked out. Not only was it important to me that my only sister and her family be present at my wedding, but I know my family and I know it would have sent major alarm bells through the family had she been banned from the wedding–and no assertion of “She deserved it” would have been adequate for my brothers not to be as nervous about my new husband as my sister had been.) Well, we girls agreed with our husbands that the men could talk, and we’d live with whatever they decided. My husband and hers are both good-natured men, and an hour of conversation was all it took for peace to be restored all around and for them to decide they had no concern about the man I was marrying.

    When her husband died suddenly less than two years later, I was doubly glad the men had been able to get to know each other a bit and that my sister had been able to be in my wedding. It is sad to me that we only overlapped as married women about a year and a half. I became a wife at 44, and 17 months later she became a widow at 44. It would have been good to have more time as two couples. But I’m super glad peace was restored before she needed us during those early days of her widowhood.

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  13. Back from looking at the news thread. I gave up on Amazon after Christmas. So far, my determination to stay away from there has held strong. Christian Book Distributors got an order for twelve year old’s birthday and will get one for both sixteens and ten year old’s birthdays in August, but that is it. I thought, I don’t shop in stores, but should at least see that my online giving is supportive of more than Amazon though Amazon is easy and quick. So I quit Amazon all together and don’t miss it at all.

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  14. I don’t know any of these people that show up on my “news” section of the computer when I log on. I have no real interest in what’s happening in their lives.
    But I have come to a conclusion: TWITTER is one of the worst things to happen to our society in recent years.
    It’s like someone saying something without thinking. We have all had to apologize for thoughtless remarks.
    This puts it out to everyone and forever.
    I’m not specifically thinking about Trump, though he comes to the top.
    People are likely to tweet without thinking. A it becomes permanent.
    Talking out of turn in a meeting is easily overlooked.
    Talking out of turn in the ether is forever.

    I don’t know how to tweet. I plan not to learn.

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  15. Cheryl, my siblings in-law have been great blessings to me. Eldest In-law has been the older brother we younger siblings never had, and Second In-law is the kind of person who has your back when things get tough, and Youngest In-law has been very generous. But Second In-law doesn’t take any nonsense, while Youngest In-law, as I’ve mentioned before, indulges in conspiracy theories, and it is a real source of conflict.

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  16. I’m working from home today, too. Just got back from the port’s outdoor ‘unveiling’ of the $15.6 million road widening project for the waterfront. I was trying to get another source for another story I’m writing and tried a port exec and a developer, but no luck. Will have to connect with an editor but I think we can still run it.

    I should have snapped a shot and tweeted out a photo of the new road, though. Just for Chas 🙂

    Twitter is Ok for some things like quick newsy things that we have to cover.

    Our photographer who was there covering it today for us was off to her doctor right afterward, said the stress of our ‘circling-the-drain’ work situation has really gotten to her with some major back pain.


  17. The nave in the header picture has a simpler ceiling design than other Gothic cathedrals. The light flooding in from the entrance is quite spectacular. Those medieval architects certainly knew how to create an effect.

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